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USS Independence (CV 62) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Independence (CV 62). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 2715 crew members registered for the USS Independence (CV 62).

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Rathgeber, TomMM2-MM11988 – 1991ACryo Shop and Ships Services...
Turpin, BryantE31988 – 1991Hey Tom Carey till this day you bring me too tears of all the jokes you had from making fun of Jackson streubel, Mccray, ellit and even myself toomer. Thanks for some great memories you of all people made time go fast. Hey foley and Kieth!
Smith, RobertAOAN1988 – 1990G-4, G-1Looking for any shipmates in G-1 or G-4 Divisions.
Silva, AlE-51988 – 1992P-2where is everybody at? whats every body up to?
Young, John The Judgee11988 – 1991v1looking for ron miller, john corkry,scott denmon,bear bermudus, barry gabrielson,
Magill, WayneBT21988 – 1992P-1
McClellan, KenFC11988 – 1990OEMPOIC of CIWS Mt. 22, just ahead of the angle deck. What a wild spot to watch flight ops! Almost dropped my wedding ring off that sponson!
Norris, RobAD31988 – 1992AIMD-IM2Had some great times on Indy from Tijuana to Yokosuka and everywhere in between. Great memories and camaraderie. Yanez, DeArmas, Iwatsu, Bean, Stetz, Schwandt, Goode - just some of the names I remember.
Phillips, MarcMM11988 – 1991m divisionpart of desert shield and storm crew
Porter, Chris (Spankster)FC31988 – 1990OEMSpanskter, arriving! Hello to all my old mates, hope things are well.
Bennett, Sean profile iconMM31988 – 1990P-1I would do it all over again !!! My time onboard was priceless-Philly to Norfolk to Gitmo, Virgin Islands, Rio and around the tip of So. America to Acapulco and SanDog. Most junior MMOW ever. 4-MAIN RULES
Figueroa, JohnDS1 (SW)1988 – 1991OEDI worked in the SNAP 1, NTDS, and ASW shops. I also spent 9 Months in the Safety Department.
Kyle, TimE-4 AO1988 – 1990G1
Johnson, JGMG 2NDJan 1988 – Jul 1991Weps - G2I wil never forget. Where are you Marlow, McNeely, Cantu, Anderson, Richardson, Christ, Cruze, Boles, Gipson, Rogan, et al... Especially Boles... You've made a hell of an impression. "Gip"... you chilled me out...
Davies, Dana PaulAN now CPOJan 1988 – Sep 1989V-2Met ship in Philly. Rode it around the horn then Left Indy before it went to japan. Went to reserves made CPO and still in reserves after 27 years.
McIntosh, Jarrod / MacABHANJan 3, 1988 – Aug 23, 1990V-3just trin to find some old friends all over the country I'm still in part time just did a tour in Iraq if your out there drop me a line we had some great time on the good ole INDY
Proehl, MarvinAD!Jan 5, 1988 – Dec 19, 1989IM2 JetShopHad a great tme bring the ship out of SLEP,but wouldn't do it again. Had a great group of guys in the Jet Shop. My two boys enjoyed the Tiger Cruise and htey still talk about today.
Hempel, ScottAK3Feb 1988 – Sep 1991AIMD
Begnoche, Marcelen-4Feb 1988 – Aug 21, 1991Auxillary
O'Connor, TomANFeb 1988 – Aug 1990V-1looking around for some good sea stories
Michael, VillalobosAK3Feb 2, 1988 – Oct 9, 1991S-6Hated working for the slave drivin AKCS in S-6. Any of my fellow shipmates wanna chat about the ole times, give me a shout. Whats up Mike Warford?
Nieuwendorp, Bryan (Speedy) (balloon Maker) profile iconPc3 E4Feb 2, 1988 – Oct 1, 1989X-4 post officeI want to remember the good times. Seeing happy faces receiving news from home. I remember a lot of hard times. I would like to hear from any shipmates. Pender, Brawdy, Diggs, Medina and Chief ?? From Indianapolis.
Porter, Christopher "spank"FCFeb 27, 1988 – Jun 25, 1990OEMTAS tech Spank reporting! Wazzup guys, I hope some of you old shippies (Jessie, Tim) see this and get ahold of me. Shouout to Chris S, saw you on the crew list.
Pouncey, James/ PeanutdDC3Mar 15, 1988 – Oct 23, 1991Damage ControlI serve onboard USS Independence CV-62 in DC Div. 1988 to 1991 . I was there in SLEP , San Diego, Ca., Dessert storm , Yukoska Japan .
Thibodeaux, Glenn/t BoneMM3Mar 20, 1988 – Aug 16, 1991learned a trade and made some friends.philly to san dog sad to see her go.
Bowen, ToddET1 (SW)Apr 1988 – May 1991CECE DIV LPO then not, then LPO again, was a crap ride during that tour. Learned how not to lead from the back but to prove you can do it first setting the bar.
Seibert, StacyMM3Apr 1988 – Oct 1991P-2I had a great time on the Indy. I was able to use what I learned and made a career out it. Had a great time in San Diego and I have been back a few times to visit.
Knox, WayneBTFNJun 1988 – Jun 1992P2
Candy, RayEM3Jun 1988 – Apr 1990E DivisionGreat time with good people. I learned alot which gained me a great career in ship building. I have been spending the rest of my life with my favorite bar tender from the Pub Orange Street Coranado CA.
Laird, WayneBT-3Jun 2, 1988 – Jan 1, 19923 MMRHad a great time on Indy. Looking for old friends: Doug Lackey, Eddie Gage, Dean Beard, Tommy Bouque, Keith McNew, Jeff Brooks, Curtis Sarsiski, Ben Ackers, Danny Wright, Etc...
Aguirre, Robert (Rocky)BM E-3Jun 7, 1988 – Oct 13, 1991BOSWNHA. I was on the INDY when we were on our way to Desert Shield. Whatever happened to Gibson in Deck Department, he was one crazy guy from Flint Michigan.
Baca, WilliamOS2Jun 7, 1988 – Jan 30, 1992OI
Sayers, ChrisFC2Jun 8, 1988 – Jun 1, 1992OPS OEM Nato 2 CrewWorked on Nato Seasparrow Missile system #2 during our 1990 RIMPAC and was present for Operation Desert Shield. where is John Albert Basner? whatup?
Laurent, LucienBT 3RD CLASSJun 8, 1988 – Jun 18, 1991
Madsen, JimAO3Jun 12, 1988 – Nov 30, 1990G-4
Everett, ToddE-3Jun 12, 1988 – Jun 20, 1989It was great the time that I had on that ship
Roche, ScottYN1Jul 1988 – Dec 1990X-2When I start to miss the INDY, I watch Flight of the Intruder. It was cool to watch the film being shot on the ship then to see it completed in the theater.
Baca, WilliamOSSA - OS2Jul 1988 – Jan 1992OIGREAT TIME!!!!!!
Foley, SteveAN3Jul 8, 1988 – Jul 1991V4Carey! Oh man did we have some good times. Remeber sitting in dock "cleaning" the fueling stations? How many items ended up overboard? Keith.....dude its been forever!
Kennedy, MikeAN E-3 ABH V1 DIVISIONJul 18, 1988 – Jul 18, 1991VH-1 AIR DEPT.Looking for David Pace,Jeff Ridge,Scott Denman and Pete Fox
Pace, DaveE3Jul 20, 1988 – Jul 20, 1991V-1
Talache, Tomas OS2Jul 20, 1988 – Jan 18, 1992OIServed with some of the greatest citizens in the USA, many of which remain my good friends to this day. Still have fond memories and sometimes dream of being aboard that glorious ship. No regrets, honored to serve.
Lindkvist, DamonABHANJul 23, 1988 – Jul 24, 1991v3I Miss the travel & Fun aboard the Boat!
Vargas, JeffMM3Aug 1, 1988 – Aug 1, 19912 AUXGood 'ole Indy - From Philly to San Dog - UA in Rio de Janero at 19. One of the best times in my life. Seriously, I grew up on the Indy and owe much of my success to the all those who served with me. SNIPES RULE!
Goode, ChesterAD3Aug 2, 1988 – Jul 7, 1992Weapons G-3 / G-4 and AIMD IM2 Jet ShopIt has been a long time since I was on the INDY, Had some great times with all of my friends from San Diego to Japan. Anyone who wants to get ahold of me can e-mail me at Look forward to hearing from the ol' gang.
Show, Ronaldhm/3Aug 2, 1988 – 1992h
Jackson, StevenE4 ABE3Aug 8, 1988 – Jun 9, 1991bow cats 1#i hope all my friends are doing fine. ill never forget all the good times or the bad ones on that great ship i miss those days hope to hear from someone soon later .man up cat one you f_ckers
Carey, ThomasE-3Aug 13, 1988 – Aug 1, 1991v-4 airhey guys carey here you know the trouble maker from v-4. remeber when i would yell "pena" or do the "well ahhh" over the phones on deck
Adams, Jr., Jimmie D.AN3Aug 24, 1988 – Feb 1992V-4A time when the shellback tradition was still alive and well. The last carrier to leave the PI. And the first to enter the Pursian Gulf for OP DESERT STORM. Remember when the term you can,t touch this was ours.
Jarman, Clarence (Jarhead)BT3Sep 1988 – May 15, 19914MMRI had a good time on INDY.
Beard, Dean Aka DeanoBT-3Sep 1988 – Feb 1992P2
Cooper, MichaelABE 3Sep 1988 – Jun 1992V2
Sievers, Christopher (Colt)e5Sep 8, 1988 – Sep 8, 1992oppsLooking to find anyone that served with me...etmc mcknight in particular
Urrutia, Jorge profile iconABF3Sep 8, 1988 – Aug 1, 1992V4
McAlister, AndreAO1 (AW)Sep 13, 1988 – Oct 8, 1993G-5 Ammo Accounting, G-3Retired in 2002. Living in South Carolina!! Would love to hear from old friends.
George, Richard K.HM3/E-4Sep 15, 1988 – Sep 30, 1991MedicalServed in the Medical Department, in the Preventive Medicine Office.
Davis, Roger D.EN1 - ENCSep 19, 1988 – Nov 15, 1993AThe Indy was an experience I truly enjoyed. Every hour spent working was worth it! I hated to see her decommissioned, but she served her country and crew well! Thank you Indy, you will always be in my memory and many others.
Beard, DeanBT3Sep 20, 1988 – Feb 20, 1991P2I am proud to have served with the crew on the INDY. I bow my head with a heavy heart for my pals who are no longer with us!!! Full bell ahead lets go Engineers!!!
George, RichardHM3 / E-4Oct 1988 – Sep 1991MedicalWorked in the Preventive Medicine Office
Kast, DonET3/ET2Oct 1988 – 1992OEC
Stevens, Gerald (Gerry)AZ1Oct 1988 – Jun 1991AIMD / IM-1Checked aboard during the ships SLEP in Dry Dock in Philadelphia. Took the ship out of Dry Dock, to Norfolk and then to San Diego. Did one cruise which ended up being Operation Desert Shield as the P.C> Supervisor.
Mindlin, ErnieSKSNOct 1, 1988 – Jul 10, 1991S8Hello all! S8... here's never having to wait in line as we had all the hook ups!.. :)
Carrillo, CarlosET2(SW)Oct 7, 1988 – Oct 10, 1992OERHated the long deployments at the time but I now I remember my 4 years on board the 'Indy" with pride
Miller, Llewellyn (Lew)ABH3Oct 8, 1988 – May 12, 1992V-3What's to Hanger Bay Crew. We shared some great times..That's why we will always have a brother..Be safe Old Lew Dog...
Robinson, ChadABE3Nov 1988 – Apr 1991V-2 Waist Cats (Cat#4)Hello, Waist Cats- Just found this web site, hope you all are doing well. Send e-mail
Richards, SeanE 2Nov 8, 1988 – Jul 15, 1989Supply DivisionLooking for friends that I knew when I was there Who knew that the Government was going to ditch our ship instead of outfitting the nuke system that is in all the new carriers I wonder if the same fate is for others
Waite, StevenBt2Nov 12, 1988 – Dec 21, 1991P-1Great memories, good times
John, Burnett /burneyBM3Nov 23, 1988 – May 8, 19923rdAny one remembers me email me at
Metcalfe (met), KeithABF3Dec 1988 – Aug 1991V4
Stewart, Terry profile iconMS3Dec 1988 – May 1992Supply
Anderson, Toddms 3Dec 2, 1988 – Sep 12, 1992msnThe best time I my live. Wish is never left.
Dominguez, AlbertPN2Dec 21, 1988 – May 12, 1990Training/X2Alot of fun and hard work on the ship. Hello to everyone. My email address is:
Waite, StevenBT1Dec 22, 1988 – Jun 19, 1993
Amores, Danilo/dannySK2Dec 24, 1988 – Jun 20, 1992S10Hey you guys been a long time
Codera, EdgardoEM3Dec 26, 1988 – Jul 17, 1993E-DivisionThe best time ever Hong Kong, Thailand, PI Rock it all the way. INDY
Mattocks, MattyABE3Dec 29, 1988 – Jul 29, 1992V2 Bow catsGreat time with alot of jackoffs

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