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USS Saratoga (CV 60) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Saratoga (CV 60). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 2155 crew members registered for the USS Saratoga (CV 60).

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Ross), John Rostkowski (J.J.ABFAN1974 – 1978V-4
Smith, StevenMM31974 – 1978M (P2)Served in 2MMR. I remember it well when the discarded arresting gear cable fouled our prop!
William, Payton1974 – 1977What a way too grow up Great ship
Tierce, GregMMFN1974 – 1976A-GangI Was In The Steam Heat Shop
Yaun, SamCPL.1974 – 1976marine detachmenti have tried now for years to see if any of my old jarhead buddies are still with us? get off your asses you old dam leathernecks and respond to my fuckin letter or are you alive , oorah
Bailey, WillardRMSN1974 – 1976CR
Gause, Ronald profile iconAO31974 – 1975VF-31MED cruise "74-75" Seemed like a vacation compared to Wes-Pac {72-73}.
Johnston, CharlesMMC1974 – 1977AO2N2
Bailey, WillardRMSN1974 – 1975CRA great chapter in my life was made during my time on the Sara.
Lindsey, Johnny (Red)BT 31974 – 1975engineeringWorked in 4mmr miss all my buddies am now retired from the post office I sure miss having o body fat due to the horendous heat we worked in Lets not forget gitmo when we had to cut off the forced draft blowers
Braun, GeorgeBTFN1974 – 1976BOil Spill Ismear Turkey. Nato Cruise,Texas Bar, Monico, Bicential I held up the flag for North Dakota, Do you remember the small yatchs coming out to greets us. Mayport 1976 Captain Dunn yelled at the Kennedy to get out
Zimpleman, JohnAirman1974 – 1975DentalI was a DT striker in D-Div. & made the 74-75 Med. Cruise. The Dental officers and DT's that I served with were some real characters. Boy, do I have some sea stories! Looking forward to hearing from them.
Johnson, MarkMMFN1974 – Aug 30, 1976O2N2Id love to hear from anyone in A Div or O2N2
Reeves, Ken (Bear)BM21974 – 19772ndMade three Med cruises Ran side cleaner crew for a while made lots of friends.
Diamond, ErnieIC 21974 – 1976E DivisionResponsibilities and duties associated with being assigned to the forward Interior Communications space and a host of various equipment, including Navigation and Telephony Equipment to name a few etc.
Steinberg, RichardBT31974 – 1978B2mmr miss all my shipmates
Ellenburg, LesAZ1974 – 1976AIMD
Deitrickson, MichaelET31974 – 1976Operational Electronics divisionRadio technician / Specialist in Meteorological and Oceanographic equipment. Left the Navy in 1976 and remained in electronics for the next 43 years. It's 2019 now and I really hope to retire SOON !!.
Wilcox, Melvin\ LouisE31974 – 1975Ammunitions
Ostrowski, James31974 – 1977VA 75
Teague, Rickabh21974 – 1977v5/v1 fly2I have great memories of the men served with. often wonder how they are now? especially mark hefler (fly 1 yellow shirt)I just found this page on the net. look forward ho hearing form old roof rats. take care & god bless
Thomas, DennisElectrician mate/31974 – 1976EngineeringDid to Mediterranean cruises. Landed on the aircraft carrier on a two prop plane. Not just a job it was an adventure
Brown, GregABE3Jan 1974 – Apr 1977V-2Made a second tour 1979-1980.
Casassa, JeffreyCPLJan 1974 – Jun 1976Marine DetachmentLooking to make contact with any of my old friends from Sara.
Fleming, AshleyMM3Jan 1974 – Sep 20, 19753MMR
Drury, LarryDT2Jan 1, 1974 – Dec 15, 1975Dental
Holt Sr, JohnDP3Jan 4, 1974 – Jul 7, 1977S-7i reported during dry dock in portsmouth, rode sara down to mayport with my car on the flight deck, cool.i remember when capt dunn called GQ after an A6 went off the starboard cat and splashed,rip, many good memories too and many friends.
Brown, Gregory profile iconABEAA - ABE1Jan 4, 1974 – Sep 1980V2 DivisionI worked arresting gear from 1974-1977, making the 1974-75, and 1976 cruises, transferred to NAS Pensacola in 1977 for shore duty, then returned to the Saratoga in 1979 and made the 1980 cruise. Retired in 1993 as ABEC.
Naylor, Rick GFeb 1974 – Nov 1977
McLarty, Clifford profile iconAN/AK3/AK2Feb 4, 1974 – Aug 4, 1977S-6Learned what life was all about onboard the Sara. Hard work and life long friends. EVERYONE should join the USS Saratoga Association and keep her memory alive!
Lesperance, Tim (Tiny) profile iconem3 e4Mar 1974 – Oct 1977E Divgot orders to uss saratoga in 1974 got a hold of a friend I met in a school great lakes em2 greenwood saying I was commiflew on board went diirectly to e div worked in light shop finsihed working in #2 aux machinery rm
Hess, IsaacADApr 1974 – Sep 1976VA-75Fourth of July 1976 in Monte Carlo will never forget the show.
Groshans, Jack profile iconE5/RMApr 1974 – Jul 7, 1977CRLADY first carrier...had a great time on her. I got myself in more trouble...but..was very very good at getting out it as well...had a great imagination. Busted from E5 to E3...kinda worth it...missed the money but had fun
Ayre, SheldonOS 2May 1974 – Jun 1978OIServed as COMMSMP in CIC. First three months mess cook in Chiefs Berthing. Came up as AWOL? Member of Murray's Marauders - 2 Med Cruises (76 & 77). Three Collisions in Three Years...
Mathews, Marvin/mattRM3May 1974 – Feb 1981CR Communication
Maschmeier, RobertADJ 2May 1, 1974 – Sep 1977Air Wing VA-75Flight Deck Troubleshooter Powerplants for VA-75 The Sunday Punchers.
Gonzales, DanENFNMay 10, 1974 – Dec 27, 1977made 3 Med-cruise's worked in steam heat shop& Boat shop
Piccolo, FranABHANMay 28, 1974 – May 5, 1978V-1 DivisionI'm in CT> still working with aircrafts
Hurd, JohnQM3Jun 1974 – Aug 1977N
Hixenbaugh, TomE3Jun 1974 – Jun 19772 Main Engine Room, Machinist MateHey tonto this is Hix tom from 2 main engine saw your message , yea all them guys smitty, fuzzy ,remember, rosebud ,big bird, Dewey, was good times, talked to dennis and smitty, years back
Brumfield, DennisDS-2Jul 24, 1974 – Jun 1978S-7 DivMy favorate cruse was the bi-centenial. I would sure like to get in touch with my old shipmates
Carter, WayneMM-3Aug 1974 – May 19782 MAINI remember a lot of good people.And a lot of good times.
Allen Bryce, IronmanABE4Aug 1974 – Jul 7, 1977CV60 (V2)Just looking for those I served with.
Bueno, ManuelFN/EM3Aug 1974 – 1977EReported as a striker in the E-Division. Worked in most of the E-shops but largely in Heavy Power Shop. Made two Med Cruises before transferring to the Spruance Class Destroyers.
Beare, DuaneAO3Aug 2, 1974 – Dec 23, 1977GIt was real and fun; but not real fun. Really it was a great experience and I have met alot of fantastic people. But I would not want to repeat that experience.
Mason, JohnAMSAAug 3, 1974 – Jul 28, 1976VA-37Most interesting time of my life.
Greer, TerrySKSA-SKSNAug 6, 1974 – Dec 19, 1975S-1Cut my teeth as green as could be when I checked on board her. Went right to the Med in 1974 did 6 months remember 3 months in Naples with a broken propellar shaft. Remember being so low rank that a Third class was GOD !!!!!!!!!
Leahey, PatrickSN/E3Aug 30, 1974 – Aug 15, 1975X DIV ESOSaratoga was my first ship. Worked for ltjg padget, pnc emerson and pn1 barnes. Did my 20 years and retired in April 1994
Reeves, KendallBM2Sep 1974 – Sep 19761st&2ndBoat duty and refueling,what an adventure.
Furbee, JosephABF3Sep 1974 – Mar 1978V4Had some great times while serving aboard the Saratoga. Made many friends and often wonder how some are doing. Worked for dept of corrections in Pennsylvania. Email is to contact me.
Fratus, PeteDP1Sep 10, 1974 – Sep 10, 1975S-7Interesting experience.
Newman, JonathanABE-1Sep 13, 1974 – Sep 20, 1976V-2 BowcatsWas a very good learning experience on life choices. Really enjoyed the Bowcats position. Made a few friend while on the cruise. Experience will never be forgotten.
Oisten, CarlFNSep 15, 1974 – Aug 12, 1976Boiler tecGood times on a great ship just looking for a ship mate from the marine detachment Tom M Davies i would like to find him
Collis, Ben profile iconSNSep 27, 1974 – 1975VA-75, Yeoman, Payroll
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Salkeld, DavidMM3Oct 1974 – Oct 1978M & AuxRemember that storm in Naples same year the arresting cable caught the prop we were finally air lifted back to the ship after three days.
Gault, Harry (Pete)LT, USNOct 1974 – Feb 1977OETough ship but I met some memorable people!
Rabe, JoeMM2Oct 16, 1974 – Oct 16, 1980AAir compressor shop. If you know Moffit's Misfits, you know me.
Baker, MikeNov 1974 – Oct 1975A74/75 Med cruise A div Hyd shop under MM1 Hoot anyone remember, if you do feel free to e mail me hope to hear from some of you.
Brown, KeithEM2Nov 1974 – Oct 1977EWorked out of A&O Shop
Butts, GarryAK2/AK1Nov 1974 – Feb 1978S-6Favorite Liberty ports - Monaco, Palma, Mallega.
Rider, DannyADJ E3Dec 20, 1974 – Apr 30, 1975VA 37Great times
Cassady, Thomas J. (Butch)FNDec 31, 1974 – Sep 28, 1977I flew over while the ship was underway on the 74/75 MED cruise. Was in E DIV - power shop - light shop and safety shop. Many many fond memories of shipboard life. please email
Porter, Daniel profile iconHT3Dec 31, 1974 – Jun 30, 1979R-DivI met some great people while assigned to the Sara and enjoyed my time there.

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