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USS Saratoga (CV 60) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Saratoga (CV 60). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 2155 crew members registered for the USS Saratoga (CV 60).

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Kufahl, PeteAK31971 – 1972airdale / va-37 out of jacksonville fl.remember spending alot of time in athens do to engine room flooding. Many memorries surface as i think back on those days and the people i served with.
Betz, Dennis (Fuzz)BT E-31971 – 19741-MMRServed most of my time in one main, but did some time in 2-main after an unapproved "vacation" ;)
Demrest, EarlBM31971 – 19742nd/1stServed in deck dept, email me for more
Hughes, Gerald JPETTY OFFICER 3RD CLASS1971 – 1974Damage Control
Carr, TimBMSN1971 – 19722nd
Drum, StevenBM31971 – 19734th
Guice, Alan (Boats)BMSN1971 – 19723 rd and 4 th served in deck dept. and tdy pbr 44
Breeden, RoyE-31971 – 1973b 1main engine room
Indelicato, RonaldAQAN1971 – 1973VF103Came aboard in Naples in '71during a Med cruise. Made AQ3 went to 'Nam in '72. Came home to Oceana 2/13/73.
Lorio, Cecil C Lorio Jr.MM41971 – Sep 1974Mserved in #1MMR&#1AUX.
Cannilla, SalE-31971 – Feb 13, 1973V-4
Nelson, DaryleABM1971 – 1974Cat oneI was the Boxer that fought in all the smokers
King, LonnieRDSN1971 –OILooking for memories of the 1971 Med Cruise. Was a blast. looking to touch base with old CIC members
Ethington, GregRM31971 – 1973CR DivisionWhile serving in the Med and West Pac, I thought I was having a miserable time. It is funny, those are the times that I look back on with the fondest memories.
Stroman, Jackmm31971 – 1974a divfirst ship
Hagat, FredPO2/MM1971 – 1973A DivisionA7; O2/N2
Schroeder, KevinHTFN1971 – 1973R DivisionOne of the best times I had in the Navy!
Slagle, Charles (Big Bird )E51971 – 1975V-1
Cole, MaxE31971 –BLooking for some of the other people in B di Mdiv
Shipley, CarlCDR1971 – 1973Engineer Officer
Elstad, GregoryTradevman 21971 – Jan 3, 1973DeckI would enjoy hearing from any of the people I served with on the ship's deck television system. I would also like to know anyone else I served with has cancer (prostate) and/or Parkinson disease, as I do.
Munsch, JamesSN1971 – Jan 4, 1974S-3 supplyworked in the laundry, also worked the ship's store supply line, what fun that was. Made 2 Med cruises and our fun fillrd Nam cruise. Too many memories
Summers, Charles (Walrus)EM21971 – 1972EAviation & Ordinance (A&O) Electric Shop. Med cruise 1971 and Vietnam cruise 1972.
Setzco, DonaldRM21971 – 1971crOnly on board for 6 months but enjoyed Med cruz that ended up in Greece for weeks with flooded engine room from blown salt waster conversion intake. Got early discharge before Vietnam shut down cruz because a shorttimer
King, LonnieE31971 –OIWould like to touch with friends of the 1971 Mediteranian cruise. Atlantic Fleet.
Magaro, RandyAkan1971 – 1974StoresLooking for those that know Randy Magaro during their tour aboard this Saratoga
Storer, Renebm31971 –deck
Castor, Michael EdwardLCpl1971 – 1973USMCDennis Higley, Doug Martin, Barry H, West Perry, Jim Stafford are some of the buddies i recalled, hope they're still alive. I am presently living in the Philippines and we visited Olongapo last year, big change since '73
Smith, Michael A.ABHANJan 1, 1971 – Jul 1, 1973
Walker, Robert--cookie profile iconCS3Jan 1, 1971 – Aug 2, 1974S3 Cooksneed ship members that remember the riots we had 1972 on our way to Nam,. If you have pic or knowledge of what happened I NEED TO KNOW ANY Thing you can help me with. Email thanks R Walker
Young, Nils R. BullRM2Jan 1, 1971 – Mar 18, 1972CR
Henderson, Troy HendersonEM3Jan 2, 1971 – Jul 14, 1974EI was on 1 cruise and it was a great experience,we went to Viet-Nam,Phillipines,Hong Kong,Singapore.I was an Electrician,Elec.Distribution group,Power Shop Mtr.Rewind Gang.Look forward to hearing from you guys in E-division&any divisions.
Stuber, Ed/"Wally"EMCFeb 1971 – Feb 1974ELong hours, hard work in the 'hole.' Be good to hear from any friends, esp Distribution guys. I saw her at RI. Not pretty. "Chief Wally"
Goen, CharlesAC2Feb 16, 1971 – Oct 25, 1975OCSara was my first ship in a 21 year career. She will always hold a very special place in my heart for many reasons. She took me around the world and back again through war and peace. COMNAVAIRLANT called Sara his "Prize Bull." I agree
Wilson, NormanGMG3Feb 18, 1971 – Oct 27, 1972ORDNANCEI am the daughter of the veteran. He passed away several years ago and I have no pictures of him if anyone does have any ship photos of my dad please contact me at my email address
Pagano, FrankLCDRMar 1971 – Apr 1973Communications Officer
Smith, GeorgeANMar 1971 – Mar 2, 1973V1 ( fly 2 and 3Work for The Sumter County Farmers Market. In Webster, Fl. I have been there for 33 years. Worked as a Volunteer and also a part time Firefighter / EMT until April of 2013 when I retired. ( Med & Vietnam cruise )
Hundemann, WayneAG2Mar 1971 – Jul 1973OA DIVISION - WEATHERNaval Weather Service Gitmo 1970 to 1971 Sara 1971 to 1973 NJ Army National Guard for 10 years 22 years as a NJ Police Officer Now retired to Florida
Baker, TomRM2Mar 1, 1971 – Jul 15, 1973CommunicationsSupervised watch in Transmitters 03 level and UHF 010 level. Med cruise (boiler blew in Athens, 30+ days of liberty), WestPac cruise (engine room fire in Singapore). You out there Cmd Schantz (Chris)?
Bergman, Edward / EddieAK3Mar 10, 1971 – Aug 10, 1971Ship Supply (Supply Support
Dyer, GlenE-3Mar 29, 1971 – Jan 1974v1looking for alphabet or issagana
Million, BruceAMH-3Apr 1971 – Jan 1973cvw-3 va-105 corrosion control shopi was on board in 1971 for the med cruise and the 1972 west-pac cruise
Serrano, Hector profile iconANApr 1971 – Dec 1972V-3hoping to hear from shipmates who served with me in Vietnam and subic bay. the best days of my life.
Fellers, BobBT-3Apr 7, 1971 – Dec 18, 1974I was assigned to #2mmr. It has been a long time, but I would like hear from anyone who remembers me. I only kept in touch with one person, John Treadway who died a few years ago. The west-pac cruise is the one I guess I remember the most.
Gentille, AlAK2Apr 10, 1971 – May 28, 1974S1
Chambliss, CharlesSK-3Apr 11, 1971 – Apr 1, 1973S-1
Beebe, DwightTD3May 1971 – Nov 1972V-2 (PLAT/Fresnel Lens)Good people, crazy days. Med cruises, North Atlantic, Western Pac (Gulf of Tonkin Yacht Club) Almost sinkings and fires. Too much boredom, too many wrong things to get hooked in to. Made it, though. Hi, Nick!
Fischer, Kevin (Fish)BT3May 1971 – Nov 1974B Division (2MMR)I had a great time while aboard and loved the various ports of call. All the Navy training landed me a great job as an Engineer with Bechtel and now with the Department of Energy. Stayed 21 years with final rank of Chief
Eleazer, Michael profile iconE-2May 1971 – Oct 1972V-2 W/CATSHey Shipmates, If any flightdeck crew developed prostate cancer or diebetes maybe due to agent orange on the westpac cruise please contack me,, worked on cat 3 V2 waist cats.
Beltramine, RobertAO3May 1971 – Jan 1973GMTo hook up with any of my division shipmates would be great, but especially Dennis Kennedy from GM Division and Frank Cargene..
Amores, Ricardoe3May 1, 1971 – Feb 1, 1973Boatswainanybody see any Agent-Orange-purple or any color.. Love the cruise but hated the COFFE on the Island...
Goodloe, JamesE-5/PHMay 1, 1971 – Aug 1, 1973OPS (Photo Lab)Great run on Sara, enjoyed every minute of it. Caught her in Cannes France in 1971 and departed when She was in the yards at Suffolk, VA to enter college. Most memorable times were definitely at Subic Bay, Olongapo City
Ellis, MichaelE3May 23, 1971 – Dec 16, 1972Hummers
Oquinn, JoelAQ2May 25, 1971 – Aug 30, 1974IM-3Made med cruse where we had problems in Athens. Then made wes-pac, where we had a fire in Singapore. Returned to states and the yards in Portsmouth. While in dry dock we had a major fire that took all night to put out. Great friends
Robertson, Jeff "Bones"PH 3Jun 1971 – Sep 1971RVAH-9Think I have the monthes right..All I remember is that it was the med cruise in 1971. Sorry
Dybala, TimEW2Jun 1971 – Jul 7, 1975OE & OWWorked on electronic warfare equip and operated equip in CIC. EW's were in OE Div until OW Div was created in 1974.
Bender, ThomasAMH2Jun 1971 – Oct 1971HS-7TAD to Hydraulics Shop. A lot of money changed hands upstairs above this shop. The First class in charge of shop had me paint the shop. The hangar deck looked like a fog bank had rolled in because of no regulator.
Dybala, TimEW2Jun 1971 – Jul 1975OE & OWWas in OE Div from '71 to '74. OW Div was then created by LtCdr Schukis, Ens Mudge, Chief Hodges, Pat O'Hara, Steve Curl, Richard Smith and me in the winter of 1974.
Nelson, Rick profile iconSNJun 1971 – Feb 13, 1973S3 (Laundry)Looking for anyone from the 'mole hole' gang or the laundry. also James Kline, Houston, Dufenburg (sp). I've forgotten a lot of other names. I got on in Corfu and got out after Nam. Remember the hotel in Singapore???
Reno, Frank profile iconSK1Jun 13, 1971 – Sep 16, 1973OZI was an Sk1 converting to DS
Reed, SteveE-3Jun 19, 1971 – 1973v-2 Supplyi met Sara in Athens Greese after flooding engine repairs finished med cruise went to westpac vietnam tour flew for classA school end of tour, worked in V-2 supply-cat/arresting gear records dept
Shanks, RobertE-4/CPL E-5/SGTJul 1971 – 1971VMCJ-2/ USMCDid the Med. cruise and had to cross deck to the America then back. Then in 1972 went on her for the westpac. Then I met up with my Squdron in the Phippines and there went from Veit Nam, Thiland, and back to the Phippines for 11 months
Brouse, JohnIC2Jul 1971 – Jan 1972EShort time aboard Sara, remember #3 main flooding and some great liberty ports.
Buckley, Robert (Buck)AMEANAug 1971 –VS-28I was onboard Sara when she almost sunk in Athens harbor. She is still a great ship.Anyone from VS-28 out there?
Smith, Donnie profile iconABE3Aug 1971 – Mar 1973Air
Langlotz, KarlYNSNAug 1971 – Jun 11, 1973WeaponsLooking possibly for Michael Schutz, James McBride
Parke, Brucebm3Aug 1, 1971 – Jul 18, 19753rdlooking for homer adkins bm3 email me or call liv in homeworth ohio 44634 im in the phonebook
Harrison, JerryAC3Sep 1971 – Jan 1974V1/V5
Wells, TomABE3Sep 1, 1971 – Mar 2, 1973V-2 Bow CatsLast of the Med cruise and all of Nam cruise. Looking for folks that are having medical problems due to Jet Fuel, MEK, Toulene, Agent Orange, etc. Fighting the VA 2016, could use some corroboration.
Hobbs, Paul "Pg"E-3Sep 21, 1971 – Sep 20, 1973Deck
Morales, AbelIC3Sep 22, 1971 – Sep 22, 1974engineering deptWorked in foward and aft IC Rooms. First Class Baer and Chief Westbrook were my navy leaders. I Maintained all mc speaker communications and 3-digit phone exchange. Worked on gyro-scope foward and aft of ship.
Davis, Tom profile iconSK2Sep 25, 1971 – Jun 25, 1975SupplyWas onboard ship from September 1971 until June 1975. Was onboard when we crossed the Equator on the way to Vietnam in April 1972. Also on board for Med Cruise after Portsmouth Shipyard.
Creech, RustyAO 3Oct 1971 – Jun 1974G
Scully, Daniel J.ASH3Oct 10, 1971 – Aug 15, 1975Airman Support for the AircraftGot on Sara in Olongapo-remember the Rock bar in Subic City? Crossed the equator 3 times on Sara-that was an experience. Nam, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the Med Cruise after coming home from Nam. Mayport Florida, and Norfolk Virginia some
Soto, RichardFAOct 12, 1971 – Feb 21, 1972DAMAGE CONTROLI was on the sara for OJT for short time I still had a great time before I was medically discharged.
Stephens, AlvinE-3Oct 17, 1971 – May 28, 1974
Burkhardt, Henry "Sonny"MM2Nov 1971 – Apr 1973"A" O2-N2 PlantI was discharged on arrival, after the "Nam" cruise.
Dodson, MichaelDPSNNov 1971 – Feb 1973S-7I was a data processing technician in the S-7 Division. Youngest man in the group.
Halstead, JerryDP3Nov 1971 – Mar 1973S-7I remember roach infested racks while mess cooking. DJ on the midnight-3AM shift on WSAR. "Paper runs" (wink, wink) to retrieve supplies. Crossing the River of Shit to visit Olongapo & Swanky's. Singapore. Hong Kong.
Rook, AaronABF2Nov 2, 1971 – Jul 24, 1975V-4Looking for old buddies, Mr. bug eyes.
Munoz, Isidoro (Lolo)SNNov 20, 1971 – Sep 20, 1974S-3Did the westpac curise from april72 to feb.73. any body remember going to Danag to pickup supplies we went in a helicopter for 1 day.
Kubiak, SteveSANov 21, 1971 – Mar 15, 1974S 1 & S3
MacE, MarkHT 2Nov 24, 1971 – Nov 21, 1975RFrom Montana, Stationed out of Subic Bay, OPs in Tonkin Gulf
Young, BruceANDec 1971 – Sep 1973OA Weather OfficeWhat an experience! Thanks to my fellow shipmates for many very good memories. (Eric, 3 "Ken"s, Bob, Jimmy, Chick, Eric Radcliff, Biannon, Scot, Bubba, Dave D., and a few more who's names I can't recall but do remember.
Hankins, Richard (Rick)SNDec 1971 – Aug 1973"G"On board during MMR fire, pic of me dawning an OBA n cruisebook, in prep to fight fire. Built and sent bombs and missiles to flight deck via Bomb elevators in forward mess area. Have some nasty nightmares abt Vietnam.
Atkinson, WayneANDec 3, 1971 – May 2, 1972V-1super sara at the time was a cva attack carrier, i was working flight deck, fly one blue shirt, chock & chains, tow bars.
Lloyd, JimLtDec 6, 1971 – Jul 5, 1973Line Officer- VA-105I was an A-7 pilot with the VA-105 Gunslingers during the Saratoga's only WestPac cruise. I flew bombing missions for 10 1/2 months over North Vietnam. The Sara was a great ship with outstanding officers and men!
Wyers, RexQM3Dec 11, 1971 – Sep 12, 1975NPart of QM Gang - Westpac - yards - Med cruise
Mike Curry, MooseOS-3Dec 11, 1971 – Jul 25, 1975OI Division and Master-at-ArmsI was a lookout until we left for Viet Nam, then to 1st Division until July 72 and back to OI Division. Went to A school while in Portsmouth and then to MAA during Med cruise 74. Left the ship in June 75 for early out.

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