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USS Forrestal (CV 59) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Forrestal (CV 59). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 2083 crew members registered for the USS Forrestal (CV 59).

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Scott, SpiderAC#1991 – 1993Air OpsHad a lot of fun on the FID.
Routt, ScottDP21991 – 1993O-I and S-7I served aboard Forrestal during her final operational deployment May-Dec 1991. I served aboard as part of the ASW (Anti-Submarine Warfare module) with O-I division during the deployment and then with S-7 when she became the trng carrier.
Heath, CharlesE-51991 – 1991Eginereering
Clee, RobertE41991 – 1993Engineering
Brookshier, Wendy Aka. Lil BitABF21991 – 1993V-4Had good times and bad times! Great experience!
Stiles, WilliamFN1991 – 1993PFWD
Haskell, LewisE41991 – 1993Ops
Ladd, JerryE31991 –Engineering
Whitesell, SteveEM1(SW)1991 – 1993EGreat experience on this ship. all the way to the decom from ROH. How many people get walk underneath a carrier in drydock. lol
Karal, Scott profile iconE3-Boiler Technician/ Fuel Lab1991 – 1993Engineering Dept.I am 50 years old. Where has the time gone?
Fritz, Louis (Tony)MM31991 – 1993P1 4MMRAnyone that remembers me during this time period feel free to contact me at
McArdle, John profile icon  NEWET31991 – Jul 1, 1993OER
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Jowder, AndrewMM3Jan 1991 – Jul 1993P FWDSipping Barcardi In Greece With Bobby.
Crews, BillyE-5Jan 1991 – Dec 1991VS-28 AirframesLast cruise of the FID....Never hit so many ports in my life.. what a cruise.. if you had to make one, this was the one...
Ulery, KevinABF-ANJan 1991 – Sep 25, 1993V-4This period has got to be one of the best times of my life. I meet alot of people that to this day, I call my friends. I am currently looking for Jamie Lobera. If any one knows where I can find him, than please let me know.
Ulery, KevinABF ANJan 1991 – Sep 23, 1993V-4The time aboard the Forrestal has to be one of my best memories. I met so many people that today I still call my friends. I currently looking for Jamie Lobera. If anyone knows where I can find hime that Please let me know;
Garvey, ShaneBm3Jan 1991 – 19932nd divisionI had a great time on board. Come on in Newport and was the last enlisted person to leave the ship during the decommissioning ceremony. I was the boastmen mate of the watch. Pennsacola was my best time.
Lewis, David profile iconAOANJan 1991 – May 1991Airwing VF-11I was a reservist recalled for Desert Shield/ Storm. I was assigned to Fighter Squadron VF-11. Immediately Upon returning from the 91 Med Cruise VF-11 redeployed aboard the Forrestal for potential Desert Storm support.
Dalton, RobertAOANJan 1, 1991 – Dec 28, 1991G-4Left and went to VS-28, then to VS-22, then AIMD NAS Oceana, currently a reservist with VFA-204 NASJRB NOLA, New Orleans working in Maint. Control
Thompson, DannyE-3Jan 8, 1991 – 19921st DivBest time of my life aboard that ship. Some times I wish I would never had left the Navy.
Lobera, JaimeABFANJan 15, 1991 – May 16, 1993v4I decom her for sure we parted ways and forgot to stay in touch...then again those were different days thechnology made things easy
Click, MarcMS3Jan 15, 1991 – Mar 15, 1993Supply Food Service CommandI was stationed in Great Lakes for Boot Camp in 1988, Went to MS A-School from 1988-1989, Was Stationed in NAS Pensacola, FL & NAS Mayfield, Jacksonville, FL 1989-1992, and NS Philadephia, PA 1992-1993,'93-96 reservesKY
Marotta, JasonABE3Jan 15, 1991 – Feb 25, 1993V2Was in V2 for most of my time. Made some friends and lost contact. First time I ever traveled overseas as well, when we did our first med cruises together out of A-school.. Hope to find you guys again, would be great.
Gomez, ServandoABEANJan 17, 1991 – Jun 15, 1993V2
Stanford, Shane A.ET3Jan 21, 1991 – Jul 16, 1993OPS/OERSPiN Gang TRON GODS Inc.
Coulter, JasonAR-AAFeb 1, 1991 – Jan 3, 1992V-1Served on the final Med cruise before going to AG school and Naval Support Force Anarctica. Got out in 94. Now a 1LT in the Army living in New Orleans. The FID was a unique experience and I worked with some good guys. Wish you all well.
Lovins, VincentE-6Feb 2, 1991 – Sep 1, 1993SecurityI was proud to be a part of her history
Krahn, CarrieE-2Feb 9, 1991 – Jun 7, 19922nd Femal CorpsmanI just want to know what happened to all my medical friends. Mostly Kerrigan...
Knight, JamesMM1Mar 1991 – Sep 30, 1993A and SecuritySpent 57 days in A Division (Steam Heat Shop), then the rest of the time in Security. My time in Security was memorable - finished off as Chief of Police. Decomm'ed the ship in Philly and got out of the USN the same day.
Perrine, Tarol (Gene)ETCMar 1991 – Sep 1993Training (CAAC Director)It was my favorite Ship to be on during my career, and it felt like a big family to me.
Jackson, Wayne (Stamps)PCSAMar 10, 1991 – Dec 22, 1991Post Office
Duff, RickET1(SW)Mar 15, 1991 – Oct 1, 1993OEROE06 CATTC Maintenance Work Center
Foster, AlanAKCMApr 1, 1991 – Oct 30, 1993SupplySome of the greatest days of my life while attached to Ship's Company. We were a great ship.
Hernandez, Pablo profile iconE-5 MMApr 2, 1991 – Jun 27, 19934 MMRGood times with Smitty and Perry standing watch. Good cruise to the med. Contact
Faust, WilliamE3/BMApr 9, 1991 – Nov 14, 19921st Division
Haapala, BillBT3Apr 16, 1991 – Aug 11, 1993P-FWDMiss my time on the FID. Only regret is that I pulled the last fire when we pulled into Philadelphia in '92. I feel like I put her to sleep.
Clark, RickAG1May 1991 – Sep 1993OAI was selected as Sailor of the Year 1992. Retired as a AGCS in 1997.
Neubecker, ScottANMay 1991 – Sep 1993V-4
Rich, CliffAMS3May 1991 – Dec 1991Airwingmy only cruise was on the FID it was great us airframers worked hard and partied harder great times!!!
Perron, GaryABF1May 1991 – Aug 1993V-4/V-0I often wondered about several of the guys on here. Lot of changes on this ship in just a short time. Last Med, Female shipmates, P-cola, Philly.
Bagalay, DeanCPO/AMSMay 1, 1991 – Dec 23, 1991QA
McIntosh, EricMA1May 5, 1991 – Sep 11, 1993SecurityMiss all the good times. Now retired from the navy and working with the FBI.
Dawson Jr, Stanley SMS3May 15, 1991 – Sep 30, 1992S2 CPO MessLast Operational Cruise
Claramunt, Joseph/joeANMay 23, 1991 – Feb 23, 1993ExecSpent 2 years aboard the FID. Some of the best people I ever met. Was CMC's Yeoman for the first 6 months or so. Met lots of great people would like to get in touch with them again.
Taylor, AlanJun 1991 – Dec 1991what a wild ride. I was in vfa-137 at the time.
Swank, TonyET-4Jun 1991 – Sep 11, 1993OE05made a lot of good friends there hopefully they will see this one day and contact me on facebook
Spencer, TimothyHM1Jun 4, 1991 – Apr 3, 1993Medical
Perry-anderson, Tanyabt3Jul 1, 1991 – Sep 1, 1993boilers division
Keith, AndrewLCDR (O-4)Jul 1, 1991 – Aug 1, 1993OCI enjoyed serving aboard the FID (First In Defense). She was a good ship. I was one of the Assistant Air Operations Officers in Air Operations (OC Division) and enjoyed working with all the air traffic controllers.
Leguin, ChrisAT2Jul 15, 1991 – Dec 23, 1991VAW-122 SteeljawsFirst and last cruise. Enjoyed making memories and friends. Miss the FID.
Peters, William (Pete)MR1Aug 1991 – Mar 1993MMR2Had a great time while I was there. 2 main was my starting point before becoming a Machinery Repairman.
Pollard, MichaelPNCM(SW)Oct 17, 1991 – Sep 1993Training Division LCPOEnjoyed running the INDOC program and the Training Division. Met some really nice people in PCOLA and in Philly. Saw the FID up in Newport, RI. She still looks good.
Dushan, PeterABFOct 20, 1991 – Sep 11, 1993v-4Im glad I was a part of her
Menendez, RichardABH 1Nov 1991 – Sep 1993V-3 & SECURITYA training carrier in P-cola. P-cola reeked. Finally we left that god awful town and went up to Philly. Loved our short time up there. Did a lot and I have of good memories living in Delaware and Philly base housing.
Beauxis, JamieEMNov 5, 1991 – Oct 23, 1993E Decommissioning team and was very disappointed, she was a good ship. We worked hard for a yr n dry dock to get her back in shape. Had a lot of good friends that taught me alot about electrical, I miss them all.
Pham, KietMachinist Mate-E3Nov 11, 1991 – Mar 16, 1993Engineer 2 AuxiliaryThe Forrestal was my best command post.
Staples, JeremyE4/MM3Nov 15, 1991 – Sep 30, 1993A-Gang

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