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USS Forrestal (CV 59) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Forrestal (CV 59). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 2083 crew members registered for the USS Forrestal (CV 59).

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Westfall, LeeAT-21963 – 1964VAH-11, Det. 8Part of the air wing, our squadron flew Douglas A3B's. I remember seeing the C130 land and take off.
Cooper, DavidAK31963 – 1964VF-103
Harvey, William (Bill)PHAN1963 – 1967
Carpenter, RogerEM31963 – Feb 1, 1967E DivisionLooking for shipmates Jim Hicks, Tn; Mel Miller, Ky; B J Campbell, Ky; Johnny Waite, TX; Flowers; Vickers; Joe Walsh, Pa; Geo Rawlins, Ky; Losurer; Bottomley; Boyer; and all the musicians in E-Shop for reunion Oct 2012.
Schmock, GeorgeE-41963 – 1967OPFrankie Mansfield Carnes! Where are you? I've been looking for nearly 40 years. Mail me at or call 540/292-4007. Schmock
Reger, Gerald (Jerry)e3 AN1963 –Guided Missile DivLooking for anyone who was aboard USS Forrestal 1963-64
Ingram, TilmanEN2Jan 1963 – Jul 5, 1963A
Welch, EdwardE5Jan 1963 – Jul 1967V6Worked with the video cameras and recording equipment to record air operations for training and review purposes. The "PLAT" (pilot landing aid television) system. Would enjoy hearing from any of our group.
Roscoe, Robertunrated seamanJan 1963 – Jan 1963executive divisionI worked in the Public Information Office writing press releases and doing artwork
St Clair, Thomas / TopcatADJ3 E4Apr 9, 1963 – Jan 6, 1967V7 #4 CatWorked #4 Catupolt. What an experience for a 17 yr old kid! Looking for any of my ol buddies from those "good ole days". Lacey Pearl you still around?
Narducci, KennethEM2Apr 12, 1963 – Sep 15, 1965E# 2 MMR
Ronald Gentry, RonABH3Apr 17, 1963 – Jan 6, 1967V-1As i look back it was one of the greatest times of my life. Enjoy going to the reunions every year that i can, wish more shipmates would be there. God bless everyone who served on her. Remember the spirit.
Hicks, BruceGMT 3May 7, 1963 – Aug 5, 1964W Good time's, worked with bunch of great guys. W division forward. Wished she could have been a museum.
Jones, GradyABH3Jun 1, 1963 – Jun 1, 1967V-1my nicknam is buddy.Iwent aboard in 1965. I was in v1 division the whole time. Blue,red.and yellow shirt. I would love to hear from some of my shipmates
Methvin, LonnieE-3 / AIRMANJun 9, 1963 – May 29, 1964V-1 Crash CrewWorked as firefighter and pilot rescueman.
Wilcox, Ira KennnethE3Jun 27, 1963 – Jun 27, 1967v 1Made two MEd. cruizes, tided up at pier at New York we had Ed Sullinvan show on flight deck
Boyer, RichardCVA 59Jul 23, 1963 – Jan 6, 1967EWorked in the A&O Shop. Now live in Florida.
Gustafson, Bob/ GusGMG-3Aug 1963 – Jul 15, 1966GWorked in bomb mags, ships armory, and bomb assembly .Was on a chopsticks team and shot line gun All the fun stuff.Would like to hear from anyone from G- Div aboard during the above dates.
Yates, TonyE-5Aug 1963 – Aug 1965MarDetMarine Detachment 8/63 - 8/65
Robert, ReathafordBT3Sep 24, 1963 – Sep 20, 1967BWORKED IN THE OIL SHACK. MY CHIEF WAS EARL CARTER
Logan, Marion "Ed"ADR-3Oct 1963 – Feb 10, 1967V-6
Vinas, RicardoTNOct 1963 – Oct 1964STAFFUSS Forrestal was my first duty station and loved it. Became a Master Chief and retired as CWO4. My son is now an OS2 stationed at Pearl Harbor. Many fond memories.
Crawford, JohnSM3Oct 1963 – Feb 1967CS
Gentry, DavidLI3Oct 22, 1963 – May 22, 1967G divison and X divison was in g divison until making LI3. while in g divison was assigned to bomb elevator crew. would like to get in touch with AO3 T.J.Ewing and GMG2 dan Muarry. Anyone else that remembers me please get in touch with me.
Stephens, Donald (Steppie)E-4Nov 1963 – Jan 1967
Morelli, JosephANNov 10, 1963 – Nov 19, 1965V3
Langen, ThomasSM2Nov 16, 1963 – Nov 1, 1965CSMany good memories of this ship and great friends
Luncz, StanAMS3Nov 25, 1963 – Mar 13, 1965V6 metal shopEnjoyed being on the ship.
Harper, RonaldBMDec 1963 – Feb 19681st
Schmidt, VicDM2Dec 1, 1963 – Jun 29, 1965AIOWorked as the ships Illustrator Draftsman in the Air Intellance Office. Med Cruise approx July 1964 to May 1965 No living in Vancouver, WA
Branam, John W. , Jr.MU21964 – 1965Assigned to AdmiralBass Trombone player. Would love to hear from any Navy musician.
Watson, RichardE 31964 – 19672ND
Rogers, Glenn T.CV 591964 – 1967My dad was on the ship during the fire of 1967. He has since passed away, but the memories of his time aboard the Forrestal were forever with him.
Phillips, Alan/philAQB31964 – 1965VAH6
Holcomb, Gary profile iconetr31964 – 1966OEI would like to find my good buddie Larry Sager
Merrifieldjlmerrif, JimSeaman1964 – 1965ExecutiveWorked in Chaplain's office/library/crews lounge on the 64-65 Med cruise. Also arranged tours for the different ports.
Brow, DavidP031964 – 1973Aviation
Don, HughesAO2Jan 1964 – Oct 1967GM DivisionI was on deck as the guided MIssile Flight Deck Petty Officer on the day of the fire. I continue to pray for my fallen brothers and their families to this day. They were all young men who showed extreme bravery.
White, JerryPR3Jan 1, 1964 – May 8, 1967v-6I worked in the V-6 division parachute loft. I would like to hear from anyone in the air dept. especially V-6 division or the air wing parachute riggers.I met a lot of different people since we done a lot of sewing.
Merrill, JamesLTJGJan 4, 1964 – Mar 2, 1967EsecutiveGreatest experience of my life. Outstanding crew and pilots.
Hughes, DonAO2Jan 10, 1964 – Sep 7, 1967Guided MissileI'm now 61 yrs old and still carry the proud feeling of being a part of Forrestals history. Friends made and lost then and now, but you can never erase the memories & great liberty times "Jack Tarr & Dave Hamel" I've tried to
Giovengo, JohnnieSHIPFITER E-4Feb 1964 – Nov 1966RWelder aboard ship
Guadagnoli, TomE4Feb 1964 – Dec 1964V4I was on the Ship until emergency at home occurred and i returned to the states........Later I re enlisted into the Airforce and volunteered for Vietnam....
Cozzolino, Dominick "Cozz"ANFeb 1964 – Sep 1964Crash Crew
Delaney, Johnny LE3Feb 27, 1964 – Dec 15, 19674 TH To All My Friends That I Served With I think Of You Often , To All Who Served on July 29 1967, I Know We Will Never FORGET. To The Shipmates We Lost They Will Forever Be In Our Hearts.
Johnson, BobAO2Mar 10, 1964 – Jul 21, 1967G DIVLeft the FID at Subic Bay. Great memories. I pray for my shipmates lost in the fire. The book Sailors To The End is a great read. Would like to hear from guys from G DIV.I am living in Wisconsin.
Ackerman, ThomasSeamanMar 12, 1964 – Dec 1, 1967First DivisionInterested in friends who served with me. I spent 3 years 9 months aboard had alot of good times but also had some hard times. It would be great to hear that the ship could somehow be preserved.
Stephens, William (Billy) profile iconE3-EMMar 20, 1964 – Feb 21, 1966Engineering2 Med cruises & I'm sending a shout out to all who served. Lot of Fun, Lot of Entertainment & a lot of growing up. I'd like to hear from many of my old CVA-59 buddies. I got inducted to the bowlers Hall of Fame last year
Imdahl, BernieSNApr 20, 1964 – Apr 10, 1968S-3Miss my old shipmates
Imdahl, BernieSK3Apr 22, 1964 – Apr 25, 1968S-3 and S-2Thanks for the great memories a great ship gave me, too many shipmates to list here to thank for all the wonderful times I had.
Naisbitt, EdBT 3May 1964 – Dec 1967B
Lovatt, WilliamMay 1964 – May 1966S-6
Moorefield, BillAG3May 1964 – Jul 1966OAGreat times on 2 Med cruises. Saw ship in Subic after fire in "67, what a disaster! Retired now, living in AZ desert, kayaking the Colorado River and photographing nature and wildlife to stay active. Miss the travels I experienced in USN.
Caretto, MikeFN E3May 1964 – Feb 1966EServed in E Div
Lanford, LelandCorporalJun 1964 – Jun 1966Commander Carrier Division 4
Selheim, Lloyd JohnAZ3Jun 1964 – May 1966VF74Served in VF74 as a plane captain and in Maint. Control. Was an AZ when I left. Two back to back Med Cruises saw many interesting places and had good friends. Wish I could remember the port I almost had to stay on.
Tarr, JackAO3Jun 8, 1964 – Nov 26, 1966GMMed cruise 64 worked flight. Med cruise 65-66 worked flight deck as Night shift Guided Missle Safety Petty Officer. Played on ship's basketball team. Worked shore patrol in Naples with a Gunny Srgt. From W Div.
Hull, JimQM1Jul 1964 – Apr 1966Navigation
Kelley, ClintET2Jul 1964 – Jun 1965OEJoined just before Med Cruise and had a great trip.
Schoneman, MichaelAZ-3Jul 1, 1964 – Mar 14, 1965VAH-6A Great ship with a great crew! What a way to see the world. Thanks everyone for your professionalism. Does anyone know where I can get a cruise book for the 64-65 Med Cruise? Keep the faith.
Whitehead, PatYN1Jul 9, 1964 – Apr 15, 1966VA-81retired July 31, 1985 as Master Chief. would like to hear from anyone from the Sunliners.
Wooten, BenAZ2Jul 10, 1964 – Mar 17, 1965vah-6looking for shipmates vah-662-65
Durham, DennisSK3Jul 11, 1964 – Jul 11, 1966Ship's SupplyI remember when I was in the gunnersmate Division on Mount 56 Port side that the Gunnersmate forgot to take out the emply primer case. I will never forget that one.
Tucker, PhilipE3Aug 1964 – Feb 1965VAH 664'-65'Med Cruise First time on the "BIG POND"unless you've been there you can't know the real thing.Pics.and videos won't gotta live it...
Nuoffer, Roland / NuggetFNAug 10, 1964 – Jul 12, 1966BWork in the evaporator rooms 1 and 2 Aux. I met a lot of great people and traveled around the Mediterainian. Best times with Eddie Leo,James Niese and Russel Henshaw.
Carns, FrankYN2Oct 1964 – Feb 1967Operations Department OfficeReported aboard in Istanbul. Served with great shipmates, chiefs and Officers. 2 Med Cruises 10/64 - 3/65 and 8/65 - 4/66.
Taralli, James ( Jim )SK 3Oct 1964 – Jul 1966S-1Serving in the Navy on this ship was one of the proudest things I have done in my life. I will always remember those days and the shipmates I became buddies with. I remember them by name and hope they are doing well.
Erb, JamesQM3Oct 10, 1964 – Sep 16, 1967Navigationwelcome home
Thomas, HenryE6Nov 1964 – Jun 1965BGreat guys, Great Ship. Was aboad ship from 1961 to 1965. Made 3 MED cruises, was first in B div. then M div. and then XMAA. Love to hear from any one who remembers me. Bonnett, Houser and Braun where are you.
Salg, RobertCS3Dec 1964 – May 1966S2 food service
Megna, AnthonyCaptain(0-6)Dec 1964 – Dec 1966WMy first ship as an Ensign. Great experience and learning tool for a 25 year naval career. Many wonderful role models who showed me the way to be successful. Fond memories of shipmates who were true professionals.
O'Shaughnessy, GregFTG-3Dec 14, 1964 – May 1, 1967FOXI'd love to hear from anyone who knew me (even Milton!) If you email me, please put 'FORRESTAL' in the SUBJ box.

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