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USS Forrestal (CV 59) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Forrestal (CV 59). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 2083 crew members registered for the USS Forrestal (CV 59).

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Barricklow, RickyABE 31978 – 1981Bow catsi wouldent do it agen for a million bucks...... but i wouldent take a million for all i got to do and see
Ryan, MarkABE21978 – 1981GearFrom the flight deck to the tower, everyday was different. Boss all engines set......Ramp, Groove, Rig the Barricade,Liberty call-Liberty call,,,
Royse Sr, MarkE-21978 – 1980M DivisionWish I would have stayed longer aboard, Great bunch of friends in MMR3, Had a great med cruise. alot of great parties at my trailer, And we all enjoyed life. I think of the memories aboard her, Take care everyone.
Rebolloso, Reinaldodon't know1978 – 1982supplyI am Reinaldo's sister. He is deceased. Just looking for someone who knew him.
Weatherford, Joe profile iconABH31978 – 1982V-1I served in V-1 and made 2 1/2 med cruises, I would like to catch up with the many great friends I made during those years.
Caprella, Andrew////andy///cappyRM11978 – 1981CRWas sailor of the year 1979 really loved this ship one of my best duty stations in my 22 years of service
Schiell, RandyBT-21978 – 1981BT 3MMR & AUTO boiler control shopLooking for (BEAR) Tim Miller-- Danny Clephane--anyone from our days down in the hole
Mueller, TonyAOAN1978 – 1981G3 mag ratsLooking to find people who served on the ship in ordnance.
Gray, PaulGMT21978 –WeaponsI was lucky enough to make two Med cruises and had a great time with great people! Go FID !!!
Wheeler, CraigABH31978 –V-1Loved my time on the Forrestal, miss my freinds Mike Warren.and Mark Price.Had a lot of good times with those guys
Swary, Michael profile iconEMC1978 –E Div Power Shop
Pugmire, Steve / PugE-3Jan 1978 – Jul 1978Hanger Bay
Kumpula, CurtisIS2Jan 5, 1978 – Feb 3, 1980OZIt didn't seem like it then, but after all these years, the time went by fast aboard the FID. Except for those 2 week crossings between Mayport and Rota.
Howard, JohnHT2Jan 6, 1978 – Jun 15, 1981R Div3 Med Cruises Pipe shop Plumbing Shop. Had a lot of fun however I don't know how anyone could do that for twenty years. but if you did god bless you . You are tougher than me.
Smith, Harold E.BT1Jan 14, 1978 – May 14, 1979B #4MMRGrand ole ship. Only TAD assignment. Made Med Cruise-Apr- October 1978. Great experience.
Stoebe, DaveAK2Jan 15, 1978 – Aug 15, 1981S-6Aviation Storekeeper
Bevis, David profile iconPR-3Jan 16, 1978 – Oct 31, 1982VA-85Onboard with some great guys.Tyson,Leblanc,Shroyer,Latham,Smitty and the rest of the VA-85 crew for the med cruises of 79- ,80-81. keep in touch is too short.Yarddog,hill billy grogan and the rest of you get on board andsign up
Hendrickson, GeoffBT2Jan 25, 1978 – Jan 25, 1982EngineeringFond memories of 3MMR
Eiser, Jr, MikePR-3Feb 1978 – Oct 1978VA-83Went on a Med-cruise and met my future wife while in Valencia, Spain. Been married to her since 1980. (still married in 2012.. )
Fones, ClydeAMH-1Feb 1978 – Nov 1979IM-2 /WC5402nd time on board. 1972-1975 as part of VA-83.
Lacy, PaulSN/TM3Feb 2, 1978 – Jun 22, 1979G1,2, and 4Made first Med cruise on this ship. Had a good time. Also made 3rd class on it.
Fones, ClydeAMH-1Feb 5, 1978 – Dec 20, 1979IM-2I was assigned as the IM-2, WC-540 Hydraulic Shop supervisor. I was a member of VA-83 from Aug 1972- Feb 1975 on board the FID also.
Gibbs, AndrewRMCMFeb 9, 1978 – Nov 9, 1981Communications - CR DivisionI retired from the Navy in 2007 (30 Years). The USS Forrestal was my first command after completion of bootcamp. We had a great group of RM's and we was the best at what we did. Oh how I miss those days.
Crowe, DavidE3Mar 1978 –SupplyWhat an experience as a 19 year old kid. I wasn't lifer material, but I'm glad to have served aboard the FID. I still think about the tire shop with Shack, Fi Fi and Smiley. Whoosh! Up the vent.
Lundy, ChuckYNSNMar 1, 1978 – Apr 1, 1979Admin
Smith, Ralph/smittyAC1Apr 1978 – Jun 22, 1978OC
Haldi, RobertPRANApr 1978 – Oct 1978VF-74Great times... if only I had a camera. Sunset cat shots with the Turtle-Backs in full burner... Good times in Europe. Catching a lift on a CH-53 during OutChop... The Northern Return route through the North Sea... Palma de Majorca...
Hayman, GaryETRSN/ET2Apr 1978 – May 1981great ship was my first one. hated the liberty lines.chow lines. Had a lot of good times with a great bunch of guys
Farrar, Timothy profile iconAT-2Apr 1978 – Oct 1978VS-30 ,MED curise 1978
Malarkey, KellyBT2Apr 1978 – Jul 1981
Pennington, PaulAE-2Apr 1978 – Apr 1981AIMD w/c 620it was a great ship in hindsight and will allways be a good memery
Register, SteveLTApr 1, 1978 – May 1, 1979Ops-CICLeft active duty after this tour..was a VS pilot. Should have stayed in the Navy...was the most exciting time of my life.
Bjorem, Rick profile iconHT 2Apr 1, 1978 – Sep 15, 1981Repair Worked in Pipe shop whole time. High pressure pipe welder. Lead petty officer of pipe shop for 1981 Med cruise. Made 3 meds. Also a Gitmo Caribbean. Haze grey and underway. Son of Neptune.
Kelley, RichardYN2Apr 2, 1978 – Dec 20, 1981V-1Worked the Flight Deck, Fly 3 for the 78 Cruise, Moved to the V1 Office for other two Cruises I made. Met allot of great men on the ship during my time on the FORRESTAL. Allot of Hard and Fun Times.
Roarty, FrankAX3Apr 4, 1978 – Oct 30, 1978VS30
Roof, KenAT2May 1978 – Sep 1980AIMD Shop 670/980I cannot say I loved the ship when I served, but I have more found memories of CV-59 than any other time I spent in the Navy. I miss her to this day; She inspired my life going forward to earn an BSB/M & an MBA. We were the best..crew & all
Van Acker, Fred2nd Class POMay 1, 1978 – Mar 1, 1982AIMD
Dilly, EdwardIC2Jun 1, 1978 – Mar 1, 1982EICFA - IC2 Foward and Aft IC
Serrano, IvanSH3Jun 6, 1978 – Jun 16, 1980S-3I was a barber in the crew's barber shop. "The difference between a good haircut and a bad one is about 3 weeks"
Freeman, Kerrypetty officer 2nd classJun 18, 1978 – Feb 2, 1981A division machine shop pump compressor shopWhats up terry A and Dan Bloem sorry if I spelled wrong K 5 blazer right contact me in knooxville tn I am a car guy Christian father sports fanatic ex airforce brat veteran of usn. .
Boughton, TracySH 2Jul 1978 – Apr 1981S-3I would to here from some of the old squids that served at that time, A. Gary, L. Hernandez, (Wolfy), D. Wright, SHC Eason, D. Ingersol J. Reese, A. Masol, M. Gatson, A. Haydel, A. Dickerson and talk about the campfire girls in Naples and much more.
Knotts, Chris (Trapper)AQ3Jul 1978 – Oct 1978VQ-2 Det. 1Plane Captain for the EA-3B Skywarrior. Although the CAG never liked the "Whale", everyone else sure did. Always had a following when it came on board.
Hill, GeorgeCDRJul 3, 1978 – Jul 1980MedicalServed as SMO. Went to Cecil Field as SMO 1980-82 then to USS Midway as SMO 82-84. In Pensacola 84-87 for Aerospace Medicine Residency. Was Force Medical Officer at CNAL Atl Fleet until 1991. Retired 1996.
Schramm, SteveAMS-3Jul 19, 1978 – Dec 19, 1981IM-2 Tire Shop Air FramesA A good ship I am glad I served on her It's amazing how time works,I would like to see her made into a museam. Back then every body hated her.
Caulley, JohnMM3Aug 1978 – Apr 1982A- Hyd shop
Van Acker, FredASH2Aug 1978 – Apr 1982AIMDMany lasting memories and the opportunity to see the world. Was better than any college.
Dennis, MarkE-3 L/CPLAug 1978 – Aug 1979Marine DetachmentMade a lot of friends,grew up, and was glad I never joined the Navy.
Sanchez, Tony'AnthonyABH2Aug 1978 – May 1982V-1Miss my old friends from V-1,like Henry Johnson,Eric Connors,Victor Martinez and all my other friends.Enjoyed myself while in.
Odle, William CMSgt (AT1 on USS Forrestal)Aug 1978 – Oct 1979IM3 WC 655Was TAD to USS Forrestal from VS-30. Enjoyed the Med cruise 1978.
Bruni, Joseph/docHM1Aug 15, 1978 – Jul 20, 1979MedicalMy first ship as ships company and enjoyed every minute.
Acree, James profile iconIC3Sep 1, 1978 – Jul 1, 1980ElectricalLooking for old buddies that served in Fore and Aft IC rooms. you may email me directly at
Keenan, David profile iconEm3Sep 15, 1978 – Sep 15, 1981ElectricalHad some great experiences and meet some people,wonder where there lives took them
Thomas, Carl G. BarcelaSK3Sep 19, 1978 – Sep 19, 1980SupplyI was the ship case-rep expediter,worked in the supply office with CDR Erickson,our CO was Capt Peter Booth followed by Capt Koch.Deployed for two Med Cruises.Best friend of Jody Dukes of Pensecola Fla.Ricky Warren.
Taulman, William/billEM2Sep 26, 1978 – Dec 17, 1982Eworked in the light shop and the a&o shop.
Olpinski, KenE-3Sep 28, 1978 – Jun 23, 1981s-3great ship n crew miss them guys not cuba
Williams, TedAD-3Sep 28, 1978 – Jul 13, 1982AIMD 410 Jet shop
Noble, RobertMS3Oct 1978 – Jun 1982S-1Supply Department Yeoman.
Slivers, JimABH2Oct 1978 – Sep 1979Fly 3Was asst. fly-3 PO and tractor queen.A riot the whole way. Nice showers using the Captians at sea water line!!
Weaver, Rickeye-3Oct 1978 – Apr 1981VA-81anyone there from line division
Warren, MikeABH3Oct 1978 – Nov 1982V1Great memories, would like to travel like I did back then, worked fly2 on deck
Mincks, DennisABH3Oct 1978 – Jul 1982V-1
Moore, Charles / BucOS1 (SW/AW) /E-6Oct 11, 1978 – Mar 18, 1990OICBest Ship and crew that I ever served on. FID, the ship with a heart. That's why I stay onboard so long.
Nitchman, PhilASH-3Oct 15, 1978 – Oct 24, 1980AIMD / GSEI hope to see the ship again , maybe in Baltimore! Hello to Ken Purvis,Doug Darlington and Don Sullivan .
Moore, RobertQM2Oct 16, 1978 – Apr 18, 1982NavigationI am grateful for the opportunity to have served aboard USS Forrestal CV-59. I was the master helmsman at the time when I we were accosted by the 2MIG 650's in 1981. Great serving with all you guys.
Butler, Robert (Bob)AMS2Nov 1978 – Nov 1979VF-11 AirframesOnly abord for a short time but have many fond memories of my service.
Whittington, David LeeMM3Nov 1978 – Nov 21, 1981M and PGood memories in 1MMR
Brooks, DavidMS3Nov 4, 1978 – May 30, 1982S2Two med cruises with the VS30, Very exciting had a great time.
Olihan, JackGMT 2Nov 20, 1978 – Jan 20, 1979Weapons
Cutshall, MarcBT3Dec 1, 1978 – Aug 16, 1982#2Main
Hayek, LeeAO- IIDec 6, 1978 – Mar 13, 1981Magazines
Tripodo, JoeSK2Dec 15, 1978 – Aug 15, 1981SupplyMain Supply S-1 to Storekeeper in Special Weapons Division. Sports on FID TV.
Kuehner, RickPh3Dec 18, 1978 – May 6, 1982OPWorked in the main photo lab for a year then moved up to CVIC photo lab flying with HS3 as an Ariel Photographer, loved the med cruises we made and all the ports, especially liked Isreal
Barnhill, DaltonABEANDec 23, 1978 – Sep 15, 1981V-2Worked on the waist cats. I loved my time aboard when I was doing my job. Got to see a lot of places. Would like to hear from Brian Miller or any information on him.
Bullard, Buforde-3Dec 27, 1978 –Propulsion

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