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USS Forrestal (CV 59) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Forrestal (CV 59). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 2083 crew members registered for the USS Forrestal (CV 59).

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Silveira, RonABE1987 – 1991V-2/Bow CatsMadi Gras,very first tour at sea.Loved it so much put in 18 yrs. Haven't been on another ship yet that matched the crew of the FID. Don't know what it was about that ship,but it made a bunch of kids into men over the years.Great times,great fri
Maddox, Charles/mad DogAO31987 – Jul 1991Bomb Assembly/Flight Deck OrdnanceHad some great times met some great folks. Johnson It wasnt me who messed with your pillow Peace brother
Bailey, VinceWT2(AW)1987 – Dec 19913 cruises, Had a great time. entertained the crew on the last cruise as a drummer in the drum and fife corps.
Fowler, Jd1987 –
Varelas, PeterCTO31987 – 1990OS
Ramos, LarryMA11987 – 1989Master at Arms Ship SecurityFantastic life experience having served on the Forrestal. Wish I was still serving aboard her. I miss my crew mates, they were some fantastic guys.
Beatty, PaulAK21987 – Apr 1991S6Really miss the fun times. Anyone know where I can find AK2 Walter Miller?
Mellor, Gary profile iconAK11987 – 1988VAQ-132
Champion, RoyAE31987 – 1990AIMDSome good friends and memories (joined the navy & saw the world). I learned both how to and how not to be a leader. Lead me to join the USMC and become a Registered Nurse.
Clarke, SteveRm3/communications1987 – 1990CommunicationsLooking back I had a great time.
Riley, Brad (Smiley) profile iconAD31987 – 1990VA 176 Thunderbolts Air Wing 6I just heard about the sad day coming to the mighty FID! I enjoyed being deployed on the Forrestal when she went out. I was in an A-6 squadron out of Virginia Beach. I learned so much in those 4 yrs. I miss the NAVY!!
Morgan, RonaldQMC(SW) / QMCS(SW)1987 – 1991NavigationExperienced only with WestPacs, The Meds etc were a whole new world. Being my only aircraft carrier, Forrestal was both vary rewarding and manned by an incredible crew. Heck of an intro to the brown shoe (air) world.
Kunkel, Joel C.RMCM1987 – 1991CommunicationsNext to the best duty station of my 34 years in the Navy. Great crew, great working environment, and made many' friends aboard the FID. I still have dreams of being on board and I retired Aug 1991 in Orlando, Fl.
Kallet, StevenMS2Jan 1987 – Jul 1990SupplyLots of fond memories on the FID. Cooking for all of you was a pleasure. My wife and two boys hear many stories. I was proud to serve on such a majestic ship.
Kinder, JasonABEJan 1987 – Sep 1989V-2 Bow CatsHey, I just came accross this website! It would be awesome to hear from former bow catters who I served with. So many menories!! Med cruise "88", North Atlantis cruise, mardi gras!
Edwards, BobbyABH 2Jan 1987 – May 1989V-1I was injured in the Indian Ocean May 1987. I was flown off the ship to Muscat Oman. I am hoping to connect with those that remembered me.
Taylor, SteveABH3Jan 1, 1987 – Sep 18, 1990V-1Loved what I did for a living,
O'Connor, TimAMS3Jan 11, 1987 – Oct 10, 1990AIMD A/FI made a north Atlantic and 2 med cruises. Was in the AO department first then AIMD airframes. Remember those 110 days in the gulf Best time of my life !! SURE MISS MY FRIENDS
Forsblade, Michael BladeAO3Jan 13, 1987 – Feb 13, 1991VA-105Would like to say that everyone who worked in the AO Division was great. I have not forgotten about many of you guys. I do beleive that period of my life was the best times, some hard times but overall unforgetable. please add your names
Ganci, JosephABHANJan 23, 1987 – Sep 10, 1990V-1She brings back alot of memories, she was a great sail. Did a few cruises on her, none I will forget or the people I served with. The Great ship will be missed, too bad it can't be saved for a museum. War V-1, Tractor Drivers and the FID.
Simmons, GlennABH1Feb 1987 – Jun 1991V1
Figueras, ApolloE-3Feb 2, 1987 – Feb 12, 1990radioman communicationThere was an accident on the ship with one of our shipmates was fatally injured from a hatch falling on his head. I am trying to get this shipmates name and rank,. I need it for my book. please call me @ 718-613-6156 thank you
Duckett, DuckeyHT2Feb 12, 1987 – Aug 22, 1991Rhad a great time on the fid.was always known(and still am)as the rebel in the crowd.met alot of great friends from all over the US and still think the world of all of yall!
Rawls, MikeABE 3Feb 14, 1987 – Oct 9, 1990V-2 Air DepartementIt was a great ride. I miss the smell of the steam cats and JP-5.
Rawls, MikeABE 3Feb 14, 1987 – Oct 20, 1990Air V-2Great Ride. Worked in V-2 Division and arresting gear
Kreis, JayABE3Feb 14, 1987 – Sep 23, 1990V-2 Gear/Division officeLooking for my ship mates from the V-2 Division both gear and both cats. Feel free to connect me at or on face book.
Revell, ToryABF3Feb 27, 1987 – Oct 10, 1990i missed all the v4 gang. email me at
Deck, John L (Deckster)AD3Mar 1987 – Mar 1989VF-31 (Tomcatters)Line/Power PlantsI had a great Time with you Cats!!!I learned alot about my self.Thank you!!
Lyons, Billy RayOS2Mar 1987 – Oct 1990OI/OpsMet alot of people with whom I'm proud to be friends! Thanks for the memories!
Hoskins, WilliamDC2Mar 1987 – Sep 1989R
Wiencek, AnthonyE-3Mar 1987 – Feb 1988V-4I did a lot of growing up while I was in the Navy
Buckland, BrianBT3Mar 1987 – Oct 28, 1990EngineeringHad the opportunity to work with some of the best young men of my life. People that I don't talk with much anymore, but would still call great friends. If in Seattle, give me a call. 425.512.3967
Davis, OthaCWO3Mar 6, 1987 – Jun 5, 1990S-2Division Officer in S2, Wardroom Officer
MacMillan, RobertAE2Mar 10, 1987 – Dec 25, 1991HS-!5My first and best ship. I'm proud to have served on her.
Cheaney, StevenMar 11, 1987 – Nov 19, 1990SS02 AFT GALLEY, BAKE SHOP, VEGPREP. & DCPO
Kee, LarryABE3Mar 21, 1987 – Feb 15, 1991V-2I would love to go visit her real soon! Bow Cats #2!!! TPO>
Sylvester, Richard "Rick"AMSANApr 1987 – Jan 1991IM2Attached to the FID via AIMD/SOD NAS Oceana
Strickland, Red Dog/billy IdolAO2Apr 1987 – May 1990WEPSFantastic ship with a great crew! We were we are First In Defense! A shame they were not able to save her, saw her in Brownsville before they dismantled her. If anyone wants to talk about the good times, message me.
Chrisman, JasonSK3Apr 1987 – Jan 1991S9A lot of good times and good friends...any of my S9 buddies out there? Give me a shout, would be good to hear from you.
Tinney, TimothyET2Apr 1987 – Dec 1991OECI'm a field service guy working all over the US, hit me up and maybe we can grab a drink!
Steck, CharlesAMS3Apr 4, 1987 – Apr 4, 1991IM2/AF aimd
Thebeau/smith, Ronald/ TurboAO3Apr 7, 1987 – Oct 12, 1990G-1 Flight Deck Ordinancespecial thanks to CWO Davis/Smith and AO1 Verela. You taught me alot. Flight Deck Ordinance is still the best Job I ever had and the men were the best people I've ever worked with. Still looking for hammer off my clock!!
Schultz, John FAD3 E-4Apr 15, 1987 – Apr 15, 1989HS-15I mad two North Atlantic and 1 Med -IO cruises
Tinney, TimothyET2Apr 15, 1987 – Dec 20, 1991OECAlot of memories, experiences, friends, years, trials and tribulations. Life aboard the Forrestal, almost 5 of the longest, AND shortest years of my life. I really hope She becomes a museum so I can visit her with my family.
Jarrett, JeffAO3May 1987 – May 14, 1990G4 WEPSProud to have served on this fine, historical ship. I will always remember the great group of men of the Weapons department and the crew as well, that served alongside myself, enduring the necessary sacrifices it takes to ensure our freedom.
Beauchamp, Sammy RCSC (SW/AW)May 1987 – Jul 1992S-2She was my first and best ship. I will never forget the feeling of the first day I saw her right out of Boot Camp. I will always hold a special place in my heart for that ship. They don't make like that anymore.
Whispel, RobAD3May 1987 – Oct 1989VF-31108 days at sea......1 Beer day.
Lippold, ScottRM3May 1, 1987 – Nov 30, 1989Communication
Emig, PaulEMCSMay 5, 1987 – May 1, 1992I was an E-4 to E-6 on my first ship. Great memories. Hope to retire on board her with the gold E on the stacks behind me.
Bailey, ChristianABH3May 5, 1987 – Jan 21, 1990V-1
Lee, Dennis "West Coast"MSSR to MS2May 5, 1987 – May 5, 1991S2/Supply "The Galley"What a great first command. I'll never forget the FID!
Simmons, GlennABH1May 18, 1987 – Jul 10, 1991v1tk is looking for old shipmates
Levingston, PhilipRMSNJun 1987 – Jan 1989CR“BENO” cruise of 88 killed active duty for me. I went on to the Reserves made RM3 and really started enjoying it. Activated for Fleet Hospital 6 for DESERT STORM, and went to war in 91. Looking back I enjoyed it all!
Bortkiewicz, BrianABE 3Jun 1, 1987 – Feb 8, 1991V 2Just thinking about good times fast jets and friends of the flight deck
Hufford, WillFN - EM3Jun 1, 1987 – Nov 1, 1988You guys made quite an impact on me. I NEED some pics 87 - 88. Poor old FID doesn't deserve mothballed!!!
Dilly, EdwardIC1Jun 1, 1987 – Jan 3, 1989EAft IC
Williams, StanleyE-3Jun 1, 1987 – Apr 1, 1989ABFFaithfully served alongside an elite group of Airmen on a Mediterranean tour
Rowell, Basil profile iconE-4/IC2Jun 5, 1987 – Dec 12, 1990E Div/ V2 DivStarted off in E Div, then moved to PLAT LEN V-2 Div
Thompson, Wife Of Lange5Jun 6, 1987 – Aug 17, 1989s3i wasnt there but my husband was
Brideson, MarkCV 59Jun 10, 1987 – Jul 3, 1987A memorable deployment for my squadron.
Collvins, Big WayneABE 3Jun 15, 1987 – Apr 15, 1991V2Launching planes is still the coolest thing i have ever done.
Goebel, RichDS2Jun 20, 1987 – Dec 17, 1989OE DataPrimary SNAP I tech. Onboard for the 20th anniversary of the big fire, and transferred shortly after the pierside fire in October 1989. I got to shake hands with President George Bush.
Faison, John W.HT1Jun 20, 1987 – Oct 11, 1992
Faison, JohnHT1Jun 20, 1987 – Oct 14, 1992ENG/R & MAINT/QAGreat Ship, Great Ports.
Anderson, TomAOCS(AW) RETIREDJul 1987 – Jul 1990G-3The FID was the best of 5 carriers in my 21 years.. Best Weapons department in the fleet. May the Swartz be with you, if you were there you know what I mean..IYAOYAS !!!!!
Ricci, KenAO2, AO1Jul 1987 – Jul 1990G1 Fltdeck ORD, G2 Mags, AIMD Gunshop, AIMD QAHad a great tour on the FID, I believe the Forrestal was my best duty stations, great people giving their all for the cause!
Grimley, DavidDS1Jul 1987 – May 1991OED
Huegel, Thomas profile iconBT2Jul 1987 – Dec 19892MMR/EB14Best sea command i served on. Good friends Great memories. Hurts to know she is now gone. MMCS Miller, BTC Spohn, Dave, Clive, Tom, Drew, Mike, Steve, Brian... and all the rest of the team, even you Larry. Hello Again...
Powles, LarryABH1 (AW)Jul 1, 1987 – Sep 1, 1991V-3Because of the great team of men I had the honor of working and living beside, this was by far the BEST Command I had the privilege of being a part of. FID V-3 87-91 Rocked!!!
Deck, John L (Deckster)AD3Aug 1987 – Feb 1989VF-31 (Tomcatters)Man I did get to do some exciting things on board that ship.I will remember some fantastic things looking back now.I learned alot about myself and what I could accomplish as a young airman during flight ops.Those will stay with me.
Trammell, DanielABEANAug 1987 – Mar 6, 1991v2 gear rats babymiss all the guys I knew back then i hated it but when I look back i really miss those times
Long, MikeABHCAug 1987 – Jan 1991V-1Best Job I ever had. FID had more heart than any other ship I served on. Meet alot of great people on her and would like to hear from some of them again.
Byler, JosephET2Aug 1, 1987 – Jul 1991SINS OE-8
Spence, TommyABE3Aug 3, 1987 – Jul 29, 1991Air v 2 waist catsCall me 864-221-9182. The good old years
Frame, Eric Thickneckmm3Aug 14, 1987 – Jan 16, 1990p-fwd 4mmrHad a good time.
Ruiz, AngelBT3Aug 15, 1987 – Nov 19, 1993Engineeringwork at oil lab and 2mmr i had a great time and met good people and i hope everyone is doing good. anyone out there can call me my number is 3363345336 at University of greensboro nc I travel to Benidorm, Palma, Engl
Haack, BrianHM2Aug 27, 1987 – Nov 1, 1990Medical H divGreat crew great times
Patrick Pat, TerryE-4 V-4Aug 28, 1987 – Mar 25, 1992v-4had great time never forget you guys never talk much unles im druck still tell my kids stories about us remember my black eye in spain
Christie, Damon, Sister Christie, CaliforniaFN (E-3)Sep 1987 – Jul 21, 1989R - Repair108 Days straight, no ports and only egyptian beer. Any questions?
Viegas, RickABH AIRMANSep 1987 – May 1989V-1,Aircraft Elevator OperatorHad a great time aboard the F.I.D.My memories aboard her and at Mayport will forever be some of the greatest of my life.Seems like yesterday.Where has it all gone?Thanks for everything Chief Bomba,Chief Long,and all my old shipmates.
Waloszyk, GeraldET2Sep 1, 1987 – Mar 23, 1992Ops OE radio 2 shopHaze grey and underway
Ulmer, ShawnAK3Sep 9, 1987 – Dec 18, 1989AIMD (Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Dept.)I served for two Med. cruises, and worked first in the Supply Dept. in S-6, and then in AIMD as an Aviation Storekeeper. I am now a Kinesiotherapist working at a V.A. hospital in Biloxi, MS.
Cardenas, LuisABE ANSep 11, 1987 – Apr 8, 1991Air V-2I hadn't seen so many names of guys I worked and was friends with on a single website. Thanks for the memories. My e-mail is, Best friends I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. FID forever !!!
Lyvers, JeffSK2Oct 1987 – Aug 1990S-91st and last command! A ton of great memories, New Orleans, Benidorm and the list goes on......Anyone wanting to chat, throw me a line. S9 "Camelbacks"..
Skelton, Charles(Chuck)SMC(SW)Oct 1987 – May 1992CSI loved this ship, she was my first. I was an SMSN reporting and departed as an SM2. Made it to SMC(SW) before the rate was killed off. Retired in 2007 as an MAC(SW).
Paulus, FrankAECOct 1, 1987 – Aug 1, 1991VA-105Can't believe 20 years have past! The mighty FID has taught me many life lessons. If not for her and those who made her "alive", I would not have made the choice to stay navy! I now teach my sailors the many lessons I learned from her.
Kiem, MichaelCCDR.Oct 1, 1987 – Dec 31, 1989AIMD
Collins, EdwardPR2Oct 10, 1987 – Apr 1, 1992IM-2
Henson, CharlesABHANNov 1987 – Aug 1989v1the cruise up the mississippi river to mardi gras was the greatest although only one of many great times spent on this ship will never forget it.
O'Neal, VictorABE3Nov 1, 1987 – Jun 1, 1991Arresting GearSure had some memorable times, hope to get in contact old friends. Vic
Lingis, Sean (Buckaroo)EW4Nov 5, 1987 – Mar 12, 1989OEWNot one mention about New Orleans!?!(Feb 1989) That was the best, a record for largest ship on the Mississippi and 4 days at Mardi Gras. Thanks Capt Pieno.
Concepcion, PascualSKCM(SW)Nov 15, 1987 – Jul 30, 1991S-1, STOCK CONTROL
Diettman, Otto/buddyASE2 TO AS1Nov 20, 1987 – Aug 23, 1989Line Assistant Flightdeck CoordinatorVA-176 Thunder 2 Best A^ squadron in the Navy at that time Battle "E" three times
Weaver, DarbyDC2Dec 1987 – 1990RWell what can say? Went to mast once when innocent... Didn't get get busted when I broke a foot? Go figure... FID Justice? Overall times were good. Where are the guys from R-Division?
Triplett, DaleAMS2Dec 1987 – Feb 1991VAW-122 "STEALJAWS"
Blume, RustyAK-3Dec 1987 – 1991Supply
White, Stevene5/DK2Dec 1987 – Jul 1991Supply/S4Great times onboard FID. Grew up real fast, but had some great shipmates.
Williams, BrianHT3Dec 1987 – Jul 1991A-gang / Repairpump shop ,machine shop ,and CHT shop
Oneal, VictorABEDec 1, 1987 – Jun 1, 1991V-2 ARRESTING GEAR
Davison, Jamesabf3/e4Dec 4, 1987 – Jul 27, 1991v-4hi, i miss the guys and the fun we have. yes, its babe de. email
Rutz, DavidCorporal E-4Dec 4, 1987 – Dec 2, 1989Marine DetachmentSome of the best years in the Marines - Med Cruises, North Atlantic, dodging a hurricane, New York Fleet Week, and of course New Orleans Mardi Gras
Weaver, DarbyDC2Dec 17, 1987 – Mar 1, 1991RDC2 Darby Weaver - It’s been 30 years or more now as of 2021, Who’s still around?
Stewart, GregABE3Dec 27, 1987 – Jun 20, 1991Air v2 waist catsbest time of my life.
Karcher, Robert(Bob) profile iconAK3Dec 27, 1987 – Jul 13, 1991S-6/S-1Had a lot of good times there. Served with alot good people in S-6 and S-1.
Dearmas, ClintonYN3Dec 31, 1987 – Jul 31, 1991AdminServed in CO's and Xo's admin. Enjoyed working with everyone I knew.

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