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USS Saratoga (CV 60) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Saratoga (CV 60). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 2169 crew members registered for the USS Saratoga (CV 60).

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Bridges, MikeAE11970 – 1974IM1 QAIst tour was as Ships Company then with VF103. Loved Jax Beach as well as the med. Especially Bo's Reef and the Top of the Tides. :)
Kaufman, RonE-2, E-51970 – 1972EWorked on "Vent repair Gang" in "E" Division. Spent some time in Ham Radio shack. Richard Nixon and Bob Hope Show.
Kimbrell, RonE 51970 – 1974
Novick, RayGMT21970 – Dec 1, 1973"W"Came aboard in Naples. 2 med cruises, 1 North Atlantic, I WestPac. I was there for the almost sinking in Athens, the fire in 2MMR and the VietNam deployment.
Hayes, Anthony "tony"SEAMAN 3RD CLASS E31970 – 1971XI served in the post office.
MacAllister, SterlingAVIATION ELECTRONICS TECH/A-6 INTRUDER1970 – 1970Attack Squadron VA-75Looking for any squadron memorabelia, ball caps,patches, Battle "E" ribbon, etc....
Ferrari, DennyPN31970 – 1973ExecutiveI worked in the Education Office during my tour on Sara, would like to reconnect with anyone I worked with. Executive Officer was LT. Ludwig at the time.
Stern, RobertSKSN1970 – 1972S-1Worked Forward Storerooms, Shipping and Rec.
Sluder, Robert/bobby profile iconABH21970 – Feb 1972V-3Still in Redding, Ca. Talk/E-mail w/Denny English in Fla. and Larry Brown in Md. DCPO 1st cruise, MAA 2nd. Wish I worked on deck w/the boys more than one training cruise. Give me a shout!
Ott, John (Doughboyams 41970 – 1973vf-31spent most of my time in vf-31 in the line as a plane captain. my birds were 102 or 103.
Bauman, Alan profile iconPO21970 – 1971Weather OfficeI'm doing this for my dad, Alan Bauman, if you happen to know him and wish to reconnect please contact me @ -JB
Bosworth, GaryE21970 – Mar 31, 1974WeaponsDoing this for my husband, Gary, who passed away 16 June 2016. He had great stories to tell about his friends, Ray Novick, Fitzloff, Gary Weller, whose body he was privileged to escort home after the fire in Singapore.
Jarrard, StephenDamage Controlman E41970 – Dec 1972" R " Repair / Carpenter shopSara was in dry dock at Philadelphia Naval yard.I had just completed "A" school aboard the USS Buttercup at DC school at the same location. I was on fire watch when I located a fire in a pump transfer space,saved her
Hawk, VernerATN2Jan 1970 – Nov 13, 1970AIMD IM3Ships Company, AIMD IM3 Div. Shop 5A (Cal Lab). Separated from active duty on 13 Nov. 1970 just after the Sara arrived in Mayport following the 1970 Med. Cruise.
Carter, VernBM3Jan 1970 – Mar 19721stReally Loved To Be Aboard Saratoga, Many Fond Memories Of Med Cruises. Friends Aboard Were Chuck Gaddis, Ken Ledbetter, Buzz Bowman, And Les Peterson. Would Love To hear from Any Of Them Again!!
Bill, JamesABH-3Jan 1, 1970 – Jul 21, 1973V-1Looking any shipmates that r having any health problems w/ cancer,biebetes or anything w agent organce. please let know. thanks
Cogdill, BillABH-3Jan 5, 1970 – Nov 10, 1970V-3I was in V-3 Division. It was one of the best times I think I had in the Navy. I had some really great friends and had some really great liberty. I would not change it for the world.
Coluccio, GeorgeE-3Jan 10, 1970 – Dec 31, 1971V-1Came aboard the Sara in Valencia Spain and was assigned to V-1 Division. Started out chalking and tying in Fly-2, drove a Huffer unit, got a great gig as an LSO talker for awhile. Hardest I ever worked in my life.
Russell, BudETN2Jan 15, 1970 – Jul 8, 1974OEWorked on TACAN and surface search radars and repeators
Nicholson, NickANJan 16, 1970 – Mar 21, 1973V-2 Arresting GearWorked the A/G engine rooms and sheave dampners during the Med Cruises, Deck Edge Control During the cruise to "Bermuda" (Anyone remember all the waterspouts) all the way thru our WESPAC. "Phnatom in the grove!"
Ennis, William (Bill)RM-2Feb 1970 – Jul 1971CR DivisionLooking for anyone I may have known
Martin, Robert (Bob)MM4 2ND CLASS POFeb 1970 – Feb 1974M DIVISION
Smith, RandyABEANFeb 1970 – Oct 1973V2 Cat 1&2Looking to contact any old salts working on the forward cats. Hopefully some of those old guitar pickers are still around. Tom Franklin (Texas) Russ Barnett (Warner Robbins GA. ???)
Carter, VernonBM2Feb 8, 1970 – Mar 6, 19721St & 2nd
Carter, VernonBM2Feb 8, 1970 – Mar 6, 19721St & 2nd
Norton, LarryYN2Mar 1970 – Oct 1971ExecutiveCame aboard as a seaman first and served in personnel as a YN3 and then YN2. Worked the leave/transfer desk. Early out in Oct 71 at the end of the Med Cruise.
Conley, BillABH3Mar 1, 1970 – Jun 10, 1972V-1CRASH CREW
Britton, JeffHM3Mar 1, 1970 – Jan 30, 1971MedicalMed Cruise ( June-Nov. 1970 ) OR Tech.
Kepner, John EBT3Apr 1970 – Apr 1974B 3MMRDoes anybody remember those days the flooding of 3 Main in Athens Harbor the 2MMR fire the WestPac cruise dry dock fire in Va? I'm still alive after all that. Joe do you remember sharing an OBA when traped by 2Main fire. E-mail me
Brooks, GaryApr 1970 – Oct 19712ndDrove the XO's barge. SWStood several wathces when the expansion joint ruptured in Naples. I made a couple of Med cruises. I hated that ship, but I wish I could see some of my old shipmates. Kenny Ledbetter was my best buddy.
Huth, KennethADJ-3Apr 1970 – Jun 1972VA-75 TAD to AIMD on fantailMy time in VA-75 was always TAD to AIMD so I knew more of ships company people. I was and will always be proud of my time in VA-75 and USS Saratoga. I now reside in Green Cove Springs, Fl.
Gonzalez, HectorE-3Apr 1970 – Nov 1971S-3Worked in Laundry and went on two Med-Cruises
Houk, JamesADJ2Apr 1, 1970 – Aug 1, 1971im2Remember the fly over of the 3 planes when President Nixon was on board
Shriver, KenAG2Apr 15, 1970 – Apr 20, 1972Weather OfficeCan`t wait to see her again.
Bryant, DavidE4Jun 1970 – 1971Aircraft MaintenanceAircraft Maintenance with VAQ 130 Det 4.
Beck, David (Dw)ABE-3Jun 1, 1970 – Jul 22, 1972V-2 Gear Rat
McKinley, JayAO2Jun 1, 1970 – Jan 30, 1974G DivisionI worked in Bomb Elevators. I was the Maintenance PO and worked the Flight Deck on the1972 WestPac cruise, Number 7 Elevator.
Clark, John profile iconsnJun 1, 1970 – Apr 1972S3 laundry and stores.West Virginia hillbilly, worked in the laundry for shl1 Kelly. Made a couple good friends but never stayed in touch, And cant find them now.
Beecher, MarkE-4Jul 1970 – Feb 23, 1974Personnel, V-2, Air Department
Lovins, DonaldABE-2Jul 1970 – Dec 1973V-2 A/G
Hogg, DavidSeaman ApprenticeAug 1970 – Oct 19701stLove being on the Sara.....
Mayberry, Tharon Donald "rfd"AN-SPEC.Sep 1970 – Jul 1972Combat SupplyWas one of several that was picked to assist in "pave way" for Seebeas construction into villiages for supply loads to be transported, lifted from Sara and set down in Danang, then my whole world changed several picked if anyone out there
Steckler, GlynnYN3Sep 1970 – Oct 1973XI worked in the XO Admin office.
Trebino, Charles / Chuck profile iconSNSep 1970 – Feb 21, 1972S-1I was a toss round started in pers. Div., S-7, finally S-1
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La Tour, ThomasE3/AirmanSep 1, 1970 – Feb 7, 1972G DivisionLooking forward to hear from fellow crew members from G Division.
Bynoe, Joseph / TriniHM3Oct 1970 – Sep 1973Medical Operating Room Tech I was assigned to the Saratoga a week later after I left Booth Camp in Great Lakes Illinois,I boarded the ship while it was docked in Jacksonville Florida, Worked in sick bay on ship with the Vietnam Vets.
Poliseno, VincentAE3Oct 1, 1970 – Oct 31, 1972AIMDLooking for Daniel G Stephenson, Ken Back and other C1A crew members. also would love to contact Timmy White from NYC
Spear, SteveETR2Nov 1970 – May 1974OE DivisionWorked on the SPS-43 from Shop 2
Carpinona, Michael/kryptoAANov 1970 – Jan 24, 1972V-3Had a great time while on the Sara, met some great people and I will never forget the Med cruise.Wished I could have gone on the WestPac cruise
Fleming, BillyFirst class petty officerNov 1970 – Jan 1994SecurityI am married to a wonderful woman. I was stationed on the USS Saratoga between 92-94. I was also on the USS Forrestal. I retired in 1994. this will be 20 years since I was stationed on the USS Saratoga.. I am a veteran.
Day, JamesE3Nov 20, 1970 – Nov 27, 1972G DivisionMy nickname onboard was Sonny Day and I worked in the bomb elevator. A lot has happened in my life since Vietnam, and I would love to catch up with anyone around looking at this site. Contact me
McBride, Jimmy profile iconYn3Nov 20, 1970 – May 5, 1974WAEnjoyed my time on Sister Sara. Really enjoyed my med cruise and Nam cruise. Met some great friends while in the Navy.
Moore, Richard/ Moe profile iconMM3Nov 30, 1970 – Jun 6, 1974M DivisionI worked in # 1 Auxilary engine room Anyone out there, remember me. West Pack 72-73
Kusser, Robert (Bob)ABF2Dec 1970 – Sep 1972V-4 Aviation FuelsServed as below decks PO during 71 Med Cruise..Moved to Fuels Repair prior to 72 WESTPAC worked with the finest ABF repair and division crew in the fleet..Missed deconmissioning ceremony..Hope to board "SARA" as a museum.
Miller, PaulABF2Dec 1970 – Feb 1973V-4Med Cruise 1971 was great. WESTPAC was good, but turned out as a nightmare for me with the loss of the VA75 CO.....I was fueling his A/C just before he moved to the cat. I watched his A/C hit the water.
Snyder, JimCT03Dec 1, 1970 – May 1, 1973OS1971 Med cruise highlight. Athens for 30 days 1972-73 West Pac - olongapo is a very unique place. shellback initiation. Great ship, never regretted my time spent onboard
Miller, PaulABF2Dec 14, 1970 – Feb 13, 1973V-4Worked as Below Decks PO during the 71 med cruise. Anyone remember the duffey valve in 3 pump and how it got it's name? I was moved to Fuels Repair after the cruise. The Westpac cruise was with the greatest bunch of AB's I ever served with..

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