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USS Independence (CV 62) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Independence (CV 62). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 2716 crew members registered for the USS Independence (CV 62).

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Garcia, Robert1978 – 1981VA-87
Enderson, EndyHT1978 – 1982RGood Times! Life is good in Chesapeake, VA.
Hill, NickHT31978 – 1981R
Loglia, DanAD-31978 – 1979VA-87
Stamper, BarryBT31978 – Nov 21, 1981B-Divison Oil LabLooking for old shipmates.
Lee, RexDS21978 – 1982OEData Systems Tech. C V I C Carrier Intelligence Served with Rex Willis, Jim Pomeroy, Keith Wolcott Lots of ET Friends, Dave Oman for one, Carrol Lewis. Cuba, Med cruses, Israel, Shellback, Australia. Good Times!
Miles, Charles / ChuckET11978 – 1981OERadar shop, 79 Med cruise, 80-81 IO cruise. SPN42, SPS48C
Glover, Victor profile icone11978 – 1980v4any fuelers out there
French, JohnE31978 – 1980RDCPO. DCshop what a great place, great guys, po barnes and lt jim cardinale , we had tex ,johnny modzell and the band, chief bear and his porn collection in the pipefitters shop, lots of great memories
Chaboudy, BarryFireman1978 – 1981M Division - EngineeringChad is looking for shipmates between 78-81 in either M or B Division.
Kelly, SteveBT2Jan 1978 – Apr 1982B 2MMR
Blackburn, Steve (Blackie)AMH-1Jan 1, 1978 – Feb 11, 1981IM-2Mechanic and Aircrewman on Miss Belle, the ships COD
Carpenter, DavidET2Jan 1, 1978 – Jan 1, 1982OESNIAS or SINS Tech
Gordon, MichaelE5 Boiler techJan 10, 1978 – Jul 10, 1984Boiler divisioni serverd and worked with some great Men and those were my best times loved to serve the mighty indy
Allen, G. ShermanE-5 BT2Jan 13, 1978 – Jul 7, 1981BWas in the Persian Gulf during the Iran hostage crisis. Still have fond memories of a Grand Lady.
Casey, DarrellE4/Postal ClerkJan 15, 1978 – Jan 16, 1982AdministrationThe Navy was a dream for me from childhood. I enjoyed every minute. The people that I connected with were key to my Naval career enjoyment.
Clancy, DavidHT2Feb 1978 – Dec 1981RepairFirst tour. Was great with good people.
Kratts, StephenMM2Feb 23, 1978 – May 8, 1980A
Gooch, BruceSK2Mar 2, 1978 – Oct 19, 1979Pier Warehouse "Supply"Had it made! Never went to sea, until we went to Med. Since I ran the warehouse at the pier, I had no billet. Turned into luxury cruise!! :-)
Dawson, Leroy profile iconSH1Mar 10, 1978 – Feb 5, 1981S3Went on to retire and work civil service as a supervisory Contract officer GS1102-14. retired Dec 2012 combining with navy time and civil for 40 yrs. love the Big I
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Caracciolo, ChrisABHANMar 17, 1978 – Oct 30, 1980V-1What an experience !!!!
Claus, RussAZ3Apr 7, 1978 – Apr 25, 1979IM-1worked Mess Decks 2Mos. Made E-4. Worked AIMD Office on O-3 Deck with a few good people. Lt. Patterson, Chief-Martin, YN-2 Anthony Rocha, An Gorsha, AA Campbell. Lived on bologna & Mayo & Mt. Dew.....spent alot of time with some friends from V-2
Krepps, RalphDNMay 1978 – Oct 1980Dental
Stone, JamesGMT3May 1978 – Nov 1980WLooking to Reunite with Walter Dietrich, Michael Gore, and Scott Gatton
Rotzell, PerryAT3Jun 1978 – Nov 1981IM3
James, JeffHM2Jun 1978 – Jan 1980MedicalThanks to all my shipmates for serving. Your are the best!
Jost, Bruce A JostSNJun 1978 – Mar 13, 19822ndWould love to hear from old shipmates.
Kennedy, BrianANJun 1978 – Nov 1980V-4This was a special time in my life. I miss the crew but not the water hours or long days :) Stayed in the Reserves and Retired in 98. GO FIGURE!
Heyman, MarcE3Jun 1978 – 1982aimddespite what all others thought i turned out to be a productive member of society. I am now a retired firefighter married 28 years with two sons one a cheif in naval jrotc. thats right gang i turned out good thank you
Shaffer, JosephABHCJun 1, 1978 – Mar 31, 1980V1Flight Deck CPO Best crew I worked with in 20 years of service.
Paynes, JohnAD3Jun 10, 1978 – Sep 5, 1981VA-15
Clark, JohnENFNJun 12, 1978 – Jul 16, 1980engWorked in the Boat Shop/Boat Crew. Played many games of spades and risk..Those were the days.
Rotzell, PerryAT3Jun 12, 1978 – Nov 12, 1981IM3
Strickland, Bartmm3Jun 14, 1978 – Aug 14, 1982mHey guy,s How has it been after all these year,s ? Some of us never really get out I thought I would never get on another boat but tug boats are it for me now so I hope to hear from some one soon
Seck, SteveFTM3Jun 15, 1978 – Sep 18, 1981FoxI worked on the port Nato Sea Sparrow Missile System, and the SPS-58 Radar for over 3 years. I made FTM3 right before I got out. I was only in for 4 years. I made some wonderful friends that were more like brothers.
Douglas, James/ DougAIRMANJun 18, 1978 – Dec 18, 1981AIMDMade the "79" Med Cruise. Work in the Jet shop on the fantail. In my shop when F-14 hit the round down and jerked the plane in half. Got out of the Nav during deployment of the Iran Hostage Crisis.
Strickland, BartMM FNJun 19, 1978 – Sep 23, 1983mLets fire up the INDY, head to Iraq and show em how its done!!
Bussey, Kim "buzz"SK2Jun 19, 1978 – Dec 21, 1981S-1 Main Supply
Brown, AnthonyGMT3Jun 25, 1978 – Nov 29, 1979W TAD to MAALooking to hear from BT3 DJ Miller
Sm3 Higgs, ThomasSM3Jul 1, 1978 –CSLooking for any signalman that served from 78-82
Herzel, DonaldFTM 2Jul 30, 1978 – Feb 7, 1981FOXWorked on Port Seasparrow Missile System with a great bunch of guys. Also had a blast on our Med cruise too! Wish I could have finished Indian Ocean cruise though. I now live in Pensacola,Fl.
Simpson, JackRMCS/RMCMAug 1978 – Aug 1981CRNever wanted a Carrier or Norfolk but ended up there. Made the best of it and survived. Still get together with some of the radiomen on a yearly basis.
Richardson, JamesANAug 1978 – Jun 1980OP
Palmer, Earle3 to e4Aug 14, 1978 – Nov 17, 1982ground supportdidn't mind the med hated the indain ocean cruise had some good times on this ship still have my hat from it
Hernandez, Jaime "Fatback"E-2Aug 15, 1978 – Aug 23, 1980V-1So many memories-good & bad. Memorable ports of call and outstanding shipmates(most of them). Learned many of life's lessons that stayed with me through-out this journey of mine.
Moon, MarkSH2Aug 24, 1978 – Jun 24, 1981ShipservicemanWorked in Laundry, Ship Store, Candy Store, Smoke Shop, Barbershop Sales office. In charge of eight fantail storerooms & breakout team of five shipmates. Finished as Damage control Petty officer for the S-3 Div
Linzmaier Ll, Joseph/hollywoodabhAug 26, 1978 – Sep 21, 1984v-1 the best crew everIf you had known me then I have changed but not that much I am still hollywood and rockin on boys how are youI wish I knew then what I know now things would have beene different miss you all sooo much
Gilbert, PaulDPSNSep 1978 – Mar 1981S7
Kline, KeithAG2Sep 1978 – Jun 20, 1980OAI was in the balloon room. Does anyone remember throwing Willie Nelson overboard in the Mediterranean, or the April Fools prank we played on Willis: he called the Captains office with a phoney hurricane forecast - ha ha ha! I have a family of 8 now.
McClain, SteveEnsignSep 1978 – Jul 1981Fire Marshal, E-Div and Nav.A remarkable 3 years! Med and I.O. cruises, Suez transit, Perth. E-Divo under LT Ellison, N-Divo under CAPT Silseth. C.O.'s were CAPT Watson and CAPT 'Darth' Shanahan.
Tackett, CharlesRMSNSep 1978 – May 1981CRGreat memories
Allen, CraigE 3Sep 22, 1978 – Sep 22, 1984V-2 Waste CatsDucksworth ? Oliver ? I'm still your champ! Sarver ? Sweeny ? Choba ? I'm gettin old -- contact me
Henson, MikeE- 4Oct 1978 – Jun 1980V-IDear lord........What can I say? SO much time has past! Great ship. Great crew. Experiences I'll never forget. God bless everyone I knew there. Hope to hear from some of you!
Tucker, ToddABH3Oct 1978 – Aug 1982V3What ever happened to big Al?
Peikert, Chris/pikeBm2Oct 1978 – Nov 19813rdI never had to back in
Henson, MikeABH/3Oct 1978 – Jul 15, 1980V-1Too many good memories, People, and experiences to account for with 200 characters. Those who recall me, send me a message. Living in southern middle TN. Land of the free and home of the hillbilly's!
Mottern, CarlAW2Oct 1, 1978 – Jun 15, 1979HS-15 of CVW-6I was an SH-3H Aircrewman with the Red Lions of HS-15. Served on INDY thru the workups for the 79 cruise prior to transfer to HS-1.
Fitzwater, TimBMSNOct 1, 1978 – Oct 1, 1980secondi single handedly saved the ship from sinking. no one noticed because we didnt sink.
Henson, MikeAbh-3Oct 15, 1978 – Jul 24, 1980v-1
Cole, GaryPR3Oct 31, 1978 – Nov 30, 1981VA-87 Golden Warriors (A7 Corsair)Got my punk butt off of the streets of Portland after moderate terrorization of same with GM products with backup by Ford and Porsche. Great fun with the boys and eventually charted a course in the Army, USAF, and USPHS. Airborne!!!!!!
Hanie, Richard "Rich"E-5/AMS-2Nov 1978 – Jul 1981VF-102
Hampton, Samuel H.IC 2 / LCDR USN RETIREDNov 1978 – Jul 1982V-2 , PLAT/LENS ShopGreat Ship, Great times! IC1 F.W. Stein, IC1 Kenneth Earl, IC1 Don Pryor, IC2 Dave Adams, IC3 Andy Buckland, IC3 Mike Flood, IC3 Andy Lynch, IC3 Reggie Cooper, IC3 Alan Northrup, IC3 Bill Powers, you guys were the best.
Payne, GaryAK3Nov 1978 – Jul 1981S-6 TAD S-1Was Assigned to S-6 but spent most of the time assigned to S-1 Division. Worked with a bunch of great guys. Like everyone else did not realize just how much we had it made. Was on the Med Cruise and Indian Ocean Cruise.
Malboeuf, StephenMS3Nov 1978 – Jun 1982S2S2 division breakout (reefer rats)Great bunch of guys
Gilbert, DarrenSignalman 2nd ClassNov 1978 – Jun 1982CommunicationsReally enjoyed my time aboard the Indy. I really wish I could see or hear from some of my old buddies like Larry Broadway, Gary Jones. Served under Capt. Tom Watson and Capt. Tom Shanahan, and Adm Jerry Breast.
Roldan Jr, RayET2Nov 13, 1978 – Dec 10, 1980OEMed cruises are missed. Anyone still around?
Myers, PatrickFTM2-1Nov 22, 1978 – Sep 19, 1981FoxReported to the Indy November of 1978 as FTM2. Assigned as work center supervisor port Seasparrow system. Made first class and on my last cruise was LPO of Fox Division.
Hardesty, Allenmm3Nov 29, 1978 – Apr 1981a div Cat Repair Shop
Burke, MikeAD3Dec 1978 – Dec 13, 1979VA 87
Hightree, KennethABE3Dec 1978 – Jul 1982V-2worked in the bowcats while on board.
Graham, RobertDental Technician third classDec 1978 – Jun 1980DentalGreat time working with/serving crew aboard the Independence. Had a lot of fun times, at ports it took me. Currently working for department of veteran affairs in Orlando FL..
Krus, PeterABF 3Dec 1, 1978 – Mar 21, 1980V-4Please when you e-mail Peter, include a snail mail address. He does not have access to the Internet.

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