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USS Swordfish (SSN 579) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Swordfish (SSN 579). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 184 crew members registered for the USS Swordfish (SSN 579).

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Dixson, Max (Mac)ICI (SS)Oct 9, 1956 – Dec 10, 1959RC
Dundorf, John (Rod)ET2Feb 8, 1957 – Dec 21, 1960EngineeringFollowing discharge, I was a sheet metal worker until 1979 when I entered the insurance profession, later becoming a Financial Planner until my retirement in 2009. Joan and I reside on Greenwood Lake in northern NJ.
Carlson, Edgar (Ed)WO-1Jun 1957 – Nov 1959EngineeringJun57-Aug57. Pittsburgh Reactor Ops Office AEC. Aug57-Jun58. Fitting out detail. Jun58-Nov59. Commissioning Crew Plank Owner. First enlisted man to qualify as Primary Plant Systems Operator on Swordfish S4W Reactor Plant. EN1(SS) to WO-1.
Letourneau, Joseph/frenchyET1SS/ ENSIGNJun 1957 – Jun 1960Engineering/Reactor ControlQualified as Reactor Operator (2nd person) Plankowner
Meyer, DavidEN1Aug 1957 – Nov 1960Mmade ENC in sept before leaving for mare island nuc school staf
Lloyd, RayTM3 SSDec 1957 – Apr 1960Deck crewBest time of my life. Every day I think about things that happened on board
Silverberg, RonQMSN TO QM1Feb 1958 – Feb 1962NI originally qualified on a diesel boat but I always considered Swordfih "my" boat. There were good times and not so good times. Mess cook as a E-5 & hot bunking forever but it was a good crew and a good experience all things considered.
Hicks, JohnQM2(SS)Apr 1958 – Jul 1959Part of commissioning crew. Rode the boat through the Panama canal to Pearl Harbor.
Hickens, James (Duck)EN2(SS)Sep 25, 1958 – Aug 15, 1961AuxiliaryLoved every minute of it!
Peterson, Lawrence E. (Pete) profile iconCPO1959 – 1962UnknownI am CPO Peterson's daughter. Daddy passed away October 1994. I remember his days on the Swordfish when stationed at Pearl Harbor. They were a great part of my childhood too. Does anyone remember my dad?
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Jackson, Harold (Jack)EN2 SSOct 1959 – Jan 1965Aux Div. you guys missed the good old days when we first made to stop only at SUBIC BAY
Okel, JerryCT3Nov 1, 1959 – Dec 15, 1959spookships cook ...brig olongopo 1st liberty
McKenzie, Patrick (Pat Or Mac)EN1Jan 10, 1960 – Sep 1, 1964Mproud to have been with the pros during 48hr attack off Valavostock.Skipper was extrodinary as you all were , medals well earned. flooding Kona my watch water knocked off ladder N.Dakota EN2 Name? LL Eng. watch did most to secure flood
Wehle, RichardFTM2 (SS)/FTCM (SS)Sep 1960 – Jun 1962WeaponsFirst Boat. Great wardroom and crew. Requests: Who closed the valve when flooding off the "Big Island"? Does anyone have a copy of "Ode to Swordfish." COB 627&643. The Citadel BSBA Married, 2 daughters, 1 grandchild
Gunn, T.l. "peter"SN (SS), CWO-2Oct 1960 – 1971Deck, RCEarned my dolphins on the boat, rode with Chank-Kai-Shek and Pres Marcos, mess-cooked, made PO-3 and left for nuke school. Returned as CWO-2 for ovrhaul/refueling at PHNS. Several wespacs and spec ops.
Thoreson, JimPN2(SS)1961 – 1963Admin
Jensen, BradE4Jan 1961 – Jan 1964After Mare Is. there were exciting times off Vladivostok and liberty in Subic Bay. Almost went to Australia but had to go to Guam instead. Fun to look back on.
Rehmus, MikeET3 (SS)Sep 1961 – Apr 1962RC/DeckGreat boat if a bit shaky in the leaking department. Super crew, great cooks Loved the way the bow would flutter as we got to flank speed. Did not like the 'Flooding in the Engine Compartment!" announcements.
Outram, Melville / MelIC!/SS1962 – 1966engineering (nuclear)retired from electrical utility company
Seeley, EdwinEMFNMay 2, 1962 – Sep 3, 1963EngineeringGreat Sub for the short time aboard. Attend NUC school.
Peitzmeyer, KennethETCJun 1962 – Nov 1968ETShe was a great ride and everyone shipped over. Great crew and spec ops were exciting.
Witcher, RogerRM1(SS)Oct 25, 1962 – May 1, 1964RadiomanThis was my first boat out of sub school. I reported aboard the day of Pres Kennedy's speech re: Cuban Missile Crisis. The next day we departed on a 66 day patrol. Exciting times on the USS Swordfish!
Klemens, GarySTS3(SS)1963 – 1966SonarA lot of great memories with the crew. They were a great bunch to serve with.
Hinckley, BoydET2(SS)Feb 1963 – Nov 1964Reactor Operator
McKinnon, LarryRM2(SS)Apr 1963 – Oct 1966Radio room, when available.I think the navy makes a man out of you, the submarines make you realize what being a man is. The three wespac cruises I made were the greatest of times. The danger, the excitement, the chase. I am who I am, because of the days on Swordfish
Jordan, Jim (Tex)STS2(SS)Sep 6, 1963 – Apr 15, 1966SonarWould have served longer but followed Skipper, Cmdr. Frank Adams to the SSBN-640 Blue. Swordfish and the crew represent my fondest memories of the Navy. I retired 21 June 1988 as a CWO4. Contact:
Houfek, Harold " Holly "TM3(SS)Oct 14, 1963 – Jun 14, 1963WeaponsMy first and most memorable submarine, and still remember many of the patrols that we made during those classifed ops during the cold war. Almost sinking off of Kona after flooding in the Eng Rm. 45 degree up angle and blowing all tanks. Angels !
MacKey, TerryMM2(SS)Dec 20, 1963 – Aug 20, 1965Great crew, great ship. Did two Westpacs.
Martin, CharlesMM2 (SS)1964 – 1965engineering (ELT)great boat, great crew and command--only reason I left was to serve out the rest of my time on a "boomer"
Dunkerly, CharlesMM1(SS)Mar 9, 1964 –M Division
Anderson, Virgil/andyMM1SSMay 1964 – Sep 1968mmet some great people. had some great patrols with lots of memories.
Lowe, MarionMM1Nov 1964 – Sep 1969MInteresting times. I believe that I was the only "chigger".
Jones, DennisEM1Dec 21, 1964 – Dec 30, 1968Nuclear Electricial
Burnette, Ray (Smiley)EMCM (SS)Jan 1965 – Feb 1968Was onboard as EM1/c Later as E-Div LPO
Posluszny, John (Poz) (jack)IC1 SSJan 1965 – May 1969IC Division4 of the best character building years of my life. Many great shipmates. Many exciting times. "spill" in Sasebo, Bent periscope, dive with QM on bridge, shore power explosion and many more thrilling times.
Brandon, Earl / DukeMMC(SS)Mar 1965 – Jun 1967MMy 1 and only submarine. I got commissioned and had to leave because Warrant Officers were not allowed in the Nuclear Program in those days.
St. Pierre, John "St. Pete"STSSN1966 – 1966Sonar
Keller, Bill (Aka Gator)MM2 SS1966 – 1967M DivMy First Sub. Got My dolphins in Swordfish. Not much for liberty, but she was a feeder. Electrician "Douglas": I have the carving you made in the yards and hung between the RCP and ECP. E-mail for photo.
Haddad, PeteRMCM(SS) RetApr 1966 – Oct 1968RADIOGreatest experiences of my life about people, friends, partying, responsibility, and duty. Swordfish set the mold for my future. I am a much better person because of my exposure to all my shipmates, mentors, and friends.
Ziegler, LarryIC 2 (SS)Oct 9, 1966 – Feb 22, 1970EngineeringThose of you that served during or after the 65-66 yard period remember me best for my ability to get seasick. On the first dive after the yards out side SF bay I was restricted to my bunk becuase of seasickness. I never got over that illness.
Cole, Phil Cole Rmc(Ss) RetiredRM1{SS}Dec 1966 – Dec 1968Operations RADIOThe best Nuc I was on, We had a excellent Radio Gang, Chief Soloman called Hadad RM2SS AHAB THE ARAB , remember that big waist belt you wore? I remember Ziegler IC2SS. Rigsbee was CO, On the beach we were known as Rigsbee's 3 Ring Circus

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