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USS Independence (CV 62) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Independence (CV 62). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 2715 crew members registered for the USS Independence (CV 62).

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Alvis, AndyAE41980 – Oct 18, 1983VAW122Missed Genada by just that{} much. Hail the airboss that taught me well, Turned up a F14 and lowered the JBD, blew me down grabbin padeyes. Never again failed to follow assigned path of return.
King, MarvinEM31980 – Jan 1982EI had a nightmare once that I had re-upped. But I do have a few crazy memories of my time on the Independence.
Joly, PaulIC41980 – 1984EWhen I think back about the INDY boy did I have fun!!! Would love to hear ffrom some old ship mates
Rayno, CharlesHT1980 – 1983RHey turd chasers hows it going? Lovin life in upstate NY I would like some info on long lost shipmates from the pipe shop, NFP and any other R div guys. Hey pigbutt you out there?
Prevo, PerryBT31980 – 1982B
Cowley, Brian/crawdaddyAEAN/AE-3/AE-21980 – 1983AIMD/620/690VA-15 AE tad to ships company started out on the mess deck making bug juice made third class, went to aimd w/c620 A7E AFCS visited Perth Austrailia, became a SHELLBACK. Second cruise did the suez canal w/c 690 micro-min
Swank, MichaelCDR1980 – 1982MedicalShared duty as Ships Surgeon with Birt Etienne. Duty in Carribean and Indian Ocean. Great Ship and a great Crew
Thompson, ChrisE-31980 –VF-33i
Culver, Williame51980 – 1985rTo all of my shipmates that I served with, I would like to say it was an honor. Some of my greatest memories were made on the ship
Homan, Mickeyairman1980 – 1984s-9/s-6Looking for Ak2 Ashley,
Hydorn, Carlet-31980 – 1984oe
Collum, PrestonHT21980 – Sep 1983repair divisionHey maggots! What a long strange trip it's been, eh? Never thought I'd make it this far. But here we are, made it into middle what? Let me here from any of my brother turd-herders!
Goodmanson, AlAT31980 – 1983AIMD
Hess, RobertMM21980 – May 1984M Div B DivLooking for the crew in 1main and ABC shop 1980-1984
Burke, JamesAE21980 – 1983VAW-122 STEELJAWSLot's of great times and wonderful memories. Wish we could turn the clocks back. I miss her!
Smith, KentAX-21980 – Sep 26, 1981IM-3One of the most memorable experiences to be part of ships company. Everyone was professional and a lot of good times.
Manley, Floyd WMSSN1980 –S-2Hi my name is MRFR Manley, Floyd t. I made this account to try and help my dad find some of his shipmates from the S-2 division on the USS Independence. My dads name is MSSN Manley, Floyd W. please feel free to email.
Ennis, RobenHM31980 – 1982Medical
Amo, Rogerbt 31980 – 1983boil king great time
Vale, TroyPC31980 – 1984X-2
Longley, KeithMS21980 – 1984S-2
Hinners, TerryMM31980 – Oct 1983Repair
Benkendorf, DennisAx21980 – 1985Oed
Earnest, John M (Ernie)HT3-E51980 – 1993ENG-DIV(R)I worked in the R division in the engineering department. I was also a third class petty officer. Worked in D.C shop. I wish I could be back in a heartbeat. I loved the navy I knew what I was doing and I loved doing it.
Barnes, TimLI21980 – 1984X-4Indy print shop. Still printing!!!
Robinson, Thomas GregoryABEAAJan 1980 – Apr 14, 1983V-2seeking adresses,and,or phone numbers of friends from v2 division aboard indy from 1979-1983.steven ducksworth,and ricky olivier adress is 3350 clyde thompson trail,burlington number(336-228-1459.
Schwab, JohnAG1Jan 1980 – Jan 1983OA
Erwood, BrettAK2Jan 1980 – Jan 12, 1982s6Also served in Mobile Inshore Undersea Warfare Unit 23 out of Coconut Grove , Miami from 1983 to 1989 or 1990. Looking for those who served on Uss Wolverine in 1942. My father served on that Lake Michigan based training carrier.
McMurray, Jeff (Mac)ABF2Jan 1980 – May 1981V-4 FuelsLooking for old shipmates, and ABF2 Mike Blanton
Raines, Dwayne,lacy Aka CochiseABE-3Jan 1, 1980 – Sep 23, 1982V-2What ever happened to Billy Mayo, Harry Thuman, Greg Pickler and all the rest from V-2 at this time? My memory is not so good these days but I still remember faces, places and events. Please help me remember. Where are you Billy Mayo?
Reiner, Nicke-3Jan 15, 1980 –A
Letch, KennethFR - EN2Feb 1980 – Sep 1983A DIV Boat ShopJoined in the ship yards and thought what am I doing here. Learned alot onboard, will never forget my time onboard.
Bitzer, David LCV 62Feb 1, 1980 – Oct 1, 1984IM4I served in IM 4 GSE Shop The NAVY has changed since then my friends
Rosario, LouAO1Feb 2, 1980 – Dec 2, 1989AMIDI am retired and would like to help young sailors in the proper way to start credit when buying thier first car. Please visit my web-site and request Lou to help.
Rogalski, Brian (Ski )MM3Feb 8, 1980 – Jan 10, 1983M-Div 2MMRSteaming 2 main any of my fellow hole snipes out there?
Santini, AlGMGMar 1980 – Oct 1982G-1Looking for members of G-1 and G-2 Division.
Wilson, AllenBT2Mar 1980 – Jun 1984boilerswhats up fellers,it has been a long time. I worked in 2MMR then moved to the ABC shop after my first year,had some very good times on the INDY,where are the snipes,hollow back fellers.
Cardinale, JamesLTMar 1980 – May 1983RR-Divo, Fire Marshal. Great memories: IO & Med cruises, Perth, Naples, Athens, Suez Canal, shellback, DC olympics, NFP, fire party drills, OPPE, REFTRA, ORE, NNSY SRA. Would like to hear from shipmates
Robertson, MichaelE-2Mar 1980 – Aug 1981EngineeringMan it’s been an actual lifetime since Indy days as a 20yo searching for my place in the world, will never forget those days hanging in the barbershop with my guys. Biden’s, Big Al, Washington, Mobley, to name a few.
Pryor, RobertBT2Mar 1, 1980 – Aug 28, 1983Worked in the Automatic Boiler Controls Shop
Burns, StevenAW3Mar 1, 1980 – Mar 1, 1982ASMODCame aboard at Perth and will always remember the Shellback initiation. 50 Wogs against 4500 Shellbacks. and I was a wog. The Transit of the Suez and the great shipmates
Burnsed, Charles AO E4Mar 6, 1980 – Dec 22, 1982G-4 weapons departmentWish I would have stayed. Finest ship and crew. Cap shanahan was great.
Ensminger, ThomasE-4Mar 10, 1980 – Feb 15, 1983v-1assistant fly 3po (the dudes)
Pickler, GregABE-3Mar 15, 1980 – Oct 7, 1982V-2 Cat 1 Bow CatsIt,s been a long time, but I still remember slinging slot sills on cat 1, now that was hot.I see Lacy Raines & Hightree name & a couple more that ring a bell.Have not heard from Billy Mayo,Harry Thuman,I did see Todd Nessman had reported in
Foley, DaveABH2Mar 20, 1980 – Sep 8, 1983VOServed as the WCS in Pri-Fly, also I was TAD to the MAA's during in port periods. I'm the Indy's Cruise Book Historian these days.
Groshans, Jack profile iconRM2Apr 1980 – Mar 15, 1982CRA carbon copy of Saratoga (I was on there in the early 70's Not as much fun for some reason...maybe it's because it reminded me s much of the SARA. At any rate Indy is home to the fishies...SARA is heading the same way.
Culver, WilliamE5Apr 7, 1980 – Feb 15, 1985RNone yet
Platter, JohnE3Apr 17, 1980 – Apr 18, 1986R to all of my shipmates i served with,It was a honor and privlage to work with somany diverse individuals who loved the work and all of the places we would never get to see being a civillian.hey Jerry Nelly! thanks for the guidance &leadrsp
Woodcock, David WoodyET1May 1980 – 1981Comm
Robertson, MichaelBTFAMay 1980 –EngineeringJust happen to find this site by accident and it immediately took me back in time. I’ve always wondered what happened to certain shipmates over the years and hopefully I can reconnect with a few.
Chevrette, AlanMSSNMay 14, 1980 – Jun 22, 1982S2Med cruise, Indian Ocean, Iranian Hostage Crisis
Moore, BruceEM 3May 15, 1980 – Oct 15, 1983EWorked in Lighting shop and C&E shop
Robinson, Roosevelt [rob]BT3May 15, 1980 – Sep 23, 1983Bwhat's crew am doing just great living can find me on My Face
Folk, EdwardQM3May 16, 1980 – Jul 10, 1983navigationhad a good time in austrailia and naples
Warren, RickCV 62Jun 1980 – Jul 1984OIThese were the the worst and yet some of the greatest moments of my life combined - had some awesome time of fellowship with Catholic/Christian shipmates & with Chaplain Jesse Tate but also did not want to adapt to the Navy life so didn't
Cox, ChuckEM3Jun 1980 – Jul 1983G-4
Stacy, DanE4Jun 8, 1980 – Apr 9, 1984OE CommI lived on the 03 level, in the same rack, for four years. No apartment, no home but the Indy. 3 sets of work-ups; 3 full cruises; 2 'yard periods (including dry dock). Shellback & Bluenose. Soley responsible for liberty boat radio comms.
Disher, HermanFnJun 8, 1980 – May 26, 1981A divisionDone a Indian ocean cruise . Gonzo station love be coming a shell back! Miss the old rust bucket ! Best time of my life.
Laboy, EdwinSNJun 10, 1980 – Jun 12, 19812ndI was TAD to 2nd Division Deck Dept from precom USS Carl Vinson CVN 70.
Kizer, Alanak3Jun 10, 1980 – Mar 10, 1984s9The best time of my life was on this ship. Some great friends were made on her. Lost touch with them but hope this might get me a email ...
Rushnok, RayABF 3Jun 15, 1980 – Jan 15, 1983V4
Smith, MichaelABF2Jun 22, 1980 – Jul 22, 1983V4
Bishop, DougDS2Jul 1980 – Oct 1983OE
Nobre, AlbertoEM3Jul 1980 – Nov 1982EI hope to get in touch with some of you guys, like Daniel Bouscho, Rex Haughton, Ski, Dan Kubala, etc.
Berry, WilliamSHCSJul 1980 – Oct 1982S-3The men of S-3 were the best that I had ever worked with. They worked their butts off providing the best possible service for the crew.
Walters, JeffEM2Jul 1, 1980 – Feb 8, 1985EAnyone from E-div out there?
Landstrom, DanBT3Jul 1, 1980 – Jul 1, 1983B Division
Gibbs, BrianMM3Jul 4, 1980 – Nov 29, 1984(2mmr)anyone?
Gibbs, BrianE5Jul 4, 1980 – Nov 30, 1983m2MMR
Danforth, BillDP2Jul 5, 1980 – Oct 5, 1983OZStill proud to have served on the Indy. Would love to hear from some of my old shipmates.
Darby, AlexLtjgJul 6, 1980 – Jul 2, 1982WPerth was worth the wait!
Dortman, RichardE-2Jul 10, 1980 – Mar 10, 1982V4Looking to touch base with all the shipmates that I served with.
Kuykendall, MelvinEWCJul 15, 1980 – Sep 15, 1981OELOOKING FOR ANY OF EWS DURING THIS TIME. SPECIAL K EWC
Key, Douglass KeyEM1Jul 19, 1980 – Oct 11, 1983ELooking for Danny Litchfield,Dave Wassell,Andy Lawhorn,etc.Retired USNR, so no longer drink JP5 with bug juice.USN sunk America at NC.To be sunk list includes Indy,forrestal,and Conny.Thanks Jimmi O for sodas for Xmas IO.
Haughton, RexE5 EM2Aug 1980 – Aug 1983E -It is good to see some names I recognize. I will try to track you down. Great Memories. Great Friendships.
Smith, MichaelABF2Aug 1980 – Jul 1983V-4It's hard to believe I've been out for 25 years. Some days I wish I was back on the flight deck. Nothing better then smelling like JP5
Kubala, DanEM3Aug 8, 1980 – Oct 13, 1983"E"Gettin "Buzzed" in 1AC, just havin a blast...those were the days!!! Hey to all of the former "Commando's" Rex, Jimi "O", Kemo, Louie.. Signed Abdula Kabula
Jeremiah, Cliffmm2Aug 12, 1980 – Feb 23, 1985engineering 2mmri remember those days form working in 2mmr, shipyard in Philly and the automatic boiler control shop you guys were the tops
Bell, GregoryWEAPONS TECH. FIRST CLASSSep 10, 1980 – Sep 11, 1983"W"I retired in 1995. I had no idea the The Indy had been moth balled; after our time spent in that hee called SLEP!!! Hey Chief jonson (eops) you out there?
Conrad, Jamesabf3Sep 18, 1980 – Jun 15, 1984v-4almost didnt make it through those first 4 years got it together later was a good ship to grow up on
Zenor, SteveABH3Sep 22, 1980 – Mar 31, 1984V-1 and V-3Was in Crash, Fly 2 and V-3
Fenwick, MikeSRSep 23, 1980 – 19833RDI was a member of 3RD Div. Deck Dept. This was during the Iran Crisis and is a time of my life that I will never forget. I hated leaving and arriving in port with no one there to say hello or goodbye, loved being at sea.
Hoover, Dennis L.FTM2Oct 1980 – Feb 1984FOXWhen President Reagan took office the hostiges in Iran were released. Up the Suez Canal, Beruit, Grenada, the Caribbean, the Med...
Murray, FrankLTOct 1980 – May 1981EJoined right before IO deployment; learned a lot. Got flown back to get out & moved to Conn. to work for Combustion Engineering (now Westinghouse), where I've been a Project Manager building new nuke plants in Korea -- South & North.
Frink, StephenHT2Oct 1980 – Jun 1984RepairI had a great time aboard Indy. Would like to say hi to all the guys in the shipfitters shop ( Fletcher, Reichart, Mitch).
Miller, Harvey profile iconMS3Oct 1980 – Mar 1984S=2
Kwiatkowski, DanHT2 SWOct 1980 – Jul 17, 1983R
Timothy Roache, TimBT2Oct 1980 – Mar 1983BOil / Water King, Engineering storeroom. 80/81, I/O cruse, Yard availability, 82, Med cruise. Yard availability 83, BT'C' school San Diego, Nov. 83 DDG-37 #1 Fireroom Supervisor, Oil / Water King. 86 Sima Airlant
Sisson, CharledE2Oct 1980 – Apr 1981Engineering/4 Main
Lambden, EdwinPC3Oct 3, 1980 – Mar 23, 1984Post office
Jackson, WilliePrivateOct 15, 1980 – Sep 10, 1984OrdananceI learned a lot about life and the world in the Navy on the USS Independence from 1980-1984. I worked with bombs on the flight deck.
Hamel, ChrisPR2Oct 16, 1980 – Jul 18, 1983VA-87 THE GOLDEN WARRIORSAny you guys from the AIMD paraloft out there? Look me up.
Hoover, Dennis/hoovFTM2Nov 1980 – Feb 1984Fox
Gearheart, ChrisDK3Nov 1980 – Jul 1984DisburingFond memories serving on Indy. Was a great time.
Odonnell, Joseph OdonnellE3Nov 1, 1980 – Sep 1, 1983AIMD
Glass, WarnerSK2Nov 10, 1980 – Apr 2, 1981S-1We had a great time during our expedition in the Persion Gulf, Conzo station 1 and 2. Perth, Australia and Maritious Islands off the coast of Africa.
Barker, ThomasADCNov 19, 1980 – 1983VAW-122
Hebel, MichaelMMFNNov 19, 1980 – Oct 15, 1984M Division
Poplin, Edwardbmsn bm3 bm2 bm3 bm2 to much fun !Dec 1980 – May 19862nd div boat crew, pboat coxswainman did we have some great times, they would have locked us away had they known half the stuff we were doing! Ive made a great career out of what I learned in the boat div, fixin up them boats, bmow was my fav watch!
Bridges, ClarenceFADec 11, 1980 – Apr 1, 1981BIf your remember me send a email. Still working for the navy after 34 years, Retired as a BTCS, SGPI 2004 Yes a BT not a MM
Buchter, John/buckE-3 HTFNDec 20, 1980 – 1985REPAIRjust looking to correspond with anyone from the damage control shop or anyone who remembers being an HT
Peters, Steven/ Or PeteMS3Dec 24, 1980 – Jun 20, 1986s5 was there for austrlia iran ,grenada,and everything in between also for slep
Miller, BrianBMSNDec 27, 1980 – Mar 5, 19823rd deckit made me a amn

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