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USS Independence (CV 62) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Independence (CV 62). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 2715 crew members registered for the USS Independence (CV 62).

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Woods, BillLT1969 – 1971Served aboard with VF-33, was a pilot flying the F-4.
Armstrong, Michael/mikeBM21969 – 1972FirstIf you served on the Indy between 1969 and 1972 in First Division, I would like to hear from you.
Wagenblast, Carl (Wag)AMH-21969 – 1971VF-33This is to notify anyone who may have served with Carl Wagenblast, Jr. aboard Independence, at NAS Oceana, or at NAS Miramar: Carl passed away on July 30th, 2016.
Scharp, DeanAirman1969 – 1971Flight Deck Division
Algar, LesW-41969 – 1972UnkI am writing on behalf of my father, who sadly passed in '79, a mere 3 yrs after his retirement. I have fond memories of the Indy myself, as the family visited when Dad had duty.
Shalifoe, Mathewe3 seaman1969 – May 5, 19713rd.looking for Tim,Darrly ,Les, and Booby
Sperandio, DavidPNSN-PN21969 – 1972X-DivisionEducation & Training Services Supervisor... Helped many get their GED's.... Started "The University with Independence".
Frederick, JeffPN31969 – 1971X DivisionServed aboard INDY for 2 years. Met lots of friends and had some great experiences. Did one Med Cruise. I keep contact with a few of my friends from X Div. We swap photos and catch up on facebook.
Waring, RickSN1969 – 19712nd divisionGreat Buddies on board. Really tu Th Ned my life around
Garneau, Bob profile iconPNSN - PN21969 – 1971X DivisionIf you knew me you will never believe this. I'm a Ph.D. working for a Government Contractor. Ha Ha I would never have believed it myself. I enjoyed the traveling to the MED and the partying. Not so much the work.
Schultz, Jamesbt 3rd classJan 1969 – Oct 12, 1972BWould like to hear from any ship mates from my time on the Independence
MacLean, AlexanderDSCJan 1, 1969 – Jul 15, 1971OIHey guys drop me a line
Peres, GaryBt/fnJan 2, 1969 – May 7, 1971B-#2MMR
Reid, Robert Or BobGMT3Jan 10, 1969 – Mar 25, 1972WMADE ALOT OF FRIENDS, SAW ALOT OF PLACES Just came back from INDY's 18th reunion in Memphis great time
Beaty, Jp3rd ClassJan 28, 1969 – Sep 19701StDid the shake down cruise to Cuba, did the North Atlantic NATO exercise, Wrapped up with the Med Tour. Served mostly on the bridge as Helmsman, & Boatswain Mate of the Watch. If you were on board/1st Div. contact me
Bodine, A. Daniel (Dan)ETR3Feb 1969 – Feb 1, 1971Electronic TechnicianJust wanted to let those concerned know that I've still got the ET Bullshit Log we wrote and plan on publishing it. This may embarrass a few of you ol' salts. To redact either your name or comments please forward $1,000.
Bullens, JohnHULL TECHFeb 17, 1969 – Oct 31, 1972RCarpenter shop
Smith, BrucePT2Feb 28, 1969 – Jan 23, 1970IOICI enjoyed our trip to Jamaica and our NATO cruise to Portsmouth, England, where I had 6 days of leave to tour southern England. I would like to connect with a fellow-shipmate, Warren Townsend.
Byrd, Carles/carlMar 16, 1969 – Oct 2, 1969GI wanted to add my late fathers info on here. he was very proud to have served. if anyone here new him please contact me. Mike Byrd
Krueger, BillDS2May 1969 – Sep 11, 1973S7"It was the best of times. It was the worst of times." Can't say that I regret the time I spent in the Navy.
Woods, William L.LTMay 1, 1969 – Sep 17, 1971VF 33F4J PILOT, 200+ carrier landings, Med Cruise with ports in Malta, Naples, Cannes, Barcelona, Piraeus, Taranto, and Valencia
Lowes, Jim "woodstock"E4May 1, 1969 – Sep 9, 1972OIGood memories, and I wonder what happened to some of the guys who impacted me as I lived life on the "INDY"?
Ray, ForbesADJ-3May 11, 1969 – Aug 13, 1971Flight deck&Jet ShopTwo years under one sorry Cheif in adj shop would like to meet Tom Pope again
Willis, EarlE-4Jun 1969 – Oct 1969AIMDGot on at Norfolk Pier 12 made a NATO cruise and pulled liberty at Portsmith England. Got discharged in Oct 69
William, BroadwellPH1Jun 19, 1969 – Nov 28, 1971OPLeading PO in Photo Lab
Jenkins, StephenAO-3Jun 20, 1969 – Mar 1, 1971Just want to say hi to all the great guys in G-Division and drop me a line if you remember me!
Blomberg, RayABE 2Jul 1969 – May 2, 1971V-2Worked in Arresting Gear, Deck edge operator
McMillin, JohnMM2Jul 1, 1969 – Mar 20, 1972MI was assigned to work in #3 Main Machinery Room. I stood Throttle Watch at sea and on Sea & Anchor Detail. I was in charge of the lower level stbd. side (feed pumps, etc.) as a cleaning station.
Stanfield, JimmyRDSNSep 1969 – Jun 1974OILittlejohn,Hoggy-hoy,you out there?
Riggs, Charles (Chas)AE3Sep 1969 – Jan 1971AIMDI enjoyed 3 cruises on Indy with VF 102. Caribbean, North Atlantic, and Med. The squadron assigned me to AIMD where I had the pleasure or working with guys from other squadrons and the ships crew. Wonderful experiences and life lessons.
Jackson, BobbyBT/3Sep 1969 – 1972B DIVISIONI was priviledged to serve with the "SNIPES" in #3 main engine room. These were some good times,now looking back. Liberty was good in the Med. Firesides & Watersides not so much. Love to hear from you guy's.
Rollins, BrienMR2Sep 1969 – Jul 1973AReported aboard the Indy as an FN and assigned to 4MMR transferred to the machine shop 9 months later. Had some good times aboard the Indy sorry to hear she got decommissioned
Bean, JamesIC1Sep 1969 – Nov 1971E-DivCame aboard as an IC2. Left as an IC1. Worked forward IC, operated-repaired ships entertainment system, Lead telephone repair, NC2 DRAI plotter maint. & repair. Worked as a DJ on WIND/WSRF radio system.
Jamieson, JmanMM2Sep 1, 1969 – Jul 1, 1973AWhere are you? Almy ,Madden, Overton, Kent, Shelski and those crazy dudes that ran the shop. Just wanted to tell the Marines on-board had no cold air (AC) for 4 years because they insisted on banging on guys in brig.
Hanner, Rodney HannerMM2Sep 10, 1969 – Mar 17, 1973MTo carry on the Independence tradition, I have named my sailboat the 'Independence' and proudly have a picture displayed of CVA 62.
Delzer, Robert (Bob)TMO 3Sep 15, 1969 – Feb 18, 1972 GHad a great time aboard Indy. Made 2 Med cruises and plenty of East Coast training runs to Getmo. If any Crew mates remember me send me an e-mail, would enjoy hearing from you.
Law, JerreABE-2Oct 1969 – Nov 1973V-2Arresting gear, hook runner, later to become arresting gear topside petty officer. Ran deck edge control, relayed weight settings from aircraft to arresting gear engine operators.
Young, RichardSNOct 1969 – May 1970M4MMR
Price, StevenE3Oct 1, 1969 – Jul 22, 1971V4
Hickman, Glennmm3Oct 2, 1969 – Jul 2, 1971MI enjoyed the guys I lived and worked with, however I hated the job in the engine/boiler room. taught me a good lesson.
Hunt, RandyAZ3Oct 9, 1969 – Aug 25, 1971IM1Farnsy and I tore that department up!! What a couple of characters we were. Made great friends in the department.
Slagor, DavidPN2Oct 15, 1969 – Jun 21, 1973X DivisionPersonnel Office Supervisor
Calderon, William profile iconE3Oct 18, 1969 –3rd Division BMI became Corporate Trainer for an independent phone company. After that I bcame Office and IT Director for the Space Coast Red Cross in FL. I was also a shelter manager for the hurricanes in FL. and taught elem. school
Gray, JohnAT2Oct 20, 1969 – Nov 20, 1971IM3
Wilde, OscarETN2Oct 26, 1969 – Jan 22, 1974OEWas Ships Inertial Navigations System Tech and worked in Forward IC. If you knew me please contact me.
Gibson, PhilipSF2Nov 1969 – Jul 1971Repair
Havrilcsak, GregorySNNov 1969 – May 1971CS DivisionHello to all the shipmates in CS Division with whom I served. best wishes and regards to all.
Moraniec, Robert (Maul)E3Nov 1969 – Sep 1971A Steam Heat & Cat RepairGood Times Great bunch of guys in that shop. Good CPO Wick took care of his crew. Miss those guys Mouse, Porkey, Louie, the crazy Greek.
Rhone, KennethHM3Nov 5, 1969 – Nov 16, 1970MedicalGreat bunch of guys. Ports of call were fantastic!
Theys, Marty-tinyCS3Nov 8, 1969 – May 18, 1970Commissarythey called me tinny from n.j.
Davis, CarlAMH2Nov 11, 1969 – Nov 10, 1973Attack Squadron VA-66Served as an Aircraft Structural Hydraulics Mechanic for VA-66 out of Cecil Field Florida. Enjoyed my time in the U.S Navy.
Dambrosio, John DambrosioE-3Nov 15, 1969 – Sep 9, 19734thI was so proud to serve aboard the Indy. From the enlisted men boats to the Officer's boat it was the greatest time in my life.
Hayes, Sean P HayesAGNov 24, 1969 – Oct 26, 1970OAWorked with a great group of "Weather-guessers," learned a lot and have good memories of shipboard and shoreside activities. Currently retired from Miami-Dade County Police Dept., FL.
Wittebort, BobLTJGDec 1969 – Apr 19714thBoat division officer for the 1970 Med deployment and a couple of Portsmouth RAVs. I stayed in the Reserve and recently retired. I'd be happy to hear from any shipmates.
McLain, KentDec 1969 – Sep 1971S3 - Ships Supply Worked in Officers and Crew Barber Shop aboard ship and also was the Drummer for ships Rock n Roll band - Blue Bear.
McLain, KentSNDec 1969 – Sep 1971S3 - Ships ServicemanWhile aboard ship worked in Crew's barber shop and then in the Officers barber shop. Also while aboard U.S.S. Independence I was the Drummer in the ships Rock N Roll Band - Blue Bear along with Paul Shea,Ron Anthony and Steve Swenson.
Frederick, JeffreyPN3Dec 15, 1969 – Aug 24, 1971XI miss all of my shipmates from X Division who I have not seen for 32 years. It was a great experience
Mitchell, MarkPN 3Dec 15, 1969 – May 20, 1971XHad a great Med cruise

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