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USS Ranger (CV 61) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Ranger (CV 61). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1845 crew members registered for the USS Ranger (CV 61).

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Lane, Jon(doc)HM31981 – 1983VA-113/Medicalwestpac 82, vancouver, australia, singapore, two shellback ceremonies, good times i can't remember but won't ever forget!!
McMurray, Jeff (Mac)ABF21981 – Jun 25, 1983V4Looking for old shipmates
McDanel, Jonathan1981 – 1984Captains Office (Print Shop)Good and crazy times in the print shop
Shaffer, JimDPSN1981 – 1984S7Beer day hardly seemed like much compensation. Wasn't very happy here. Too much persian gulf and not enough port. Great people facing the same challenges. Main space fire, collision losing aircraft elevator, and long stretches at sea.
Bullard, Lester2ND CLASS1981 – 1982boiler tech.
Okeefe, JohnTDAN1981 – 1982AIMD - V4A tough job, but the experience of a lifetime !!
Jeffs, PeterASE_21981 – 1984AIMDFlight deck troubleshooter... ground support equiptment....Yellow gear....
Bell, AltonRM21981 – 1985CRMy first aircraft carrier and first command. I remember flying onboard while ship was in a turn. WOW! That was most impressive. Flown aboard from USS Niagara Falls transit from Diego Garcia, where I waited for weeks. Good times.
Kimber, BernieRM21981 – 1983crget times sometimes I wish I neverleft there.
Hauck, Davems31981 – 1985s-3 s-5good times,friends, memories
Robinson, Anton (Moe)AG1981 – 1984OA
Weeks, DouglasGMT21981 – 1985X Div.Got to be some of the best times of my life. The best friends you could ever have.
Carrasquillo, Luis (Chico)private1981 – 1983v2
Davis, MeganFN1981 – Mar 31, 1982MMFNLOOKING FOR ANY INFORMATION about MMFN JODY HIETALA. He was killed on the ranger on Mar 31 1982. "Steam" accident. the details of his death are pretty unknown to my family.
Lawson, JeffE31981 – Oct 1983V4 grapesWanting to know if any of my friends I worked with on the flight deck is out there.
Dyer, Kenneth AllanOSSN1981 – 1982OI DivisionI would like to contact Carl Smith or John Apple.
Soto, EdgarAE2/AE11981 – 1984IM3
Hanchey, RobertMM3Jan 1981 – Oct 19, 1984p-4good times,great experiences
McConnell, KevinDP2Jan 1981 – May 1982
Pairman, Bruceak2Jan 1981 – Sep 1984s-8 div and IM1The best education a young man could have. We had some problems and many days out at sea, but it has made me take notice of the pride of our country. don"t tread on me.
Potoreiko, Henry (Hank)E-4 MS3Jan 1981 –Supply S-2/S-5Looking to find some of my ols ship mates, John Shaw, Scott Russel Stevens. left the ship with a broken leg in 1983
Smith, JodyMSSNJan 1981 – Feb 1982S2 Officer’s MessShortly after going to board the USS ranger when it arrived in cSubic Bay, Philippines to start a pineapple cruise for 1981. I went on board the same day that Paul, Terice from Michigan died in the CCU.
Harold, JohnAT3Jan 1, 1981 – Oct 31, 1983IM-3I was in the band Alpha Centari on 1982 West Pac on 101st Day Beer Day. I have a live audio from that day in concert if your interested in mp3 email me and ill send them.
Sage, Donald profile iconBT3Jan 1, 1981 – Aug 29, 1984P-11 MMR
Hertel, JimAG2Jan 1, 1981 – Jan 1, 1984Oa
Brooks, Nerizzachief petty officerJan 1, 1981 – Jan 1, 1991help please!my name is nerizza brooks.i was born february 20, 1992 in subic bay philippines.birth mother was ZENAIDA FRANCISCO im hoping to find my biological dad. all i know about him is that he was on the uss ranger.blonde hair.
Hertel, JimAG3Jan 5, 1981 – Mar 1, 1984OA
Carolan, ThomasMS3 Jan 15, 1981 – Jun 30, 1983s-5I hope everybody is doing well .I would love to hear from some of you if possible. I do most my e mail from work Department of Energy Washington D.C . Computer at home is down. Take care
Harrod, Don "Harpo"AKANJan 20, 1981 – Aug 25, 1984S-1
Steinmeyer, MichaelABF3 E-4Jan 31, 1981 – Mar 30, 1982V-4Worked quality control
Tompkins, GregQM3Feb 1981 – Jul 1984NavigationGreat times.. proud to have served on the Ranger...miss some of my friends I made on her
Wood, JohnMM3Feb 3, 1981 – Oct 31, 1983P1 DIVISIONONE MAIN ENGINE ROOM!
Goodwin, AnthonyABE3Feb 5, 1981 – Nov 1, 1984V2I had a great time while onboard the Ranger working in V2 with Gordon, J C, Pops Walker, Marvin, Steve, Arch, Amiego, Rick, Tim, Chris, Chief Charlie, Dewayne, Gary, Huck, Carman. I'm doing very well, holla back
Gilmore, StevenSN, AN, AZAN, AZ3, AZ2Feb 15, 1981 – Mar 3, 1984Deck, V-1, AIMD IM-1, AMSU, Tech. Lib., IM-4Wonder what everybody's doing now-a-days. I remember the hot I.O. and the long sea days. That cassette stereo box was your best friend. "Mail Call" Perfumed letters from your girl. San Miguel beer.
Bjelk, DanielEW4Mar 17, 1981 – Mar 13, 1983OWHad many good times and great memories. Westpac '82 was a blast. Just wanna' say hi to my shipmates Cro, and Hicks. Thanks for the good times.
Davis, William profile iconBM2Apr 1981 – Apr 1986Deck Dept.Ranger was a great ship with some really good guys, unfortunately she had some real bad guys too. Remember BM2 Burl Davis, Bm1 Ross BM1 Tatum
Fisk, HowardBT3Apr 1981 – Apr 1983P-3
Nealy, Gerald Elmo, Nickname RalphaelPNCS(SW) RETApr 1, 1981 – Dec 30, 1983X-Men, Personnel OfficeI think of you all and pray for all of you; CK, Baby Boy, The Blair Bros, Bo'Dollar...and our lost shipmates on that cruise... I have seen that many stayed and many left - but we all can be proud to have served.
Chapman, DanielYN3Apr 13, 1981 – Feb 4, 1984V2I enjoyed my time on the Ranger and meet alot of good friends and enjoyed the cruises
Rowland, DevanE-3 AirmanApr 22, 1981 – Nov 4, 1983V-3
Harbour, DanielGMT 2May 1981 – Dec 1984WW
Schillaci, Tim profile iconDP2May 1981 – May 1983OZ
View 'back then' Photo
Comeau, TimAT2May 8, 1981 – Mar 1984IM-3SHIPS COMPANY,2 yrs,10mo's, 21 days,Scene leadr 7F, Witchita collision, 10 dead on 2nd wespac- 121 days in the IO. MCPOC David Hobbs-saltiest MF to grace the decks. Capt Dan Pederson-best skipper ever. Great gray Lady
Eaton, Timothy profile iconSNMay 12, 1981 – Jun 14, 1983X-3 Career Councelor Office/Special ServicesTo all the shipmates that I served with over the years both on USS Ranger and all the other commands. Hello and hope someday we shall met again.
Auriemma, KevinET2Jun 1981 – Jun 27, 1985OE divIn OE div and Safety Dept while on board. Now with the USS Ranger reunion association
Abero, Melvin (Mel)PN3Jun 1981 – May 1984I division /ESO/TrainingAttached to Indoc Division/ESO. Worked with Kevin Renker, Ken Steele, Reggie Branch, Pn1 Mike Anderson, Pn1 Herman, and crazy ol BMC Zimmer! Good times on haze grey underway!!
Larue, Greg (Lash)BT3Jun 1981 – Mar 1984P3Looking to contact Chris Ketcham and Chris Roy.
Mars, BobIC2Jun 1981 – Nov 1984E
Cortez, DavidEM3Jun 20, 1981 – May 20, 1985R Div & E DivAnyone that served during this time onboard the USS Ranger can contact me just to touch bases. I left the ship out in Bremerton, Wa. while in dry dock going through an overhall.
Priewe, RodneyE3Jul 1981 – Jul 1984marine detachment Hey cpl Beard remember me lance cooly, when we went snorkling off grandy island. how about those days back in the supply dept. Lcpl PRIEWE
Webb, Tracy (t-bone)EM3Aug 1981 – Nov 1984DECK LIGHTING/EE-21How do i log on?
Smith, Carl profile iconOperations SpecialistAug 15, 1981 – Apr 13, 1983OI Div.Worked in CIC in Air Tracking and Surface. Capt Dan Pedersen and Capt Les.
Shelvock, RobertET1Aug 15, 1981 – 1983OE
Petersen, Joel Aka Smoking Joe (Boxing Coach)MS3Sep 1981 – Sep 1985SupplyPlease contact me any boxing students or crew members.
Simmons, DavidASE2Sep 1981 – Jan 1984IM4Worked in GSE, 2 great West Pacs and had lots of fun. Proud to serve my country.
Brown, CliffordAC - E7 RetiredSep 1981 – May 1984OC DivisionBruce Murr...where are you? just watched an 8 minute video of many traps on board a carrier..
Collier, TimothyAZ2Sep 2, 1981 – Sep 30, 1985AIMD IM-1First Command. Enjoyed my tour onboard.
Rickard, AdamBT2Sep 20, 1981 – Sep 20, 1986
Petersen, Joel (Smoking Joe)E3/MSSNSep 21, 1981 – Sep 18, 1985SERVICE AND SUPPLYWAS THE SHIPS BOxING COACH AKA SMOKING JOE
Hannam, JohnDS2/E5Oct 1981 – Dec 6, 1985Operation Electronics CVIC S5 SIMS
Murphy, Duane/murphSK3Nov 1981 – Apr 1985S-8/S-1Just seeing whose out there that I remember and maybe touching base.
Bowman, Victor A.k.a Baby Boy profile iconPNSNNov 1, 1981 – Jun 1, 1985X DivisionI am very glad to have served on board the Ranger, it was a very unique experience that few have had the opportunity to have had. I say woop,woop to C.K,- Bo,Dollar-Eddie High - Elmo - Clif Paul - Web - Payton. Hats off.
Everhart, Tyrell (Ty)MA-1 (SW)Nov 10, 1981 – Dec 1, 1984X-4Any of my shipmates that would like to get in touch ,I am on Facebook,and my email
Gonzalez, Armando (Gonzo)ASE3Nov 11, 1981 – Nov 8, 1984AIMD dept.Cannot believe I found this site, it tugged at my heart pretty hard. there were many good times and bad times here, I will never forget the big fire in the I.O. anybody remember the Airport club in the P.I. (sav Top Gun)
Ketcham, ChrisBT3Dec 1981 – 1984P-1 & P-4Worked in the Boiler Repair Shop and in MMR 1 and 4. Remember seeing some amazing stuff from Smoke Watch. Shipmates Greg {Lash) LaRue, Leroy Nelson, Smitty, Ghost Baxter, Joe Ramey. Good times and not so good times.
Dicks, ChrisAK3-AK2Dec 1, 1981 – Aug 28, 1984S1 S3 S4 S8

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