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USS Saratoga (CV 60) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Saratoga (CV 60). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 2155 crew members registered for the USS Saratoga (CV 60).

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Fleming, Chuck-1982 – 1985-Worked in #2 main machinery room as a Boiler Technician.
Corbin, Robert D.BM21982 – 1985-
Bridge, ThomasMS31982 – 1984messlooking for J.P.Lamay,mich./Dave Demar,Wis.
Meacham, Mike (Meach)YN31982 – Aug 17, 1985Ops YeomanMed. Cruise '84...anybody out there remember, "FISHER!!!!! WHERE ARE YOU!!!" That was me that did the Ops Dept. muster report when he was listed as UA... (It was your fault wasn't it, Dave Pink?!)
Ankenbrandt, Rob1982 – 1985differentIf anyone remembers me let me know...would like to hear from fellow shipmates and marines
Cusson, JimMM1982 – Aug 16, 1985PropulsionCome on while in Philly and was discharged prior to the '85 cruise. I spent too much time in firewatch when I got aboard before moving to an AMR. God that was long ago... now I work in Information Security and hold a CISSP
Baker, DaveDK21982 – 1984supply
Scott, Jim "Scotty"EM-31982 – 1985EGood times & not so good times, but most of all met some great people! Would love to hear from any of you crazies that I served with. 2 Meds, 84 being the Love Boat, Work Ups/ Sea Trials St. Thomas, Ft Lauderdale. Don't know how we made it?
Wilson, DavidDP31982 – 1986S-6Loved my time aboard!
Uhey, ScottASM41982 – Jul 1, 1985AMID GSE
Scott, GaryDS11982 – 1983ADP DivisionAt PSNY for 2 wks then to Norfolk for DC & FF refresh training. Supposed to be 3 wks... ended up ~ 6 months. Sent TAD to a trailer on the NAS side which "housed" an ADP computer. Met up with the ship again in Mayport.
Galloway, AdamMMFN1982 – 1985Enginering1 Main .... Heaven didnt want us ,hell was afraid we'd take over
Michaud, Paul profile iconEM 21982 – 1983E Was assigned to E Division but worked on the Flight Deck and the Elevators. Stood my watches on the SSTG,s and the Emergency Diesel Generators. When I arrived to the command the ship was in dry dock Worked in A&O.
Bulmer, DougAT31982 – 1985AIMD 610 / VA-81
McNaulty, MikeAA21982 – 1986AbhHad a great time aboard the Super Sara! Miss all my old hanger deck buddies.
Moss, Douglas profile iconRM21982 – 1983CR
Cullen, PhilDPSN1982 – 1984S 7
Picinich, DonaldE31982 – Aug 1985V3
Thompson, MarkEM11982 – 1985EI ran the Lighting shop & then the Power shop & then the A&O shop while on board.
Nieman, Charles- PacmanE-31982 – 1985V-1
Meacham, Michael 'Meach'YN3Jan 1982 – Aug 1985OPS Dept.Arrived on board the 2nd year of SLEP (on that crazy bus ride from Norfolk to Philly!); Med Cruise '84 (Fischer, where are you?!) Hoping to hear from MS3 Marino, SK3 'Zetti, and PH3 Kuhn...hope yous are doing well...
Collazo, RossET2Jan 1982 – Jun 19, 1984Radar
Picinich, DonaldAirmanJan 1982 – Aug 1985V-3Some of the best times of my life were spent while serving. Also looking for fellow V-3 Division crew.
Goode, KennethAD2Jan 1, 1982 – Jan 1, 1985VF103
Burke, BuddyABH3Jan 2, 1982 – Aug 18, 1985V 1The only V to be......where are you Bill Gibson, Joe Creamer????
Dyer, JeffreyE-8 ABECS(AW)Jan 10, 1982 – Nov 15, 1992V-2Once a Gear Rat always a Gear Rat.. Still the best ship I've ever served one. Worked hard and played even harder... (Super Sara)
Lathrop, Scott " Paintman"E-4 ABE3Jan 12, 1982 – Aug 15, 1985S-8 & V-2I had great time with my shipmates. I never forget my friends or that Ship 84 med best ever
Urbanski, Daniel LE-5/EM2Feb 1982 – Jun 1986EI never recieved a good evaluation, but I had a world of fun. Two cruises, plus slep, a long list of bars, and a short list of great friends (Ike, EV, Sloppy, Chevy, Mo, Luckystar) to name a few.
Berger, John / BergermeisterBT2Feb 1982 – Sep 1984"B" P11MMR the whole time on board. After I got off active duty, I worked with Gary Martin, Jackie Cobb & Randall Atkinson for a while. Greg Mechler is a Fireman here in my town. Ran into JD (Jack Dowell) hear he is a RN now.
Donald, Michaelmm3Feb 1982 – Oct 1985a-gangfirst ship lot great stuff
Capone, ChristopherAE2Feb 1982 – May 1984A.I.M.D. IM3, Shop 4 Ship's Company
Barmann, PaulMM3Feb 1982 – Sep 19851MMRLoved the snipe life, miss those days. Good memories. Shout out to my brothers. If ya want to catch up (
Pink, DavidFire Controlman PO2Feb 1, 1982 – Jun 28, 1986Operations Department - OM Division
Fleming, ChuckBT3Feb 2, 1982 – Aug 17, 1985P-2 / 2MMRWorked in #2 Main Machinery Room as a Boiler Tech. I miss the guys that i steamed with, some of the best people i have ever met, would enjoy hearing from some of y'all. 84 Med cruise was awesome. R.I.P. Mike Flowers.
Dillingham, Brianabh3Feb 20, 1982 – Oct 3, 1985V-3Still cherish all my time and shipmates on the super sara.
Arehart, DwaynePH3Mar 1982 – Dec 7, 1984Operations/Photo LabThanks for the memories! Med Cruise 84.
Alloway, TMM3Mar 1982 – Sep 1985A @ G 3Hey Do You Remember Med 1984
Duane Grau, GrauMM3Mar 1982 – Jul 19852Main/Oil LabGot on board in Philly going through the SLEP. Had some great times in 2 main and the Oil Lab. Would like to contact some old friends.
Lyons, StephenYN2/YN1Mar 1982 – Oct 1985X-1 Capt's Office/Classified Mail Room/Ops AdminDrop me a line shipmates.
Baker, DonaldMS2Mar 1982 – Nov 1984Training detachment / S-2I ran the training office forthe Sarratoga Detachment in Norfolk while the ship was in Philly Shipyards the worked in the S-2 Office after the shipleft Philly.
Hurley, GregorySH3Mar 9, 1982 – Aug 12, 1985S-3 SupplyWorked in the GEE-DUNK store.
Dills, DavidMM3Mar 9, 1982 – Aug 25, 1985Engineering 2 AuxI was mess cooking during the yards. Then i was in 2 aux for my tearm. I enjoyed working with all my shipmates. I look for you all when i can. I am an Design Engineer working for a company for the DOD. Callme
Rotharmel, JimmyMS3Apr 1982 – Oct 25, 1986s-5Ijoind the saratoga at the phily ship yards served in the officeres mess till my discharge in oct 1986 did two med cruises
Gaines, RonaldRM3Apr 3, 1982 – Feb 25, 1986CommunicationsI served with maddog maddox, gator harmon, tomcat thompkins, flowers, dickerson, ms3 erwin and a bunch of other sailors and marines, holla at me when you can!
Rezachek, Genee-3 ynsnApr 27, 1982 – Jun 27, 1985SAFETYHey I still have alot of good memorys of my services years and wish i could of taken alot of them back and start over i had the best time ever and i always recommend that people should serve there country and i am proud
Krafft, James (Jim)ABE1Apr 28, 1982 – Nov 29, 1985V-2 LPOWhat a tour! My last active duty was 1960. Recalled from the Naval Reserve 1982 and what a shock. Made ABEC 1987. Retired 1991 from USS Forrestal. Thankful for all the help shipmates gave me.
Nichols, Kevin(Sugar)BM2May 1982 – Apr 1984DeckLooking for Kiano, Mark Duran, Calvin Brown and David Nelson.
Arbegast, Kim (Arby)AS2May 6, 1982 – Oct 15, 1985AIMD/IM4 Ground Support EquipmentSome of the most best times spent in my Naval career was on the Super Sara
Wyles, GeraldE-3May 10, 1982 – Feb 19, 1985V-3Appreciate the memories on board the USS Saratoga. Fun to hang out with Danny Robertson and James Harrants, Hangar Bay Crew!
Robinson, JefferyABE 2May 10, 1982 – Jun 19, 1985Bow Cats
Haldeman, BrianRM2May 12, 1982 – Feb 1985CommunicationsLooking for info on old friends in the communications department
Fourney, BrianDT3May 15, 1982 – Jan 15, 1985DentalLooking to make contact with any fellow sailors who might remember me
Norris, MichaelAO1May 20, 1982 – Jun 12, 1984G3 WEPSGreat times and even better shipmates...
Hall, KenABE3May 24, 1982 – May 24, 1986V-2 Arresting Gear / SupplyFirst of all I'm proud to be on this list. Super Sara is a great ship. I'd like to re-connect with the friends I served with in V-2 divison.
Gervais, MikeBT 3May 25, 1982 – Jun 25, 1986oil labI would say the best times of my life were on board super sara made some good friends .like to know how they are today.
Williams, Johnny/j.o/johnny O'E-4/SK3May 25, 1982 – Aug 23, 1985S-1 Logistic Support CenterReporting aboard U.S.S Saratoga was my 1st command after bootcamp. It was so amazing being aboard such an awesome ship and the life experiences i gain was incredible. Meeting all the great guys from all over the U.S
Masterson, BobAXANJun 1982 – Jul 1987IM-3 Shop 7 (VAST)Known as "Bat" Masterson, Worked Maint. of VAST equipment. Hi to Joe Kenney, Pat Begley, Neal Nixon, Tim Shoemake,Mike Duncan, Jim Shirley and all the airwing operators!
Olsen, Richard/smurfDP3Jun 1982 – Dec 1984S7
Fern, DarrylEM2Jun 1982 – Aug 1984E-Div.Distribution, Power shop
Sherman, GregABH3Jun 12, 1982 – Jun 12, 1986V3Looking for ABH2 Wright, ABH2 Mogart
Goldman, RichardAO-ANJun 14, 1982 – Jun 14, 1986G-3 could not have served with better shipmates
Goldman, RichardAO ANJun 15, 1982 – Jun 14, 1986G-3
Gragg, KevinAE2Jul 1982 – Jul 1985AIMD Shop 2
Quint, AlanDS2Jul 1982 – Jul 1985OEWorked in the CVTSC / ASWM shop. First ship and remember more names than any of the following commands. Didn't know how good I had it.
Bazydlo, JackAS1Jul 1, 1982 – Jun 20, 1985AIMD/GSE
Roberts, Scott (Boo Boo)RM2Aug 1982 – Jun 1986CommunicationsGood & bad times...Norfolk Det prior to Philly for the shipyards. We had some good times in Philly! I was a Radioman...did preventive maintenance on antennas and radio equip and snd/rcv msg trfc.
Green, TedHT3Aug 1982 – Jul 1984EngineeringI don't remember alot of the people from the Sara but there are a few I do. Mark Keller and Bill Zaragosa are the two who I have the most memory of. I'd like to reconnect with anyone who may remember me.
Murray, ErichBTFNAug 1982 – Oct 1985ENGINEERING P-4 BTI was a Boiler Technician from Cincinnati Ohio I work on the catapults and also #4 boiler room I enjoyed my time aboard CV-60 from dry dock in philly to my 84 Med cruise BEST CREW EVER
Brasher, ScottFC3Aug 1, 1982 – Aug 1, 1984Weapons
Glosson, RolandAO2Aug 2, 1982 – Mar 2, 1986g1 weaponsnickname Tank
Astell, JamesAOANAug 10, 1982 – May 10, 1985G-1Maybe I should have had more control when I hit the beach.
Clark, BobbyHT2Aug 15, 1982 – Feb 24, 1986Repair-Nucleus fire partyHave great memories of our ship and lots of friendships.
Goedde, StephenE4/AO3Aug 15, 1982 – Nov 28, 1984G1Fun bunch of guys in the G1 Division. We went to the Med in 1984. Our first port call was Barcelona Spain in April. We also visited France and Spain as well as Tunisia once. Were all in our 50's now.
Terry, RandyABH3Sep 1982 – Jul 5, 1985V3I appreciate the time I spent on Super Sara, and if I could do it again I would.
Williams, DanielANSep 1982 – Mar 1985V-1
Hadas, JamesAO3Sep 1982 – Feb 17, 1985G-1 Div.
Anderton, Brian AT1Sep 4, 1982 – Nov 5, 1985IM3I served 2 tours on the USS Saratoga. From September 82 to Nov 85 then from Aug 89 to Mar 93
Whitaker, Robert (Bob)ABH3Oct 1982 – Oct 1984V1
Opdyke, EdwardSNOct 1982 – May 19864th
Pemburlin, KevinAN/ASM3Oct 15, 1982 – Jun 10, 1986S-8(The Maz) & IM-4 GSEHad a great time. If any of you out there remember me let me hear from you.
Albansky, StanleyMM3Oct 19, 1982 – Jul 10, 19861MMRTons of memories. Great friends, and great times. Wish I could see and talk to some of those old friends.My email is Would like some contact. Thanks for the great times.
Warner, DougAK-3Nov 1982 – Aug 1985S8/S6Spent most of our time in drydock/port. Made 84 Med cruise, broke ankle in Feb and spent last 6 months of tour on shore duty.......Would do it all over again (except broken ankle !)
Och, Michael (Tree) profile iconCPLNov 1982 – Nov 1984Marine Detachment
Norton, JeromeE--4Nov 1, 1982 – Jun 1, 1986GREAT START,Would change a thing.
Sharp, DonABE2Nov 1, 1982 – Feb 1, 1985V-2What a great site to hookup with lost friends. I remember all the great people to which I had the pleasure of serving with.
Paparello, Papse3Nov 14, 1982 – Nov 23, 1985v4miss all my shipmates fun times 84 med spain,italy never forget renting mopheads in spain
Kinson, TedMM3Nov 19, 1982 – May 1986P4 4MMRI miss those days of steaming into the Med and the IO. I miss the gang of 4MMR. Truly some of the best people I will ever know in this life. I hope all of you are well, and I am proud to have served with you. Drop me a line sometime.
Simms, JoelMM3 MS3Dec 1982 – Sep 1986m 4mmr s galley cargohad a great time both times also was on there march 93 to decom
Rogers, PeteAK3Dec 1982 – Jul 1986AIMD/IM3
Hoek, Stuartsk3Dec 1982 – Aug 26, 1986s-8
Joaquin, ReynaldoAS1Dec 1982 – 1985IM4
Trombi, DavidABH3Dec 1982 – 1985V1Great memories and friends in V1 division and particularly in Crash & Salvage. Too many stories to detail in 220 characters. My vehicle license plate is V1ABH to this day.
Payne, MalcolmDT3Dec 27, 1982 – Jun 22, 1985DentalI was the youngest black guy in dental during this time frame. I would like to get in touch with some of the guys from dental and any others that remember me.
Simms, JoelMM3 MS3Dec 29, 1982 – Sep 20, 1986m 4mmr supply galley cargowork in 4mmr had a great time anyone remember me email me also was on board from 1993 till we decom her
Gren, TomCPLDec 30, 1982 – Jan 5, 1985MarDetAny Marines remember me? Drop me a note.I talked to Cosby recently. Where are you Cabrera, Och, Smith, Kozlowski, Del Hardin, Steiner, O'Leary. We all had a great time on the 84 Med Cruise. I can't wait to visit the ship again.

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