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USS Kitty Hawk (CV 63) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Kitty Hawk (CV 63). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 2760 crew members registered for the USS Kitty Hawk (CV 63).

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Daly, KevinSN1973 – 1974Helo Detachment
Ernst, BruceQM31973 – 1974
Martin, Bill, RedAN1973 – 1975Air FramesWas with VF 213 squadron, did 2 west pack cruises home port was NAS Marimar.
Harness, JerryAN1973 – 1974HS-4I'd like to hear from anyone who made the 73-74 cruise. I worked the line dept as a Plane Capt. I guess I'm with the guys that had a good time! Also grew up on her.
Miller, CharlesSGT/E-51973 – 1975Marine DetachmentWas a great ship and some of the best times of my life. What a great crew. Many great ports, Hong Kong, Subic Bay, Singapore, Kenya, Hawaii, etc. Never forget the Shellback initiation. WesPac's 1973-1974, and 1975
Cochran, SteveDP31973 – 1974S7
Harness, JerryAN1973 – 1974HS4
Harness, Jerry1973 – 1974HS-4
Sutter, RonFA1973 – 1976#1 Main Macinery Room / Machine ShopSurviving witness of the fire on Dec 11, 1973, I was there on the condensate level and initiated the responce for the fuel leak. I tried to prevent it, but it exploded in front of me before I could prevent it.
Ogdon, KraigPT/IS31973 – 1977OZ
Pulliam, DaveHTFN1973 – Jun 1973REPAIR
Hammontree, Rickeyseaman first class1973 – Dec 15, 19753M, post officeI am looking for the person that went down with me in the helicopter. We were the only two to survive that one. Also would like to know of other persons that helped p/u mail onshore and bring to ship
Bergstrom, SarahAA1973 – 1974V4I am looking to see if I can find out any information about my dad. His name was Lyman Harris. He was medically discharged due to an injury in a collision? He has since passed in 2004.
Fuller, Robert?1973 – 1975US MarinesI am the daughter of Robert Fuller, I am looking for him. If anyone know any information about him. He was a US Marines Subic Bay 73-75.
Travalik, JimAMS31973 – 1976VAW114
Miller, Mike (Moose)ABH3Jan 1973 – Sep 1975V1Worked in Fly 3 (Blue Shirt, Tractor, Yellow Shirt). I remember Steve Brownlee, Goode, Gilliam, Jimmy Smith, Frank Bethune, Big Willie. Great times. Bad times too - on the deck when LCDR Wilson got hit.
Caprin, Raymm3Jan 1973 – 1974mm 1
Walker, Michael ( Mike )EMFMJan 1973 – Nov 1973Electrical DivLooking for Steve Strange, Gooding, and any others that remember me. I came aboard at Hunter' Point during overhaul (to CV) and departed just before "the" WESPAC in which MMR1 had the fire. RIP Mike Demming (mmfm)
Selby, BobAMH-3Jan 1, 1973 – Oct 19, 1975VA-52VA-52 airframes, 1973,VA-52 flt. line, 1975
Bundy, Tim (Mouse) profile iconBTFNJan 3, 1973 – Jul 14, 1974P2
Sill, PeteE3/Non DesignatedJan 3, 1973 – May 1, 1974AIMD IM-1Worked with AS1 Herb Wyatt maintaining fire equipment
Boyd, ScottYN3Jan 3, 1973 – Jul 22, 1975Captain's OfficeSo many memories, too many to mention. Did enjoy my time aboard the ship.
Foley, JosephMR3Jan 5, 1973 – Jul 9, 1974P-3I worked in the Machine Shop. One westpac crews 73-74. Fire broke out in 1mmr between Hawaii & the Pi
Ward, BobYN3Jan 7, 1973 – Jul 15, 1975W Division/Weapons DeptGot orders to the Hawk on the day the riots happened. Ended up making 1-1/2 Westpacs. During the fire of Dec 73, I remember the hangar bay filling up w/smoke and watching all our escorts move away.
Smith, Grant KimJO3Jan 9, 1973 – Sep 10, 1975X DivisionI met some really great guys while onboard the Kitty Hawk. X Division was a great place to work, and when I left the ship I knew even though life goes on, it was a pleasure serving with you guys, God Best to you all! thx
Stalker, Randall ("Clint")OS3Feb 1973 – Oct 1974OI
Williams, BillyDP3Feb 1973 – Aug 1976OZOn the Hawk 73-76. Shaped the man I am today. Many fond memories. Writing Shellback Initiation story for my daughters. My brother was aboard for the unrest in 72. Lucky to serve with him for a couple of years.
Adkins, Roger DocE-1Feb 7, 1973 – Dec 17, 1973FRI'm the daughter of the late Roger D. (Doc) Adkins. He served on The USS Kitty Hawk from Feb.7, 1973 to Dec. 17,1973 just after the Dec. 1973 explosion (Fire), where he was injured. I'm looking for anyone with any pics or any info.
Moore, Charles (Chuck)HTCFeb 13, 1973 – Aug 1977RReported aboard at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard as HT1. Went through Overhaul at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard in 1976-1977. Left the Hawk as HTC in Aug 1977. Retired in 1983 to Port Orchard, Wa. where I worked at PSNS and retired in 95 as a Shipfitter
Callaway, RichEM1Feb 24, 1973 – Jan 21, 1976EMy first of three carriers!
Carino, BernieSNMar 1973 – Mar 1974DECK
Varner, EarlABF2Mar 1, 1973 – Mar 1, 1977V-4I made two westpac cruises. I worked in the fuel pump rooms, avgas pump room, fuel quality lab and pulled hoses on the flight.
Hackler, Clarence (Hack)ABE2Mar 1, 1973 – Nov 16, 1976V-2 - A/GV-2 Arresting Gear 72-76, came on board Hunters Point, CA and discharged Bremerton, WA. Made 2 crazy Wes Pac cruises with some great people. Would like to get reacquainted with some old buddies.
Navratil, BillOS3Mar 4, 1973 – Aug 24, 1976OIJust looking for old shipmates
Brown, Marvin T. ( M. T. )ABE2Mar 20, 1973 – Dec 20, 1976v-2
Rieth, Ed (Rusty)E-3/BTApr 11, 1973 – Oct 30, 1974P-1/P-2It was no pleasure cruise, and following the fire in #1MMR on Dec. 11, 1973 my participation in the WestPac cruise was cut short when I was flown back to the states from the injuries I sustained while battling the blaze.
Hotson, JeffreySNApr 15, 1973 – Nov 6, 1974X (Exec)compartment cleaner mainly 03 level sleeping, yeoman striker in Ship's 3-M Office, watch in Captain's Office, Personnel, Division Office, Chaplains' Office, afterbrow, Quarterdeck, Radio & TV stations, Special Affairs, and other&#03
Martin, John profile iconEMFN----EM2May 1973 – Sep 1976EI was first assigned to the A&O shop and then transferred to the Div. office. Came aboard in Hunters Point and left at Bremerton. I have contact with only 1 old shipmates at this time and now retired in so Ca.
Sowden, RalphAT2May 1973 – Jul 1976IM3Some of the happiest times of my life were during the time I spent as a crew member of the USS Kitty Hawk.
Crawford, RickyABE1May 7, 1973 – Aug 7, 1977V2Would like to find anyone from V2. I was also aboard from Aug 1980 til Feb 1983
Literal, BruceMS 3RD CLASSJun 1973 – Oct 1975
Colby, RusselOS2Jun 1973 – Apr 1977OI
Goodyear, Patrick / GoodyET 3Jun 30, 1973 – Nov 12, 1973OEO1
Smith, James "Jimmy" profile iconABH3Jul 1973 – 1977V1
Basler, DaveE-SOMETHING OR OTHERJul 1, 1973 – Oct 1, 1975X they call itKTTY TV director and voice of the Hawk for a couple of years. In touch with....... Swarbrick ( gold bricker),Scarborough,( Albert)& now Spenny (aka) Bintliff. Also Starke(The biker)..looking for Duncan, Gill,Faber We all miss Tansey.
Davis, Terry (Tk)PH3Jul 15, 1973 – Mar 15, 1977OPReally like the Kitty - made lifetime friends.
Sexton, Michael profile iconMM2Jul 15, 1973 – Jul 11, 1977EngineeringI think I would have done some things differently
Hazlehurst, TommyFIREMANAug 1973 – Aug 3, 1974A x print shop-boxing team one monthCONTACT ME IF YOU THINK YOU KNEW ME,hAZLEHURST DEPARTING.
Henson, Rodsa/osAug 1973 – May 16, 1975OIDoes anyone remember watching bombs flashing on the distant hills in the evening and being close to the land of Viet Nam? 1973 cruise. Memories or pictures?
Moore, J. P.HT3Sep 1973 – Aug 1976Repair Pipe Shop
Johnson, William (John/john)ABE-2Sep 1973 – May 25, 1975V-2 Bow CatsCatapult # 1 "The Proud One" Transferred to XMAA DIV July 1974
Snyder, JoePN3Sep 1, 1973 – Jul 30, 1976XI worked in the Personnel Dept with Rob Williams, Lou Fattrousso, Gil Sanchez, Joe Dunn, Mike Sparks, Jeff Strait, Craig Coon, Tim Mayeart, Dave Hall and made WestPac trips in 1973 and 1975
Kelly, PatrickSep 1, 1973 – Dec 20, 1974P 2 3MMR
Gilbert, Michael (Porky)MM3Sep 1, 1973 – Jun 20, 1976P-2
Rambonga Jr, Tony RE3Sep 1, 1973 – Jun 15, 1974V4Was part of the Purple gang of (deck) V4 Division and firefighting team.
Bradshaw, AllenSNSep 7, 1973 – Jun 18, 1976S1-DivLooking for Sobba, sudbrook martino from conn, warner i called him budda baby
Smith, Marlone3Sep 19, 1973 – Sep 19, 1973Bt AftI was aboard when the fire, and the Hepetitis out break. Looking for any one that worked aft
Stealy, ClarkASH3Sep 21, 1973 – Dec 15, 1975GSETwo West-Pac cruises 73 to 75. With Jay Thornock, Randy Kercher, Herb Wyatt, Ralph Bruen, Joe Sotak, Chief Roland. Was aboard during the fire in 1973, and 1974 when the # 3 engine room sprung a leak. Tiger Cruise.
Wallace, Garrett A.MM2Oct 1973 – Oct 1977P2 3MMR
Burt, BobDP2Oct 1973 – Mar 1977S-7Deployed Nov 73-Jul 74 and May 75-Oct 75. In Puget Sound Naval Shipyard Mar 76-Mar 77. Finished College went on to Seminary. Returned to USN as a Chaplain Jul 81. Serving as Chief of Navy Chaplains, will offer prayers at decom ceremony.
Schneider, KenMM3Oct 1973 – Apr 8, 1977P1 4 MMRIt was a lot of hard times then but looking back they there good times too. I lost some good friends.
Nelson, WilliamSH3Oct 1973 – May 1976S3 DivisionI would do the experience all over again! I operated the Geedunk (Candy & soda shop) when first aboard and eventually was transfered to the Clothing and small stores, during the duration of my time on ship. Go Navy!
Crawford, JohnAK3Oct 1973 – Jul 12, 1976S6
Standley, JohnDS1Oct 1973 – Dec 1977OE05Really enjoyed repairing radar consoles and computer equipment and playing cards. Also enjoyed playing flag football in Bremerton and slow pitch softball in San Diego. Hated navy life.
Johnson, DanielRMSNOct 3, 1973 – Jan 15, 1976CommunicationsI got to see a lot of the world being from Nebraska. Made it to Vietnam, Hawaii, Philipines, Olongapo city Yokosuka Japan. Quite the Westpac.
German, JohnSAOct 8, 1973 – Aug 2, 1974DeckFirst Ship in the Navy always remember the good times on Her
mount, greg AROct 15, 1973 – Oct 12, 1972air missile at the end of the hanger bay.fwddoes any body know what happend to pinky from texas. spider or fred or simmes. how about the shipyards at san fran. how about . fred had a motocycle wrack on the way to work. his forks came off. with benny on the back. he had roadrach.
Crawford, JohnAK3Oct 15, 1973 – Jul 12, 1976Supply S-6Looking for ship mates from 1973 to 1976 that were in S-6 Supply on Kitty Hawk.
Millikan, PatrickE-3Oct 15, 1973 – May 28, 1976V-3 Division(Air Snipe)Looking for anyone who remembers D Roland V-4 purple shirt who went for a swim off the top or anyone who knows what Lt. from V-2 that lost his legs during an arresting accident when we were launching
Wilcox, Bill profile iconBTOct 15, 1973 – Jun 14, 1974P1/HabWas there that fateful night!
Simpson, TomYNNov 1973 – Jul 1976S-6
Diekmann, MikeMMFNNov 1973 – Jul 1974MGreat WesPac, Mombassa, Singapore, & Hong Kong all have good memories
Williams, RobertPNSNNov 1973 – Nov 1974X
Beach, DennisBM3Nov 1973 – May 1977second/fourth/fifth division
Giecko, JerryDTP 3Nov 1973 – Feb 1977DentalLooking for anyone!
Sanchez, FernieElectrician Mate 3 ClassNov 1, 1973 – Jan 10, 1976E DivisoonI was on watch on Number 6 generator switch board when the fire broke out in number one main space.
Burget, DenisPO 3Nov 2, 1973 – Jul 26, 1977SHIP SERVICE
Humphrey, PatDM 3Nov 3, 1973 – Jul 3, 1974VAQ 136 1st LtDuty aboard Uss Kittyhawk. Would like others from the division to contact me.
Varney, EarlAQ3/2Nov 6, 1973 – Dec 15, 1975VA-52 Avation Firecontrol ShopFixed radar, computer, inertial navagation & weapons control systems on the A-6A,B,E. By the way after the fire in 1973 we continued on under our own power at 6 kts to Subic Bay. We were young & crazy then.
Mohney, HarryE-2 MRNov 6, 1973 – Sep 15, 1974Machine ShopI was looking for information about the boiler room fire we had on the way to the Phillipines or anyone that worked in the Machine Shop as an MR at that time. I was their. Contact me at:
Caddenhead, JoeAO3Nov 11, 1973 – Aug 16, 1974VA192AO3 VA 192. I was tad to the ships laundry for three months during the westpac that started in 73. I was aboard when the ship caught fire enroute to the P.I.
Diaz, DavidE3Nov 11, 1973 – Apr 29, 1976P2mmrI was on watch in 2 Main Mach room during the fire. I was on throttle watch and heard over the headphones the first call that a fire had broken out, then a short time later a distress call that they were evacucating.
Smith, Marlonsn E-3Nov 15, 1973 – Apr 4, 1975aftGreat Ship went on West PAC larry roberson from New York was a friend I got hepatitis on the ship and was sent to San Deigo Navel Hospital would like to hear from some of the guys I am the transplant list . The Fire
Downtain, James [wrong-way]AOANNov 23, 1973 – Jul 27, 1974vf-114oliveri[oly],wrongway[james downtain],sonney reyes,dane kline[crash] are back together 9200957
Stealy, ClarkASH-3Nov 23, 1973 – Dec 15, 1975AIMD/GSEServed with Randy Kercher, Jay Thornock, Eric Thompson, Joe Sotack, Herb Wyatt, and Chief Rolland. Was on her during the 1973 Fire, also second cruise when she was taking on water. Served as Ground Support Equipment.
Kline, Keith "Pat"ABEDec 1973 – Jul 1976V-2 Arresting Gear
Roland, DennisABF3Dec 1973 – Sep 25, 1976V-4Did two Westpac's with lots of very good memories. I was a kid and had an attitude and am grateful to those who had patence and taught me many things. Lots of great times. Worked on the deck and in pump rooms!
Walls, Orville (adsomabeanboats)ABEANDec 1, 1973 – Jul 16, 1975V-2Assigned to bow cats no.1 Duggins was the CPO and ABE 2 Myron Kowlski was the cat capt.
Walls, AbeanboatsabeanDec 12, 1973 –v-2
Haley, Carl profile iconETC(SS)Dec 15, 1973 – Jan 29, 1976OE

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