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USS Oklahoma City (CLG 5) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Oklahoma City (CLG 5). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 263 crew members registered for the USS Oklahoma City (CLG 5).

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Glugla, RalphCN31969 – Jun 5, 19701rst1rst division,proud of it
Bowman, RobertQM31969 – 1970COM7THFLT Flag AllowanceI am looking for an official roster of the members of Flag Allowance for 1969 - 1970
Centner, MichaelBm31969 – 19732ND Div. Served with brother aboard Bill (Joe Cool) 1968-1972 BM1 1Div . Great time, great ship mates, wouldn't change anything
Stuhler, Edem21969 – 1976eI spent 20 years in the navy, and the seven years I served onboard the okie boat were the best. I made some life long friends. Still in contact with some. I stood watches in forward fire room with the bt's and mm's
Hagmann, NeilCYN3Jan 1969 – Jan 1970CommunicationsI was with Com7thFleet and served as a CRT operator in communications.
Pace, Alan profile iconCYN3Jan 1, 1969 – Sep 15, 1970CR DivWould love to hear from those in CR Div. 1969-1970
Villoni, DonETN3Apr 1969 – Apr 1971OEHad a great division. Sharp techs.
Allen, VirgilGMGSNMay 1969 – Mar 1971It was the biggest turning points of my life. A farm boy from Western Oregon who had never been out of the state was now with 1100 people from different states and countries. It was the best of times and the worst of times.
Harrison, RossE-2Aug 1969 – Jun 1970Look Out
Roark, AllenRM2Aug 1969 – Aug 1971CR Division, Staff, Commander 7th Fleet
Stephenson, RogerRM2Aug 15, 1969 – Sep 4, 1970Communication, Radio (CR)
Dix, Wesley "Dixie"RMSNAug 28, 1969 – Jun 1, 1971communicationsworked in facilities control section of main comm....
Stoll, BobE-2Sep 11, 1969 – Apr 10, 19702ndThe paint locker, Moose and Cherry, Captains Mast twice, working the O3 level, starboard life watch, all the great guys. How many 6in casings to paint the hull in Hong Kong? Loved the cleaners delivery.
Lewis III, Don (Jolly)RM3Sep 29, 1969 – Dec 12, 1971CRassigned to Com7thFlt, worked in comm shack on 02 level, Radio 3, damage control PO. Had some times and saw some things!
Shay, JohnAGCSOct 1969 – Oct 1970COMSEVENTH FLEET Staff
Hamilton, JohnEMOct 1, 1969 – Mar 15, 1971E DivisionElectrician's Mate 1969-1971 Crossed equator in 1970
Elliott, GaryE-3Dec 26, 1969 – Dec 10, 19713RD Boatwains Mate Lee was our LPO. I left Okie City in Dec 1971 and became a Naval Vertrep Aircrewman with HC-3. Looking for any of the guys who were in 3rd Div.
McCollum, DanielETR3 - ETR21970 – 1972OE
Smith, Kenneth profile iconE31970 – Nov 16, 1972A divisionLoved serving on the "Okie Boat" She was a great ship in her day
Jufiar, RichardSN1970 – 19712nd DivisionGreat time, met some good guys, hopefully I am able to connect with shipmates!
Newport, GaryOS3Apr 1970 – Jul 21, 1973OITotally enjoyed serving with so many great sailors. Enjoyed the ports of Hong Kong, Subic Bay and going to Malaysia. Hated that first crossing the equator but it holds a part in my heart for tradition.
Krathaus Jr., AlbertETR2May 1, 1970 – Apr 30, 1973OESome of the best duty I ever had in my entire career. Quite a showboat.
Newell, BobBM2Jun 1970 – 19721ST
Kirchgesler, Ken / Kirk profile iconRDSA to OS2Jun 1970 – May 1974OWFirst Ship. Best liberty ports. Memories of Subic Bay, good and bad.
Hammons, StephenFTM1Jun 1970 – May 1972WeaponsWould enjoy hearing from any shipmates that served aboard her during 1970 - 1972.
Gay, BrianOS3Jun 15, 1970 – Oct 10, 1973OI (operations)Come aboard in June 73 after RD "A" school. It was quite an experience working in CIC (combat information center) as it was very busy especially when we were on the Gunline in Vietnam.
Casher, Norman (Tim)OS3Jun 15, 1970 – Jun 12, 1971OI divisionGreat being on the Gray Ghost Radar Gang. Great bunch of guys. Ruptured Disc loading ammo in 5 inch turret due to down ammo elevator. Medivaced to Philly Naval Hosp. Sent to 6th FLT.
Nelson, BillSH-1Jul 1, 1970 – May 29, 1973S-3Homeported in Yokosuka. Lots of fond memories.
McDonough, ThomasSEAMAN/OPERATIONS LOOKOUTSep 10, 1970 – Sep 10, 1972
Newsome, RayGMG-3Sep 10, 1970 – Oct 7, 1972FGI'm retired now, I think about all the good and crazy times we had and I miss thos days. Haven't heard from John Kirby, Bruce Braton or Chuck Knowlton in a long time. My e-mail address is mouthofthesouth@wavecable .com.
Chapman, Roosevelt Brother RapsaOct 1970 – Dec 19711st divsionto any of my shipmates from 1st divison please contact me looking for bob newell or david harris or oliver hennery ace Williams or francis youngblood
Bulik, Wesley StevenDK3Oct 1, 1970 – Mar 20, 1974S-4
Jensen, JamesE3/BMOct 10, 1970 – Dec 20, 19711st DivisionI enjoyed my tour aboard the USS Oklahoma City CLG5.
Fulmer, JohnRM2Oct 25, 1970 – Apr 1, 1973Flag StaffSome of the best libery. The things we did then would get us thown in prison today!
Schrader, KenSH2Oct 25, 1970 – Oct 29, 1974S-3
Gorman, ChuckYNSNOct 30, 1970 – Jan 30, 19721stHad a great time while over sea. Learned alot about different cultures and met a lot of great people during that time of my life.
Martin, KenHT11971 –R Div
Neff, JohnE51971 – 1975S2looking for any old shipmates where are you now?
Fair, RobertE51971 – 1974N36After leaving the OKC I worked for Wells Lamont Corp. 7 years, Summit/Taymor 6 years and then became a partner with Omni Vision Inc, where I worked until retiring in 2018., SailorBT3Jan 5, 1971 – Jan 5, 1971Forward fireroom oil shackAnyone aboard at that time Hey Bug good to see your on . Herd about Bear and Nobber they were great guys had to much fun with you guys. Give me a call on my email
Cota, FredIC3Jan 5, 1971 – Jun 10, 1972EFrom time to time I wonder where everyone is now. Reach out and say hi if you have a mind to. I'm now the 2nd Vice Commander for the local VFW, American Legion and AmVets (also refereed to as the Party Commander).
Field, JohnnyRD 3Mar 21, 1971 – Dec 22, 1972RD
Arndt, AllenSNApr 21, 1971 – Apr 20, 1973OL DivisionMany happy memories of one of the greatest times of my life. Doing well. Hope to hear from buddies.
Hinseth, TimDS3 - DS1May 1971 – Dec 1974CRHighlined over from the Mt. Katmai. Data Systems Tech for the MPDS system. Crossed Equator twice. Was biting nails during the MIG incident. Over time, grew to appreciate Capt. Butcher's GQ's as a good learning experience.
Mulder, RodneyETR3 - ETR2May 15, 1971 – Feb 6, 1975OEHad a lot of good/exciting times and good friends in those 4 years. I remember T. Gallant, F. Gorbell, P. Cain, Shill, P. Moran, S. Onweiler, T. Hodges, J. Pattee, B. Howie, Villoni and many others.
Folwell, RobertJul 15, 1971 – Feb 10, 1973
Weeks, DavidCpl E4Jul 16, 1971 – Jul 15, 1973Marine DetachmentBest years I had in the Marine Corps. Met lots of friends and traveled all over the orient. Subic, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, and most of Japan. I will always remember those days.
Hansen, NeilGMM2Jul 16, 1971 – Jan 4, 1974GMGreat lady to have served on. Would do it again in a heartbeat!!!
Raley, RichardOSSNAug 20, 1971 – Dec 5, 1974operations
Cruise, Ronsh3Sep 1971 – Apr 1975s3Good time. If you are out there contact me.
Rude, Gerald (Bug)BT2Sep 1971 – Apr 1974BThe hot-ass boiler room wasn't the most fun,it was the good people I had the pleasure of serving with. We are losing some of our best friends, Knobber (2001), Bear (2008). I try to attend some of the reunions,great time
Rude, BugBT2Sep 1971 – 1974BWhat a crew we had up Forward. Hot ass Boiler Room. Scrubbing deckplates, cleaning bilges, firesides, refueling and repair work. So much fun!! Miss my shipmates, would like to reconnect. We have already lost two of ours!
Ahlert, Billph3Sep 1971 – Sep 1973commander 7th fleetJust looking to find a few folks..... Steve Price Bill Neeley Keith Rawson
Stone, Michael / Stoney / MikeSNSep 7, 1971 – Jul 12, 1973Signal BridgeIts been a long time since I had seen or heard from any of you. I suppose that is your thoughts on the subject.
Neeley, BillyeomanSep 21, 1971 – Sep 21, 1973operationsStand-by for heavy rolls...served on the Okie Boat for 2 years and crossed the equator twice. Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, Philippines, off the coast of Vietnam. Great shipmates...
Brune, DavidENOct 1971 – Oct 1972AIt is hard to believe how vivid the memorys are of the Okie City. 30+ years ago and I still remember her.
Rawson, KeithGMG3Oct 1971 – Oct 1973GMG
Seals, (Bos'N)SA TO BM3Oct 1, 1971 – Oct 1, 19751stFirst ship, met Bosn Black and have tried to structure my life and career after his, told many sea stories about him in my 29 years of service, retired in 99 as CWO3 Bosn, hunting deer and hogs on our 10 acres, married 35 years to LBFM
Hanthorn, RogerRM3Nov 1, 1971 – Jul 1, 1973CRThis was the best liberty ever!
Martin, KennethHTNov 4, 1971 – Oct 4, 1974R
Westbrook, Garland (Westbro)E_3 GUNNER'S MATE GUNSDec 1971 – Apr 1973made me sick to hear what happened to the Okie boat Whoever made that decision is an idiot. Best time of my life. John Kirby are you still around. Keith Ralston. Believe it or not, I'm still alive. Barton? Wolfman. Pomeroy? Tubeman?
Lopez, Randyqm2Dec 1, 1971 – Apr 5, 1975navigationstarted in ol anybody know what happened to langert? have contact with many okie boaters
Grover, DennisYNSNDec 1, 1971 – Apr 1, 1972Weapons DivisionI was one of three weapons yeoman Richard Martinez, Dave ??? and myself LTCMDR Whittington was one of the weapons officers. My running buddy was Rick "Spunky" Matthews we were playing guitars on deck when the Mig hit!

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1964 | 1965 – 1968 | 1969 – 1971 | 1972 – 1974 | 1975 – 1977 | 1978 – now

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