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USS Independence (CV 62) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Independence (CV 62). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 2714 crew members registered for the USS Independence (CV 62).

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Snair, MarkABE21975 – 1978V-2
Binder, Richard (Baby BSA1975 – 1978
Ouellette, StephenHN1975 – Jul 1976
Likens, MichaelAT21975 – 1976VS-31Some days I miss it
Shaw, CharlesABF21975 – 1977V-4Ah, Below Decks, those were the days. Now, who's turn is it to buy the beer?
Jones, Earlabean1975 – 1977V2A: Led Zepplin or the Rolling Stones? B: Hang on to the end of this slot seal real tight ok? C: Spades or Slap Fights? D: Meet me in the Water Brake Room to discuss.
Callahan, Michael (Mike)AN1975 –V-2
Perry, Joe (Smokin Joe)BT31975 – 19794 MMR
Goller, RogerAA1975 –V1 Tractor DriverMy wife and I recently went to visit the "Old Girl" at the Bremerton shipyard where she now waits her final fate. Rusty and stripped she still stands proud as the wind blows across her deck.
Charland, William/mikeEM21975 – 1978EAssigned to Distribution Shop and worked out of #8 switchboard, #7 switchboard, and #5 switchboard. Then was assigned as LPO of Battery Locker.
Jordan, BobABF-2Jan 1975 – Jun 1976V-4My time aboard the Ind'y was a most memorable and proud time in life (75-76 Med. Cruise). I went on to serve 2 years at N.A.S. Oceana. Than spent 14 months aboard the U.S.S. America (CV66) (78-79 Med. Cruise)
Jones, DavidBM3Jan 18, 1975 – Sep 5, 1975
Munroe, BradHT 3Jan 20, 1975 – Jan 7, 1977R DivisionI had a great time on the Indy, made many friends!
Shanfelt, KenSK-3Feb 1975 – Sep 1978S1 (Mezzanine)I had a couple of good cruises & met alot of interesting people. Only saw 2 in 30 years. When I worked at the Philly Navy Yard. Worked on the Indy in the 1980's. Brought back alot of memories.
Grindle, RandySMSNFeb 14, 1975 – Sep 20, 1979CS
Saldi, DaveHT2Feb 24, 1975 – Sep 16, 1978R DivisionGreat experiience, Made many friends and Lots of Great Memories. Just didn't appreciate it then as much as I do now.
Glacken, JackEM-3Mar 1975 – Sep 1978EWhat a time it was. I would like to be that young again and do it all over.
Coones, Donald profile iconL/CPLMar 1, 1975 – Mar 1, 1977MARDETGUNNNNNNNGIE! MAY CAPT. NUESOME REST WITH NEPTUNE.
Labunde, Arthur R.OS3Mar 21, 1975 – Jun 28, 1978OIserved with lookout crew 1975-76 cruise also 1977 med cruise
Lorig, JodyDS1Apr 1975 – Aug 20, 1979OEHad some good times. Had some bad times. Haven't heard from very many old shipmates in a long time.
McKee, Jack "mac"HT2Apr 1975 – Jun 1979I really enjoyed serving on the Indy I work in the pipe shop as a high pressure welder moved to the shipfitter shop then carpenter shop finished up as LPO of the DC shop I made many good friends will always remeber the good port calls.
Swafford, RobertDS E-2Apr 1975 – Oct 1975Spent my short tour on the MessDecks, Swabbing floors. Hated it while I was there, but now I'm glad I spent my time on a Great Ship like the Indy. Sorry I wasn't a good sailor, but I learned a lot, and I'm proud to have served, in hindsi
Corscadden, Stewart ("scottie")ABEC(AW) RETIREDApr 1975 – Nov 1978V2 Arresting GearStarted my Naval Career as a Gear Rat on the Indy.Spent some of the best times of my life with some of the best friends you could have. Hope to hear from some of you inthe future, its been along time since those Med Cruises.
Mero, DouglasEM3Apr 1975 – Oct 12, 1977EGreat time Good friends would do it again in a heart beat
Clark, Joe Or JjE-2Apr 10, 1975 – Oct 11, 1977E-division the best time of my life , I worked in # 3 main Eng. room switch board then flight deck lighting the best job in E-Div. thin the vent gang . 30 plus year's ago I had some good time's , miss my buddy's.
Golden, Murray (Chip)ETN2May 1975 – Sep 1978OEMed Cruise '75-'76, a lot of time at NNSY Portsmouth, TAD with COMNAVAIRLANT.
Blazier, James / FireballBT2May 1975 – Apr 19794MMR4 MMR the BEST. Crawler / Dominoes / Pauley outlaws, friends 4-ever
Reisers, GaryaajMay 1975 – Oct 1975vf-33I really still miss independencei
Coughlin, GarySNMay 20, 1975 – May 19782nd deckI had some good times on all the med cruises.
Luna, TonyPR2Jun 1975 – Aug 1977VF-33Hated being there then. Now, only fond memories of canoe club "shitmates".
Liveoak, MarkEMJun 13, 1975 – Dec 15, 1978EWorked in the Auxiliary power shop
Coburn, CliffE6/ET1Jun 16, 1975 – Jun 15, 1979VF102
Edwards, Joseph profile iconossrJun 28, 1975 – Dec 17, 1976193 Radio OperatorsThis is Joes Daughter.I know my dad only served a short time,he passed away this October if anyone remembers anything or would like to share a memory you have of him good or bad. I would really appreciate it. Thank You
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Wiebesick, RogerMR-2Jul 1, 1975 – Sep 1, 1979ALive in northern Minnesota on a lake, married & enjoying retirement. Love gardening, hunting, fishing and looking out Windows on all sides with glass in them!
Deisch Jr., Chester DeischSH3Jul 10, 1975 – Jul 15, 1978s3would like to hear and chat about the old days as ships co. aboard the Indy,Contact me at
Czarnecki, JohnETR2Jul 10, 1975 – Sep 10, 1978OEHad fun on the Indy
Burton, Edwin {dale}BT3Jul 14, 1975 – Jun 13, 1979B-divGOOD & BAD TIMES GOOD FRIENDS ..I,m still in Louisville ,Kentucky ..Good old oil lab .....1,2,3,&4 machine rooms
Blankenship, JohnRM2Aug 1975 – Jun 1982Communications
Pelton, RobertBT1Aug 1975 – Aug 1977B div.Never had a bad day at sea
Richardson, JamesSHSNAug 1975 – Jul 1978S-3
Frederick, Mark (Fred)A2Aug 7, 1975 – Jul 1, 1976V-2Hook runner most of the time, a little of everything on the deck
Schiek, JosephBT-3Aug 20, 1975 – Aug 20, 1979Boiler/ 4MMRGood times in Naples. Yes, I do remember the big storm and going over the hill in Jacksonville with Blazier!
Shriver, JamesBOILER TECH / FIREMANSep 1975 – Jun 1976BIt was a great experience. I have great memories. To bad I did not take full advantage of the oppertunites given me. Everyone I served with were a great bunch of guy's. I was very proud to serve on the Indy.
Shelley, JohnnySep 1975 –OI
Spinks, Charles ChicoRM3Sep 1975 – Aug 16, 1976CommunicationsHad a great time growing my head on the Indy; more so 'off' the Indy on the 'beach'. Would love to reconnect with old Navy buddies from the Independence.
Simmons Sr., BarryBM/2Sep 1, 1975 – Jun 29, 19794th and 2ndStarted out in 4th division, worked on the captain's boat. Made BM3 went to 2nd division made BM2 became 2nd division LPO. Rebuilt ships DD Rig that hadn't ran in over 2 years.
Lovvorn, MorganCivilian ContractorSep 1, 1975 – Oct 3, 1975McDonnell Douglas Logistics Rep.I was on the INDY as a McDonnell Douglas Logistics Assistance Rep, supporting the F4's in F102 and VF33. I lost my right arm at Oceana after being flown off ship to Norfolk to obtain F4 spare parts. Some may remember.
Faiver, Richard (Rick) (duck)AW3Oct 1975 – Sep 1978V2I served with the best buch of guys I ever met!
Behning, Robertao3Oct 1975 – Aug 1976aviation ordancea great time there, kyle the cook, ted rhea, a great place to be the indy.
Frazier, Robert /skipAO2Oct 1975 – Feb 1978GMEnjoyed my time on the Indy..... Met a lot of good people and got to go to some great countries.
Sheffield, DouglasAMH-2Oct 1975 – Mar 1979IM 2Was assigned to Miss Belle shipboard COD as mechanic and aircrew
Daley, JamesABEOct 9, 1975 – Sep 17, 1977V-2
Rodriguez, RobertAAOct 10, 1975 –VOI'm looking for anyone that was in the VO Division. Also I am looking for anyone that remembers the crewman that got his legs cut off by an F-4 that ran him over on an arresting gear cable during the 75-76 Med cruise.
McAbee, DonGMG3Oct 12, 1975 – May 3, 1979PD/FOXHoping that some of guys in PD/FOX division could contact me . As a older man and sailor the years went fast.The Birdfarm had good memorys. We were the smallest Div. besides Navigation
Winder, EricSNOct 15, 1975 – Jun 15, 1976OI - LookoutOCT 1975 - MAY 1976 North Atlantic-Med-Indian Ocean JUN 1976 - JUN 1976 Mediterranean-Lebanon Good Times!
Berndt, GaryHT 2Oct 20, 1975 – Dec 30, 1980RepairI made three meds and numerous in and outs with a crazy bunch of great guys. Worked hard and played harder. Service on the Indy will always be on my resume.
Wire, LesterMR2Nov 1975 – Jul
Wills, JosephAT2Nov 1975 – Oct 1976IM3Despite it all, I survived my first tour on the Indy as ship's company. In '82, I returned with VA-176. Shop 6 was an interesting bunch, and 1976 was a strange year for me.
Taylor, StevenBTNov 1975 – May 19794 MMRHad a great time, got to meet some neat people and see some interesting places. Probably should have stayed in, I've made a lifelong career in Steam Engineering
Piroli, TonyABE-3Nov 1975 – Feb 1979V2 Arresting GearThank you for alot of wonderful memories.
Coburn, CliffE5/AMH2Nov 1975 – Jun 15, 1979LineWas in 1st Lt Div (LPO), Line Div, and the AM shop. Was on the 1978 Med Cruise, a couple Carribean cruises, Also went on sea trials aboard USS Eisenhower, CV 69.
McAbee, DonGMG 3Nov 1975 – May 1979Fox/PdLooking for some friends of mine while i was aboard the Lady
Cude, ScottAANov 1975 – Jun 1976V-4It was a long time ago and I was there a short time, i worked the flight deck fuleing. I had some great moments in ports in the med.
Weston, Terry profile iconBT3Nov 1975 – Dec 1978B DivisionGeez I never imagined then I would have retired as a BTC , Lots of good memories and shipmates
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Wheeless, Mark profile iconAT3Nov 1975 – Apr 1977AIMDHave Great memories of Naples, Catania. Also of a 4 day stay in St. Thomas,Virgin Islands during February 1977.
Strickland, ChrisAMHANNov 11, 1975 – Jul 28, 1978Air WingPart of Fitron Thirty Three (VF-33) - Things seem different looking back...
Strickland, ChrisAMHANNov 11, 1975 – Jul 28, 1978VF-33, VF-101, VF-102
Vannoy, Michael/peanutEM3/E4Nov 12, 1975 – Nov 1, 1979ElectricalThe years I served on the Indy were some of the best years of my life. The Chaplains became my best friends and the brothers I served in the Soul Gospel Fellowship touched my life and shaped the person that I have become. The will always live!
Newsome, BobADJ-1/ADJC/ADCNov 21, 1975 – Dec 22, 1978IM2 Jet Shop Had a Great time aboard Indy, Long hours at work and very rewarding afterwaords. Work nightc hect during all the crusies and loved them all.Made Chief on the Ship, it was the hi-light of my career, Retired after 25 years as ADCS EAWS/NAC.
Aldershoff Jr., Garrett profile iconSR to DP3Nov 21, 1975 – Feb 9, 19792nd Div to S-7Started in 2nd Division in Dec 1975 to Nov 1977. Nick name Aldy Transfered to S-7Nov. 1977- 1979. There is only one person from S-7 on this reunion information.
Nungesser, JosephBT2Dec 1975 – Oct 1979BoilersGreat memories and friends. The countries I saw, seems like yesterday, still. My only regret is not staying in. Remember the huge storm?
Powell, KimroyE3Dec 1975 – 1976BOILERlOOKING FOR OLD FRIENDS
Gordon, Dudley "Rabbit"HT-2Dec 1975 – Oct 1977R-DivPipe Shop
Fogerty, Matthew. StretchASM3Dec 1975 – Jun 1979Aviation Ground SupportGSE division,. Great group of guys would be awesome to get together with any of them.
Mohr, JimmyASM2Dec 7, 1975 – Apr 21, 1979AIMD IM4 GSE shopSpent the 75-76 cruise in the mess hall. GSE (yellow gear) fly deck trouble shooter on the 77cruise. Enjoyed every moment onboard ship and have many great memories. We were all so young.

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