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USS Gallant (MSO 489) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Gallant (MSO 489). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 103 crew members registered for the USS Gallant (MSO 489).

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Short, WaltET2Apr 1955 – Apr 1956Plank Owner... In Tacoma shipyard and then on board for final build and electronics equipment debug and then with her to Long Beach, CA
Jacobson, RonaldMar 2, 1956 – Oct 29, 1958Went to Japan, Formosa, Hongkong, Shin Hey Korea, Pearl, Midway, etc for 6 months tour with the 7th fleet. I remenber that the ship was sailing off Long Beach, after we returned from Japan, when Signal Hill, in Long Beach burned down.
Guenther, Jeromee 5 RD21958 – 196373Alot of good memories, lt brown and his pipe. patrolling Vietnam, loosing the anchor, Philippines, Japan etc. Going ashore in DaNang and Saigon. Does anyone have any pictures of when we were in Vietnam?
Sunde, William (Bill)EM3Sep 10, 1958 – May 30, 1961EngineeringThis was my first tour in the military and it was outstanding, I enjoyed every minute of it, with very few exceptions. We had a good Skipper and XO that didn't play games. I'll always remember my tour to WESTPAC in August 1959.
Miller, JosephseamanApr 1959 – Jun 1961signalman then changed to bosmatehad a lot of good times aboard the ship.went to the far east. had some good friends
Moore, DonFN-BT3Sep 16, 1960 – Jul 27, 1963EngineeringWent aboard right out of boot camp.Was FN then made BT3 No small feat for someone on a ship with no boiler except for cooking teapot.Went to Vietnam.helped build ist EMC,Sheets of tin a nd a couple of 2x4s.I have some items,pics
Whittington, HankCS31961 – 1964DeckLoved the duty on the O-Boats. Came to the Gallant from the Advance (510) and to the deck force. CS2 Williams (Willie) felt sorry for me and made a cook of me. Loved it. Made CS3, thanks to Willie, and left in Dec 64. Left the boat in Saseb
Houk, DonEM2Aug 1961 – Jul 1963EngineringIShe was a good ship. I remember it took a long time at 10 to 12 knots to get to west pac. The Gallant patrolled off Vietnam for 92 days with only 1 break at DaNang. We left our port anchor there. Long story
Barton, Eddiermsn1963 – 1964operationsTransferred from Constant to Gallant for westpac.All good memories, Japan, Philippines, Hong Kong,Korea, Viet Nam,Guam etc.Transfered to Bryce Canyon for brother duty. Was first person on ship to receive news of kennedy.
Dacus, TomEM 2Jul 1964 – Apr 1967MINDIV 73
Thurman, JimmyE3/BOATWAIN\'S MATE1965 – 1968Looking for Jerry Wheeler
Misner, HarveyBM3Apr 10, 1965 – Oct 9, 1967Great Ship and Great Crew
Moore, FurmanBMC1966 – 1968deck
Lafayette, Kenneth (Ken)EMCApr 1, 1966 – Aug 12, 1968EngineeringGood ship good crew, nothing but great memories
Russo, Ralphsm3May 7, 1966 – Feb 22, 1970operations
Sorlie, DuaneETR3Jun 1, 1969 – Dec 1, 1971OperationsWas a great ship to serve on - meet some great people
Simons, RobertETN-2Oct 1969 – Nov 1972OperationsTwo tours WestPac. Fond memories of the Gulf of Tonkin sonar search for downed C2A. Never did find it. Lcdr Freehill was CO, Ltjg Meekin was OPS officer. Greatest bunch of sailors to serve with
Dickey, MikeEN3Feb 16, 1970 – Feb 19, 1971ENGINEERING
Campbell, AlRM2Aug 1970 – Sep 1971OPERATIONSLong Beach to Can Rahn Bay in 3 months, incredible. A breakdown in Guam for 19 days, and a visit to Hong Kong for five glorious days with a typhoon that knocked out a day and a half of that R&R. It was one fnatastic trip. Glad I had the experience.
Eckersley, Dave / "Eck"HT31971 – 1973Served on the Gallants final WestPac what a time. Changed home ports from Long Beach to San Francisco, Doc Kerney was the boss, Remember so many CS1 Parks, ETMC Harrara, Mr. Houks, I can see so many faces but can't remember names.
Pahlow, BobEN31971 – 1972EngineeringPicked up the boat in Cam Rahn Bay. Remember the Captian, Jones, re-upping while riding a sweeping float in the bay. Worked in the main engine room with Elmore.
Eckersley, DaveHT 31971 – 1974engineringSecond west pack crossing, taking 30 days from Long beach to Cam Rann bay Vietnam with a 20 day lay over in Guam for repairs. Operated in Market Time 2 sweeps in port and 2 at sea patrolling. Randy Van Dyke, Capt. Jones
Vanspoor, BobRD3Jan 1971 – Jun 1972OperationsSpent my first westpac on the Gallant as a patrol boat off the shores of vietnam. Just seeing if there is anyone around that still remembers the good times we had even during a war.
Hayman, BenETR2Mar 1971 – Sep 1975Operations
Van Dyken, RandySF3Mar 15, 1971 – Feb 2, 1972Engineering
Tygh, TimothuySMMay 1971 – Dec 1972Operations
Eckersley, Dave / (Eck)Hull Tech. 3rdOct 1971 – Mar 1974Hull Tech
Polly, JohnHTFN1972 – 1974R
Grooms, JamesEMCJan 1972 – Jun 1972EngineeringOnly spent 6 months aboard gallant ,was xfered th hosp for a operation ,Remember doc kearney, was also . but am not much for names , guess i'm getting old
Polly, JohnHTFNApr 1972 – May 1974EngineeringMany fond memories, the gallant was my first ship of many. Retired after twenty years. Who could forget HT1 Don "DOC" Kearney and BM1 Bennings, CS1 Ben Parks just to name a few of the characters.
Waldrip, VernYN1Sep 23, 1972 – Mar 29, 1974AdminServed as leading YN at TI.
Foley, BrianETR3 (WHEN ON BOARD), LEFT NAVY AS ETR2 (SS)Jan 1973 – Jun 1973I was one of the very few "Nucs" on board prior to going to Nuc. School in Vallejo. Enjoyed the crew and got thrown overboard when the Captain and XO got promoted just for good measure. Remember Dennis Tungate (LPO), Ron DeWeese, Norm Miller, e
Martin, JackFN-EM1Jan 1973 – Feb 1978engineeringI went from fireman to making 1st class a month after leaving. what a ride.
Morris, D. JosephENFN /EN3Apr 2, 1973 – Aug 18, 1975EngineeringAny Shipmates that was on board same time as me.
Parrott, MichaelEN@Oct 1973 – Oct 1975EngineeringI remember a lot of great guys, Mitchell EN1/Chief, BM1 Bennings, John Polly, Doc, Parks, and on and on. I like to here from some of them.
Holland, KeithCS3Nov 1973 – May 1977Supply3.5 years. Many good memories.
Tush, DaryllQM2Dec 27, 1974 – Jul 4, 1976Operations
Mark, De FelippoMSC1975 – 1978SupplyI am Marks (only 26 yr old) daughter. I have found his Vietnam photo album and was looking for people who may have known him. I had full custody of him when he passed away in April of 2014, I'd like to know him more.
Cochran, Usn (Ret.), Lt Leon O.YN2(SS)/YN1(SS/ESWS)1977 – 1979Admin./Nav.Just only the best damn ship I had the pleasure of serving in. From LCDR Herman to BM2(ESWS) Hogan (who by the way is now a CDR and CO NAVSAFE), BMC(ESWS) Williams (deceased)...hands down, the best command, most fun, best experience, etc.
Stull, Melgmg21977 – 1980deck
Russo, LouieE1 TO E5Aug 20, 1977 – May 10, 1981A-GANG/AFTER ENGIN ROOMGallant was my first command after joining the Navy.
Ryden, RobertSN/HMNov 12, 1977 – Aug 22, 1978DeckStationed aboard the old girl with BM1 Williams, BM2 Brooks, BM3 Hogan, and Sn Weathersby. Stayed almost a year before going to HM School in San Diego

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