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USS Independence (CV 62) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Independence (CV 62). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 2708 crew members registered for the USS Independence (CV 62).

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Goad, LarryCS21965 – Dec 1966S2The Indy was my first ship and I had a great time aboard her. I met lots of great guys. If any of the cooks remember me I would enjoy hearing from them.
Carroll, Charles E.MM31965 – 1966MIndy was the most hard working ship I ever saw but what a feeder! Anyone remember MM1 Campbell? 3 MMR
Medeiros, RonAMSAN1965 – 1965VF-84Was on the West Pac Cruise. I was a plane captain. I too remember December 13, 1965, my plane was 3rd in line for the cat.
Harris, Kari profile iconfriend1965 – 1969UnkThis entry is on behalf fo Thomas Milstead, MM3, on-board from 1965 to 1969.
Erickson, MarkE41965 – 1966OEMy self and Raymon Druen are trying to find as many saylors as we can that served aboard the Indy in 1965 off the coast of Nam
Williams, Gary Big Willye31965 – 1967v1 flight deckim looking for john squire and ralph lynch who served with me .any help is appreciated.
Ostrom, LesterLCDR1965 – 1967Supply Department
Litzkow, Bruce profile iconABH31965 – 1968V-1Life changing experience. Made lot of new friends. 3 cruises. 2 MED, 1 WESTPAC, saw the world. Retired living in Colorado. Contact me!
Wadsworth, RichardPetty officer 3rd class1965 – 1967Communications (CR)I want to hear from those in the CR DIV. James K. Bud A. Dennis N. Thomas A. from Vermont, or any others. I am now retired from the Clergy. Loved the time in the old INDY. I live in Mich. near Clare. write to me.
Rivera, HectorE31965 – 1966B2
Komrosky, DavidCYN31965 –NavyMy dad (David) Komrosky passed away 02/07/2022 just wondering if anyone knew him and had some stories they could share. He never talked much about his time in the Navy with us, just trying to learn more info.
Beck, WayneE5Jan 1965 – Oct 1969OrdnanceG Division, Flight Deck Shop, Ships Company
Cunningham, Marshall (Red) profile iconMM3Jan 1, 1965 – May 27, 1968MWorked in 2Aux under MM1 Paul Pettit Best damn hole on ship
Spradley, BillAT1Jan 2, 1965 – Aug 13, 1967VF-84Worked in the AQ shop most of the time. Spent some time in AMD and also in QA. Worked with lots of great guys. Enjoyed my time in the Jolly Rogers.
McCall, Leroy [mac]E-3Jan 6, 1965 – Jan 10, 1966v-3
McCall, Leroy [mac]Jan 10, 1965 – Feb 1, 1966
Couture, MikeATR3Feb 1965 – Oct 1967V-3
Colvin, WalterAirman {ADJ}Feb 1965 – 1966va86I Would Like To Hear From Anyone From V.A.-86 From The Years 1965-1966.
Colvin, WalterAirman {ADJ}Feb 1965 – 1966va86I Would Like To Hear From Anyone From V.A.-86 From The Years 1965-1966.
Cole, ThomasMM3Feb 1965 – Dec 17, 1967MWorked for J Parsons before Chief Gamache-great shipmates. Would love to hear from anyone that I served with
King, HowardCS2/CS1Feb 1965 – Feb 1966Supply Food ServiceMade the WESPAC Cruise and worked my butt off in the aft storerooms and refers. Was an interesting tour of duty. Was advanced to CS1 on 16 Dec 65 en route to Norfolk. 24 year career retired Sep 81 as a CW04.
Broussard, PaulPC-3Feb 16, 1965 – Feb 16, 1967X-div. i was sorry to leave the Indy. she was good lady. Made a lot of firends. But stll good things come to an end.
Fulk, Duane3rd Class RM - RadiomanMar 2, 1965 – Aug 27, 1967CR I worked in crypto, radio shack, sent and received lots teletype messages on Vietnam cruise in 1965 and Med cruise 1966. Left Indy the last time in August 1967. Would love to hear from some of my old "comm" buddies.
Perlzweig, AlvinE3Mar 10, 1965 – Mar 9, 1967VA86/sidewindersmy time in the squadron.
Ducic, DanielAK3Apr 1965 – Nov 1965S-6 This was one of the influential experiences of my life. The discipline and teamwork I learned have benefited me throughout my life. God speed and Bless all who served.
Bruzgulis, Alfred. BuzSignalman 2nd Class Petty OfficerApr 1965 – Oct 1968CommunicationsMany good memories on three cruises I was on, plus some shake downs. Got to see entrances to every port of call!
Reed, MichaelE3Apr 1, 1965 – Aug 31, 19672ndI was just a kid when I joined the crew of the Independence. I left a man. I will always be proud of my time on the Indy.
Barfield, PaulAE3Apr 10, 1965 – Dec 13, 1965VF 84Line rat west pac 1965 and med 1966
Dicks, Vincent MPN2Apr 15, 1965 – May 30, 1966XWould like to hear from any shipmates but especially R. Mark Baker, Bob Chmurinski,
Bandimere, Sam profile iconARApr 16, 1965 – Mar 12, 1966V-2Made the WesPac Cruise worked catapult #1 as hook-up guy. I was 17 yrs old at the time and was a real maturing experience for me. God Bless America
Marett, JohnAO-3May 1965 – Jan 1969gmgood friends,some buddies for life,good memories,(some bad) country boy gone wild
Masslofsky, Joseph (Ski)Second Class Petty OfficerMay 1965 – Jun 1967CSTime of my life. Made friends, some of whom I would love to talk to. One was Jasper but Jasper died about 8 years ago.
Boggs, James profile iconHM3May 7, 1965 – Jul 16, 1966H DivisionOnly on board for a year. Had great time on liberty. Any other crew members remember me or my brother Joe.
Cox, GeorgeE5 ADJMay 10, 1965 – Dec 12, 1967VF-84 Known as "BRA". Started as an E4 plane captain and promoted to E5 flight line supervisor and trouble shooter. Worked for E P Moran E6 + WO Priddy. We had a great bunch of shipmates in Jolly Roger Line rats.
Daniels, ArthurQM2Jun 1965 – Dec 1967NavagationIam looking for any one that served in the N division within that time frame
Thompson, FreddieCVA 62Jun 6, 1965 – Aug 21, 19681
Johnson, Brian J profile iconMM 2Jul 1965 – Nov 15, 1967M DivisionWe had a great group of guys in M Division. We got away with a lot of stuff on our cruises. I set the ship of fire and only had to miss going to Rome Italy.
Harriger, Michael profile iconYN-3Jul 1965 – Jun 1967OPSAfter 53 yrs I still think of my days on the Big I . Some of the best memories of my life. I remain proud that I did my part in America's attempt to establish democracy in SE Asia, when so many others evaded it.
Mende, Donaldph3Jul 1, 1965 –OpsPhotographer aboard the Indy for 2 years, one tour VN one tour Med
Petit, JamesSH3Jul 16, 1965 – Jul 12, 1967Supply Department S-3Served in Dry Cleaning 1965, Ran Camera Shop 1965, worked in Small Stores 1966, Ran Candy Store in 1966, Ran Smokes Shop 1967.
Gill, Roye-3 firemanJul 29, 1965 – Jul 26, 1967A-1 divisionassign to the enginerring dept./ work the elevetors, streeing pump rooms
Kahill, LarryE-3Aug 1, 1965 – Jul 29, 1967
Gatto, LouisMM3Sep 1965 – Dec 23, 19683rd machinery spacei remember hard work ,wild times on liberty and good shipmates. i am proud to have served in the navy on the big I.
Johnson, BobbieMM3Sep 1965 – Oct 7, 1968AEnjoyed tour aboard the USS Independence. Liked most of the ports we stopped at. Didn't like being close to Viet Nam war. Met many great guys while on tour, later transferred to USS Demato before discharge.Did not like.
Swanson, KentQM3Sep 1965 –Navigation
Azzopardi, EdwardAE3Sep 1, 1965 – Aug 1, 1967V6Although I didn't know it at the time, it was one of the best hi-lites of my life; second only to getting married and having a family!
Watson, R. E. (Butch)AC2Sep 1, 1965 – Mar 15, 1968V-4 & OCCVA-62
Craddock, Bille2Sep 12, 1965 – Mar 22, 1966a o2n2I was the dummy that fell down the elevator shaft
Kahill, LarrySep 15, 1965 – Sep 15, 1967
Falcon, JamesETN2Oct 15, 1965 – Aug 20, 1967OE
Collins, JayANOct 15, 1965 – Feb 1967GHighlined aboard. A 500 lb bomb dropped on my foot first night in a magazine. Thanks for steel toed shoes. Finshed the WesPac cruise and surrvied the Shellback back fun. Made the '66 Med cruise. Left for VC-4 Det C
Dilisio, CharlieCYN 3Oct 17, 1965 – Dec 17, 1969CRI was honored to serve aboard the Independence. It set my sail for the rest of my life. The INDY experience was a pleasant one and my shipmates were 1st class. I had two med cruises, Gitmo, and Ft. Lauderdale.
Pettigrew, JohnIC2Nov 1965 – Jul 1968EHad a great time. Enjoyed two trips to the Med.
Watson, R.e. "Butch"AA - ABF-3Nov 1965 – Mar 1968V-4 & OCStarted in V-4 transferred to OC made ABF-3, went to AC "A" school in Glenco, GA graduated as AC-3 received orders to NAS Dallas, made AC-2. Made AC-1 but did not have enough time remaining to sew it on, separated 1970.
Brown, RobertAK3/AK1Nov 30, 1965 – Apr 24, 1969S-6I served 2 tours aboard Indy and I miss it even today.I loved that ship. I hope they make a a museum.
Kubushefski, KenABE 2Dec 1965 – Oct 1969V_2Engine Rm and deck edge operator Arresting Gear.
Schillinger, SteveET3Dec 1965 – May 1968
Pfannenstiel, JerryABF2Dec 1965 – Sep 20, 1967FuelsGreat experience in a young man's life. Reached E5 rank while finishing service in Air Reserves.
Davy, JamesEN3Dec 1965 – May 1967Boat DivisionLooking forward to CVA-62 reunion in Norfolk this year. Looking for BT3 Cox, Faulkner, Latham, Buck, Owens or any other boat guys.
Mabie, OrvanMM3Dec 1965 – Dec 1968MReported on board between Christmas 1965 & New Years.. Went on Med cruise 1966-67, dry dock in Portsmith. In Guantanamo Bay on shakedown cruise when USS Pueblo seized by North Korea. Went on Med cruise in 1968. Flew back
Pierce, FranklinQM 3Dec 27, 1965 – Feb 23, 1967NavagationWould like to hear from any shipmates? Best group of guys in the navy. Enjoyed Med cruse in 66

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