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USS Sculpin (SSN 590) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Sculpin (SSN 590). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 103 crew members registered for the USS Sculpin (SSN 590).

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Jacob, Donald (Jake)EM-11959 –
Benedict, DallasET1(SSN)(E6)1959 –Division 53Plank Owner-From Threadfin. Watched building, learned & inspected sys. Sea Trials, Met ADM Rickover. Through canal to San Diego, First Nuke on west coast. Crew were dedicated submariners of first class. Many operations.
Williams, SamICCS (SS)Jul 20, 1959 – Dec 20, 1962E (IC)Great Boat, Great Crew, some of best memories of career.
Atwell, AlexSPO1962 – 1965 SSBNs
Carlson, Richard Carlson (Dick) "Crash Carlson"STS3 (SS)Jan 1, 1962 – Oct 1, 1963SonarQualified on our first 60 day run, was a great ship and being a Submariner has lasted a lifetime. I would not have done anything differently.
Rberts, PaulMM2(SS)Jan 1, 1962 – Dec 31, 1962MachineryQualified as a nuke but they wold not give me the 3355 job code so had to go to nuke school. Having qualified on S5W I did S1W in two months They would not let me return to Sculpin so they sent me to Pollack . Sucked
Hubler, RobMM11964 – 1966Machinist
Murray, BillSTS-3 (SS)Jun 14, 1964 – Mar 15, 1968SonarServed on Sculpin My whole enlistment after Sub school Left For Sonar School and right back to Sculpin
Manley, TomIC2-P3 SSOct 1964 – Nov 2006EngineeringCame on board after stint with Navy Intel. Qualified and served 2 years until CNO made IC men become ET or go to shore duty. Was RPO, EPO and Fwd. Electrician
Carter, DonaldSEAMAN QMJun 10, 1965 – Jun 10, 1966NavigationI came on board after the Sculpin came back from WestPac, and we were in and out of San Diego for a couple of months, then we went to Bremerton, Washington for a 9 month overhal yard period. We came back to San Diego, I went to the Charr after that.
Lavallee, Edwardtm2Nov 15, 1965 – Jun 10, 19683this was a great boat.
Zajac, JosephET1 (SS)Jun 1966 – Sep 1967Electronics
Johnson, Lynn J-1MM1(SS)Jun 1966 – Jul 1969M-Div ELT
Smith, Don "snuffy"EM1(SS)Oct 1966 – Mar 1971E
Winters, GeorgeMM3-MM1Oct 13, 1966 – Oct 31, 1970M-divELT & LELT
Welsh, RobertMM2(SS)May 1967 – May 1969M-Division
Forney, MortyIC1 ssJun 1967 – Sep 1, 1969electricalCame on as Nuke from Nuke school and IC B school, Qualified and Wish I would have stayed longer. Went through overhaul at Bremerton.
Kozak, KarlLT.Jun 1967 – Jan 1970Chief EngineerAs Engineer I took SCULPIN thru a major 13 month overhaul and refueling in Bremerton WA. It included SUBSAFE installation and retrofit of every major piece of engineering equipment. The Dept.. crew did a fantastic job.
Dalton, StephenIC2(SS)Mar 25, 1968 – Aug 2, 1971Forward ElectricianCut hair for most of the crew on west pac. Got out to go to college and should've stayed. Great duty.
Churney, TimCM3(SS)Nov 1968 – Jan 1970SUPPLYI came on board while she was recieving a full shipyard rebuild in Puget Sound. I came on as a raw fish and left as a Qualified Submariner
Maston, BernardTM2 SSJan 1969 – Jul 21, 1971WeaponsAn amazing and fascinating time. Would love to tour a new boat now 50 years later to see all the technology changes.
Wright, ClintLTAug 1969 – Sep 1972Weps & EngineeringGreatest Sub and Crew
Dame, AlMMOct 1969 – Apr 1971MMQualified Feb 1970. Good command
Olivas, Michaeltm3 ssOct 11, 1969 – 1972weapons deptSome of the best years of my life, This is where i matured,and most importantly, became a qualified Submariner.
Swansby, JohnMM2 (SS) ELTDec 17, 1969 – Aug 25, 1970M divisionThere were good times, there were bad times, but the crew made it bearable. The "Lost Mission", WESTPAC 72, was something that I was very proud to be a part of. -
Parker, Ercle DonIC2(SS)May 1970 – Jan 1974FWD ICCame on as E-2 nothing left IC2(SS). Lots of good times, some not so good times. Loved every minute including not so good times.
Gabala, JamesLt. Cdr.Aug 1970 – Nov 1972OperationsAn experience of a lifetime
Mourain, EdwardE7/EMCSep 1971 – Jun 1972E DivisionLooking for shipmates.
Nuce, HarryMM3(SS)Jul 1972 – Mar 1975AGood boat, great crew or vice versa. Was surprised at the '03 reunion how many of us showed up. Keep in touch guys. Probably won't make this years reunion.
Harris, Robert (Bob)IC2 - IC1(SS)Apr 1973 – Jan 1978EMy first submarine. One memorable WESTPAC, broke my ankle in the Aft AMS hatch, MEDIVAC'd out of Guam! Long overhaul at PSNS.
Utley, Tom (Mutts)MM1 (SS)Jul 1973 – Jul 1977M2008 Sculpin Reunion, Circus Circus, Reno, NV, July 17-20, 2008. Contact for more info.
Braye, Jim/packmuleMM1 SSJul 1973 – Aug 1977MBest memories of my sub service
Burdick, DavidET1 (SS)1974 – 1977Reactor Controls
Sassetti, MikeE31974 –USS Sculpin Submarine
Willis, MikeSNJan 1974 – Feb 1975DeckGreat boat and crew.
Kinney, WayneRM3Nov 1974 – Dec 1976Radio
Moncrief, MylesIC 31975 – 1978nickname Ragin-Cajun
Whitacre, RobertLTMar 1975 – Feb 1977DCAJoined crew in San Diego, about three months before transit to Bremerton for core changeover and overhaul. Left boat just before commencement sea trials in 1977. Qualified Engineer while serving on Sculpin.
Britt, JohnSN / ET3 (SS)Oct 1975 – Jun 1979Deck / ESMAlso Oct 1980 til Oct 1982 Mare Island Naval Shipyard She was a good Boat .
Johnson, CraigFTG3 (SS)Jan 2, 1976 – Aug 26, 1978DeckJoined the Navy to see the world and saw Bremerton, WA for 15 months...met some great guys in the deck division and later striking as a FT...Sculpin was my only boat too Charles...spent 24 years in reserves in OR & TN...
Bennett, CharlesIC3 (SS)Feb 1976 – Aug 1979ICMy one and only boat. Served with a great bunch of guys. Lots of good memories.
Kehoe, TimSTS3(SS)Jun 1976 – Dec 1978Sonar

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