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USS Kitty Hawk (CV 63) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Kitty Hawk (CV 63). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 2802 crew members registered for the USS Kitty Hawk (CV 63).

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Johnson, Bob (Snort)AQ21972 –I was assigned to VF-213 from August 1970-September 1973. I made two WestPac cruises while assigned to the squadron. Great memories.
Wendt, JimAEAN/AE11972 – 1982VA192/VA22Made the 72/73 and 75 cruises and the 80/81 cruise. Good ship. Don't remember which cruise it was, but Capt. Teague was something else. I was only aboard with a squadron, but ship's company treated us well.
Calhoun, MikeCV 631972 – 1974Looking for Marvin Pummill.
Stech, DavidAMH1972 – 1972VF-114Iam looking for Info On MY Father Who Served In 1972 On the Kitty Hawk During Veitnam Tour. He Has Passed Due to Complications of Agent Orange. The VA Is trieng to fight my family sayen there is no record of him inland Veitnam.
marino, DarrellE31972 – 1974v2Would like to hear from some of my buddies, Steve Lehto, don smith. WAS THERE IN THE RIOTS, THE FIRE , FLIGHT DECK SAFTY OFFICER LOSS OF LEGS #2 CABLE, Kenya, dry dock SF
Alexander, AlexAE21972 – Oct 1972rvah-7
Thomas Richardson, TomCV 631972 – 1974
Hill, Timpo31972 – 1974va 192remember almost nothing, arrived shortly after riot, does anyone remember me?
Sarrault, Clifford/ CliffIC1/ICC1972 – 1975E/V-2
Whiting, Wayne profile iconAC11972 – 1976OCChecked aboard for a 2 year tour ended up spending almost 4. Terrific assignment. Met the love of my L]life!
Lammens, RonaldPN31972 – 1975x division I still remember the bad things that happened on the Hawk during this time. But x division was a great place to be and we had a lot of fun.
Pierce, MikeE-41972 – 1975Launched and received aircraft VS 37 (?)I am the daugher of Mike Pierce and I am trying to learn more about my dad's experiences in the Navy and see some pictures. He remembers his buds: Mark Ridley(VS-38) Kenneth Rice (VS 37) David Callahan VS-38. email pleas
Taylor, Ronnie DonABH-31972 – 1974V-3
Potts, JerryAMH-31972 – 1972VF-114 Line crewWorked the line crew Had a great time lots of great memories and some bad one's
Quinlan, DavidMR21972 – 1974P3Worked in the Machine Shop, two cruises.... Hunters Point yard period, riot, fire in main.
Stobaugh, RichHT21972 – 1976RPipe Fitter High Pressure Pipe Welder Went aboard at SF Hunters Point NSY Left Ship at Bremerton, Wa 1976
Lawson, RonE4/CTO31972 – 1972NavSecGruDepI was TAD for six month from Navcomsta. San Miguel and before that Navcomsta Wahiawa. Com tech and cryptogropher. Was in the riot. 14 stiches in lip and 35 in chin, 4 cracked ribs. what a night.
Bryant, JackNot Sure1972 –Not SureLooking for people who may have known my father, Jack H Bryant. He served on Kitty Hawk during 1972. Some of his friends were injured in the "incident" that year. Was 5'10, dark brown hair, from CA, a smarta** 21 yr old.
Moore, Michael profile iconEM31972 – Nov 1975ElectricShellback - Good & sad memories thru the tours, thru riots & thru the fire in the machinery room. Good times in the various ports, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, Africa, & San Diego & San Francisco dry dock.
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Barnes, MichaelE-21972 – 1974X
Still, GaryGMG21972 – 1974AOAssigned to Armory
Solenberger, Craig profile iconSN1972 – 19753rd/5thWork in Deck Dept
Volner, RickHT31972 – 1973RLooking for old shipmates
Hirsch, AllanOS21972 – 1973OII want to find out what has happened to the people that I worked with, 43 years ago.
Nash, Alan profile iconABF21972 – 1976V4Great memories! Would like to hear from shipmates.
Gagnon, ArthurDP11972 – 1974S-7looking for s-7 personal that served with me
O'Dell, DouglasSN1972 – 1973X DivWorked in the 3-M office. 72 West Pacific was a wild time. The book Troubled Waters pretty well covers it.
Dennis, James (Jim)RMSA1972 – 1975CMwas onboard during the riot, fire, officer sucked up intake, and safety officer loosing legs..was my home for 2 years 11 months. my memories of the riot are somewhat different.
Danish, AndrewPR31972 – 1972VA-52Assigned to VA-52
Blanchard, DonE31972 – 1974A Division
Hyatt, ChristopherSN1972 –X
Marsh, DavidE-11972 – 1973Flight deck
Bierce, CharlesE31972 – 1974G DIVlLooking for Kenneth Fous, Daniel White and Earl Hufton It's been too many years. 860-307-2762
Bremar, AndyPC2Jan 1972 – Nov 1974S-1 then X-DivWorked in S-1 Division and then transferred to X-Div (Post Office)
Reynolds, AlAE2Jan 1972 – Nov 1972VA195
Willis, John (Jackie)BM3Jan 1972 – Dec 19751st Division
Clausen, James MM2Jan 1972 – Feb 1975P-32 Aux MR in 1972 Westpac , MP Storeroom in Hunters Point and 1973-1974 Westpac. Shellback in March, 1974
Dunlap, MikeAE-2Jan 1972 – Aug 18, 1972RVAH-7Worked in AE shop of RA-5c Vigilante squadron. did TAD at Subic for thirty days. hit Hong Kong, Yokusuka, and PI. 2nd WestPac. Was released from active duty while on board and took three days to get to CONUS.
Stevens, Gerald (Gerry)ANJan 1972 – Oct 1972V-1 Flight Deck HandlerFirst Command after completing Fleet Prep School in Memphis. Assigned to V-1 as Blue Shirt and then Yellow Shirt. Left in October 1972 to attend Aviation Maintenance Administrationman "A" School, Meridian, Miss.
Slough, Jimmy (Slugo)AO2Jan 1, 1972 – Nov 28, 1972VF 114I have been in contact with Jerry Rogers, Dan Booth and Glen Redding. Anyone know others?
Jaime, RubenBM3Jan 10, 1972 – Dec 1, 1972Deck Force 3rdWorked on the Captain's deck, maintainance crew during bombing missions over North Vietnam off the Gulf of Tonkin.
Herrick, Mike (Iron Mike)BM2Jan 10, 1972 – Apr 29, 19771st Div&XMAA"The Hawk is my Ship" and it truly was. I enjoyed my time on the Hawk and the many ports of call and the shipmates I met over the years aboard her. The good with the bad they were all life experiences I cherish.
Raines, RichardE-2Jan 12, 1972 – Aug 31, 1974S-1Looking for any shipmates of this period 72-74. I was from California, now live in Montana.
Timpano, PeterE3Jan 15, 1972 – Sep 15, 1972deck 1stWould love to hear from any of my division mates like Floyd, Kawaa, Payne, Beebe etc. I left the ship early for Corps scol. I see they left my photo out of the deck dept photo line up. You can also find me on face book
Donaldson, Don L DonaldsonQMCMFeb 1972 – 1973NavagationThe Kitty Hawk was the last time I went to sea. I went to sea in 1941 and thought I was lucky to be sent to Pearl Harbor. December 7 changed all that. The Kitty hawk was the only ship still in comission when I retired in Feb 75.
Puvogel, RickAMH/E3Feb 1972 – Nov 1972VF-114AMAH/ E-3 Plane Captain of 211 (CDR John R. Pitzen, and LT Orland J. Pender, Jr.) that was shot down August 17, 1972. remember the riot also.
McClellan, ChrisAT2Feb 1972 – Dec 1972RVAH-7Night check in Radio 7, where has everyone gone? Mike,Smitty anyone?
Tobler, BarryABE E-4Feb 1972 – Jul 1973V2Had some good times in Subic City with Gary R. (RIP), JC, Willie G, Steve Ward, Steve Moore, Hendershot, Radio. Joe R. remember the Zepplin concert?
Hohn, KeithseamanFeb 6, 1972 – Dec 19, 1973shipstore
Hawkins, TerryAOFeb 13, 1972 – May 16, 1975G DivisionCompleted 2 tours in the Tonkin Gulf, way too much time in Subic Bay, became a Shellback, met a great bunch of people and loved every minute on board.
Schoen, StanADJ2Feb 15, 1972 – Sep 18, 1972VAW 11442 years left this ship for civilian life by flying off it while off Vietnam, 23 hours later landed in San Fran. Retired in 2007 after 26+ years of Federal service. Wondering if any of my shipmates are still kicking?
McCuen, Charles MacAQ2Feb 17, 1972 – Dec 15, 1975VF-114I have kept up with three guys I served with, but thought there may be more of you guys out there stll kickin! If you are then let's see it - GO AARDVARKS!
Shaw, DannyAMH-AMS ANFeb 17, 1972 – Oct 26, 1972VA 52I was on board when Lt Pellis was sucked down intake of A7 Corseair.Sorry I have no date.But I am sure he was ships crew.flight deck officer I was plane captain VA 52. Also was on flight deck.I also saw shipmates attacked in riots.
Gendreau, Robert/frenchyABE-2Feb 20, 1972 – Dec 26, 1975v-2 bow cats
Lumbard, LonnyAE-2Feb 24, 1972 – Nov 14, 1972Squadron VA - 195
Pettus, PerryABH3Mar 1972 – Sep 1974V-1Still think about The Flight Deck
Martinez, GilbertDP3Mar 5, 1972 – Nov 9, 1972S7 SupplyOur ship was up and down the Gulf of Tonkin launching aircraft into Vietnam. Our ship had the F4 Fighters, A7 Corsairs, A6 Intruders, Vigilante. Mail plane Many helicoptes would land our hover our ship with supplies.
Bryant, Steve SlingshotE-3 / BTFNApr 1972 – May 1975P-2 Div Hi Steve Ruden, saw your name on this listing. How the heck are you?!
Lanier, MikeAE2Apr 1, 1972 – Dec 5, 1972RVAH-7Served with RVAH-7 from april '72 untill Dec '72
Hendrix, MichaelICApr 15, 1972 – Apr 10, 1976EMember of the IC gang, both Fwd and Aft, 1972 to 1976
Teel, EdABE3May 1972 – Sep 1975V-2 Arresting Gear
Gabel, RonaldE2May 1, 1972 – Mar 30, 1973S6Anyone Who Remembers the riot in 1972 please contact me at
Rahm, Henry/hankfrMay 8, 1972 – Jun 19, 1975A DivisionOH, the stories I could tell. Was a hell of a time...some good, some bad It was an experience that I will never forget, and after all, that it is what is all about.
Ramos, JeroldPetty Officer 2May 10, 1972 – Nov 16, 1974DC CentralLooking for anyone who was serving aboard the "Shitty Kitty" during the big fire. Need a Buddy letter for the VA.
Johnson, GlyneABE-3May 31, 1972 – Mar 3, 1975v-2Ag-deck edge Go Shellbacks
Pingatore, Kenneth R.DMSNJun 1972 – Nov 1972CTF77/CCD5 StaffContact me at anytime, anyone from CTF77 Staff.
Williams, Shelby Big WillieabcmaeJun 1972 –v1Served aboard the kitty hawk fro 1972--1975 ABH3-ABH2 V1.1985-1988 ABHCAW-ABHCSAW V1. 1992-1994ABCMAW AIR DEPARTMENT
Andrus, KennBT-3Jun 1972 – Sep 1977P-3Came aboard June of 72 and served in the Oil Lab until September of 77. Had some good times and some bad times, the good out weigh the bad every time.
Boyle, James profile iconATANJun 1972 – May 1974WC 210VA-195 Dambusters Mess Cooking forward spud locker to Line Div to WC 210
Gschwind, MikeABF3Jun 1, 1972 – Dec 10, 1975V4Flight Deck
Binkerd, RoryEM3Jun 4, 1972 – May 19, 1975E
Rachunek, ChuckABE3Jun 10, 1972 – Jan 30, 1976V2 waist catsnice to see a few names I know on here. I know where a few more guys are and where chief dugan an cooper are. drop me a line anytime.
Goode, ConverseCVA 63 AAJun 12, 1972 – Mar 30, 1975V-1Probally the best flight deck director in that era when I was not being demoted to a blueshirt.
Garrison, BillRM2Jun 30, 1972 – Jul 11, 1975CRLeft active duty from USS Kitty Hawk Jul 1978. Stayed in the Reserves until 1993. Retired. evacuated Cambodia and Viet Nahum while on the Okinawa.
Baldonado, Richard "Taco"AN-3Jul 1972 – Dec 15, 1975V-2 Wasit CatsAnybody KNow or hear from Tom Briggs,Hey Jon and Delbert E- Mail me
Schneider, GeraldMM3Jul 1972 – Nov 11, 1976P-3 A
De Jonge, Marinus (John)EM3Aug 1972 – Jan 1976EI worked in the Lighting Shop for the first year and half or so then I finished my tour as the Damage Control Petty Officer in the E Division Office. I would be interested in hearing from anyone who served in E Division from 72 to 76.
Wilkerson, EdFAAug 1972 – Aug 1974P1-XWould like to hear from former Kitty Hawk shipmates that worked in the 1 main engine room or post office.
Michael Shepherd, ShepEM3Aug 1972 – Jul 1974e
Proulx, DavidRM3Aug 1972 – Jul 1975CM
Crain, RichFAAug 1972 – Aug 1974A DIV
Pawloski, JoeYN3Aug 1, 1972 – Jul 30, 1973NAVIGATIONWould love to hear from anyone in Nav Division that served during this time. Larry Peterson are you out there? Tripp, Budde, Nov, Ham, Perkins, Bourgeois???
McCreary III, Malcolm (Jabo) (mickey)E3Aug 11, 1972 – Jun 19, 1973V1had fun in west pac. dry dock at hunters point was an experience for a life time.Fire-watch basketball team was the best.
Herbon, JackCTR3Aug 14, 1972 – Oct 22, 1973S-3Navy shipped me from Rota, Spain to the other side of the world to the Kitty Hawk. Was aboard ship for the riot. Want to pass on there is a book coming out in Sept 2009 about this riot. Book in called Troubled Waters.
Claflin, Gearld (Slim) (jerry)E3 FNAug 14, 1972 – Aug 14, 1975P1I am looking for info. on our deployments to vietnam. Pictures and documents etc. 1972-1975. mostly i need info. on the refugees we transported and the name of the ship we towed home. dates are important.
Ruden, Steve (Rudy)BT2Sep 1972 – Feb 10, 1975P3 OIL SHACKLOOKING FOR FRIENDS FROM OIL SHACK AND 2 MMR.
Coke, FredrickSep 1972 – Nov 1972Looking for verification of pick-up in Danang to Kittyhawk in Sept. 1972.
Morales, PeteE4Sep 1972 – Sep 1974Marine DetachmentLt Conway was a hell of a Marine
Austin, JamesCTR3Sep 1972 – Nov 28, 1972S3 (?) Worked in SSESTAD from NAVCOMSTA Honolulu. Also served with a lingusit who was TAD from Misawa, Japan.
Hartfield, JeffMM2Sep 7, 1972 – Mar 23, 1982EngineeringPat, Marty, or anyone else asigned to 3 main, give me a holler
Starke, JeffreyJO3Sep 7, 1972 – Apr 5, 1975PAO / HS-4V-2 Div /Ships Artist. and JO in PAO was TAD with HS-4 during 1972 Vietnam and then back to PAO 1972-1975 was on board when Fire in #3 engine room where we went to Abandon Ship. 6 safety' went off. 6 crew members died. Remember the riots
Gendreau, Robert (Frenchy)Petty Officer Second ClassSep 15, 1972 – Dec 26, 1975V-2div. Bow Cats
Epperson, ScottSM3Sep 15, 1972 – Aug 22, 1975NavagationHey John Travis, I still owe you a Guitar, I believe it was a Precision Base knock-off made in the P.I. and Johnny Coats, did you ever pick up the 65' Ford Mustang I left at your Girl Friends house in San Mateo. Hope so.
Travers, JtETNSNSep 16, 1972 – Feb 1, 1976OEOh what memories
Oates, GlennABE2Sep 22, 1972 – Aug 9, 1975WAISTCATS
Jimenez, AlfredAO3Sep 22, 1972 – May 15, 1975G
Benth, Joel Aka Jody profile iconABH AAOct 1972 – Dec 1974V1 (Fly 1 Blue Shirt & Crash/Salvage Team)Looking for V1 Flightdeck crew members like Steve Brownlee, Steve Werner, Goode, Bake Bean, and any others? Would love to hear from those who remember some of the stuff we experienced(ie: A7 intakes,Mr Wilson,Iran airshow,Mumbasa, ect.
Haley, Mike "Cricket"ABE-2Oct 1972 – Feb 1976V-2
Schneider, Gerald/ JerryMM3Oct 1972 – Nov 11, 1976P-3 I AUX / A Div
Logan, GarysnOct 1972 – Sep 19751st
Sargent, ThomasE2Oct 1972 – Jun 1973P2Assigned to 3 Main Engine Room.
Gilbert Molina, GilAirmanOct 1, 1972 – Jun 10, 1975aimd Im1Wespac 73/74 9 month cruise...several accidents happened, aboard the hawk...race riots, fire explosion, lost comrades, looking for the poem that was written when a sailor pass's..anyone recall this?
Beard, JohnABH3Oct 1, 1972 – May 16, 1975V3
Hendrickson, Richard (Dick)SN E-3Oct 1, 1972 – Jul 25, 19755th Division Captian Gig
Rabago, Joe profile iconABEOct 3, 1972 – May 15, 1975V2 ARRESTING GEARHad some great times and made some great friends on the Hawk! JC, its great to see you name here, please contact me. Sad to see that Gary Rohrs passed. Good guy. Anyone that served in V2 A/G, please lets make contact.
mount, gregAROct 10, 1972 – Oct 10, 1973air missile
Almond, David AlmondHM3Oct 10, 1972 – Jul 8, 1973My first night at sea was the night of the racial riot after just coming aboard.
Llano, ReinaldoAEANOct 12, 1972 –RVAH-7I was attached to the KittyHawk in 1972 and in 1973-74 With RVAH-7
Llano, ReinaldoAEAAOct 12, 1972 – Dec 8, 1972RVAH-7I servied on the Kitty Hawk on two cruises with RVAH-7 1972 and 1973
Kessler, James (Boxcar)PH 3Oct 15, 1972 – Sep 10, 1974OZ (IOIC)Truly the land of OZ. Also loved doing my morning radio show The Rumpled Foreskin Music Show on the rock station.
Mares, DarrelFN/E3Oct 17, 1972 – Oct 7, 1975Super carrier
Drosdahl, JimDP3Nov 1972 – Jun 1976S-7Great time with a tight-knit bunch of guys.
Haley, MikeABE2Nov 1972 – Feb 1976V-2Made contact with Ricky Crawford, was good talking to him after 31 years, we are looking of K.C. Henry, and M.T. Brown, anyone knows about them, send an e-mail
Berry, WilliamSH1Nov 1972 – Apr 1977S-3
Anderson, John (Andy)HT3Nov 1972 – Sep 1974R
Whitehurst, Garyph 3Nov 1972 – Aug 1973RVAH-& IOIC PhotoLooking for any IOIC mates Dale, Jerry, Dan, Dennis, Charlie, jerry,
Morgan, DennisABF2Nov 1972 – May 1974V-4Happy to hear from the guys on the Hawk!
Simmons, GerryAW-2Nov 16, 1972 – Apr 30, 1976OW Wow just found this site, Moose Miller V-1 div I know you
Bruzdowski, Edward/"Ski"HT2Dec 1972 – Nov 22, 1977RWorked in the Pipe Shop the whole time. Hunter's Point, Bremerton, two cruises. Shellback
Wood, JeffOS3Dec 1972 – Dec 1974OIHey if anyone knows where I can get a CV-63....1973-1974 cruise book please let me know. thanks.
Brearley, LarryAE-2Dec 1972 – Dec 1975VF-213AE shop of fighter squadron 213, went from pollywog to shellback. Made two tours aboard the Kitty Hawk in the AE shop of VF-213,
Swallick, JohnE-4 IS2Dec 1972 – Jul 1976OZReported to he ship while it was in the yards at Hunter's Point, CA. Took part in two Westpac cruises in 73/74 & 74/75. Had a terrrible fire on the first cruise and terrible flooding on the second cruise. Great time!!!!
Epps, MikeMMDec 2, 1972 – Aug 15, 1975
Henshaw, JimAK2Dec 8, 1972 – Dec 15, 1975Supply Office & S6
Luper, William BilAO3Dec 15, 1972 – Sep 1975Aviation Ordnance
Thornock, JayASM-3Dec 19, 1972 – Sep 9, 1975AIMDWas aboard during the fire in 1973, and 1974 when the # 3 engine room sprung a leak served with stealy clark and may others randy kercher and many more that i have lost count of. fond memories
Krogulski, JohnPN2Dec 22, 1972 – Apr 3, 1975X-3???????MaybeX-4Served on board the HAWK with My brother Joe (PN3). I worked ESO (no one else knew the job). Brother was all over ship. Milliorn - you out there?
Acosta, AllenE 3Dec 28, 1972 – Feb 1974AirWould love to know that my shipmates are okay.
Gallagher, RobertMM E1Dec 28, 1972 – Dec 18, 19752AUXBest of time worst of time but would do it again in a heartbeat also never forget the Brothers who perished on 12/11/1973 in Boiller Room Fire
Alexander, AndrewAODec 29, 1972 – May 1975Remember the colluision with the ammo ship in 73-74 what was the ships name

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