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USS Ranger (CV 61) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Ranger (CV 61). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1846 crew members registered for the USS Ranger (CV 61).

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Strong, Mike "Bubby"MM21982 – 1987P-2
McGrath, KevinRM21982 – 1986comhi to all shipmates great time had by all me and talk still in the reserves...ahoy
Pierce, Scott "mcflick"E-51982 – 1986V2 WAIST CATS
King, DonaldAZ31982 – 1983V-2, and AIMDWhen i got attached to the mmm Danger i worked in v-2 water brakes yep hay.. ay.. ted then got promoted AZ3 and transfered to Aimd. Anyone remember Aq3 chris Tillman and Ic2 shelton d. Curry?
Conley, Stevenmssn1982 – 1985supplyHad some good times on this ship ! West pac was great, San Dog was cool. P. I. was the best !!! Remember the big fire ? I did't like shore duty in Bremerton Wash. But all n all I had a good time.
Jones, Michaelmm31982 – 1985P-2
Hemmerick, HemiBM 31982 – 1985First DivisionSUBIC!! 121 days at sea, San Dog, Hawaii, Singapore, Australia & oh yeah, did I mention SUBIC!! Shellback, Wichita Collision, MMR Fire RIP, Great Friends & Memories. In retrospect, maybe the best thing I ever did.
McAllister, LarryE-41982 – 1982va-113
Hamner, AdamE-21982 – 1982VAW-116My first and only cruise was the 82 West Pac. I was a plane captain and was responsible for maintenance, launch, and recovery of our craft.
Hall, DannyE31982 – 19861st division
Corbin, JeffreyE-41982 – Jun 1986CommunicationWas on the ship when that fire broke out and killed those six sailors.
Jones, Barry profile iconEWSN1982 – Oct 1984V2, V3, OW
Moore, WilliamE31982 – Jul 1985Hanger bay
McGrath, Robert BoatsBMSN1982 – 19843rd divisionLiving in rural MS nowadays enjoying life living off the land
Thompson, JoeRM21982 – Aug 26, 1986CR DIVI worked in the teletype repair shop. Yep, I was there for the 121 consecutive days at sea. Draper, RW Smith or Holly you out there? I remember all you guys.Ranger station off Mexico, Ship yards, war games in Hawaii.
Baker, Michael profile iconHN/HM31982 – 1984MedicalThe best Time with the best crew. The fire tested our resolve and the shipmates lost that cruise will not be forgotten. anyone want to get in touch please email me Sad 2 see Ranger in Brownsville
Strobel, DavidE-4Jan 1982 – Jun 1988V-3Yellow shirt, Duty section 5 section leader. Looking for old friends.
Mark, RhodesLCPLJan 1982 – Jan 1984Marine DetachmentSemper Fi, Looking for information of other Marines serving during the same time
Paul, ClifftonPN1Jan 1982 – Oct 1984X-2I served onboard immediately after bootcamp. I did a Pineapple Cruise, Two Westpacs and The Central America, Reagan, Gunboat Diplomacy Crew. Crossed the equator and was initiated as a Shellback on first Westpac.
Smith, GaryRMSRJan 1982 – Aug 1984CR1Best ship I ever served on during 27 years career. Was onboard again for her last cruise (92) embarked with CCDG1.
Edwards, RonASE3Jan 1982 – 1985V-3 / AIMD IM-4Great memories on a great ship. 82 & 83-84 cruise. I still keep in touch with ole friends.
Behrendt, Greg (Bear)PH2 AWSJan 1982 – Jun 1983OP
Feliciano, MatiaasJayJan 4, 1982 – Dec 25, 1988dv2looking for USS Ranger West Pack 1984 pictures and shipmates
Gaddie, StevenE-3Jan 7, 1982 – Sep 22, 1985crI was on the Ranger as first a BM and the a RM. RM1 Cloud was the LPO, Fred Fos was Tech control with others Alton Bell
Guinn, AlanCTM3Jan 15, 1982 – Mar 11, 1985OS & OE (Shop 1)2 westpacs, both with more than 100 consecutive days at sea, and both with single incident casualties of 6 or more, yet I'm still glad of the time spent onboard her.
Bernard, Richie /bernieAAJan 23, 1982 – Jan 12, 1985V1looking for doug Lorenz, wally welka & jim macgeddigan old buds on the ranger. whats up!
Jenkins, Robert (Howdy)AG3Feb 1982 – Oct 1985OAI had a blast, To many blackouts for my own good. I enjoyed my shipmates very much. I wish I stayed in touch.
Lemley, BruceAC3Feb 1982 – Dec 1984OC
Larry, YuzwaABF3Feb 5, 1982 – May 16, 1984V-4
Cisneros, MarianoE-3Feb 9, 1982 – Aug 10, 1984OI DivisionJust want to say hello. I spent a chunk of my youth onboard and didn't realize how fondly I would someday look back at that time. Good times.
Fox, FredRM2Feb 18, 1982 – Oct 30, 1985CRHad a great time on the Ol' Ranger!...any shipmates from CR Div drop an email!
Archambault, Allen (Archie)RM1(SW)Feb 18, 1982 – May 31, 1986CRReported aboard as an RM3 after completing NAVET training in San Diego. Served as Message Center Supervisor then completed "C" School and earned my 2318 NEC, then served as FACCON Supervisor. Attained RM1 at transfer.
McNair, John (Mack) profile iconE-4Mar 1982 – 1984VA 113Time really does fly. Stinger Bee forever.
Meola, ScottABE3Mar 1, 1982 – Sep 30, 1985V-2
Parker, IraSN BMMar 7, 1982 – Oct 22, 19853rdMy memory isn't as good as I would like. If you remember me, say hi.
Gordon, SpankyABEANMar 13, 1982 – Apr 13, 1984V-2Looking for old friends that lived with me at Past Bills at the Livingroom.
Cabezuela, JoePetty officer 3rd Class / E-4Mar 18, 1982 – Jul 24, 1983Aviation Support Equipment
Tyler, JohnCORPORALApr 1982 – Apr 1984Marine DetachmentI was there for the fire on November '83. I realize now how stupid and haughty we were-the sailors were great guys. Hats off to all that served!
Sisk, DavidAO1/E6Apr 1982 – May 1983IM-1I was assigned to IM1 where i was Compartment P.O. where i proudly was assisted the division in receiving the 2nd award of the letter E for efficiency. I was under the division LT. SUCHLAND (LDO). anyone to chat .
Harris, FrankCPL.Apr 2, 1982 – Apr 2, 1984Mar.-Det.I have woundered where everyone went and how there doing.
Tan, DionisioABHCApr 16, 1982 – Jun 20, 1985Air V-1122 days in the IO Very memorable (1983-84)I was ,Trng P.O,Flt.DK.Chief,Crash / Salvage CPO.Night Handler and at some point,part time Admin CPO. What a tour of duty.Left the ship before the end of overhaul in Bremerton.
McCARTHY, L.F ( Mac )L / CPLApr 22, 1982 – Apr 22, 1984Marine DetachmentI Found out later on that I really enjoyed my time aboard.
Strong, MikeE5/MM2May 1982 – Jul 1987P-2Looking for all my snipe buds from 2MMR
Stamey, DanielCTI3May 1982 – Jul 1982VQ-1Served temporarily aboard USS Ranger with VQ-1 flying the A-3 Skywarrior. Got on USS Ranger at Subic Bay and left late July to transfer to USS Coronado in Persian Gulf. Persian Linguist.
Knox, ToddABE2May 1982 – May 1985V-2
Hendrick, Laurence (Larry)E3Jun 1982 – Nov 1984CS DivisionI was a Signalman
Dice, Ericams. aimdJun 16, 1982 – Jun 16, 1985aimdI worked in aimd with david dodd, james logocki, rick we had alot of fun. Repairing aircraft, making cool shit. Saw alot of things none of us are allowed to talk about. I still check my gigline. Go figure. Life is good.
Cosltey, Chrisabe2Jul 1982 – Jul 1986V-2 div. Aressting GearI cant say it was all fun then, the '84 weat pac and the lives lost are somber memories. But there were great times to and now I use them to bore my grandkids, TOP GUN BAR NONE.
Navarro, JohnPN3Jul 1982 – Jul 1983I DivICame across this site Miss the Old Danger Ranger now here I am telling stories to my grandchildren about her.
Turner, KennedyAO3Jul 4, 1982 – Jun 6, 1985WEI had the greatest times of my life. There couldn't have been a better crew to serve with. I still can remember the crew really coming together when we had that bigass fire aboard the ship. 122 consecutive days out to sea was not fun!
Peters, LynnMM1Jul 15, 1982 – Jul 24, 1987P-1
Daly, GregoryMM2Jul 18, 1982 – Jul 18, 1986P1Hell's half Acre, 1MMR. Learned to be a true engineer. Finished in 3MMR with the best Chief in the Navy, "High Pressure" MMC Henry Cannon. Great friends and great times.
Nimrichter, RobertHTAug 1982 – Nov 1985"R" DivGood times and bad. Good friends and memories
Kowalski, JohnMM2Aug 6, 1982 – Apr 2, 1986P-2We steamed the HELL outta that ship!
Leonard, Arrington (Lenny)BT2Aug 14, 1982 – 1984B DivisionThis was a bad time for me because of the fire that killed some good sailors. It was a shame that they died here but they will be remembered forever. I pray that their families are well, and hope that we will see them.
Stumpf, KenOS3 (FOR 2 MONTHS)Sep 1982 – Jul 1985OI121 days in the IO Sucked.... Lotts of friends and good times. Lotts of A-HOLES and bad times too. Worked in CIC at the radar tube.
Cannon, Henry P.MMCSSep 9, 1982 – Jul 16, 1986P-1, A and P2Made all ranks on 61 from Fireman to Senior Chief. Best ship on the waterfront
Singleton, TyroneET2Sep 10, 1982 – Oct 15, 1983ACLSVisited Australia, hit the PI for the first time, Met the Queen of England and Vice President Bush. All in the one year aboard. Anybody know what happenned to Master Chief Hobbs? He sported 10 hash marks.
Fowler, Terry "ogre"MM3Sep 20, 1982 – Aug 25, 1987P4I still remember my good friends and the good times // I still have nightmares about the fire and the loss of good friends. Snipes rule airdales drool
Duran Jr., Manuel (Manny)AMS2Oct 1982 – May 1986G3 Weapons / AIMD IM2Great ship to serve on and one HELL of a HARD WORKING CREW TO SERVE OUR COUNTRY! As our fellow FALLEN SHIPMATES and the USS RANGER CV-61 GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN.
Kowalski, JohnMM2Oct 1, 1982 – Nov 23, 1986P2Back in the day!
Kowalski, JohnMM3Oct 1, 1982 – Dec 1, 7984P-2Back in the day.......Fire in MMR4. PI
Nunley, ReinaldoBT-2Oct 6, 1982 – Nov 14, 1983P-1NO 1 MMR WITH THE CREW OF CPO FRANKLIN/YANCY UNTINHAM
Redd, JosephQM1(SW)Oct 22, 1982 – Aug 24, 1986NavigationIt appears my photo was not included in the IO Deployment (WestPac, 1987). I was QM1 Howland's Assistant LPO.
Price, KevinRM-2Oct 23, 1982 – Aug 15, 1986communicationsBest time of my life was onboard the Ranger. looking for any other RM's that served during this time. We are having a reunion September 2017 in Las Vegas. Contact me!!!
Strong, Mike/bubbieMM2Nov 1982 – Jul 1987P2MMOW 2MMR. Steamed in 3 as well. I remember all of you fu****rs. Drop me a line.
Larsen, RonRM3Nov 10, 1982 – Jul 2, 1985CRAs I recall the 83-84 westpac we spent 122 days in the Indian Ocean. I was proud of what we were doing and to be an American. How the world has change since then. I miss all you guys, you were the best!
Todd, OttoDP2Nov 15, 1982 – May 15, 1987S7/X2
Strong, BubbieMM2Dec 1982 – Jul 1987P2Never forget TN2MN
Tweedie, BasilAMH 2Dec 1982 – Aug 1986AIMD IM-2
Ayres, GeorgeDec 10, 1982 – Nov 30, 1986V2 ILARTS/FLOLSLooking for shipmates IC2 Workman, IC1 James Greeves, Kibbey, Spears, Robinson, Peralta and any AB's I knew.
Taylor, MarkROLLERCOASTERDec 17, 1982 – Jul 1986V-4What a blast!! Great place to grow up and prepare for the rest of ones life. Interested in finding old shipmates.
Davis, MarcMMFN/YNSNDec 23, 1982 – Sep 27, 1985P-2 & SafetyFirst ship. Seemed to have a fire several times a week. Crashed into our Oiler on one cruise. Major fire during the same cruise. Lost 6 good shipmate in the fire and a total of 10 during the cruise.
Kelley, RobertSKCS KELLEYDec 28, 1982 – Aug 20, 1986S-1 STOCK CONTROL/S-9 CUSTOMER SERVICEReally learned a lot about the Navy on the Ranger. Hard ship to work on, great crew!!!!
Epps, ArthurYN3Dec 29, 1982 – Aug 26, 1984Legal

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