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USS Shark (SSN 591) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Shark (SSN 591). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 188 crew members registered for the USS Shark (SSN 591).

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McNeel, RodneyET21976 – 1980Forward ETLittle room back of control - ESM - Rio De Janeiro, Punta Del Este, Uruguay - It's a Bidet! Not An Ice Chest! ;), Banned from Vatican, Leaning Tower of Pizza, etc. ;) Med Runs, Space - Where Are You? Boring holes in Ocean - My Star Trek!
Oldread, William Aka SpaceET1976 – 1979ET ForwardWild times... fast bikes.... crazy women...good friends ... all a bit of a blur ... lucky to still be alive ... Space
Shogren, ChuckMMC(SS)1976 –A-GangPasagoula Miss. shipyard..."Building 591"...Worked for Chuck Fury...bailed me out a couple of times, Jackson County Jail...Doug Goodwin...give me a call
Swanson, PaulFTG1 (SS)1976 – Jun 1980Weapons
Harrington, GeneET1(SS)Mar 1976 – Dec 1979RC
Hlavaty, Kevin "mongo"MM1(SS/DV)Mar 30, 1976 – Sep 30, 1979EngineeringNever worked so hard, never learned so much; Laughed until I cried.
Lawrence, SteveMS3(ss)Nov 1976 – Apr 1979SupplyFirst sub was great. Unatas run great drank A lot
Callicutt, H. Darrell Or Cut Or CalCWO 4 EM1Dec 15, 1976 – Dec 18, 1978Equalified and had a great time in MS and CT and on patrol
Morgan, JimET1(SS)1977 – 1980RCCopa Cabana & Rio, Naples, La Spezia, Darrell & me on Capri in the off season, Corey and the Control Room jam, Sambuca in Athens: all on Uncle's nickel: priceless
Hoffpauir, JamesET1SS1977 – 1979Engineering
Minihan, JohnMM1(SS)Jan 1977 – Jan 1981M
Sargent, James (Sarge)STSCS(SS) RET.Mar 1, 1977 – Jun 1, 1980SonarThis was my 1st boat. Joined her In Goula' town. The 1st person I meet was C. W. Moss. He shoke my hand, introduced himself and said 'get Fng qualified' I loved the boat and had a hell of a time. Lost a good friend too - Bobby Kinard
Hodges, FrankSTS! ssApr 1977 – Aug 1979weapons (sonar)
Whitley, DonET-1Jul 1977 – Jun 1981RCA memorable quote: "Everything on this boat sucks but the Drain Pump!"
Gager, Arthur profile iconQMCS (selectee) (SS)/ENSIGNAug 7, 1977 – Jun 1, 1980Navigation/First LieutenantCMDR Al Marshall & Hal Anderson were my COs. UNITAS run. I was selected for QMCS (SS), then commissioned as a Limited Duty Officer (LDO) ENSIGN. i qualified as an officer, and received my gold dolphins in April 1980.
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Lowmon, Bill/little JohnEMDec 1977 – Dec 1980E-DivMed runs, boat cut loose from mooring lines in Cartegenia Spain, Fridays at the Mar bar
Grabarczyk, JohnIC2(SS)May 1978 – Apr 1984IC
Van Heusen, Leon (Buddy)MMCS (SS) EWS ELTJun 1978 – Jul 1981MachSports Model 'On the Step'
Berry, RobertMM2 (SS)Jun 28, 1978 – Jun 28, 1982(ELT)Three med Run Bob
Hansen, RaymondLTNov 1978 – Jun 1982O-gang/Engineering
Abney, TimET2Nov 4, 1978 – Jan 3, 1983OperationsWow what a great site. I haven't seen or thought of some of my shipmates in years. Please feel free to contact me, I'd love to hear from you guys.
Mitchell, RogerLTNov 24, 1978 – May 28, 1982WeaponsDCA, RC Div
Patton, TonyFTG21979 – 1981WeaponsTrying to locate anyone who remembers the greasing of seaman Keith Simmers and the crap he got down in lower level for saying he had a date with an admiral's daughter when we were ready to pull in from a run If you were
Lamphier, TjFTG3 (SS)1979 – 1980WeaponsFirst Boat, Best Year of the 12 years I gave the Navy. Learned much from my mates. Held great after work crew parties. Worked hard, played hard. Enjoyed med, barely got away from shore patrol in La Maud. running amuck.
Hall, MarkMM2/SSFeb 15, 1979 – Oct 19, 1982A-GangMade a couple of Med-Runs, going through the canal and who can forget the trip to Bermuda... Great times and some good friends.
Hulderman, JoeET-1Mar 1979 – Sep 1982RC
Smith, Lee,smittyMM3 SSMar 8, 1979 – Sep 2, 1980mhow cold was the water?
Keller, BobTMC/SSJun 1979 – May 1984TMi served 26yrs in the navy and by far this was the best crew and boat i served with.Fair winds and following sea to all who served on her
Karpinski, Richardms3ssJun 1, 1979 – Jun 5, 1982mswhat a med run
Hulderman, JoeET-1Sep 1979 – Sep 1982RCmed runs, port and starboard, long hours in the shipyard. Good times for the young
Decrosta, PaulMS1Oct 1, 1979 – 1980msstarted on the Shark...worked in the galley with karpinski....i remember we started a little fire! slept on torpedoes....Sigonella! good times
Anderson, Harold/halCDROct 3, 1979 – Oct 31, 1983Commanding OfficerMade 2 Med deployments, overhaul at Mare Island, and Caribbean shakedown cruise. I relieved Al Marshall in 1979 and was relieved by George Jackson in 1983.
Rodriguez, HectorET41980 – 1982ET
King, PaulIC21980 – Oct 1983IC
Tresler, DaveIC2Aug 1, 1980 – Aug 1, 1980ICLoved it as much as I hated it, really was proud to serve on her.
Persons, Steele1981 – 1983
Persons, SteeleIC21981 – 1981IC
Jones, NormanMM2/SSJan 26, 1981 – Oct 1985
Keyes, TheodoreIC2(SS)Mar 1981 – Mar 1984IC
Chase, Chevy (Eric)tm2/ssMay 17, 1981 – Jul 16, 1986weapons
Morrison, RonnieSTS2Nov 1, 1981 – Oct 1, 1984SonarHey Shark-mates! Good Friends, Good Food..... Goood Times.... Submarines Once!

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