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USS Philippine Sea (CV 47) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Philippine Sea (CV 47). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 144 crew members registered for the USS Philippine Sea (CV 47).

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Sparks, Chester F.CHIEF PETTY OFFICER1949 – 1954My grandfather served on this ship during the Korean war. If anyone knew him I would love to hear from you. Thanks
Farrar, BurtTE2Jan 2, 1949 – Dec 1951OR
Gilder, Joe/ GildersleeveMM2Feb 8, 1949 – Aug 11, 1952AuxI had a great bunch of guys working for me & some really wonderful memories. The SHOW BOAT was a great ship!
Perkins, GailAM3Jun 1949 – Jul 1952V2Proud to have been a member of the crew. Some of my crew mates were Johnnie Walters and John McAtte. Great leadership by CAPT Waller and Lt Woodall. LtJg Blandford a good man but crazy.
McCormick, FredAIRMAN 1Sep 2, 1949 – Dec 1, 1951SupplyFirst duty aboard pushing planes on flight deck. Last duties aboard issuing aviation parts.
Wadsworth V, Calvin1950 – 1951Radioman; died 1956, Jacksonville, Fla
Burlingame, George "sonny"1950 –My grandfather George Burlingame was a memeber of the Phil Sea crew as a flag man in Korea. I wanted to make sure that he is represented, considering the great pride and honor in which he speaks of his service and time he spent on-board!
Brown, P. V.AN?1950 – 1954Airedales, Aircraft Mechanicsmy dad, PV "Bud" Brown passed away 10 Nov2012. i woud love to hear from anyone who may have served with him, or see any pix. he was a short little red-haired guy from North Carolina. GOD BLESS OUR VETERANS!
Licari, Girolamo LicariAF2Apr 1950 – Jul 1951OI photo lab
Licari, Girolamo LicariAF2May 1950 – Aug 1951O I photo lab
Muir, JohnPERSONNELMAN 1STJun 1950 – Sep 1953My father was a Personnelman 1st during the Korean War
Conner, Alfred Frank Jr.RD3Jun 26, 1950 – Apr 15, 1954
Ramsdale, MyrtANSep 15, 1950 – Apr 15, 1954V7
Francis, Donald (Don)EM3Oct 1950 – Dec 1951EI joined the USS Philippines at the age of 23. I was a company youman.
Lambeth, W.H. / BillCWO1951 – 1956
Swain, Richard/dick (Gopher)AT3Mar 1951 – Jun 1951Carrier Air Group 2I was part of the cross decking of Air Groups that occurred in Yokosuka Naval Base, Japan 26 March 1951
Metcalf, RaymondAVIATION PHOTOGRAPHERS MATE 3RD CLASSMar 1951 – Dec 1952OACruise book photographer with H A Alexander & ENS. H.L. Wittrock. Was sent into South Korea & up to front line to obtain photographs of our aircraft making strikes. Have no recorded documentation of this assignment.
Lundine, Don/ WhitieQM3Apr 1951 – Aug 1953Ni will always be proud of the fact that i served on the "show boat"especially under Captain Ramsey, he was a hell of a leader. And i will always remember the fellowship of my peers.i have tried to contact them over the years to no avail.
Sande, Leland "lee"PO3Jun 1951 – Aug 1954Supply-ship's serviceI spent my first few months in the gas crew, then worked in supply in small stores until discharge in 1954. Would love to hear from any shipmates who are still amongst us.
Lopez, FredSEAMANJun 14, 1951 – Apr 22, 1954OIwould like to hear from anyone who remembers me.
Scism, DonABANJul 1951 – Aug 1954V-3 I retired in 1971 as AC-1
Hall, JeraldQMQ3Jul 5, 1951 – Feb 25, 1952NavigationJoined the crew at Hunter' Point, San Francisco. Left ship at or around 40th parallel. Don't remember Whitie of Nav Dept but we must have been there together
Aubin, Edward F.FP3Aug 1951 – Jul 1955"R"I kept the urnals unplugged, and the showers working!This was a boon to morale! Some of th guys:Dan O'Connell: J.J.Drury B.D.Hart:D.L.Page:H.S.Ekmanian
Bass, Charles (Sam)EM2CSep 1951 – Nov 24, 1954E2 cruises in Korean War, 1 cruise after. Phil Sea was on station, Task Force 77, when armistice was signed.
Veitl, Charles "al"MM2Sep 1951 – Feb 1955In forward engine room and then on Generator Gang. Some great Memories of long ago.
Caroland, James (Jim)SK3Sep 1951 – Jan 1954S-1
Orchard, Jamres E.AASep 12, 1951 – Dec 31, 1951Anyone having photos during this time please e-mail me.
Nicewander, Alan RFNOct 1, 1951 – May 1, 1953Fireroom Repair2nd & 3rd Korean Cruise
Hickey/donaldson, Linda/kennethAO3Nov 23, 1951 – Oct 4, 1954squadron?I am looking for someone who may have known Kenneth G. Donaldson. He was in New York, San Francisco, San Diego, and Florida.
Hagedon, BruceCV47Dec 5, 1951 – Dec 10, 1954First Division 1951/1954
Hudson, WilliamRD3Dec 30, 1951 – Oct 1953OILiving in Roberta, Ga t time of service. Now living in Byron, Ga. Made two trips to Korea, one cruise 47+9 and one trip Korean Encore
Kastner, GlennAF3Dec 31, 1951 – Feb 1, 1954OAI worked with a wonderful bunch of guys!
Harmon, Joseph "Pee Wee"1952 – 1955My Dad proudly served on the "Phill Sea" in Guantanamo waters approximately 1953-1955 after transferring from U.S.S. Des Moines. We lost Pop last year but he had fond memories of crewmates, many, many photos and story's of that Cuban beer.
Schwochert, Daniel "Whitey"TD31952 – 1953X Training Office
Howell, Dennie profile iconAN1952 – 1954V-6Belted ammunition & lethal load delivery to flight deck during Korean War. Would like to hear from those who served with me. Living in Daisetta Texas with wife Bobbie. Active in community, with family & friends.
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Wellman, Tom profile icon3rd class1952 – 1954V1Last job I had onboard was as a Talker in control tower (pri fry). When I first came on deck, was a blue-shirter, re-spotting the planes on deck. Also helped bring them up on the catapults.
Groscost, KeithAK3Feb 6, 1952 – Jul 2, 1952
Carson, Walteraccm-awMar 15, 1952 – Aug 15, 1953v-3my first ship of a 42 year tour
Thornton, C H "Nance"ABH2Apr 1952 – Aug 1957V-1I was aboard her twice from April '52 to Mar '54 and from April '55 to Mar '57. Hello everyone, if you would send me an e-mail I would luv to hear from you.
Bundrick, JimFA,SN,YN3May 1952 – Dec 1954B & AMany happy memories
Wilson, JohnSKSA-SKSN-SK3Aug 1952 – Dec 1953S-1SKC Knick, me and some 40 other SKs made the last Korean cruise. Capt Ramsey had just two speeds, fast and frantic. Carried some of the last of the bent wing Corsairs.Ogletree/Pepe/Zimmerdahl/Sayre/Capagli/Dingler/Beard/Stokes/and a bunch more.
Rodriguez, Joey profile iconANSep 30, 1952 – Mar 24, 1954VA-95I am looking for any surviving members of Attack Squadron VA-95 that served aboard the USS Philippine Sea with my father Jose Rodriguez under the Command of Captain Ramsey 1952-1954.
Maddox, LarryBT3Oct 1952 – Jul 1956BMade three cruises to Japan and the Philippines.
Plummer, RichardOct 16, 1952 – Oct 5, 1956
Blackmore, (Lee) GlennEMP2Oct 24, 1952 – Feb 20, 1955E52-53 Korean Cruise 54 - Phillipine Cruise (Manila) 52 - 3 days in eye of typhoon enroute to Japan from Hawaii

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1948 | 1949 – 1952 | 1953 – 1956 | 1957 – now

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