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USS Saratoga (CV 60) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Saratoga (CV 60). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 2155 crew members registered for the USS Saratoga (CV 60).

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Danks, FrancisAIRMAN1967 – 1968103 fighter squadron
Chase, RonnieE4/AMS21967 – 1968VA-176 (TAD)
Greengold, MarkDM31967 – 1969OPi would like to contact JAMES PHILIPS PT3 back in 1969 also want to conntact Philip Kalmis
Zeeb, KenAO21967 – 1969G DivisionG Division Flight Deck Crew G Division Ammunitiuon Clerk
Woodall, DouglasABHAN1967 – Jun 10, 1968V3Yellowshirt.
Scorsone, SamDS21967 – 1970OP/OZCVA60 IOIC
McGuire, JohnDP21967 – 1968OZWorked in the IOIC. Wondering if 1st class Gibson is still around. I was a 2nd class Data Processing Tech. Enjoyed all of the ports we visited. Have funny memories of our time in Gitmo.
Jones, JohnSeaman1967 – 19694 division
Hawkins, TerryE51967 – 1972SfpHello my father whom I'm doing this for served on the USA Saratoga CA 60 and he is looking for any of the guys he served with IV heard a lot of stories from when he was in the Navy I just want him to get the chance to re
Nelson, DaveLithographer Chief (Ret)Jan 1, 1967 – Jan 1, 1971Executive X Print ShopEnjoyed working in the Print Shop and all the Liberty Ports we hit. Spent most of my weekends in St Augustine when home. Loved it
Slusher, CarteerPH3Jan 15, 1967 – Jun 30, 1969OperationsAnyone that served with me in the photo lab send me a text message.
Barnette, GaryAZ 2Feb 1967 – Dec 1967VA 21667 MED CRUISE 6 DAY WAR
Ross, Terry (Googy)ABNFeb 1, 1967 – Oct 1, 1970V1Working Fly One most of the time on board.
Bruso, RobertGMT 3Mar 1967 – Feb 1970W Division
Drury, LarryDT2Apr 1967 – Dec 1969Bldg 122 - Audio Visual
Hagedorn, RayQM3May 1967 – Apr 1968Navigation
Robinette, KennethAE- 2May 6, 1967 – Dec 12, 1967VF-103Would like to hear from anyone who was in VF-103 during this time period.
Bosworth, MilesGMT3Jun 1967 – May 9, 1969WKeepers of the Dragon Never dreamed that the scrapping of the Sara would effect me as it has. I wear my Saratoga hat and shirts with pride today. A shame the first 4 super carriers are under the scrappers torch.
Scholl, JohnDC-3Jun 1967 – Jun 1969R Worked in the Carpenter Shop and was ships Locksmith
Richter, John S.RD3Jun 1, 1967 – Apr 1, 1969OITwo years brought a lifetime of memories. Biggest thrill, catapulting off and landing in the COD.
Hawkins, TerryE5Jun 4, 1967 – Jun 4, 1972Sf
Solomon, StuartETR2Jul 1967 – Jan 1970OEPrimarily responsible for the AN/URN-20(V) Tacan.
Zeitchick, AlanAQF2Jul 3, 1967 – Oct 12, 1969VF-103Did two Med cruises. Hi lined aboard during 6 day war in '67. Worked as part of VF 103. Assigned to AMD shop in '69 cruise.
Parr, RickRM3Jul 24, 1967 – May 18, 1969cr
May, RobertAMS3Aug 20, 1967 – Sep 6, 1968AirframesLike to hear from Al Scott (Scotty) R division. E5 He lived in upstate NY
Gochenour, KennethIC3Sep 1967 – Oct 1970E-DIVISIONFORWARD IC ROOM
Peelle, RobertPN3Sep 1967 – May 1969XLooking for a Personnel Office reunion. Looking for Robert Hignell, Jeb Blacknall, MacMillian, etc.
Gaskill, TomMM2Sep 1967 – Feb 1970M-DivisionServed on the Sara from Sept 1967 to Jan 1970. Assigned to #3MMR. Does anyone know of someone who has Mesothelioma caused by asbestos exposure.
Herring, Joseph R. (Fish)PNSNOct 1967 – May 1969XOnly YN striker in a bunch of PN's. Later switched to PN. Shoulda stay a Yoeman. It's amazing how we all say good things about our time aboard especially as I can't remember anyone who actually liked being on the ship back then.
Burnham, SkipFTG3Oct 1967 – May 1971FOXPort and Starboard Gun Fire Control System Radar Room
Eli, WalterAAOct 1, 1967 – Jun 10, 1970V-4
Schmidt, RobertABE3Oct 10, 1967 – Feb 12, 1970V2 Cat-1 during the cruse before the yards in Philly and then the Med cruse in 69, I had two Brothers in law in V-2 with me, Bert Pack and Fred Geaessle. Lives In the Tampa Bay Area
Fry, Donald(ricky)DC2Nov 1967 – Apr 1, 1971RWorked in Door and Hatch Shop,mostly in charge of Main Drain,through out ship.came on board in Philly dry dock,right out of DC"A"school which was at Philly Naval Base,Had some of the best friends I would ever make in my life,69-70 and 70-71 Med
Brassine, LarryMR2 Machinery repairmanNov 16, 1967 – Dec 17, 1971B division Machine shopWorked in the machine shop. Three med cruises, Looking for old friends, email Bruce Graham where are you. I'm in Kinston, North Carolina.
Ashley, BillE-4 ak3Dec 1967 – Aug 1969supplyjust looking for some of the people I served with. avation storekeepers
Thompson, JamesAMS 3Dec 1967 – May 7, 1971AIMD 2
Raucci, FrancisBT11968 – 1971Blooking to get in touch with my old crew mate willy webber who was also a Bt1
Bragg, Butch profile iconofficer1968 – 1971OAClaudus Wesley "Butch" Bragg, Jr. was my dad. He died in 2004. Looking for any of his old friends that may have stories or photos to share. thanks alicia unsure of his rank/rate put this
Camacho, Eliu (Tony)DC21968 – 1972Repair DivisionFirst ship came onboard in Philadelphia during her 68 overhaul, left her in Mayport Florida after 4 Med cruises. Seen her again in Mayport after I retired. She had also been retired and was being scrapped.
Drake, WalterGMT21968 – 1969W Division
Brown, RaymondAC21968 – 1970OCWorked in AirOps
Elza, RichardE-31968 – 1969main machinery room 3Just wanted to say hi andI enjoyed the time I spent on the U.S.S.Saratoga.Ahoy Mates hope all is doing well.
Crawford, RandyJO31968 – 1971ExecutiveI worked in the Public Affairs Office. We did a daily bulletin and monthly "magazine", and flyers for crew to use in different ports in the Med. The mag was Fighting Cock. Worked closely with Photo Shop.
Taylor, Jerryairman1968 – 1970v-4have many great memories of my time on the Saratoga and the great crew I served with.
Klepper, SamuelPC 31968 – 1969AdminRetired
Pepis, AaronASH 31968 – Jan 1970AIMDWhen I was 9 years old, My school class went on a class trip to the Brooklyn Navy Yard. We were given a tour aboard the not yet commissioned USS Saratoga CVA 60. Little did I know that I was to serve on her years later.
Hill, WesleyE31968 – 1970Dental
Schmidt, RobertABE-3Jan 9, 1968 – Feb 12, 1970V 2 Cats and GearI started in the Gear, A/G Engine # 2, then worked on Cat 1 where I had many great shipmates. I enjoyed the work, there was never a dull moment. Would love to hear from old friends!
Kroeger, RobertDC3Feb 1968 – Jul 1969Damage ControlFinished DC "A" school in Philly and caught the Saratoga in dry dock in the same city. Wasn't on long and didn't go out to sea. Remember going to a Phillies game and playing catch with Don Fry on the Sara flight deck.
Strohsal, KarlAOANMar 1968 – Jun 1970
Wilhelm, JamesseamanMar 1968 – Mar 1968signalmanMy first ship right out of signalman school. She was in drydock in Philadelphia.
Williams, ChesterIC2Mar 13, 1968 – Mar 1971E DivisionForward IC Room
Duranleau, JohnABH-3Apr 1968 – Oct 1971firewatch in philly then V-1 fly twocGot out active in October 1971, Went back into the reserve in 1972,Stayed in the reserves until Ocober of 90,Now retired Navy. Enjoyed my tour with a bunch of great guys. Left me with outstanding memories.Would like to hear from teammates.
Ippoliti, SteveE2Apr 1968 – Apr 1969S-1Hello to all my former Sara shipmates.
Woods, AllenFTG2Apr 1968 – Dec 1971FoxJust looking for a few old shipmates from fox division. Please contact me at or 803-507-1863.
Arbegast, Murray (Arbe)ABH2Apr 1968 – Mar 1970V3A great two years serving aboard the Sara with some of the best sailors in the Navy. To all my friends from the past, God Bless You All.
Stokes, JoeSFM 3Apr 15, 1968 – Mar 28, 1969R1Caught Sara in Philly finished the yard period headed for shakedown in Cuba left while at sea from the Sara to Norfork for discharge. Loved every minute.
Miraglia, EdDC2Jun 1968 – Dec 15, 1971RMy Dad was on CV3 so you can imagine how he felt when I was assigned to the BIG 60 FROM DIXIE. I met my wife in Jax Beach. Stiil keep in touch with a few guys, Paul Howes, Bob Norton, Steve Hibbler. Don Fry
Gochenour, Kenneth profile iconIC2Jun 1968 – Oct 1970E DivisionAFT IC (call bells), FORWARD IC (phone system), 1 MC Shop
Couch, SiglerJO3Jun 1968 – Sep 1969Public Affairs/AFRTSWorked in the Radio and TV Studio. We were on the Flight Deck filming President Nixons visit. Covered the first Lunar landing.
Walrod, GaryGMT2Jul 1968 – Oct 1971WCame aboard in Philly.Made three Med Cruises. Left in Norfolk at the end of the "71 Cruise.Good times and great bunch of guys.Hope to hear from some of you.
Grillo, ThomasE3Jul 28, 1968 – Oct 13, 1970V1 Worked on Flight deck as Blue shirt.... & LSO operator
Perkins, JoeAK-3Aug 1968 – Dec 1970S-1I served in Shipping & Receiving S-1 Div. CVA-60
Irving, KevinABE3Aug 22, 1968 – Oct 10, 1990V2 and LEWorked in V2 for a while, then spent the majority of my time working in the Brig.
Paige, TimothyseamanOct 25, 1968 – Jun 12, 1970A division air compressor shopserved with a bunch of good guys, on the best ship.
Guertin, Thomas L.EM3Nov 1968 – Apr 1972E-DivisionI worked in the Distribution Gang on #8 Swbd in 3MMR My CPO was Wally Stuber.
Schulz, DennisEM2Nov 1, 1968 – Nov 15, 1970EWorked in A&O Shop of E-Dept, responsible for aircraft starting and servicing power, and all elevators, aircraft and bomb.
Mayer, Allen profile iconIC3Nov 30, 1968 – Mar 15, 1971ECame aboard in Philadelphia shipyards in 1968. Two Mediterranean deployments in 1969 & 1970. Transferred to USS Turner Joy for deployment to Westpac.
Howe, William profile iconE5Dec 1968 – Dec 1969DCWorked in Ship fitters Dept. As a Damage Control.
Strange, RobertSK2Dec 10, 1968 – Jan 30, 1970S-1Casrept Storekeeper Med Cruise Summer '69
Adams, Sam - Carrollgmt2Dec 10, 1968 – Apr 1, 1969w dividsionlooking for all crew members whom spent time with my father and pics THANKYOU
Shafer, Billy JEN3Dec 13, 1968 – Sep 20, 1972M/AStarted out in Philly in 4MMR.Later got transferd to boat shop and number 1 diesel room.Engineman on captains gig for 2 years.Got out in Subic bay.What a town.
Morgan, DaleMMDec 22, 1968 – Jun 11, 1970Mworked in MMR2 please contact me.

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