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USS Independence (CV 62) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Independence (CV 62). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 2716 crew members registered for the USS Independence (CV 62).

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Shelton, MickeyAMS11979 –VF-102
Santini, Al1979 – 1982G-1
Tredway, Dr. Ron1979 – 1981VAW-122; AIMDMed cruise, Indian Ocean cruise, Shellback initiation, Suez Canal transit, started & led choir - conducted Easter contata...great guys, great memories, blessed to have the experience. Thank God for Chaplain Carl Pearson.Help me find him.
Woodall, Walter A.BM 11979 – Jun 1981Deck
Taylor, RichardGMM11979 – 1982foxFondly remember Australia, my 2 hours on the beach, haha.
Culbertson, RobertBMSN1979 – 1982
Picciotti, FrankMM31979 – 1982Remember 4mm heaven wont have us hells afraid we will take over still have my patch gonzo, bagel station remembered. the med was the best lots of good times
York, Joseph Or Joeypetty officer 2nd class1979 – 1984V-Ohay any one remeber me i need to see some old friends if you want to e-mail me at
Wescott, RonGMT31979 – 1982W
Lykins, Jerry (Blinky)BT-01979 – 1983BHowdy fellow snipes. We lost a good man this year, about a month ago, Roger A. Frost (Frosty).. 11-21-11 RIP buddy. Wooo the times we had in the boiler room and uptakes :-) Hey Juan, WUZZZ UP.
Ridge, Tiny Randybt01979 – 1986bhey you all rember me
Richards, GregoryHT21979 – 1982R-DivisionCV-62 what a ship, you await the scarp yard, but to all the hts and enginnnering that made you float i am proud. To all of the men in r-div , thank you. we joined as boys but left as men. hts keep them afloat
Asbell, Mike profile iconABF21979 – 1982V-4Looking for old Shipmates. Contact me.
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Ferris, Larry MM31979 – 1981M DivisonMed Cruise and Indian Ocean Cruise. All Shipmates feel free to contact me. Very much enjoyed my time on the Indy!!! Saw countries I will never see again. Very sorry to hear the Indy was decommissioned.
Krejci, BillAN1979 – 1981IM-3My most frequent dreams are about being on board the Indy. They always include something about me not having a proper uniform for inspection or that for some reason, I have missed several duty section musters.
McCoy, Mike 'Doc'BT31979 – 1982B-DivisionI was in 1MMR. I'm very proud to have served with some of the best shipmates ever on one of the best carriers. Many great memories.
Johnson, DavidAA1979 – Oct 1982V4
Smith, Joe profile iconAK21979 – 1981S6Med cruise and an IO cruise during my time aboard.
Gunter, Darryl profile iconBTFN1979 – 1980B Division
Weimerskir, David profile iconAD31979 – 1983VAQ-131THE BEST POWERPLANTS CREW ON BOARD
Calvo, JuanMMFN1979 – 1980MMachinist Mate Great ship. Wish it was still around to visit one last time.
Rokita, MarkBT2Jan 1979 – Sep 1982B 2MMR
Landry, BobBM2Jan 1979 – Nov 19791st
Doyen, FredAT1Jan 1979 – Sep 1979Served as POIC of Com/Nav shop.
Knox, RobertE4 AMS-3Jan 1979 – Oct 1979Airwing HS-15Served as flightdeck airframes trouble shooter & LSE
Perez, TimothyGMT3Jan 1979 – Nov 1980W
Pavlica Jr., EdwardSH3Jan 1979 – Jul 1980S-3Looking to reconnect with anyone who was in the S-3 division between Jan, 1979 and Jul, 1980.
Gruninger, LouisAZ2Jan 1979 – Jun 1980VA-87
Foltz, KevinADJ2 - VF102Jan 1, 1979 – Dec 28, 1979Power PlantMade the Med cruise June-Dec 1979. Was having the time of my life but didn't know it back then
Jordan, DavidABHAAJan 7, 1979 – Oct 10, 1981v1working on the flight deck was the best job to have.
Bivens, DarrenBTFeb 1979 – 1982B Div oil lab,1MMRHope all my Indy shipmates are doing well in life
Gaston, LarryMMFNFeb 24, 1979 – Mar 1983MWhere is everybody.
Hunter, William Aka "duck"ABF3Mar 1979 – Jun 1982V4The best time of my life, I wish i never let my ex talk me in to getting out.
Scheuerman, Steven/snuffyABH-3Mar 1979 – Jun 1982V-3I found a few Shipmates
McMullen, Robert (Mack) profile iconABFMar 1979 – Dec 5, 1982V-4 (Grapes)Med & Indian Ocean Cruises, Equator/Shellback & Suez Canal. Naples, Spain, France, Greece, Sicily, Israel, Australia, Mauritius, Virgin Islands, Bahamas...... Worked hard, Played Hard. Lost all photos, please share the lost memories.
Campbell, Robert (Mad Dog)e-3 abhanMar 16, 1979 – Mar 18, 1981V-1 looking for any of the old boys that remember mad dog campbell and tony trevino. been a long time dudes so lets find the old crew and see about a reunion.
Scarbro, MichaelRMSNMay 1979 – Sep 1982CRHad a great time while I was there. Made 2 Med. and 1 Indian Ocean cruise and would not trade my experience for anything.
McAllister, Mike "Mac"AEANJun 1979 – Jun 1981VF 33My first ship. TAD 2 fwd mess decks serving sliders 1st 1/2 of 79 med cruise. tad 2 IM3 w/c 620 4 80/81 IO cruise. Perth was a blast.
Duplisea, Kevinms3Jun 1979 – May 1982s3or s5
Livingston, RicardoSeaman IIIJun 1979 – Dec 1979Visual Landing Aids (interior Communications)Served aboard the Indy in 1979 Med Deployment. I will never forget the Pilots who died during landing operations. They were told to wave off due to rough seas but died in the attempt. Left during Iran hostage.
Nunez, HectorAMS3Jun 8, 1979 – Dec 14, 1979VA-15Med cruise
Szczepanski, Randy "Ski"EM-3Jun 15, 1979 – Jun 15, 1982electricalwould like to be able to communicate with my old long lost squid buddies. HOPE that YOU ALL are still out there!
Oldread, Jeffmm3Jun 17, 1979 – Jun 11, 1983mmrhey
Hunter, EdwardATANJun 28, 1979 – Dec 14, 1979VAQ-130This was my first carrier and I was awe struck by the engineering feat. I had a great time.
Bousho, Daniel (Bush)EM 2Jul 1979 – Sep 1982EBe great to hear from some old buddies. Jimmy O, Litchfield, Burns, Ski, Allard, Jenks, so many more. What days those were. Drop me a line. Any body out there and remember?
Rainey, JohnFA E1Jul 1979 – Sep 9, 1981EngineringI am interested in catching up with old ship mates and seeing how we have all changed also to get back with old friends ive missed for years.I also would like to be added to the roles for any future reuiniouns
Ponce, Richard 'Mark' profile iconAE3Jul 1, 1979 – Jun 10, 1981AIMD IM3 WC-650Any WC-650 shipmates out there it would be great to hear from you. I am in contact with AT2 Dana Hopkins on a pretty regular basis.
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Brunetti, Rayamh4Jul 9, 1979 – Oct 20, 1980g4still working on elevators 35 years later but no bombs
Harrison, TroyE-2/ABE2Jul 10, 1979 – Aug 1, 1983V-2 BOW CATSiTS BEEN A LONG TIME. mET Alot of new friends and and i can still remember faces as if it was yesterday.
Bruce, CollinsE5Jul 23, 1979 – Sep 12,
Berry, Bob 'Dingle'ABEE/E3Aug 1, 1979 – Aug 1, 1980V2catapults and arresting gear
Wagner, Gerald (Yoda)AO3Aug 21, 1979 – Sep 20, 1982AIMD IM-4 ORDANCE SHOP 1979-1981 MAA OFFICE 1981-1982
McGowan, R. C. "Dixie"BMSNSep 1979 – 19813rdI'm still alive out here, shipmates! Anybody remember the marathon D & D campaign of the Med in '79 or '80? No, it wasn't a dream. It was just real fuzzy, wasn't it, guys?
Davenport, Allan (Dave)FTM2Sep 1979 – May 11, 1982FOXLoved missile shoots, enjoyed the friendship...lowest point waiting on the hostages to be released from Iran. How soon we Americans forget.
Fort, MarkE-3/ EO and YellowshirtSep 1979 – Jul 1982V-1 Elevator operator and fly 3 yellowshirt, looking for one of the three musketeers. Bob the Buzzard drop me an e-mail
Mayberry, John profile iconAE3Sep 1, 1979 – Oct 5, 1982AIMDWC 620 E
Lowery, GregoryBTSep 20, 1979 – Nov 15, 1983B Divisonwhats up 4 main lower lev shell back med crewsstill kicking it from ohio
Winniford, RichardABE2Oct 1979 – Nov 1980V2 Bow CatsSome of the best times of my life. Where are you today Jeff Fike?
Price, GregoryBT-3Oct 1979 – Jul 1983EngineeringBoiler Technicians and Machinist Mates of the USS Independence, and crew from 1979 to 1983(the best) hoping all is well with you. I don't remember everyone's name. I hope a strong "trade wind" filled your sail...
McGuirk, JamesSK2Oct 1, 1979 – Mar 1, 1982S1 Stock ControlWhile on the Indy we did a Med cruise in 1979-1980 and a Indian Ocean cruise in 1981. While in the IO, I became a Shellback and we stopped in the Islands of Mauritius and also Perth, Australia. Made some great friends.
Winniford, RickABE2Oct 22, 1979 – Nov 2, 1980V-2
Marks, Dennis JeffIM1Oct 26, 1979 – Oct 27, 1981S1looking for all my old buddies
Johnson, DavidABFNov 1979 – Aug 1982V-4 Made a lot of good friends here... Was a challenging time to be in the NAVY...but a lot of good people made this division stand out!! Lots of good times!!
Giuliano, MarkE-3Nov 1979 – Mar 1982RHad the most amazing times and the most horrid times of my life on the Indy. Med cruises and Indian Ocean. But being a Shellback and Australia are favorites. The present that cute girl in St. Thomas gave me I would like to forget.
Devey, WilliamENS-LTNov 1979 – Jul 1981IM-4 GSEBoarded the ship in Malaga, Spain at the end of the '79 Med Cruise for the ride back to Norfolk. Made the '80 IO deployment. The Indy was the second of six carriers on which I would eventually serve. Fond memories.
Walls, John E-4Nov 1979 – Jul 22, 1983V-4I was contacted by Menendez and Grems a couple days ago, that peaked my interest so here I am looking for some of the great people I served with. Noticed several already "Mack", Sneesby, "Duck" ...and some others.
Johnson, TjAMH2Nov 1979 – Nov 1983VS-28
Indri, MikeEW-2Nov 1979 – May 18, 1984OE DivisionSpent over 4 years about the Indy, it was a great learning experience which I have carried along with me ever since. Made some good friends, and have many great memories. Recently retired after 28 years in the WNYPD.
Sherman, Edward profile iconMMFNNov 1979 – May 1983MGreat guys I worked with in 1MMR. Met some great guys in B Div. too. Would love to hear back from them who might still be around. 1MMR was the best "Pit" to work in from '80-'83 as an MM.
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Jordan, DavidABH/E1Nov 7, 1979 – Dec 1, 1981v1
Carrera, JuanBT3Nov 17, 1979 – Aug 11, 1983Engineering \\\"BT\\\"Served during the Iran Conflict in 1980, worked in the Oil Lab and transferred to #4 MMRoom..snipes rule!!! Anyone heard from BT Jeff Cunningham of Ohio or Harry Dohalick from New Jersey?In the uptakes was where the good smoke was..hehe
Igo, JamesFaNov 18, 1979 – Feb 3, 1981RSome good times and good friends. The rest I would like to forget
Clements, DougABF3 highestDec 1979 – Sep 1982V4Lots of good times, some bad. But I finally grew up and wouldn't have missed it.
Zollweg, MatthewAMS3Dec 1, 1979 – Feb 25, 1982VAW - 122Hiya Steeljaws !! Its old Slow-Mind here...lets get in touch again.

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