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USS Ranger (CV 61) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Ranger (CV 61). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1884 crew members registered for the USS Ranger (CV 61).

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Maddox, RichardPH21966 – Jan 1969OP
Birr, Donald profile iconCS11966 – 1967S2Jack of the Dust
Bruehl, KarlGMG31966 – 19685th DivisionEnjoyed the time spent on the gun crew and on the cruise. Hope to hear from others who were in 5th division. Transfered to PBR's after the Ranger.
Morgan, John J profile iconAO31966 – Oct 9, 1969G divisionIt would be good to hear from anyone who served during 1966-1969, West-Pac cruises.
Beresford, RickMM31966 – Feb 1968M DIVISIONWhat a ride! I'll never forget my buddies Phil Garton and Dave Seiser. If you are reading this Phil, Please contact me!! Dave and I are connected for all these years.
Brinkmann, DavidABH/ANJan 1966 – Sep 1970V-1, V-2, V-3, V-4reported aboard and assigned to V-2 Div, injured and sent to Hosp., then reassigned to V-4, made PO3 and reassigned to V-1, V-3
Burns, GeraldE3Jan 10, 1966 – Jan 10, 1967Print ShopI spent more time scraping paint than working in the print shop
Harper, ClydeSgtJan 10, 1966 – Oct 1, 1969USMC
Carnahan, TimothyE-4Mar 1966 – Aug 1969V-2Cat 2 holdback.
Throneberry, Bobphotograpic intellingence second classApr 10, 1966 – Oct 9, 1969Operations
Staeden, Lawrence (Jerry)CYN3Apr 12, 1966 – Sep 28, 1969CR DIV TPL Office
Booker, GeorgeAG 2May 1966 – Dec 28, 1967OAServed on the MAA force March 1966-September 1966.
Klatt, DanielABE 3May 1966 – Oct 1969V 2Cat 2 Hook up Hold Back
Weaver, W FL/CPLJun 1966 – Jun 1968marine detachment
German, JimIC3Jun 1966 – Jun 1968E-4A GREAT TIME WITH SOME GREAT MEN. E 4 Sound Power Shop: The best part was having the privilege to sit in the Captains chair on the navigation bridge any time I wanted. It was a great advantage point to watch flight ops.
Reed, William BillSK3Jul 18, 1966 – Feb 20, 1970S-1 Ship SupplyI was DTO Petty officer and in GSK-1 I to wish I could go back and do it again.Didn't know how good we had it.I made three west pack cruses.
Dotson, JimmyCorporalAug 1966 – Aug 1968Marine Detachment
Sisco, Wayne profile iconAO3Aug 1966 – Oct 9, 1969GM, GMy time aboard the Ranger changed my life. Would love to hear from anybody from those days!
Lerma, MichaelCS-3Aug 6, 1966 – Oct 8, 1969CSI was a cook on the ship. Best division to be in because everyone needs to eat and especially drink coffee so you could get a lot of favors
Carroll, RogerAK2Sep 1, 1966 – Sep 12, 1969S-6Hi All, looking for s-6 shipmates from 9/66 thru 9/69 - been awhile since we saw each other, hope to get a few replies!!
Melvin, Danny CBM 3Oct 1966 – Oct 9, 19693rd DivisionLooking for buddies
Buckley, TomAE3Oct 10, 1966 – Oct 26, 1969V5A great experience. Two Cruises to the Gulf of Tonkin and an unscheduled trip to Korea. Miss the adventures.
Garton, PhilAC4Nov 1966 – 1967Air Opsgreat memories..Sea Of Japan colder than H for Pueblo op looking for any info on S2 mail plane to Danang about April 1967...I flew in from Ranger & need to document for VA claim...Thanks Guys
Demonaco, JohnAO2Dec 1, 1966 – Oct 1, 1969GMLots of memories from a long tim ago! Any shipmates out there, please email me. Hope all is well with everyone.
Cronin, Jr., John Greg Or SmileyBMSNDec 24, 1966 – Aug 26, 1968Fourth DivisionI wouldn't trade my time aboard Top Gun for love or money. I had the best and worst times aboard but shared them with a great crew. Put about 90,000 nm behind her helm which included our vacation up north.
Goshea, RogerRD2Dec 31, 1966 – Jun 1, 1970OI
LaBombard, MichaelAMH 31967 – 1969VF 21Really miss the good old days. Find me at
Conley, JimSM31967 – Jun 1, 1970Communications/Signals
Moore, JohnAZAN1967 – 1969VA-147I remember it well.
Mahoney, PatrickAT51967 – 1969VA-147
McElroy, RandyGMG31967 – 19695th DivisionIt was quite an adventure for a group of young guys. I was glad for the opportunity to work topside on the gun mounts. I would like to hear from others from 5th Div. that served during the same time.
Cruce, Larryams31967 – 1968vf21My father (Larry Cruce) served on the USS Ranger. I'm looking for anyone who may have served with him. He passed away in 1980 when I was 3. I'd love to hear from anyone who may have served with him. Thank you, Sarah
Klein, BillADR31967 –C1A crewA sad time for many, but there are always good memories, even in time of war.
Williamson, Jim/ AhabRd21967 – 1970OI
Patterson, ThomasBM31967 – 19691st divisionGreat time. Many great memories.
McConnell, Dwight profile iconMM31967 – 1969m divisonIn Main Machinery Room 2. Have great memories and had great times.
Mooney, FrankBM31967 – 19672nd
Hentz, PeterAG-31967 – 1970OAShip's Company Operations Administration Weather Office
Devlin, AllenSM31967 – 1968CS
Gaddy, ClaudeEM3Jan 1967 – Aug 1970
Martin, GlenEM3Jan 1967 – May 1968E-3This was fun time of life I have fond memories of my years on active duty. I remember claude Gaddy who signed this previously
Tatar, DannyABE3Jan 1967 – Dec 1967V-2 Great times Aboard the Ranger CVA-61. Control Console Operator Cat 3
Arceneaux, Paul /archieSFP2Jan 1967 – Aug 1970R Div. Pipe ShopAs I reflect on my time aboard the Ranger boat. It was a growing up time for me and one of my favorite times. Served with great guys. Monfee, Gage,Stallwood,Murphy,Barnes. I would love to be in contact with them
Gale, JackANMar 15, 1967 –V1I will never forget walking aboard my first duty station in the dry docks at Bremerton...
Saalfeld, Lee profile iconANApr 1967 – Jan 1969V-4 and HI reported aboard as an AN then transferred to H Division as a striker. Served 11 months prior to shipping out to San Diego for Hospital Corp School
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Heinen, BobANApr 1967 – Oct 12, 1970V4
Phillip Dobay, PhilPn3Apr 1, 1967 – Sep 1, 1968S
Brooks, RichardPH2Apr 2, 1967 – Jul 1, 1969OPS
Wilson, E.j.ABE-3Apr 7, 1967 – Oct 12, 1970V2 Arresting Gear- Hook Runner/ came on to find some old buddies from my days aboard Top Gun, but don't see any listed.(SAD). Some good memories from my time aboard and miss my old side kicks. Long live those liberty ports............
Cecil, ScottABH-3May 1967 – Dec 1969V-1Had fun and made some extra cash showing 8 mm movies in the void for v-1 div. and other flight deck hands.
Vandiver, JohnAGANMay 17, 1967 – Jan 4, 1968Ops/AerologyGood Deal A/C. Left just before the Korea Trip. The Ranger Is why I enlisted
Ellington, RonEM3Jun 1967 – Oct 3, 1969Electrical-E2-Power ShopWhat can I say-An experience of a lifetime.
Fox, JimAT3Jun 1, 1967 – Jan 21, 1968VAH-10
Toth, SandorAQ2Jun 7, 1967 – Jun 7, 1971Aviation Fire Control VA-165
Van Hall, CharlesSK3Jun 7, 1967 – Oct 10, 1968SupplyI worked in the supply office. Easy job. Made lots of friends. Lost touch with all.
Rowley, MartinBT-3Jun 15, 1967 – Jun 20, 1969# 1 Main Machinery Room--BTWorked in all four mains--started and finished # 1 Main--my son is on USS Essex LHD-2 in Sasabo Japan and loves it--I.S.2nd class now---were CVA-61 back then--GOD BLESS ALL WHO SERVED ON HER would like 2 meet some of you before I die--
Ballard, RodneyGMGSNJun 19, 1967 – May 17, 19695thWhat a time it was! Looking to get in touch with shipmates.
Federle, ChuckEM3Jul 1967 – Jun 1970Electric shop
Ybarra, Joe GEN3Jul 1967 – Mar 1969A-5I remember the destroyers disappearing under the sea and popping back up when we went though the typhoon. Great and wonderful memories aboard that temporary home.
Sluka, DavidAMS2Jul 24, 1967 – Aug 30, 1970AIMD Was ships company in Chief Garret's structural shop for three cruises. Later gave the Maine Air National Guard 19 more years. Was the greatest ship to be on in the fleet. Have nothing but great memories.
Titus, LeslieSM3Sep 1967 – Jun 29, 1969CS I will never forget my time aboard the Ranger, the shipmates, places we traveled, and the feeling it gives me that I was a part of this great ship. At this time of our history and of all the negative views from that period of time, I'm still pro
Cortez, Loue3Sep 1967 – Jun 1971VF-21 LineI was a plane captian. made 4 wespacs, and went after the Peblo, realy cold. I sure would Like to hear from you guys.
Taylor, DanielHM2Sep 1967 – Aug 1969H DivisionMy 1st year on Ranger I was in charge of the Hospital Ward and my 2nd year I was in charge of the Pharmacy. I enjoyed all of my time on the Ranger.
MacOmber, WilliamBM3Oct 1967 – Jan 19682nd DivisionIt was a great experience. Would like to find BM2 Roy Battle
Klein, BillADR3Oct 1967 – Oct 1969Arresting gearLooking for anyone in arresting gear in 67 and 68.
Winchester, David (Windy)FNOct 10, 1967 – Feb 7, 1969mwill never forget how big this boat is. Carl Rudolf,PO1Cooper and Gary Giammarino. Give me a call:cell 903-624-1868 Email
Van Horn, Robert (Bob)ANOct 10, 1967 – May 27, 1969V4I loved my time on CVA 61, BUT ended up with LEAD and CADMIUM poisoning from scraping paint without breath protection. IF YOU WERE A V4 SHIPMATE, or if you had a similar experience, I'd like to here from you. Thanks
Welker, BillCYN3Nov 1967 – Oct 1969CRStill "Top Gun" of the Pacific Fleet.
Arnold, TomAE3-AE2Nov 1967 – Feb 1969VF21Made two westpac cruises on the Ranger with VF21. I was an AE in the electric shop.
Conti, JoeAMS3Nov 1, 1967 – Jun 15, 1968VF-154I was a Plane Captain with VF-154
Vines, Bobcs-3Dec 17, 1967 – Aug 12, 1968s-2worked in cpo mess looking for chuck jennings or anyone who remembers me.
Stanford, Bruce profile iconGMG3Dec 29, 1967 – May 17, 19695thIt was quite different from the small town of Electra, Tx that I came from. Enjoyed my time on the Ranger.

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