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USS Notable (MSO 460) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Notable (MSO 460). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 48 crew members registered for the USS Notable (MSO 460).

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Anderson, GlenCOOK1942 –My dad, Glen Anderson, served aboard the USS Notable during WWII. Sometime around D-Day as the Notable was one of the weather ship predicting bad weather for June 5, 1944 and ultimately postponing the invasion by a day.
Wisnowski, WalterSO21955 – 1956OperationsPlankowner
Love, VicELECTRICIAN MATE 1ST CLASSJan 23, 1955 – Jan 24, 1959EngineeringServed aboard the Notable from 1956 to 1959. In the Navy for 4 years
Riehl Jr, JosephBM3 DVMar 10, 1957 – Sep 27, 1959DeckMade 58 med cruise
Rivers, DickSM3May 1957 – May 1957operations
Rivers, Richard (Dick)SM3Aug 1, 1957 – Jan 17, 1961Signalman, Bridge OperationsReported at 17 Yrs old. Discharged at 21 Yrs SM3, Worked for Chief Quatermaster Sauber. Remember Jr Rinehart, Miles the cook, BB King, Big Jake Brisco, Joe Riel deckhands, three med cruises, looking for space capsul off of Cape Canaveral.
Kopp, LouisICFN TO IC2Sep 20, 1957 – Mar 1, 1961ElectricalA great beginning for a great career. Have fond memories of Love, Earp, Johnson, Hause, Cross, Chief Kenney, Ltjg Buck, Ross, Adams and especially Chief Doug Short. He meant a lot to my sucess. May God rest his soul.
Sockwell, Joel2nd Class Petty Officer1958 – 1959Electronics TechnicianThe Navy experience is certainly memorable. I could have gone to the Med with the Notable, but obtained a transfer to the Meadowlark.
Easley, TomSO2Jan 1958 – Apr 1960OperationsRice Mill, Med cruise, watches with Briscoe. Sauber making chief, Gurley, Rinehart, Chief Kenney, C/O McGaw, X/O Rivers (fine officer). Getting married. Nolan, Cross, Raney. Xfer to Parrot, then Fidelity. Out 9-9-60.
Foster, FredSOG2Sep 1958 – Oct 1961operationsmany good memories of a great crew and close friends
Bitner, Jamesem2Nov 1958 – Aug 1961engineering
Poulin, Martyseaman 3rd1959 – 1961minemen cuban blockade my biggest memory and med.crusie,etc.
Wassmansdorf, Bart M.LTJGMar 1959 – Jul 1962
Doerner, RobertETN2Apr 1959 – Dec 1961operationsI look back with fond memories of time aboard. LTCDR Hannum was skipper when I boarded. Many memories of Cookie, Foster, Kopp, Bosco bros. Chief Sauber, Phipps, Claycomb, Chism and many others.
Lineberger, RalphE3Jun 16, 1959 – Apr 11, 1961Deck Hand Had Red HairHad Red Hair
Lippert, FredLTJGAug 1959 – Jun 1960Executive OfficerI served under LCDR Ric Hannum
Grimm, Harry (Cookie)EM3Sep 15, 1959 – Jun 19, 1961EngineeringFond memories of Lou Kopp, Carl Earp, Jr. Rhinehart, Chief Short, LT. Buck and several others that I can't call their names.
Sigmund, Richard (Rick)ENFA--EN3Dec 1959 – Nov 1962EngineeringRemembering Morrison,Kauffman, Blasco, the Wickersham brothers,Tyler deWolf, Bruney, Miles,Moore, Harley, BT3 Meyers, and several otherrealy great guys.
Messer, Edseaman first1960 –2ndenjoyed being part of project mecury recovery groop for alan shepards first orbital flight
Hause, WilliamEM2-P2Jan 2, 1960 – Jan 1, 1961RTransferred from Notable to Bulwark, MSO-425 to fill the position of Leading Electrician for Med Deployment with MinDiv 83
Buck, DavidLTJun 1, 1960 – Sep 1, 1962XOXO under captain Freeland
Fleck, HarveyEN2, EN31961 – 1963M
Tindell, JimmyE3Feb 1961 – Sep 1963DeckRetired Chief BM Clifton Bunch passed away . He served on the Notable in the 60s.
Harrold, JonYN3Jun 1961 – Oct 1962ships office
Hartman, RaymondBMSNJul 1961 – Feb 1964DeckArrived from boot as a FA, was changed to SA without my doing, the old Navy way. Under the forcefull guidence of BM1 Bunch I left as a BMSN. I have never regretted my Navy days. I met a lot of fun guys. where are some of you
Wickham, EugeneE4/SFP3Jul 10, 1961 – Aug 3, 1962Damage control
Wickham, JerryEN3Aug 1961 – Aug 1963
Wickham, JohnE3Aug 1961 – Aug 1963Forward engine room
Wickham, JohnE3Aug 1961 – Aug 1963Enginering
Chism, LarryRD2Nov 28, 1961 – Nov 20, 1962OperationsDon't emeber many names but do remember a lot of good times A.J. WIscount was my best friend, lots of tales about him. WOuld lobve to hear from shipmates. Was Jr Rinehart the BM in charge of the decks?
Daly, BuzzSEAMAN APPRENTICE (RM STRIKER)1962 – Sep 1964operations
Hart, CharlesRD 21962 – 1964
Spanier, JamesLIEUTENANT (JG)Jan 3, 1962 – Dec 10, 1963
Oppy, Mike2class engine manMar 1962 – Jan 1966Mine sweepRemember lots of the many things that took place. Steve and Mike Blasko from St Louis. The Cuban crisis was not fun. Almost go run over by a a cargo ship while on patrol. Remember those v-12 Packard engines. Charleston
McSwain, JamesE4/Boatswains MateFeb 1965 – May 1966MineDiv 85Great ship and crew! I can see most of their faces and remember their mannerisms. Wish I hadn't transferred from her to the USS Skill when we arrived in the Med, but had to return to US for birth of my daughter.
Erwin, William (Bill)RM2Apr 17, 1965 – Dec 8, 1966OPSI retired in 1982. Had some good times aboard Notable. Especially remember Reftra at Gitmo and Liberty in Jamaica. Also in Narragansett Bay lobster feast.
Markham, BudRDSNSep 1966 – 1967OPSReported aboard after USS Stalwart sank. Made RD2 and was xferd in late 67 or early 68 to USS Vital MSO 474 in Panama City, Fl.
Watkins, Robert (Bob)LTCDR1967 – 1969COMy dad was the CO for two years in the late 60's and was very proud of the ship and crew. He retired in 1977 and passed away in 1993.
Renninger, Will /gunner profile iconGM3Feb 14, 1967 – Dec 15, 1969Minron 8I would love to hear from crew members.
Munafo, Anthony (Tony)QM3Mar 15, 1967 – Jul 15, 196883Served most of my active duty of the USNR
Bachman, DaleRM3May 1967 – Jul 22, 1968operationswe were one tight crew that looked out for each other. i remember chet, he was my operations officer... tony used to cut the crews hair, he was from atlantic city, nj. randy shied and i were good friends, i miss you guys
Scheid, RandyETR-3Jul 21, 1967 – Apr 1968OperationsTransfered from the Observer MSO-461.
Roberts, ChetLTAug 1967 – Aug 1969Operation & EngineeringBest minesweeper in the fleet

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