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USS Forrestal (CV 59) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Forrestal (CV 59). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 2083 crew members registered for the USS Forrestal (CV 59).

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James, RobIS-11983 – 1986OZ CVICStill the best ship I was honored to have served on.
Gary, JayRM21983 – Nov 1986
Claflin, CarlFN1983 – 1985A div
Hall, MichaelMM2 (SW)1983 – 1990P-FWD 1 Main Machinery RoomLoved my time on the mighty FID. Went from a MMFA to the MMOW in 1MMR. I always think of the friends I had then. A sailor belongs on a ship, and a ship belongs at sea.
Worster, MontySh31983 – 1987s3I was the Ships Store Operator
Buckmir, Brian profile iconSK21983 – Feb 10, 1987Supply Admin & S1Went from S1 division to Supply Admin working for CDR Chandler the Supply Officer. Looking for Mark T. Phillips or other friends?
Acuavera, Elicelio "Lee"MM2Feb 14, 1983 – Mar 30, 1987EngineeringIt's an honor to serve & to be with the Navy's finest aircraft carrier. I would like to thank all my buddies and i miss you all guys. Hope to see you again someday. You can drop me a line ..
Davidson, Stan (Pockets)AE-E5Apr 4, 1983 – Apr 4, 1987VF-31Looking for Richard Shepard.AKA "Shep" God Daughter Jacqueline (Jackie) is getting married now. He is in the Army. The grunt. Thought you'd like to know. And to you Jonsey. Nice last chess game on the boat. And the pool u taught me wasnt b
Clemmons, Gregory/treeATANJun 1983 – Jun 1986VA37
Jones, David profile iconBT2Jun 1, 1983 – Jul 1, 1985B DivisionBT2 David Jones Proudly served onboard "The FID" 1983-1985 In 1MMR Asst. LPO
Killeen, RaymondGMG3Jul 1983 – Feb 1986G-2
Williamson, Jim (Willi)AO3Aug 1983 – May 1986G2 SLEP and Phillie, loads of fun, Mayport and Jax Beach too. Lot's of folks I'd like to look up again from the MagRat bunch... if you run across this, email me
Malloy, Jeff profile iconLI1Aug 1983 – Nov 1986AdminPrint Shop LPO, she was a great ship. Qualified ESWS onboard.
Boulter, BillyEN2Sep 1983 – Aug 1985A-GangWorked for the Captains Gig small boat division. Looking for old friends. Send email if you remember me
Groomer, WarrenPN3Sep 5, 1983 – May 5, 1985PersonnelLeft for Legal Justice School in 1985. I joined the Navy to see New Jersey!!!
Emmick, RustyYN3Sep 15, 1983 – Apr 7, 1987COMM
Henry, JohnICSep 25, 1983 – Apr 6, 1986EGood Times and great friends, still making a living off of my navy "A" school.
Smith, JarvisSH2Oct 1983 – Jul 1987S-3 SupplyTo the crew of the "FID"!!!!!!! Thanks For All The Memories. SHC(SW/AW) Smith
Wilson, ScottDT2Oct 1, 1983 – Jan 1, 1988DentalBest time I ever had on Sea Duty.
Sanderson, RickyE5Oct 17, 1983 – Apr 29, 1989V-2I must say it was a crazy times back then and i enjoyed the guys of the BOW CATS . What a group
Flores, DavidE-3 AirmanNov 1983 – Jul 1984V-2 / Fire WatchSLEP in Philly was awesome. Drinking Genesee beer in Roosevelt Park with my shipmates was awesome.
Trawick, TimSH - 3Nov 1983 – Jun 1987S - 3My cell # 936 718 - 1808 or on facebook timothy Mark trawick
Krieg, KevinASE2Nov 15, 1983 – Mar 10, 1987IM4/RRTGreat learning experience and enjoyed the time on board. Still in touch with many SHIPMATES. RRT (OSL) lead to DCTT on IKE (CVN69). Lived up to nick name "FORREST FIRE".
Nins, DerronneE-3 ABHNov 21, 1983 – Nov 21, 1987V-3Ahoy Mates to ALL of my friends from the USS Forrestal. I actually recognized a few names from the past. From Philly to Mayport I had a BLAST !!! God bless you all !!
Acevedo, AlbertoMS3/E-4Dec 1983 – Aug 1987
Duff, RickET1(SW)Dec 1983 – Dec 1988OE
Jones, TerrySH3Dec 1983 – Jul 1987S-3 SupplySeems like such a long time ago, but definitely one of the best times of my life growing up. I'll never forget all the great guys I met and worked with, you'll all be my brothers for life! "Whatever Is Required!"
Schuerch, Richard/kipBT2Dec 1, 1983 – Feb 15, 1985SFOMsAnyone out there?
Perez, Danielms3Dec 13, 1983 – Jul 1987S5 and Captains cookMy first command
Pergram, BrianPC3Dec 16, 1983 – Apr 24, 1987
Majeske, Mike MskeAMS31984 – 1988va-176 just surfin the web, clicked on va 176 and here i am. cool website . brings back lots of great memories
Morgan, WesYN21984 – 1987X2
Seavers, GlennBM1984 – 1988DeckGood times with some cool ship mates. Learned how to clean toilets and floors. Also found out how to develop self louthing and low self estem. LOL Suprised to find that low IQed college educated people hide in the millitary. Navy will hire anyone.
Berger, RandyABH31984 – Nov 1987V-1 Flight DeckEnjoyed my time.
Jacobs-Pratt, "Jake"MM1-MMC(SW)1984 – Jan 1990second tour"M" Div - 2 Aux, 2MMR, 3MMR, 1MMR, 1Aux, Eng Dept Career Counselor
Travis, GregAVH31984 – 1987V-1
Gwin, KennethEM21984 – Aug 12, 1989EMemories are an interesting thing. While I still think that things could have been run better I've also come to realize that I could have done better. We live, we learn and we grow. Thanks all for everything.
Duckworth, J DFC11984 – 1988OERI clearly recall the days on the 011-level taking in the the view of the seas we sailed, the adventures we all had, and still telling the stories of our youth.
Stephens, Don RE51984 – 1985AtcForrestal took me around the world and I got to see things I never would have. Great memories!
Teusaw, RichardEM21984 – 1989E-Division
Remillard, Noel (Remy)MS21984 – 1986S5
Kearns, FrankRM31984 – 1987CRI had a great experience and made many friends. I Got to go on a Med cruise and visit some fun ports. I miss the guys in the CR Div. A day didn't go by without having a great time!
Shaffer, GeraldABFC1984 – 1987V4
Acevedo, AlbertoE-4/ MS3Jan 1984 – Aug 1987S-2/S-5
Jefferson, JoeRMSNJan 1984 – Feb 1987CommunicationsI am proud to have served on the FID and with all guys in my division. We visited a lot of cool ports and places. The navy was a great experience and I am honored to have served.
Ongoco, ChrisMR2 (SW/AW)Jan 2, 1984 – Oct 23, 1989Great tour
Bisslessi, SalvatoreMS2Jan 10, 1984 – Aug 14, 1987S-2/S-5I served on board from Jan, 1983 through August,1987. Surely brought back wonderful memories. I retired 20 years this past September 2003. The wonderful Forrestal is now sitting on the dock at New Port Naval base. There is where I left her. Sal
Williams, MartinHT3Jan 12, 1984 – Aug 22, 1986RepairMan what Memories. We had so much fun, however, I did not like it enough to reinlist. I can not believe I ended up retired at 50 after all as a Death Row Lt. in Texas. What a change from what I was in repair on the ship
Perri Jr, Charles AnthonyJan 15, 1984 – Mar 31, 1987im4/maawas in im4 for 6mths.was sent to maa.till i left the fid.looking to hear guys from the maa dept.and anyone in im4 at time thank you ase3 perri
Schunke, Mike, P.c.PC2Jan 17, 1984 – Mar 23, 1985X divisionWas onboard during SLEP program in Philadelphia and first few months in Mayport, Fl. before crossdecking to the USS Paul (FF-1080).
Byford, MarshallE 3Jan 20, 1984 – Aug 22, 1986engenering MMR 1Hello ship mates im still alive and living in oklahoma Im in the car business in I would like to here from you
Parham, JackieHT2Jan 21, 1984 – Jul 14, 1987 Worked in Pipe Shop. Steve Clanton and I ran the hydro blaster. At the end of my four years, Fahey had an insulation shop above the pipe shop. I enjoyed my time on the Forrestal. I worked under Chief Williams and HT1 Nufher.
Labar, BobMS2Feb 1984 – Jul 1987S2This is way COOL! Glad to serve on board the FID. Be cool to here from some of yous!
Deatrick, DwaineSEAMANFeb 1, 1984 – May 21, 1986deck 4thI reported aboard in Feb. of 84 and and was part of the crew for the capt.'s gig with 3rd class boat'snmate Roach. I broke both of my heels when I fell off the top of the capt.'s gig lifting the boat out of the boat dolly and was reasigned
Letter, ThomasE4/Rm3Feb 1, 1984 – Apr 12, 1986Communications
Hodge, WilliamEn3Feb 2, 1984 – Sep 2, 1988A hydraulic shop and boat shopHope everybody who served with me on the forrestfire Is in good health 4.0
Watkins, GlenHT3Feb 5, 1984 – Feb 5, 1988repairI really enjoyed serving on the Fid, got to know some really great guys. Hope all of my old shipmates are doing good.
Eads, DannyDC1Feb 22, 1984 – Jul 1, 1989RThese were some of the best years of my life. Still woring with the Navy in the area of fire fighting. I retired in May 2002.
Pecorelli, StephenE-4/MS3Mar 1984 – Mar 1988S-2/S-5I served onboard Forrestal from Mid SLEP to just prior to the 1988. I think back to the days I served and enjoy the momories. I am currantly a 1LT in the New Jersey Army National Guard. I can be contacted at
Jones, EdIS2Mar 1984 – Mar 1987OZArrived as an ISSA left an IS2 after one MED Cruise
Jolley, DavidAbh3Mar 1984 – 1987V3Went on board in Philadelphia in V3 division. Had met lots of good friends would like to contact some of these folks.
Dryer, DanE3Mar 1, 1984 – Mar 1, 1988va176 thunderboltshello all, what a great exereience it was for me
Connolly, RichardE5/RM2Mar 3, 1984 – Apr 15, 1988CommunicationsI have fond memories of my time aboard the USS Forrestal, the ports visited, and most of all the great people that I had the pleasure of serving with!
Strickland, RonaldRM3Mar 4, 1984 – 1987CR
Newberry, William/ Bill/ Crunchabe e-2Mar 10, 1984 – May 9, 1986arresting gear flight deckhad good times in Philly and Florida hanging with ken chromes and puppy
Dusang, ScottE3 MMMar 10, 1984 – Dec 10, 1984DCSolid boat! I was on when it was undergoing maintenance in wet dock in PNSY.
Sharp, Terrace profile iconSh3Mar 12, 1984 – Mar 12, 1988S3Work s3 div sales office,laundry,ship store and smoke shop
Hann, TimothyABF2Mar 15, 1984 – Sep 7, 1987V-4Arrived onboard while she was in dry dock in Philly. Had a great time serving onboard her, I do miss working the flight deck and looking off in the horizon and seeing nothing but blue water.
Pratt, JeffAW2Mar 15, 1984 – Sep 15, 1988OS
Schenkel, JohnMS3Apr 1984 – Jul 1986SS02/SS05Like said in many tales that I have read about this great lady. She was my first ship and was my best ship. From SLEP in Phily to the Med Cruise in 86. Nothing better than the FID
Pate, CharlesABH3Apr 1984 – Dec 1987V-3/V-0
Daugherty, SteveANApr 1984 – Oct 1986Rehab / QAIt was going to be one enlistment only. Forrestal was the first and best ship of my 20+ career. Drydock and all.
Shaw, Ericms2Apr 1984 – Oct 1986S-2Had some good times here
Trimmer, KevinE3Apr 1984 – Oct 19862MMR
Braxton, Walt profile iconAO3Apr 14, 1984 – Jan 2, 1988G1/Flightdeck OrdnanceI served with great men and gained lifelong friends and brother's.
Rotes, Michael J.ABE1Apr 15, 1984 – Nov 15, 1988V-2Had a great time on the Mighty FID I'm still on active duty but am getting ready to retire
Payne, ByronABE2Apr 15, 1984 – Dec 9, 1987V2 Arresting GearVery best crew I had the priviledge of serving with. Quiet an experience.
Osbourn, Phillip / OzzyABH3May 1984 – Jun 1988V-1Four of the finest years of my youth. Lots of life lessons learned especialy in the Med.I will never forget those days they are forever etched in my heart and mind. Many great stories for my grandchildren.
Pecorelli, StephenMS3May 1984 – Mar 1988S-2, S-5Made a lot of great friends onboard Forrestal and a lot of great memories. Currently I am a 1LT (Infantry) in the Army National Guard (NJ). Presently I am in Iraq. I would love to hear from any of the cooks I served with
McHugh, TimothyBT3May 1984 – Feb 1988B Div/ P AFT/2MMR
McHugh, TimothyBT3May 1984 – Feb 1988P AFT/2MMR
Cowen, KenMMCM (SW/AW)May 1984 – Jun 19892AMRSpent my first 5 years in the Navy onboard this mighty fine Carrier. Learned a lot during the yard period in Philly. Did 2 deployments, 1 was great the other was mostly at sea. This made my decision to reenlist for 6.
Roch, Ronald ( Rockhead )AO3May 1, 1984 – May 25, 1988G-1Survived SLEP, GITMO, 86-Med cruise, New Orleans-MardiGras 88 was my last ride. Started out as a MAG-RAT down in G-2 WEPS under LCRD Elliott- one of the finest mustangs the USN ever had! Topside, I served under CWO2 Ron Gywnn. Best time of my life!!!
Hare, JeffE-4May 5, 1984 – Mar 4, 1988Supply S-1Served as supply administrative, as Supply Youman, anQuality Assurance team. Ordered an stock supplies for ship.
Hensen, Jim profile iconCTM1May 6, 1984 – Mar 9, 1988OS
Davis, BrianSM2May 13, 1984 – May 26, 1986OCWhat ever happened to SMSC Hood?
Bradley, JohnCV 59May 19, 1984 – Jan 24, 1988EngineeringI was onboard from May 1984 through Jan.1988. I was assigned to the A&O shop then I was a Motor Rewinder.
Sibole, Bradley (Misery)ABE2May 20, 1984 – Mar 8, 1988V2 Arresting GearMy first command, check on board in Philly (great town!), road her down to Mayport (Sunny but not as fun as Philly). Re-enlisted on her while we were in New Orleans LA. Many good friends I met on her! Proudly served!
Bradley, JohnEM2May 23, 1984 – Jan 24, 1988EngineeringI was onboard from May 1984 through Jan. 1988 assigned to E-Div. in A&O shop then as a Motor Rewinder. I would like to hear from my old friends
Perry, BrooksAO3Jun 1984 – Apr 1988G-2 MAGRATThink about my time onboard all the time! Those were the good ol'dazes!!! Can't believe it's been so long ago!!
Cundiff, ShannonAO3Jun 1984 – Nov 1987G-1
Pego, ChrisABH3Jun 6, 1984 – Mar 13, 1988V-3I have lots of great memories aboard the 59. I met really great friends and saw tons of things. I reported on board in philadephia's naval shipyard. I walked past the ship twice before realizing the ship wasn't a building. HUGE!
Lackey, RonE 4Jun 14, 1984 – Oct 11, 1987I had a great time on the FID
Campbell, MarkAMS3Jun 15, 1984 – Mar 3, 1987AIMD IM-2 AirFrames ShopWorked in the airframes shop, met a lot of good people. Had a good time on the 86 med cruise. would like to here from Miller, Wolfe, Farmer, Bruce, Neil. Are any of you guys out there?
Lindsey, Rico ( L-dogg )AO3Jun 16, 1984 – Mar 1, 1988WEPS. / G-3 : Hanger Deck
Bruce, EdAMS-3Jun 17, 1984 – Sep 15, 1987AIMD [IM-2 airframes shop]The time I spent on the Forrestal was some of the best of my life, the guys in the airframes shop were a lot of fun. If any of you guy see this entry drop me a line I'll be glade to here from you
Bills, GaryHMCJul 1984 – Jun 1987
Brockman, MartinAT2Jul 1984 – Oct 1987VF-11
Franczak, JohnBT2Jul 1, 1984 – Dec 1, 19874MMR/Water LabPhilly, Mayport and to the other side and back, Great Ship, Great Crew. One helva of a party
Bowen, HarryRM2Aug 1984 – Aug 1987RadioWhat can you say? Young and dumb, but we had a blast! It was always sad seeing the FID tied up waiting for decom. Peace!
Calloway, MelvinE-4 (AK) AVIATION STOREKEEPERAug 1984 – May 1988S-6 SUPPLYServed during SLEP, 1986 Med cruise, New Orleans, Ocean Safari '87. Met a lot of great people during that time. It would be wonderful to hear from them. AKC James P. Haley especially.
Blide, AndrewABE2Aug 1, 1984 – Feb 4, 1988V-2 Cat 1Thought the FID was the best start of all. Got out in 88 and became a tech rep for Supship . for 10 years. Now workin in R&D at Ingersol Rand.. Wouldnt have ever made it if it wasnt for the FID . Drewhaha964@
Wilson, Lew A.k.a. Cool Wilski (Wil) Best Shooting Gaurd Ever!YN3Aug 1, 1984 – May 17, 1986Deck, Weapons and Operations YoemanHad fun with my boys, MC Reggie Reg, Tome Grant, Roach, my new York and New Jersey crew. I mostly remember playing ball against the "A" squad and getting in that butt! LOL..Philly and jaxsonville bring back memories!
Jaap, RobertHT2Aug 1, 1984 –R-1So we're are and what has happened to everyone in repair division.
Edwards, GeorgeE-4/BT3Aug 10, 1984 – Apr 1, 19883 MMRHey , Just want to give a shout out to my 3 MMR crew. We had some great times filled with fun and adventures. Hope Everyone is doing well.
Yepes, SergioE3/FIREMANAug 15, 1984 – Apr 22, 1987ELECTRICAL
Clark, Nathan "Nate"ABH 3Aug 20, 1984 – Dec 15, 1986V-1Some of the most memorable times in my left were spent on the FID. I am still in contact with Paul Turgeon and currently trying to contact Allen Coatney, Barry Franzen and Ed McLellan. Great times in Philly, Mayport and our Med Cruise
Wilson, Donald F.MRCAug 20, 1984 – Mar 31, 1989RepairER06... .Ship's fire dept...... TAD Cuba 1985..... Didn't make MRCS....3 times Didn't make CWO either.... Didn't make LDO either... ...............................................Time to retire..3/31/89
Peterman, ShawnABE3Sep 1984 – Jun 1987V-2/Catapult ElectricianSurvived SLEP in Philly, gitmo, and Med Cruise '86 as a Catapult Electrician. Was the only ABE in the shop...I think only two in the Navy at the time. Miss the FID and all the good times we had.
Dowler, DanEM2Sep 1984 – Nov 1988E
Coleman II, WilliamMS3Sep 1984 – Nov 26, 1987SupplyGuys, I really miss feeding sll you knuckleheads at 2:00 am for late night chow. No, it is great to be able to reunite. I miss all the great times in Philly and all my Syracuse boys. especially the Bisselessi Brothers.
Cook, Jeff profile iconMMFASep 1984 – Apr 19864 MMR
Rawls, JeffreyABE2Sep 1984 – Apr 1988Air V-2I was assigned to the waist cats (Cat 4)
Abler, BrianPH2Sep 1984 – Feb 1989Operations - OPWorked in the intelligence department. Fantastic experiences.
Elkin, Stevenmm2Oct 1984 – Oct 1988p-fwdworked in 1mmr 4mmr and pfwd dcpo
Armstrong, GregEM2 Oct 1984 – Oct 1987E DivisionHello Guys! Hope everyone is doing okay. I'm doing great! I'm working for a Chemical Company back home in West Point, MS. If you want to get in touch drop me a line.
Hunt, FrankABE3Oct 1984 – Jan 1988V-2 Waist CatsServed with really great people on the FID, friendships that have lasted a lifetime.
Riley, RandySM1Oct 4, 1984 – Sep 6, 1990CS
Callaway, ScottMM2Oct 9, 1984 – Jun 26, 1987Propulsion 1MMR / 4MMRLearned, and seen alot. Enjoyed all of the people I worked with. Am still amazed at the engineering marvel that an Air Craft Carrier is.
Smith, GlennATANOct 10, 1984 – Mar 1, 1988AIMDI was an airman in AIMD Division. AT. I did an interservice transfer to the Army to go to flight school. I ended up at the top of the food chain in Army Aviation as the Army's Gunnery Branch Chief, AH-64D. Retired.
Riley, RandySM1Oct 14, 1984 – Jun 8, 1990CSServed on Fid, In the signalmen division, Enjoyed every moment of it. Made many friends.
Riley, RandySM1Oct 17, 1984 – Jul 21, 1991CS/CommI served with pride on the FID and made some wonderful friends and will always remember her in her glory days.
Clyburn, Tim " Sly Cly"ABF-3Oct 18, 1984 – Jun 6, 1988air v -4i served on the fid with pride from psny to mayport and all points in between. First In Defense always
Hoke, Steven profile iconAT2Oct 27, 1984 – Jun 19, 1989IM-3Worked PM during SLEP, short stint in MICRO-MIN and the rest in the Cal-Lab. Best years of my life were on the FID. Miss all the friends that I made, we had some really good times.
Pepper, JohnAT/ANOct 30, 1984 – May 1987AIMD/shop 64COnly ship I served on, great ship, great crew, SLEP was the pits!
Abbott, LarryETCNov 1984 – Apr 1985OE
Heinert, CarlMM3Nov 10, 1984 – May 13, 1987P-AFT (3MMR)If anybody is still around from 3MMR drop me a email and let know how you are doing.
Dudeck, RandyIC2Nov 22, 1984 – Feb 20, 1988V-2I was a member of the plat/lens shop v/2 division air department, when I checked on board the ship was still going through s.l.e.p at pnsy Philladelphia, I was there when she first sailed again, and for her thirtieth birthday celebration.
Rose, RodneyIC2Nov 25, 1984 – Oct 6, 1989V-1Had a great time and will always remember my ship and crewmates
Borth, JamesSM2Dec 1984 – Apr 20, 1988cs/comLots of good times. Made a lot of good friends would like to hear from again. proud to have served onboard.
Burghardt, Greg profile iconMS3/DCCDec 1984 – Dec 1986V-1/S-2Started on the flight deck V-1 div fly-3 elevator operator. tx to aft galley where I became an MS. Had a blast the cruise was awesome.
Payne, Jeffery G. (Window)AK3Dec 1984 – Apr 20, 1988Supply S-6My time aboard the FID was memorable as hell. Spent the last part of SLEP getting to know Philly when all of the sudden we're in nice sunny Florida. If you got anything from flight clothing it was from me.
Moore, JohnMM3Dec 1984 – Jun 1987EngineeringDamn good memories of this old ship we sure had fun at Texas jacks anyone who went on a Mediterranean cruise will know about that got my first blue noise certificate on her and crossed the equator for the first time
Losch, GregoryDS1Dec 4, 1984 – Apr 10, 1989OE12I remember NTDS and watching flight ops from vultures row.
Conine, RichardIS2Dec 12, 1984 – Feb 14, 1988OZMy first ship, my first sea tour and forever my sweet beautiful baby. Thanks to IS1 Bob James, IS1 Bob High, Hutch, Kogge, Tim and Fast Eddy for the greatest adventure I will ever have.

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