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USS Kitty Hawk (CV 63) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Kitty Hawk (CV 63). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 2802 crew members registered for the USS Kitty Hawk (CV 63).

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Andrews, JohnET21964 – Oct 1986OE
Freeman, HowardMM21964 – 1966M-DivisionWorked in #4 Main Machinery Room
Rancourt, Franke-31964 – 1968v-2 cat 2wondering if anyone I worked with on cat 2 remembers me, made 4 west pack cruises back to back. bought a new honda 450 from the px in japan. Drove it to St Pete, Fla. Best bike trip of my life. Hope to hear from someone.
Black, Melvinds1 dsc1964 – 1966oe
Blake, Jerry A.BT 2Jan 1964 – Nov 1967#2mmr & Oil Lab
Marquis, RickMM3Jan 1, 1964 – Oct 1, 1967MIf you come acrooss my name send me an e-mail @
Lesperance, WileyE-4Jan 1, 1964 – Apr 11, 1967GI would like to hear from anyone from G Division that may have been in Aviation Ordinance or a Gunners Mate
Olson, JamesEM3Jan 20, 1964 – Nov 20, 1966E
Marquis, Richarde4Feb 6, 1964 – Oct 9, 1967mmy nick name was SKULL or RICK looking for randy logan worked in #4 engine room or lee roy ross, bill taylor , danny jackson, bucth bottles , larry a olson any one in either main,
Burtis, DickSK3Feb 20, 1964 – Sep 11, 1965S-1I am looking for anyone who serviced in S-1 Div from 1964-1965. I have names and email address on 5 from S-1 Div at that time. If your would like these names and email, please email me at and I will send them to you
Begnaud, Michaele-3Apr 1964 – Jan 1966OCwas on board Kitty Hawk when we lost two aircraft to the war in VietNam. We were the first carrier to loose aircraft June 5th and June 6th.
Burtnett, BobABE-3May 1964 – Sep 1967V-2 cat 4
Smith, PaulATN3Jun 5, 1964 – May 30, 1966V-6Enjoyed my time in the shop. My job was mostly carrying ARC-27 radios around to the various places where they were used. Also remember fondly the late night, all night bridge games. Went to the decommisioning ceremony
Fornof, Howard E.SGTJun 13, 1964 – Jun 10, 1966Marine DeetachmentServed as Admin Chief for Marine Detachment under some of the finest Marines. Captain Donald Bullard, lstLt Lawrence Goodale, 1stSgt Len Brewzinski, and 1stSgt Leo Tucker, SSgt Tom Williams.
Palin (Palestine), MortAC-4Jul 1964 – Aug 8, 1966OC DivisionProud of my service in the Navy and proud to have served on the Hawk. Twenty-five un equaled months of life experience that money could never buy!!
Lasoya, Raymonde3bmJul 1964 – Sep 1967boatsmate
Hartwig, RickMM3Jul 20, 1964 – Sep 28, 1967mIf you were there in m div send me a e-mail at
Franklin, Stevenic manAug 6, 1964 – Dec 16, 1965ic manlooking for some old friends. ed knapp. use to run around witjh him wuile in dry dock.
Freeman, HowardMM2Sep 5, 1964 – Sep 5, 1966MWorked for MM1 "Daddy Rabbit" Williams in #4MMR
Reynolds, Jamesgmg2Sep 6, 1964 – Nov 1966g
Raat, James Scott (Jim)SFP 3Sep 16, 1964 – Sep 1, 1967Pipe ShopHave talked to some of the old guys and would like to talk to more.
Davis, CurtisDS3Oct 1964 – Aug 12, 1966IOICCame aboard in the yard at Bremerton, WA in October 1964. West Pac/Viet Nam Yankee and Dixie Station 1965/66. Served with the greatest crew ever.
Snyder, HaroldANOct 1964 – Oct 1966V-3
Shinal, ThomasAX3Oct 1964 – 1965OCLooking for Chief Bill Hanley, Mort Palestine, Mike Begnaud, Billy Fisk.
Westfall, GerryDP1Oct 1, 1964 – Apr 10, 1967IOICGreatest experience of my life
Jackson, DanMM3Nov 18, 1964 – Nov 12, 1967i was in 4mm call 303 909 6486 or
Quinlan, FrankE-2Nov 26, 1964 – Aug 26, 1965MBest ship I was ever on.
Deaton, RonE3Dec 1964 – Jan 8, 1967S3
McIntyre, Pete "p.w."AO3Dec 15, 1964 – Apr 13, 1967GI worked on G Div. flight deck crew, Jack Frost was AO1 crew leader.
McIntyre, Pete P.w.AO3Dec 20, 1964 – Apr 13, 1967G-Div.Looking for friends from G-Div. 64-67, AO or GM. Does anyone know where about of Charles (C.P.) Jones AO3 contact me at
Aubry, Allison JayMM31965 – 1967A-6 Steam HeatHawaii, was my first port of call, and I've returned to those lovely islands several times, intending to settle there.
Williams, Stanly1965 – 1967
Yuhause, Dave (Jr. Jet)LTJG1965 – 1967VF-213
Boone, DanBM 31965 – 1967Hey, Donald Blevins are you out there somewhere? Great Ship, good friends, fine memories
Ballard, Howard "skipAT21965 – 1969VF114Hope to see Mike Truax name on the list. Lost contact when I got married and then trans to shore duty.
Jones, Ebon (Gene)FIREMAN IC MAN1965 – Jul 1966EKH picked me up in dry dock (Wash) Largest thing I ever saw! Did a tour to Nam. Ran the sound power shop and showed the Ardm. movie. Move on to the USS Boston in Boston after return from Vetnam. Any one looking for me?<G>
McDaniel, Lloyd Joseph1965 – 1969looking for my friends
Frank, MastrucciMaster Chief1965 – 1968UnknownI am regestering my uncle who has passed away. I have visited the Hawk 2 times. Thest dates are approximate. Three tours I believe.
Duley, Richardamh-31965 – 1967rvah-13i was a flightdeck trouble shooter for launch/recovery on yankee station and of course all the other jobs required of us at that time.
Stafford, MikeAQ31965 – 1967VF-114
Sweet, GeoffMM31965 – 1968M
Dauel, AugustAN1965 – 1967V3I transferred from V3 to S3 Division. I worked the hanger deck my first cruse and aviation stores my second cruse. One of the best memories is of the U2 that landed and took off the following morning from Kitty Hawk.
Butler, SamuelFTMC1965 – 1966Fox DivisionMy father passed away in 1987. He was proud of his time served on the Kitty Hawk.
Wasson, Ronald LSK-31965 – Aug 1968S-1 SupplyDid 3 tours to gulf of Tonkin. Looking for supply guys who served during this time. Walter Smith, Jerome King, Bennie Daniels among others. I live in okla and Am on FB. Look me up.
Schroeder, JimAN1965 –Hanger DeckWould like to here from anyone during that time on the hanger deck. Would really like to hear from Larry Cunha.
Nix, Stanley profile iconABF-31965 – Oct 27, 1966V-4
Quinn, JohnRM3Jan 1965 – Aug 1966CR
Wade, RayE-3Jan 19, 1965 – Nov 29, 1968Ship Serviceman
Tysall, DanFA-MM2Feb 1965 – Jun 1967A
Anderson, Dennis/andyET2Feb 1965 – Nov 1967OEWhere have all the years gone since I last heard the roar of the jet engines and saw the warbirds lift off the flight deck in the Gulf of Tonkin.
Daniels, John Robert (Jr) profile iconE1 or E2 I don't knoe fore sureMar 1965 – May 1967FuelerI'm trying to find My Daddy's Friends he served with on the Kitty Hawk,, The dates may Not be right but I believe they are close,, If anyone at all Recalls my Daddy Please contact me,, He is sick with his Heart
Carter, RaymondIC1Mar 1965 – Jun 1969E-Div.I met some wonderful shipmates and have good memories of some wonderful time as well as some very arduous times.
Hanson, DennisANMar 15, 1965 – Mar 1967V-3Looking for Francis D'Onofrio, Paul Beth, T.H. Gonzales L.D. Cunha, Al Treadway, W.J. Torregrossa or anyone who remembers me.
Dias, KeithAbh AnMar 29, 1965 – Dec 13, 1968v1Made 3 cruises Year 65-67 Looking for Tom Weber and Frank St Dennis
Fox, Arthur (Al)ATR2Apr 1965 – Aug 1968V6/IMAI worked in the calibration lab. I'd like to hear from any of my shipmates who remember me. I now live in Montana. I look at my yearbooks occasionally and remember all the guys and wonder what you are all doing and wish I'd kept in touch.
Stevens, MikeLIsnApr 1965 – Nov 1966X-DivisionPrint Shop Radio DJ Surfies Corner
Zoll, GaryE-2Apr 1965 – May 1967Marine DetachmentThe time that I was aboard the Kitty Hawk was the most enjoyable of the 12 years that I spent in the Marine Corps.
Winkle, VernSNApr 1965 – Apr 1968GWorked in the bomb magazines usually Trunk #96.
Magee, Charles (Chuck)MMFNApr 14, 1965 – Sep 6, 1968M/XI had a great time on the Hawk, serving in 4 main. I spent 6 mo. mess cooking and also served in the print shop: due to them being short handed and I had 3 yrs. training in lithography. Great duty. Joined Naval Reserve and retired as MM1
Burnett, Jerrye3Apr 14, 1965 – Jun 14, 1966rdivisiondamagecontrolsayhellototroyranowandyguzikandhisbrotherjoeyservingwithallyouguysinrdivwasapleasureandprivilageihaveallwaysrememberedyourpatienceandkindnessaswellasyourbraveryduringthefireinno3mainindecof65contactmeanytime
Gaona, NicholasDS-2Apr 15, 1965 – Nov 11, 1967OE
Klein, JerryRD2May 1965 – Oct 1969OIAre any of my shipmates out there like Smilly Killion,Rags We Willie Walton just to name a was a good time as we look back..hope to hear from some guys..Jerry
Ball, EdAMSANMay 1965 – Aug 1966VA-115 The ArabsPlane captain Arab 510
Scott, Robertrd3May 1965 – May 1968OI
Brookins, James/jimE3May 1, 1965 – 1966V3I am looking for Robert Terrio and Lester Kanzler. Anybody that knows there where about please email. Or call 904-910-1206
Moss, PeteE-3May 1, 1965 – Nov 17, 1967V-1All the guys called me Pete because of my last name being Moss. I worked the crash on the crashcrew. I would like to hear from, Larry Long, Ting Columbo, Orosco, Joe Whalther, or any of my buddies.
Lyman, MikeYn3May 1, 1965 – Aug 23, 1968Operations3years on the hawk,worked in stk ops and loved the job,and bunked with the boys in fox divison.
Myers, JerryBT 2May 15, 1965 – Aug 31, 1968B P-33 West-Pac Cruises. Started in 3 Main Ended in Oil Shack. Looking for A-Hole BT1 Dixon Will travel to where he is to kick his butt
Troiano, DanielAirmanMay 22, 1965 – May 22, 1967V-2I need information on jet aircraft that impacted flight deck. I'm not sure on the exact date that this occurred. I'm guessing 1965 to 1967. Any information on type of aircraft would a great help.
Huggins, PaulE-3Jun 1965 – May 1966Air Wing 11I grew up on the kitty, she was home for me and my shipmates.
Hanson, James JimAN 3Jun 1965 –V2 arresting gearworked flight deck and AG engine rooms.
Whiteley, William profile iconDSCJun 1965 – Jul 1966OEMost of the time I served on the Kittyhawk I was a DSC. Just before I left, I was commissioned a WO-1
Zimmermann, JamesABE 1Jun 5, 1965 – Dec 18, 1968 V 2 divwas in the waist and bow cats and the maint. office prior to transfering
Tuss Jr, Walter JAMS-2Jun 11, 1965 – Jun 16, 1969VAW 114
Murphy, DonaldSEAMAN 1 GUNNERSMATEJun 13, 1965 – Oct 23, 1967GHI PWMACINTYRE Icant wait to hear from phoneis16365869673call any time im retired soi cant wait to hash over the last 40.haha.
Hernandez, RaymondSFM-3Jun 15, 1965 – Jun 21, 1967R-DivisionWould like to hear from Arylin Godbehere or others who serve in R- Division Shipfitters from June 1965 thru June 1967.
Donaldw.murphy, MurphCV-63Jun 16, 1965 – Oct 24, 1967GWOULD LIKE TO HEAR FROM P.W.MCINTYRE.or any one else from G division.
Gonzales, Tom H. , Jr.ABHANJun 26, 1965 – Jun 27, 1967V-3Still looking for shipmates from westpacs 65-67 V-3 Div, found 2, Murkle and Torregrossa, Trying to find Curtis J. Elder?
Mowrey, Larry, HawkeyeE-3, E4Jun 27, 1965 – Apr 20, 1967V-3I remember Merkle, Treadway, some other guys & Captain Carmody a Great Captain. I remember a 2000 #er came loose on aft starboard elevator, bounced across the hanger deck out the port elev. into the drink, ran like hell!
Parker, RobertAO3Jun 29, 1965 – Oct 29, 1968AO Ships companyany one from AO division still kicking.send me an email at live and work in england for the air force.
Hargis, ChuckDS3-DS1Jun 30, 1965 – Nov 1967OE
Graser, JohnMachinist Mate 1st classJul 1965 – Aug 1968[ A ] EngineeringI made this account for my grandfather. On the KH between 65-68. He saved 2 crew members dec, 7th 1965. One by the name of Cooper, I think this is the last name. If you are out there, or anyone else that knows my grandfather, write us!
Snyder, Martin profile iconMM2Jul 1965 – May 1969A-2 Small UnitsHad one of the most satisfying jobs on the ship. Because of my HVAC knowledge I had contact with many people aboard. I helped many of the Air Wing personnel. I made a lot of friends that give me memories to this day!
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Condley, Howard (Red) profile iconE-4Jul 1, 1965 – Apr 1, 1968GWhen I was on the Kittyhawk it was reffered to as Kittyhawk CVA 63.
Holmes, Robert (Bobby)SFP 3Jul 2, 1965 – Jan 21, 1969R
Carson, JerryAME 3Aug 1965 – Jun 1966VF-213
Gros, ChuckRM3Aug 1965 –CommunicationI was on board when we had the fire. I did two westpck tours. In Hong Kong while on shore leave couple of us ended up on the wrong ferry and landed in China. As I recall, out Capt. was Capt. Normandy
Harp, Larry profile icon3rd class PO/ Fly 3 POAug 1965 – Jan 1969V1Looking for smitty, buddha ,rat, and frog, Larry Long, Love, Skalsky, Troy Ragsdale, Keith Dias, Porter,and any other mates still upright.
Seefield, GayleAO 2Aug 9, 1965 – Aug 14, 1969G Divisionit was something that I had to do at the time, I learned a lot, met great people, and experienced things that I never imagined.
Holton, ArtDS2Aug 10, 1965 – Nov 16, 1966OEServed we a fantastic group of guys. Veitnam 65-66 Dixie and Yankee Stations.
Cheatwood, RonE3Sep 1965 – Jul 7, 1967mi spent the two years in 4mmr. made two westpac tours. email address is
Lanier, JulianABH2Sep 1965 – May 15, 1967V1
Anwander, BillSEAMANSep 12, 1965 – Dec 13, 1968deck force 3rd and tad to g building crewhad a great time on board before being transferd to N.S.A. Danang. Would like to here from Galivan, Barden, G.L.Jones, Vangeest, Eddie S., Ortega, Lenning, Dray, and Sheean the Snipe These are the guys who made it fun Thanks bill
Bean, John (Tony)ATN-2-ATN-1Oct 1965 – Jun 1966Air Wing 11 (VAW-11 Det. C)Supported E2-A (first deployment) avionics. I'm from CA. but now live in VT. Served NAMTD-1025 at NASNI after leaving the Kitty Hawk. I remember Capt. Carmody and always thought he was the best. He died in May '08. Great skipper.
Pinkney, RobertDK3Oct 1, 1965 – Jun 1, 1967SupplyWould like to get in contact with any dk who served during the period of 65-67
Winters, LeonANOct 1, 1965 – Aug 1, 1968V2 division aft catsI was deck edge operator
Courtney, RichardABH-3Oct 5, 1965 – Aug 8, 1967V-3Had some very intersting adventutres while on board. Meet a lot of great men that were dedicated to the cause of the mission of the Hawk.
Taber, JimmieABH3Nov 1965 – Feb 1967V 3Imeet and made many good friends whil serving on the USS Kitty Hawk. I was a aircraft handler and crew 1o leader. I would like to find Robert Terrio. I have saw the names of some of the guys i served with and would like to make contact with them.
Hoeft, BillDS2Nov 1965 – Dec 1967OE
Pultz, GeorgeAZ ANNov 1965 – Jun 1966V2I am trying to find info on the fatel hatch incident in the hanger bay on the Kitty Hawk 1965-1966. I am also trying to locate information on Larry Dean from Lindsay Ca. who served on the Hawk.
Courtney, RichardE-4 ABHDec 11, 1965 – Aug 11, 1967V-3Director of crew 12. Lookintg for anyone that might rember me being hit in the back by a A-4E during heavy seas off coast of Vietnam? Also looking for anyone that may have deck logs for the JUNE to MAY 67....
Restivo, GuyABE3Dec 14, 1965 – Aug 16, 1969v2My father is doing well and I am trying to reconnect him with someof the friends he tells me stories about...David Ato (e)?, Joe Hersey, Leon Winters, ect Let me know if you know him. Email me at
Russell, Charles/russAGANDec 15, 1965 – Jun 28, 1968meteorologyworked for chief nagle he always smoked those nasty cigars in the office it was a very interesting job
Frazier, ChuckANDec 18, 1965 – Sep 23, 1966V-2Luther South was very cool an ABM2 would be in charge for middle of the night bomb parties off the coast of North Vietnam. We laughed and move a lot of ordinance.. a fun memory.

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