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USS Skipjack (SSN 585) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Skipjack (SSN 585). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 95 crew members registered for the USS Skipjack (SSN 585).

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Tellefsen, Edward CheeksMM2 {SS}1976 – 1979mm i'm still alive beleive it or not
Evans, DavidMay 1976 – Apr 1978
Neal, RussellTMSN(SS)Sep 15, 1976 – Mar 15, 1978Deck/TMPlugging along still making a living from submarines in New Hampshire now
Patzke, Al profile iconMM1(SS)Dec 1976 – Jun 1978M
Eldridge, JimIC2(SS)1977 – 1980Engineeringhello Mr.Blomshield !! We had a great crew!jimmye
Lloyd, WilliamTM2 SS1977 – 1979Weapons
Mattote, MarkMM21977 – 1981 a-ganglike to here from crew members that remember me!!
Haines, PaulRM2 (SS)1977 – 1979RadioStill kicking. Living in Vermont. Spent 15 years as an Emergency Medical Technician.
Mattote, Markmm21977 – 1981a-gang
Milbourne, GaryTM2/SSJan 1, 1977 – Jan 1, 1981
Bost, BobET2Feb 1977 – Jan 1980RCAboard during the 1,000th dive
Cook, MyloTM1(SS)Mar 1977 – Sep 1978Torpedo
Byers, ChuckMM2(SS)Aug 1977 – May 1979A-Div
Bastien, StevenET2(SS)Sep 1977 – Dec 31, 1980ET
Blomshield, RichardLT.Nov 10, 1977 – Oct 14, 1980Officer
Kelly, TimothyIC2 (SS)Jan 10, 1978 – Mar 10, 1979EngineeringMed trip with many different experiences in many different countries. Not to mention all the surfaces and dives on the way home!
Youngclaus, David / YoungsterSTSSN (SS)Aug 15, 1978 – Aug 15, 1980SONAR / WeaponsFirst Boat, First Med Run. Hard to find a better crew. In a bad way if you dropped that soap!! Give me a howdy. Facebook-David A. Youngclaus
Holmes, JimEM2 (SS)Sep 1978 – Sep 1982E-DIV
Townsend, Mike-babyapeSN(SS/DV)1979 – 1980WEPS
Diviacchi, ValerianoEM2(SS)1979 – 1982E-Div
Gallegos, MichaelQM2 (SS)Jan 1979 – Nov 1983NavigationHello Shipmates. My very best wishes to all of you and your families. A special "Hello" to LCdr McGann III, XO and to my boss, Navigator Lt Kehoe. I hope you Gentlemen are doing well. Start date: am not sure of date
Bell, Danielsts3May 1979 – 1984SonarI really miss the old sonar gang and our little shack. The boat was old but she kept us safe and secure throughout her travels. The crew was great and the people fun and friendly. A great first boat!!
Harper, HarpMM3May 15, 1979 – Feb 26, 1980Agangany body heard from Jakeneddie, he broke his leg while playing rugby. he stayed with me and the wife for a while. I left just before she when to the yards in Mare Island.
Caley, DougMM1(SS)May 15, 1979 – Oct 10, 1982ELT
Hines, Ray profile iconTM2 SSAug 14, 1979 – Aug 1985Weapons
Buhager, TonyYN2 (SS)Sep 14, 1979 – Mar 25, 1981PersonelHow many of us can say that we were aboard the USS Skipjack as it scraped the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean? How many of us can say that we were driving the boat at the time it scraped the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean?
Hopkins, Charles LieutenantDec 1980 – Apr 1983Weapons Officer & COMMOI was blessed to work and go to sea with a great wardroom. It was an amazing experience for my first boat after I was commissioned.
Wolter, AlMM1(ELT)/SSMay 1981 – Jan 2, 1986RLLots of memories, both bad and good times - wouldn't change a thing.
Fallon, JimLT, SC, USNJun 1981 – Mar 1984SupplyGreat time...great team! Loved driving her!
Dyer, MatthewEMC(SS/DV) EM1 WHILE ABOARDNov 20, 1981 – Mar 3, 1986Electrical - NuclearHad great times. It sure was fun driving reactor power to XXX often. Miss the old gang: Gerbil, DC, Gonzo, Conroy, Flounder, et al. Smooth Sailing all Mario Speedwagon
Carrigan, PatrickYN1(SS) /E-6Feb 1982 – 1985YN
Schultz, MichaelICC(SS)Mar 1983 – Feb 1987ICBest Damn Boat I ever served aboard, the Diesel Boats included. She was a Corvette of Submarines.
Mann, Lloyd (Doug)EMC (SS)Mar 4, 1983 – Nov 20, 1985ElectricalBest people I've ever worked with.
Powers, JeffET2(SS)1984 – 1987RC
Weber, RalphEM2(SS)Mar 1984 – Apr 1986Electrical
Healey, KarlYNC(SS)Sep 1984 – Aug 1985Admin
Anderson, MattTM3/SS1985 – 1990tmglad to see some of us are still around or 702-862-6830
Nichols, Greg (Nicky Bobo)EM2 SSSep 1985 – Sep 1989E DivWill never forget the time or the folks that shared this part of my life
Hagley (Jr), BillyETC(SS)1986 – 1990Forward ETI am now fully retired after a career split between Raytheon and Northrop Grumman following my 21 plus years in the US Navy.
Jones, StevenMM2 (SS)May 12, 1986 – May 1990ADECOM CREW
Kinard, JohnQM2Jun 1986 – 1990QMA very learning experance. Seen the world, met some of the best people in the world while onboard, and had losts of fun. Would do it all again if given a chance.
Marchizza, GenoMM3/SS/DVJun 1986 – Jun 1989AuxillaryI will never forget this time in my life. It was a lot of work, tough, and I had fun. I grew up a lot here. Served with some great people, can't list them all. Special thanks to Stymie,Dex,Chewy,LT Dan,JB,Frank,Hanna,EBlom,Sip,Meat,BigJim,etc.
Clark, GregQM1Jun 13, 1986 – Aug 28, 1989Navigationgreat time
Flynn, StephenSTSC (SS) E-8Sep 1986 – Jul 1988SonarRetired from the Navy in July 1988.
Chambers, Mic/meatSK3/SSOct 20, 1986 – Apr 20, 1990supplygreatest experience of my life miss all you guys where is moof!!?
Valderrama, MannyMM3 (SS)1987 – 1990AUX
Bordenkecher, Thomas/bordyTM2/SSSep 1987 – Aug 1988TM
Bridgewater, WarrenTM3/SSNov 1987 – Apr 1990TMDECOM CREW
Le Fevre, Dennis (Frenchie)MS3\\SSDec 1987 – Nov 1989Supply
Britt, CliffordSTS31988 – 1990Weapons/SonarServed on decomm crew. Transferred to SSBN 624
Gandsy, MichcaelMS3/SSApr 1, 1988 – Aug 1, 1989SupplyDecom Crew

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