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USS Saratoga (CV 60) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Saratoga (CV 60). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 2155 crew members registered for the USS Saratoga (CV 60).

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Collins, James C.AE21969 – 1970-Served with VA-46
Powers, Larry D.1969 – 1970Dental
Barnes, Thomas PaulAN1969 – 1970V-3
Randall, TomETR21969 – 1971OEI worked on air search radars(SPS-30)
Longabaugh, William T. (Tom)E71969 – 1971Aviation SupplyMy Dad (now deceased) served aboard the Saratoga. When I was 11, I went on a dependents' cruise aboard the Saratoga. It was the greatest day I ever spent with Dad.
Lance, Robert Stevenprivate first class1969 – 1972ordinance
Rivera, Jessiean abf1969 – Feb 1970v-1one med cruise. just looking for some familiar faces or name is jesse rivera
Poth, JerryE51969 – 1970IMDI was young strong and smart and served to an RE1 honorable discharge . I found out that our LORD is always really close to all sailors on the sea . May He always bless our usnavy !
Miller, Charles "C.t." profile iconETR21969 – 1973OE DivisionMaintained SPN-42 ACLS, SPS-10 surface-search and the Raytheon close-approach radar systems: 3½ Med. cruises, 1-10 month 'Nam "tour", and 1 Dry-dock overhaul. [Walked under an Aircraft Carrier!]
Ford, TomRD31969 – 1970OIbeen along time
Flair, JohnHT21969 – 1972R DivisonSara was my second duty station. USS Essex ,CV 9 was my first. Sara was so much better, as I got to work in my craft.
Huffman, DarrelAN1969 – 1970IM-1
Henderson, BrucePH21969 – 1971OPPhotographers Mate 2nd class USS Saratoga CVA 60
Harris, NeilAK21969 – 1969S-6Worked in the Rotable Pool
Soule, TomBT31969 – 1970Boiler RoomBest years of Life
Kingston, Robert.AN1969 – 1970V2 cat1
Pollari, PaulMm1969 – 1970Machinest mate
Hayes, Alanfireman/EM1969 – 1971E
Barnett, Russell (Russ)ABE31969 – 1972V2 Division Bow cats deck edge operator For me the Saratoga was my home for four years. It was one of best experiences of my life, I worked and libertyed with some of the greatest guys I ever met. We spent alot of our time on the flight deck with cat1 and cat2
Gustavson, John A.PfcJan 1969 – May 1970WeaponsServed as part of United States Marine Corp detachment. This was a 50 man detachment, all of whom except 2 were Vietnam combat veterans. Traditionally, the U.S.M.C. guards the weapons and the Captain on U.S. Naval ships
Davis, WillieRM3Jan 1969 – May 1970CRAll most 70 years old. Just wanted to know who else made it.
Dubois, KennethLTJan 1, 1969 – Apr 1, 19714th
Barnes, GregshsnJan 2, 1969 – Jun 1969S3Worked in the Crew's Barber Shop and the Officer's Barber Shop. Got transferred after only six months. Really disappointed.
Chase, GaryMM2Feb 1969 – May 24, 1972M Div1969 to 1972 worked 1 Main, 1-Aux, and 2 Aux Flew off ship in S China Sea May 24 to Danag
Herald, Charles RandyFTG3Mar 1969 – Aug 1970FoxOversaw Radar 51 Fire Control System
Sedlak, RobertE4Mar 1969 – Nov 1969RecoveryWhat an honor to serve aboard such a great ship with such a great crew
Anthony, Kennethbm3Mar 19, 1969 – Jan 15, 1973first div.just looking to see if I can locate some of the guys that I served with. would be nice to here or see some of the guys .been a long time!
Dumolt, Thomas L. / Tom profile iconHM3Apr 1969 – 1970Medical Records and Xray DepartmentMed cruises 1969 & 1970. I was medevacked off the ship due to flight deck injury, while caring for a deckhand in 1970. Reassigned to the medical department MCB62. Last station was Roosevelt Road, Puerto Rico.
Ammarito, AlbertE3Apr 1969 – Apr 1971AGang AC &RBrooklyn boy enlist, joined navy saw the world
Bowman, Ronald/buzzBM3May 1969 – Apr 19712nd Division (Rope Chokers)I loved serving, loved being at sea, was proud of the Saratoga. Miss the friends I made and the wild liberties in the Med.
Houston, RandyANMay 10, 1969 – Sep 10, 1972V2Looking for anyone who was working in the catapults or the arresting gear on the Saratoga from 1969 to 1972 Randy Houston
Taylor, DonaldABE3May 16, 1969 – Jan 17, 1971v2 divisionWas on her when she almost sank in Athens. Been looking for Russell Barnet for years. He lived in Georgia. My memories of her still bring a grin to my face..liberty memories. Long hours of flight ops made me the man I am
Bogden, DennisANJun 1969 – Oct 1971Photo LabThe best memory of the Sara was when Nixon came aboard and being one of several assigned to him. My photo with him was featured in Life magazine 1971.
Jones, Russell/russ profile iconDM2Jun 1969 – Jun 1970OZHad my own kingdom. The AOF Vault. Did my 12 hour shifts there, 1200 to 2400 for 9 months. Good crew to work with.
Hamilton, Richard "glen"RD2Jun 1, 1969 – Dec 20, 1972OIHello to all Sara shipmates. I worked in CIC as a radarman for most of the time, and later on as Electronic Warfare Watch Supervisor.
Denoo, StevenDT3Jun 9, 1969 – Apr 9, 1971DentalI am still amazed at having been allowed to serve here. I especially remember my Karate classes at night.
Wilson, TomEM3Aug 1969 – Nov 1972E divRecall mmr3 flooding, mmr2 fire, and emergency vent repair in subic. Seems like yesterday, but a lifetime ago.
Warwick, Bryanasm3Aug 7, 1969 – Feb 1970aimdflew to rhoda spain picked up ship in greece greatest time of my life
Carter, Arthur profile iconHT2Aug 10, 1969 – Feb 23, 1973RepairI received the Navy Marine Corps Medal for fighting the fire on Oct 29 1972, but can not find any reference to the fire in Singapore Harbor in any Records. Are there any photo's or records available?
Lienau, JohnRD3Sep 1969 – Apr 1971OILooking for Toby Headley..........
Stolberg, HarryBT3Sep 1969 – Mar 3, 1973B Division-Oil ShackMade many friends - wish I knew where they were now. Some of the greatest times in my life were on that ship. Contact me at
Jarrard, StephenD.C.3Sep 1969 – Dec 1972RepairI started out in the door and hatch shop but was transferred to the carpentry shop for the rest of my time on board. I did 3 " Med" cruises. I carved the ship's fighting cock as our shop door plaque.
Hilton, Richard E5Sep 1969 – Aug 1972OZ
Thole, RickE3Sep 10, 1969 – Oct 1, 1971S3I worked in the ships laundry
Harris, TerryANSep 29, 1969 – Dec 18, 1971AIMD IM-1Sara was my first home away from home. I was only 18 when I reported aboard, at Rhodes, Greece. I really miss the shipmates I worked with, and I miss the Saratoga. She made a big change in my life. I hope to one day visit her again.
King, RichardAOANOct 1969 – Jun 1970AO shop
Wake, MartyDP2Oct 1969 – 1971IOICCame aboard in Rota, Spain in '69, was on board when Nixon visited and crossed North Atlantic to the North Sea and back to the Mediterranean.
Rosado, Robert (Mickey)BM 3Oct 1969 – Feb 19731 DivisionCame aboard 10/1969. I'll never forget the 90ft swells coming back to Jax. I did 3 Meds and Vietnam Nam. I drove the 40ft liberty boat named Big Apple. Snoopy's buddy Woodstock was painted on stern. Anyone remember?
Stauffer, JamesADJ3Oct 15, 1969 – Feb 15, 1971IM-21 of 2 ship's co. jet engine mechanics
Walsh, ThomasE3Oct 24, 1969 – Aug 24, 1973MachinestI was assigned to 2MMR. Worked there for a while. Got transfered to 2AUX for the rest of my hitch. One of the best experiences of my life.
Benson, DougANNov 1969 – May 1971A-1 Div., Fly-2 & Pri-fly under Cptn. Paulk of the Air WingCrazy good times in the Med. Interesting doing a air show for Pres. Nixon ( was going to have live amo and bombs--but had to do a silent show because some world leader died) Nixon the sent us home early :)
Margrave, Michael HT 3Nov 1, 1969 – May 15, 1971RSome of the best days of my life. "Sara" was awesome and I remember all my R Division buddies.
Fowler, DennisEngineman 2nd Class (E5)Dec 1969 – Oct 1971AuxiliaryEnjoyed serving aboard the Sara and especially with the crew of the Auxiliary shop that kept the liberty boats and generators going. Would like to contact any of the members of that crew and also Bill Dill.
Allen, TomSADec 26, 1969 – Nov 13, 1970Supply S-1, Stocked and issued jet parts.Two weeks before out chopping from the Mediterranean, during flight exercises, one of the planes were coming in for a landing when their engines quit, and they went to the bottom of the Sea. I'm surprised it wasn't mentioned in the accident cat

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