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USS Forrestal (CV 59) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Forrestal (CV 59). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 2081 crew members registered for the USS Forrestal (CV 59).

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Delottinville, Edward1967 – 1969M7-29-67 made me aware how short life could be. I enjoy every day, thank to a lot of guys that gave their all.
Salazar, JohnASAN1967 –My father was on the ship during the fire. He retired in 86' after 20 years, as an ASSC. He passed away in Feb. 2000. He loved the ship and always got choked up at the sight of it. We went to see CV-59 in 99' in Newport, RI shortly before he di
Clingeman, ByronAMS 31967 – 1969VF-74 and AIMDPlane captain during West Pac. Assigned to AIMD Fabrication Shop on the MED Cruise.
Davidson, BernardAMS31967 – 1967Air Wing
Brinker, SteveAMS31967 – 1967VA 65
Brousseau, Thomas1967 – 1967V2I was on only short time. Went to Gitmo after the ORI at Gitmo after post yard work at Portsmouth.
Gant, FrankE-31967 – 1970V-3Got on ship in Port Smith, Va. - made two med cruises & two carribbean cruises - searching for other hanger deck crew members that I served with. Departed ship from Rota, Spain and went back to states.
Popwell, MikeABE-11967 – 1970V-2
Arthur B Maaser, ArtMU21967 – 1967Admirals StaffMusician onboard of the Forrestal while in the Token Gulf in the year 1967
Fannon, VernonAK21967 – 1967Supply Dept.My father, Vernon D. Fannon, passed away on August 21,2011.He retired from the Navy and I was always proud of him. I miss my Dad . I got to know some of the guys from The USS Forrestal and they were the best.
Puckett, ManvilleE-61967 – 1967AIMDIt was a experience one could never forget.
Prince, StevenYN31967 – 1969X first then transferred to Navigationgreatly enjoyed my time aboard. I transferred from Executive Divsion to Navigation just in time for the Med Cruise. Great group of mates in Navigation. Will always have great memories of my time aboard the Forrestal.
Satterfield, JamesAMS 21967 – 1969A R Div.
Kirby, Ronnie1PO1967 – 1967Airwing
Sewell, DennisPR3Jan 1967 – Aug 1967VF-11WESPAC '67. Assigned to IMA parachute loft, 03 level aft
Goode, DavidE3Jan 1967 – Dec 1969AIMD
Bohjanen, Robert A.BT2/E5Jan 1967 – Oct 1970BOILER DIVISIONEIGHT BELLS TO ALL THOSE LOST ON 29 JULY 1967.
Stephens, BobABE2Jan 10, 1967 – Jul 10, 1970V-2 Arresting GearThe work was long hours, dirty, and at times very dangerous, but I wouldn't take anything for good times, travel, and above all, the friends and shipmates that I served with.
Kreischer, DaveE4/EM3Jan 16, 1967 – Jun 2, 1969E DivisionSpent most of my time aboard in Electrical Distribution. #6 Switchboard, #2 Aux. Will always remember my time on Forrestal and the friends I made. After Navy spent 30 years in the Fire Service. Had two great careers.
Martinez, Arcadio "Artie"E-3Jan 18, 1967 – Dec 1967V-2 Aft Cats #4Was aboard the day of the fire. Will never forget. Looking to contact Bernie Walters from Philly, CW Moyers of Ohio and Charlie Slack.
Sessions, Charles B. "Charlie"DC3Feb 1967 –I was aboard the Forrestal when the explosion occured. Would like to meet with other shipmates. Please email me.
Hildebrand, JerrySEAMANFeb 1, 1967 – Aug 15, 19694thI was aboard the Forrestal during the disaster on July 29th,1967. It will be in my memory forever.
O'Malley, TonyAE2Feb 14, 1967 – Sep 14, 1967RVAH -11A remarkable and enduring experience. A display of bravery and esprit de corps that I had never witnessed before or since. I will never forget it.
Vincent, Albert (Vince)AMH2Feb 21, 1967 – Sep 14, 1967VA65
Mitchell, Gary profile iconAKAAMar 1967 – Oct 1969S6 DIVISIONThis is one part of my life I will never forget remembering back on the tragedy we went thru off the coast of Viet Nam. I and three other friends that served onboard are still in touch with each other to this day.
Foster, CorbySFM3Mar 1967 – Feb 1969R DivisionWas on during the fire, & would like to reconnect or know where the following folks are now: J. Lanquin M. Scheadler E.N. Reiter R.J. Arminio J. Kuprion Jr. J. Lagonegro R.A. Perl T.A. Parks T.G. & G.G. Duncan J.L. Haye
Campbell, MichaelRMMar 1967 – Mar 1967CRIn serving on the Forrestal for 2 years 5 months myself and my shipmates went through a lot.We saved our ship in its worst tragic times when off the coast of Vietnam.I am very proud of my ships mates and wish them well.
Esposito, MarioBT3 Esposito Mario A.Mar 1967 – Jul 8, 1970B
Shannon, William E ShannonBT1Mar 6, 1967 – Dec 25, 1970BI will never forget July 29, 1967, We lost some good men that day. I was a boy one minute and a man the next. I got to see the world with defernt eys's after that day in July. YR2007 what can I say it makes me sick, if I was but a boy agai
Burns, MalcolmRM3Mar 11, 1967 – Apr 10, 1969CR CommunicationsServed during the WestPac cruise and very lucky to be unharmed unlike a lot of my friends and shipmates.
Freeman, Charles W.EMCSApr 1967 – Sep 1970E
Kirton, SamuelMMCApr 1967 – Sep 1969M
Kuhlken, HenryE3 / AEApr 1967 – Aug 1967VA 65
Mangan, JosephET3Apr 5, 1967 – Apr 8, 1969OEDrop me a note my email is
Geary, KevanMACHINISTS MATEApr 10, 1967 – Apr 10, 1987noneTrying to find American Relatives. Harriman Family Line
French, Richard Dick" "chief"AC-1 & ACCApr 15, 1967 – Oct 10, 1969OC Carrier Air Traffic Control CATCCHello to my fellow survivors of July 29, 1967.Thank you for helping to get the fire out. May GOD rest the souls of those who died. Anyone knowing the whereabouts of out XO -Capt R.F. Smith, please advise
Olinger, RobertRadarman 3rd ClassApr 15, 1967 – Aug 8, 1969OIWas onboard during the fire in July 1967. I'm very proud to have served on this great ship. Other than the fire I have many fond memories of my days on the Forrestal.
Tana, JoeRD3Apr 21, 1967 – Jan 5, 1971OIWould like to hear from any Radarmen who served with me. I now live in Jacksonville Fl.
Seitz, KenATR-2May 1967 – May 1969AIMDMet alot of great guys, Working in AMID helped me how to succeed in my profession
Pagel, SteveBT-3May 1967 – Oct 1967B 4-main blr rmI WAS ONLY ON BOARD FOR A SHORT TIME BUT IT WAS A REAL WILD RIDE 29 july i feel blessed to have been aboard with so many great and brave men at 20 years old you grow up very fast i hope to see more shipmats at reuions in the future
Hassell, JimmyBT3May 1967 – Jul 1970B3MMR, Thacker, Beecham, Henderckson, Stephan, Keefer, Taylor Pruitt. Smock, Robinson, Wright
Page, AllenLTJGMay 1967 – Aug 1969VF-74 / IOICI was first ground-pounder Air Intel Off for VF-74, heading for westpac, I plugged in to IOIC and sent debriefs from sorties following debriefs. Briefed squadrons en route and the 3rd 1000#er knocked me out of my rack.
Anderson, BillATR2May 1967 – Jan 1968AMD V6 Metrology shop, X-TV Station,
Sherman, SmithE-3May 1967 – Jul 1967SHIP DETACHMENT MARINESI have the up most respect for the navy personal, for the sacrifice and bravery shown by the men during the fire that time, Token Gulf (Vietnam).I was sent back to Vietnam to service with the 1ST BN 9TH 3ED MARINE DIV .
Murray, StevePC3May 1967 – Nov 1970XI started in the Chaplains Office and moved to the Post Office where I made rate.
Harper, Johnadjan e-3May 1, 1967 – Dec 1, 1967v-2 aft cats
Hassinger, PhilETN3May 8, 1967 – Jan 16, 1968OEThe events and experiences on this tour changed my life forever! I observed real time hero's that I still look up to with reverence. x1
Hassell, JimmyBT 3May 10, 1967 – Jul 8, 1970B 3 MMRReal snipes have fuel oil stained dungrees.
Cole, JohnANMay 12, 1967 – Sep 9, 1967V2 hello to all my brothers in V2 arresting-gear.Almost 40 years ago and it still never leaves my mind.
Dimmer, EdwardSN1May 12, 1967 – May 19, 1969Weapons DepartmentServed duty on The Forrestal in The Gulf of Tonkin. Experienced the casualty July 29 1967. 50 years late have been an author / hospital Couriour in New York. Now live in Pennsylvania.
Branch, JamesE4Jun 1967 – Aug 1967Aircraft squardonI worked on RA5C visual antis. Just looking to talk to some of my old shipmates.
Callens, ThomasAAJun 1967 – Sep 1967VA-65
Easter, JiohnATR2Jun 1967 – 1969air wing-Master at armsWas air wing from VF74 out of Key West ,Fla.
Smith, Wayne (Smitty)AZ2Jun 1967 – Oct 1969VF-11Served aboard the Forrestal as part of the air wing. WestPac and Mediteranean cruises, plus training deployments.
Stinner, WaltAO-3Jun 1967 – Sep 1967ATTACK SQUADRON 106Served aboard during fire on 7/29/67. Lost many great shipmates that day. Memorial service 7/29/12 at Vietnam Memorial, Washington, DC. I am a member of the USS Forrestal Assn also. Annual reunions.
Taylor, MartinSM !Jun 1967 – Nov 1967CS divLooking for my buddies in the signal gang,especally Nicholds my long time buddy
Stanley, RobertABF3Jun 1967 – Dec 1967V-4Went aboard June 1967. I Was a Fuels checker on the flight deck .No Med cruise, ended up going around the Cape to the Tonkin Gulf. I was on a fire hose when the first bomb exploded. Transferred in Dec, 67 to Rosy Rds PR
Walsh, TomMM2Jun 1967 –E-2
Stephens, Elwood/bobAK3Jun 17, 1967 – Sep 20, 1967VF-11Served on the WESPAC cruise with a great bunch of guys. My prayers still go out to all the shipmates that we lost. Often think of the heroics that day of July 29th,1967.Rest in peace fellow Sailors!
Birdsong, DonaldBM3Jun 20, 1967 – Oct 9, 19713rdI was on the ship with my brother 3RD class machinist mate Richard Birdsong. The U.S.S. Forstale was our home for those years, to bas it was sold for scrap For $1.00
Sherman, SmithE-3Jul 1967 – Jul 1967marine detachmentI respect all the navy & marine personal for the sacrifice & bravery display (FIRE) in the Token Gulf (Vietnam 67) After I was sent to 1/9 3rd mar Vietnam God Bless All
Staples, Richard L.SNJul 20, 1967 – Nov 30, 1970G & SI reported On board the Forrestal, in Subic Bay, Philippians About July 20, 1967. I was new onboard and had not been assigned a GQ. Station. when the fire on the flight deck broke out . was assigned after sprinkler system and temp. check of ammo mag
Naab, MichaelTM2Jul 21, 1967 – Jul 31, 1967TAD (weapons)Part of a MOMAT team TAD from Subic. Joined ship en route Yankee Station. On board during catastrophic fire of 7/29/67. Duty station Fwd SAS space. During fire, participated in jettisoning ammo from ready magazines on 02 level.
Kipp, LarryJul 28, 1967 – Jul 30, 1967HS 2Did not serve, but looking for anyone who has information about Det HS 2, used ASW choppers for air-sea rescue. Was only assigned to the Forrestal from July 28-30, 1967. Need roster info and dates. Needed for a friend's VA form. Thanks
Trotter, MikeSFM3Jul 28, 1967 – Aug 1, 1967medicalHelo from the Lyman K. Swenson DD729 to Forrestall July 28 1967 for dental work.
Hughes, CharlesEM2Aug 1967 – Oct 1, 1970ECame aboard in Philippines after the fire and returned to Norfolk to enter yards for repairs.
Wells, ClydeAK2Aug 1967 – 1969S-6I came aboard Forrestal at Subic Bay, PI about 5 days before her return to Portsmouth VA Shipyard. Shellback Day was an unforgettable experence. I was in charge of the night crew in S-6 div.
Chenery, Robert L.LCDRAug 29, 1967 –Air Wing and Ship's CompanyAir Wing 1967, 69-69 cruises Ship's Company 1982-1985
Barnes, ChuckBTFNSep 1967 – Sep 1969Main Machine room #1 and Boiler Repair shopDid all the refractor work and special boiler repairs with Johnny still around..???
Louis, ChesterFNSep 1967 – Apr 1969A-4Reported aboard the day after she returned to Norfolk after the fire. Chipped paint for the nine months in Portsmouth. Worked in the liberty Boat Crews for the 68/69 Med cruise
Charles, McKinniesE-3Oct 1967 – Nov 1967XOny aboard a couple of months. First assignment out of boot camp. Never forget the first time I walked up the gang plank....saying to myself WOW......
Armour, ErschslE3Oct 24, 1967 – Dec 15, 1969X Division. post officeI was so proud to be on that ship .be for I was in X division I was in 4th on the boats , I was taking guys on liberty in different ports
Mesker, BudABF-2Nov 1967 – Jul 1973V-4Five and a half years and 4 Med cruises! Lots of memories.
Figuracion, Figpc3Nov 24, 1967 – Apr 29, 1969x post office
McGregor, MikeBM2Dec 7, 1967 – Nov 4, 1969First DivisionWorked in the Boatswain/Sail Locker and was the Honor Boatswain Mate during my tour of duty.
Voelker, WallyABE2Dec 10, 1967 – Dec 16, 1970V-2 Waist CatsI went aboard right after the fire. Although I wasn't there for the fire, the memory was still fresh with my remaining crew members. I'll never forget those stories. I am proud to have served.
Clark, RobertSNDec 15, 1967 – Jan 4, 1968V2 to H divisionAssigned to CVA-59 when in Norfolk dry dock. Shakedown cruise to Cuba in V-2 div as an AN. During Med Cruise to H Div. as a corpsman striker. Off ship May of 69 to Great Lakes Hospital Corps A School.
Wright, RobertASE-2Dec 15, 1967 – Nov 2, 1970IM-2Worked in the Mobile Equipment Shop with a great bunch of guys.
Wright, Robert (Rg)ASE-2Dec 21, 1967 – Nov 2, 1970AIMD/IM-2Serving on the Forrestal was a great experiemce. Worked In MES shop forward hangar bay 1. Made shakedown cruise to GITMO a 2 Med cruises.

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