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USS Galveston (CLG 3) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Galveston (CLG 3). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 123 crew members registered for the USS Galveston (CLG 3).

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Stannard, RobertFT2Feb 16, 1955 – Oct 31, 1958FM
Reep, James W. "Jim"YNTSNJan 2, 1958 – Jan 3, 1959FGReported aboard as pre-commissioning detail. Assigned Gunnery Dept. Office. Bunked with FG Div. Was present for commissioning. Left ship for Operation Springboard 1959-to USNS Roosevelt Roads, PR. Remained in Navy, retired as YNCS in 1976
Campbell Jr, Thomas R. (Soupy)PN3Jan 14, 1958 – Jun 1, 1960X
Bellas, Michael LSEAMANApr 28, 1958 – Oct 3, 1958oporationthey call me blaze
Harris, PhilRM 2/1/2May 1958 – Aug 1961OCGood time & Bad times --- great friends in radshack -- few friends in radar and missiles some great port visits - San Juan, Galveston, Barbados
Waldman, Barry (Waldo)YN2May 1958 – Jul 1, 1960OE-1Started out as OE Division Yeoman, then became Ops Office Yeoman. Would love to reconnect with ET1 Jim Quinn, ET2 John Overcash, ET2 Duane Longcore, ET2 Ron McKinney or anyone else from OE1 Divison.
Bruno, PeterRM3Jul 1958 – Dec 1960
Rodman, RichardRM21959 – 1961CRI served aboard the 'Galloping Gal' for two years and made a number of lifetime friends. Unfortunately some of them have already gone on to that great cruiser in the sky.
Livingston, RichardSNFeb 1959 – Jul 19601st
Gober, John W.Mar 19, 1959 – Jan 19, 1961engeneeringworked in #1 fire room would like a fire room crew list for same period
Oller, Donmm-2May 11, 1959 – Nov 30, 1963mbest ship in the navy
Orrison, ClydeFT2Oct 1959 – Jun 1961missile spg-2
High, KennethSNMay 1960 – Sep 14, 19603rd
Harrelson, JohnMMFNJul 1960 – Jul 1961M#1 Engine room throttleman
Meacham, JohnGMM3Sep 21, 1960 – May 2, 1963Missile DivisionThe duty aboard the USS Galveston CLG3 was better than the shore duty at NAAS Whiting Field in Milton,FL.
Smith, KevinE3/BMSN1961 – 1963
Carney, JimFTM-21961 – 1963FM
O'quin, EdFTG 31961 – 1962FTGGreat ship and crew.
Dudley E. Hardin, DudleyIC-31961 – 1963EI was assigned to the USS Galveston Feb. 1961 after IC school , the ship was in dry dock in Philadelphia , Pa. Discharged 9/10/63. Mates Dave Preston , Jeff Bales , Ernie Jordan , Charlie Waddell , etc. Please reply.
Pullen, JerrySNJan 3, 1961 – May 24, 1964FTWeapons Dept Yeomen
Tilley, ArthurMay 1961 – Mar 1962Galveston was my first Navy ship. Squared-away and underway.
Van Dyke, Bill SNJun 13, 1961 – Jun 12, 1965 S3
Beck, PhilRM3Sep 1961 – Aug 1965CR22 years served. Galveston was best and most memorable!
Hart, DickFTG2Oct 1961 – Apr 1964FGHello to all Galveston shipmates. Especially those familiar FG Div. names that I recognize here.
Messer, DavidDKSNDec 1961 – Jul 1962S-4
McFarland, Gerald J.EN 21962 – 1964AIt was the best ship that I served on in the U.S. Navy and the crew was outstanding even after I got hit in the head putting the captain's gig in the water in Acopoco, Mexico in 1963. I ask for a buddy letter knowing of the accident!
Coski, Joseph (Ski)GMM31962 – 1963Worked in the missille house, but did some holt stoning be for I made Gunners Mate
Wagner, KennethSN1962 – Jun 19661st
Cruddas, RichardCS2Apr 1962 – 1964S2Was the night baker on the 63-64 wespac cruise
Tovrog, BertFTG3May 16, 1962 – May 16, 1963FGUSS Galveston had orders to transfer from the Atlantic to the Pacific (South East Asia-Viet Nam area). We had the option to stay on the East Coast if possible, and I was able to transfer to a new construction ship in Brooklyn, NY - USS Raleigh LPD-1
Engdahl, DennisSFM 3Jun 1962 – Apr 1964R DivPicked her up in Philadelphia and made the transition to West Coast. Was aboard for her first West-Pac. Enjoyed my time aboard and made many lasting friends. After leaving active duty stayed in the Reserve and retired
Mayer, Chris "dutch"SNJun 18, 1962 – Oct 26, 1964DECKGreat ship to serve on. The trip thru the Panama Canal and the stop at Acapulco in "62 was great. Capt. Joyce was a great "skipper" !
Oginski, GeraldSNJul 1962 – Jun 19641st
Schultes, RogerE3Jul 10, 1962 – Jun 11, 1964dech hand 1st div oil transfer.made west pack 63/64 .had agrate time on the GAL would love to hear from any one that was abord at that time.
Anderson, RichardBT 3rd ClassJul 10, 1962 – Jul 17, 1964Boiler RoomIt was a time to remember
Rigby, GeorgeSNJul 15, 1962 – Jul 15, 19641St. DivisonGot the ship out of Philia., then up and down the West coast , yard time in Long Beach , did Westpac cruise. Good times and guys on board the Gal.
Destigter, VincentE4Oct 1962 – 1963Hospital corpsmanCorpsman
Howard, FletcherGM 3Dec 27, 1962 – Jan 24, 1964FMI went aboard the
Coons, DonFTM1963 – 1964Missle
Briscoe, AudraJan 1963 – Jan 1969
Tonkin, MervPH3Mar 1963 – Sep 1965One of the most exciting times of my life. I remember my duty station during missle Quarters, On the Aft lifeboat locker to shoot launch pictures.
Schmitz, Allen ( Smitty )CORPORALJun 1963 – Dec 1965MARINE DETACHMENTCame aboard right out of Sea School in San Diego made WestPac Cruise spent time Long Beach dry dock went back to San Diego went to Viet Nam and returned to states and trasnfered to Camp LeJeune No Carolina Good Duty enjoyed my tour on THE GAL
Gravdahl, RonFTM3Jun 1963 – Dec 1965Both FTM and FTGServed with CP9, Partridge during Nam tour 1964-65
Africa, BenGMG2Jun 1963 – Jun 1965Third DivisionBeen looking for some of my old shipmates. Have found some while working in lawenforcement and now found this site to help me connect with others, like Howard, Campbell, McDaniels and others.
Pennington, MichaelFTM 2Jul 20, 1963 – Aug 19, 1966FMWorked on the missle tracking and guidance radar, missle computer and the ships TV system. Best free cruise ship I've ever been on.
Sedleniek, GunnarLTSep 1963 – Apr 1966Missile
Lopez, RaulBT3Sep 1963 – Nov 1966B division I was assigned to the forward fire room the length of my stay on the Galveston . Spent some very hot days & nights , got very little sleep ,But I wouldn't trade my time I served for anything !!
Murray, RaymondEn/FnSep 1963 – Sep 1968A-Div
Henderson, LouisOct 1963 – Jan 16, 1967E (IC)Enjoyed my time on the Galveston. IC Department. I still stay in touch with Larry "Dusty" Dustman, Gerry Kirk, and CWO Largent. Would like to hear from others in the IC room.
Forbes, NealRD3Oct 1963 – Nov 1966OICame aboard right out of A school. Made 2 WestPac cruises. A lot of liberty on the 1st one, not so much on the 2nd one. Made some good friends that I see at reunions every year.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1963 | 1964 – 1966 | 1967 – now

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