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USS Ranger (CV 61) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Ranger (CV 61). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1847 crew members registered for the USS Ranger (CV 61).

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Russell, TomCS-21968 – 1970
Brown, DennisE31968 – Nov 1969Photo Lab
Latelle, GaryEM31968 – 1971distribution / power shop
Colyer, CharlesRD31968 – 1968IOIC
Patton, JohnASM31968 – 1970IMThe time aboard the USS Ranger was wonderful. I wish I could have stayed in the Navy for 20+ years. Ship duty is an experience everyone should enjoy. in 2005 I met my Oldest Son in Hawaii and did the Tiger Cruise back to
Watson, StephenBM31968 – 19722ndServed 1968 - 1972.. 2nd Division. I hate to paint.. Fellow Boatswain Mates will understand.
Conley, TomAME31968 – 1971VA-93
Cox, JimDISPERSING CLERKJan 20, 1968 – Sep 20, 1969dispersing clerk
Streeter, TomRD3Feb 1968 – Jun 1971OI Division
Happel, RichardABE3Feb 1968 – Oct 1969V-2Would like to hear from Dave Yendel about time on board
Aclin, KenABH3Apr 1968 – Sep 1970V-3 One of only 3 people to know the truth about how the fog foam monitor nailed the Captain's Thunderbird in summer 1970. What a funny, funny story.
Conner, DennisSK3Apr 2, 1968 – Oct 9, 1969Supply - Ships Stores
Rose, JimRM1May 1968 – Aug 1970
Clark, Gary R.E2May 1968 – May 1970S6I am looking to reconect with people on the uss ranger
Gomes, David (Dave/gomes)BT3Jun 1968 – Jun 1972EngineeringWas in 3MMR,Oil&Water lab& Boiler Repair Was also a Co-op Cleaner
Buhmeyer, FranRD3Jun 8, 1968 – Jul 1, 1971OIMemories for a lifetime!! It seems like it was only yesterday when I walked the decks. Always proud to say I served on the Ranger when I did, a great home away from home.
Clemans, TomHM2Jul 1968 – Jun 1, 1970H (medical)My USS Ranger time was the best 2 years of my life before getting married. Knew about 1500 shipmates. Enjoyed 2 WESPAC tours - saw sights in Hawaii, Japan, Philippines, Hong Kong, Da Nang. I'd enjoy hearing from others.
Holliday, Jim / DocATN2Aug 1968 – Jul 15, 1969C1-A crewGrey Eagle Airlines
Bisceglia, GlennAO3Aug 1, 1968 – Jun 1, 1971G DivisionPearl Harbor, Yokosuka, Sasebo, Hong Kong, Olongapo City...need I say more?
Crowe, DavidANAug 27, 1968 – Jan 20, 1970S-6Just wanted to see if I can make contact with anyone I knew during the time I was on the Ranger.
Crowe, DavidANAug 27, 1968 – Jan 20, 1970S-6I just want to see if I can find anyone I served with on the Ranger.
Cosper, Rudy "Andy"E-5Oct 1968 – May 1969VAH-10
Dorough, ThomasAQ 2Oct 1968 – Jun 1969VA-165 AIMDBerthing on the 03 Level with the #3 arresting wire passing through our space was interesting. Wouldn't trade the experience for anything. Go Navy!
Reid, DavidCTA2Oct 10, 1968 – Oct 1, 1970NAVSECGRUDET / OSBest assignment in my career! Many great friends throughout the ship; still in touch with several after all these years! Long live the RANGER-boat!!
Bell, GregoryGMG2Oct 13, 1968 – Jun 15, 19695thI turn 21 on that ship, while on yankee station, I remember the "lone Ranger"being pulled down the flight deck.
Dramer, PaulYN3Nov 1968 – Feb 19713rd DivisionAssigned to 3rd div. as a deck hand. Later worked in Deck office under LCDR Holsclaw. Achieved YN3 and later transfered to NTC Orlando, Fla. Separated from active service Sept. 3, 1972
Silkworth, RickE-4Nov 1968 – Feb 1970SM-4
Palmer, Terry W.ABH-3Nov 1968 – Jan 1972Air Dept. V-1 Div.Life member of & current Pres. USS Ranger Reunion Assn. Always looking for Ranger shipmates-plank owners to decommissioning, ships Co. MarDet, Air Wing, etc. Looking for Larry Piparo-NY Fran Bettencourt-MA Sugar Bear.
Stickler, Bill (Hair)ABH-3Nov 20, 1968 – Jun 20, 1972V-1 Flight DeckWhat an experience. Looking back I made the right decision. I am still in touch with shipmates and am a lifetime member of the USS Ranger Reunion Association.
Johnson, RobertQM3Dec 1968 – Jun 30, 1972N Division
Yendell, DaveABE-2Dec 13, 1968 – Sep 6, 1971V2 Bow CatapultsIt would be great to reconnect with any of the old crew from the Leper Colony.
O'Brien, KevinPh2Dec 15, 1968 – Jun 22, 1971V4 and Photo LabAssigned to V4 Division, but wanted to be a Photographer had to make rate so I could be transferred to the Photo Division IN the early Spring of 1970.
Cearfoss, James E. IISN1969 – 1971
Basselgia, Bruce KinkAQ21969 – 1971VF21best days of our young lives!!!! best people i ever met !!
Wilson, RonEM31969 – 1971e light shop
Buffaloe, JimBM21969 – 1970Deck
Seres, DonnABH31969 – 1970V-3Supply PO/Yeoman
Discher, Charlieseaman1969 – 19703rdlooking for 3 friends i rented an apartment with in San Francisco and also Ray from Arkansas who I played guitar with on the ship. Also anyone who worked on stage at the bob hope christmas show with Neil Armstrong.
Pinkerton, JamesEN31969 – 1973A-5Looking to connect with my old shipmates on the RANGER A-5 division
Roets, GeraldLt.(jg)Jan 1969 – 1971MedicalMy dad served aboard Ranger and loved every minute. Some of his fondest memories were from The West PAC cruise. He was a Medical Service Corps Officer sadly, Dad died in 2006. I love and miss you! Alameda was our home!
Latouf, Lawrence S.ADR 3Jan 29, 1969 – Jan 10, 1973Hi Guys, now living in Michigan, great to be home....
Wilson, DannyCPOFeb 1969 – Mar 1972Danny died on 12/29/00, so the dates may not be accurate. I lived with him the last 11 years of his life and u can contact me.
Rawlinson, BruceLTJGMar 1969 – Aug 1969OPERATIONSAssigned as admin asst to CDR Ketchmark, commander of the ships's Operations Dept. Stood regular bridge watches. Worked with several outstanding enlisted personnel in the dept. Send me a note if you were there.
Durden, AlAOANApr 1969 – Jul 2, 1972Gserved in G-Div. bomb assy, elevator maint, and TAD NAS Alameda NARF
Valencic, MiloADJ2Apr 5, 1969 – Jun 11, 1971VF-154 Plane Capt & PP shop
Rigazzi, James A.MM3Apr 6, 1969 – Mar 30, 1971623 - Marine Mechanic/Air ConditioningJim was my better half for 25 years (May 5, 1990 - 2015). I wish we found this website years ago. I know Jim would have liked to connect with his shipmates and reminisce with them. Jim passed away on 7/4/2015.
Kelly, BrianAQ2Apr 10, 1969 – Jun 15, 1971VF-21
Jacobs, Steve (Jake)ADJ3May 1969 – Jun 1, 1970AIMD - Test Cell OperatorPlease contact me. Interested in a reunion.
Biddle, JamesAN (E-3)May 1, 1969 – Sep 1, 1970V-2 Cats
Compo, LyleSNMay 6, 1969 – Oct 5, 19722nd deckhey there to all my fellow shipmates i served aboard her from may 6th,1969 to october 5th 1972 iserved proudly on her, and would again if iwas called anyone who was aboard her at the time iwas and is from any of the deck divisions please
Wilson, RooseveltE2May 15, 1969 – Jul 1, 1971BT- BOILER ROOMHEY TO ALL THE BT'S OUT THERE will share more later. I'm just happy to find a place where the work that we did can be somewhat recognized.
Gengler, Jimyn3Jun 1969 – Jul 1971OA DIVISIONWorked for Commander Dan McCormick and also Commander Frick. Chief Piddock was in charge of enlisted. Many great memories including sitting next to Connie Stevens at midnight mass, Christmas eve, 1969.
Perker, Bob profile iconETN2Jun 1969 –ElectronicsI've always been proud of Ranger and the job we did over there. My only sailing these days is in an RV enjoying retirement. Summers in Idaho and winters in AZ and So Cal. Anyone who remembers me is encouraged to write
Hart, TomBT2Jun 1969 – Nov 13, 1972P1Who’s out there
Essex, BillE-3Jun 10, 1969 – Jun 4, 1973ships company
Cate, Gary (Midnight Drifter)e-3Jun 15, 1969 – Aug 10, 1972A-1 Division Hydraulics Deck Edge ElevatorsI was saddened when I heard the Ranger Boat had been sold for Scrap. (2014) I will truly remember the days, and crew, onboard her. I did 3 West Pac cruises, and I am a Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club member.
Hastings, KenCORPSMAN 3RD CLASSJun 29, 1969 – Jun 20, 19703rd batallion 6th Marines
Pienkowski, Larry/skiABH 3Jul 1969 – Dec 1971V-1 / Ships Master At ArmsServed with momma meeks...*smiles* A great home away from home, will always remember my years on the Top Gun of the Pacific Fleet
Bennehoof, JonSM3 & SM2Jul 1969 – Oct 1972OSOn campaign(s) I made SM3 on the Signal Bridge. I was SFOMS Draftsman for the Commander during Overaul in S. San Franciso. During which time I made SM2. I was separated a couple months early- humanitarian assignment
Hilton, TimothyAviation Storekeeper AK2Jul 5, 1969 – Sep 10, 1970S6I served as the administrative yeoman in the S6 division. After my ship tour, I spent 35 years in Pharmacuetical industry retiring in 2005. I majored in Biology/Chemistry at Indiana Central College.
Castro, CarmeloCV 61Jul 15, 1969 – Nov 18, 1971I had a lot of good friends in the Ranger. Would ;like to knoe the people that serve between 1969 and 1970. maybe I will find some of my friends. We were in the Ordenance Dept.
Estabrook, Billos 3Jul 20, 1969 – Jul 20, 1973oi dov
Patton, JohnASM-3Aug 1969 – Jan 1971Ships Company Ground Support Equipment
Dimond, TonyDC3 / HT3Aug 1969 – Jan 1973Damage Control I have many fond memories of the days aboard the USS Ranger, and the many friends I was lucky enough to get to know. It would be nice to be able to touch base with some of them again.
Watt, DalePC3Aug 1969 – May 1970X divisionPost office
Ortwein, Vince profile iconSnAug 3, 1969 – Apr 1971OA
Songer, JohnPR2Aug 8, 1969 – Jun 1, 1970RVAH5
Oakes, DennisSNAug 15, 1969 – May 15, 1971XWorked in the Post Office.
Parra, PaulsaSep 10, 1969 – Dec 23, 1971g-div
Cornwall, MikeAMS-3Oct 1969 – Jun 1970Helo Crew (HC-1)seeking anyone with knowledge of log books recording transfer of personnel from Ranger to Da Nang (via Helo)
Barnes, David profile iconE-3Oct 1969 – May 1970NSF CHINA BEACH RESCUEAssault boat coxswain, lifeguard, support for SEAL 1.
Parish, MikeABE-3Oct 9, 1969 – May 1, 1972V2 Cat 3Came aboard from A school 9 October 1969 Was assigned to waste cats.mostly worked below deck cat 3 R&T engine. Did two west pac cruises then a major overhaul at Hunters Point. Said goodbye 1 May 72.
Petersen, LloydAE-3Oct 13, 1969 – Feb 26, 1973VA-113
Moore, DavidE-3Oct 14, 1969 – Aug 1971P-1D.D. Smith an Harry Harris
Vonfeldt, DanielAE3Oct 19, 1969 –VA 93Was TAD to AE IM shop. Had some good times in those Asia ports. Like to hear from anyone in the shop.
Barnhart, JamesPC3Nov 1969 – Sep 1971XWould like to find crew members that I worked with in the Post Office or other X division members that I knew.
Gruich, Garyairman 3rd classDec 25, 1969 – Nov 25, 1971ArmoryIt's been a long time and don't remember names of shipmates. I worked mostly alone while on board the ship while in Hunters Point dry dock but did do compartment cleaning/mess hall, and paint chipping. office on fan tail
Stirling, BruceLt. jgDec 29, 1969 – Aug 15, 1972N Div/Communications/4th DivisionThree outstanding captains/leaders on Ranger during my tours .

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