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USS Philippine Sea (CV 47) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Philippine Sea (CV 47). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 144 crew members registered for the USS Philippine Sea (CV 47).

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Laporte, Hector (Ross)AG30000 – Aug 1954Became professional Meteorologist after discharge and retired in 1989 as head of the National Weather Forecast Center in Washington DC. In early 70's was pioneer in analysis and data distribution of early weather satellites. Thanks USN
Barna, Michael JSeamen1943 – 1945EngineeringI'm adding my beloved grand father Michael J Barna to the ships registry since he always told me the best time of his life was when he served on the uss Saint Paul during WWII. He passed in 1990. Thanks fo serving Pop.
Meyer, JamesLIEUTENANT JG1945 – 1946Airgroup 20 / VB 20Flew SB2C Helldiver during the shakedown cruise to Guantanoamo Bay. "Lard Ass" Cooper was our squadron commander. Lt JG Fred Sedorchuk was my roomate.
Newkirk, Richard " Bugs Bunny "PETTY OFFICER 1ST CLASS1945 – 1948I'm writing this for my brother who died 1985 in Buffalo New York . I just thought it would be nice to write something about this great guy . My best recollection was when he was in dry dock and stationed in Trinadad . he edited the ship paper .
Reeves, PaulARM 3/C1946 –Airgroup 20Shakedown cruise to Cuba,from Quonset Point RI. 1946. Airgroup staioned at Charleston, RI.
Anderson, James (Jim) A.1946 – 1949My grandfather was commisioned on the carrier for its first mission. If anyone has any information on the ship and anyone on it please contact me at:
St. Laurent, FredSFC1946 – 1947My Dad always talked about operation High Jump and going to the Pole with Adm Byrd. He said he carried enough meat on his back on the Carrier to feed the fleet and learned to sleep in any position (with his eyes open) We have a certificate.
Robbins, RobertYN31946 – 1948NavigatorServed aboard the USS Philippine Sea during the Admiral Byrd expedition to Anartica (operation high jump).
Catizone, Vincent profile iconSSMB21946 – 1947ssmbShips Head Barber in Officers Shop. Along with cutting Admiral Byrd's hair traveled to the South Pole. Interested in hearing from anyone who served on the USS Philippine Sea.
King, A. S./ BoatsBM3CJan 1, 1946 – Sep 12, 19487th Division"IT WAS A GOOD CRUISE!"
Snyder, Jerry (Slim)ABMMar 1946 – Jul 1946CatapultPlank Owner---Sorry I missed the shake down cruise and Operation High Jump
Strozier, WilliamPHOM1/CMay 1946 – May 1948V-3
Hyman, SaulS/2CMay 11, 1946 – Oct 11, 1947
Glenn, VirgilPFC (USMC)May 11, 1946 – Oct 18, 1947USMC 2nd MEFPlank Owner. Member of first Comissioning crew.
Thompson, Harry M profile iconF1cMay 11, 1946 – Oct 24, 1947B Plank Owner; Operation Highjump, Task Force 68.1
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Crabb, Joseph GarvonS1CMay 16, 1946 – Oct 22, 1947K2 Signal gangI served on the Phil Sea from commissioning until October of 1947 when I was discharged. Our biggest trip was to the Antarctic regions on operation High Jump with Adm. Byrd. I have a list of all the signal gang if you are interested.
Wanish, GeorgeRm2/cMay 16, 1946 – Jun 16, 1948ORThe best ship I ever served on --- others were the USS RANGER (CV-4) and the USS MIDWAY (CVB-41).. also was a member of Commander Carrier Division-4 staff from 1951 to 1954
Boone, James DeanAirman 2ndJun 1946 – Feb 1948HangerdeckAirCraft Handeler.Hangerdeck Control last six months. Ran the legs off Chief Mercer. Stewart of Ky. & Barber of Wash. St. Good buddies. Saluited Adm. Bird in 1st. DC4 as they took off for Little America. 2/1948 1st JET
Dion, MarcelUSS~PHILIPINE SEAAug 1946 – Mar 1948Gunnary 4thMarried, 4 children, 6 grandchildren, 3 great grandchildren I would like to hear from anyone from my deployment
Schultz, JohnSEAMAN 1STSep 1946 – Jun 1947V-1
Rodewald, William Bill "rodey"S1CSep 21, 1946 – Feb 3, 1948VF4 Worked in the Gasoline Department fueling planes. Remembering good friends like Dewy Romain and would service number 227 10 78
Casey, John F.CV 47Nov 1946 – 1951Airdale
Weston, CalvinSEAMAN 2ND1947 – 1950
Schwenzer, WilliamSon of BW3 COX1947 – 1950UnknownMy dad was aboard in 1947 and was part of Operation HIGHJUMP and the expedition to the South Pole. The order of the Penguin... If anyone Served with my Dad and has any stories they would like to share....
Molidor, Richardnot sure1947 – 1949not sureHeard a lot of stories from my grandpa about his time on the USS Philippine Sea. Not sure exactly on the dates, but know he was on the Med cruise in 48, anybody that knew him I'd love to hear from you. He loved the Navy.
Brown, LewisFNOct 15, 1947 – Jul 11, 1950B
Venaleck, ArthurEM 2Nov 1947 – Mar 25, 1952E
Cohen, Cohen (Bob)JOCNov 1947 – Nov 1949X PrintingServed in the Printing Department.
Carr, ChuckPFC. U.S. MARINE CORPSNov 14, 1947 – Nov 16, 1949Marine DetachmentMade two Med Cruises.WAs aboard when we picked up first squadron of Jets off Jacksonville,FL. It was a great ship with a great bunch of guys.
Nichols, Leland L. And Edna W. NicholsSK3Nov 16, 1947 – Jun 4, 19504th,S-1Was short timer after provisioning ship for Korea so, transferred to USS Curtiss AV4 to await discharge. Was aboard a totl of 33 months. In that time we really saw a lot. Two Med. cruises, Arctic Circle, Cuba a number of times and Panama
Moore, TomAB - AK1948 – 1954F-1 - S-1
Miller, Stanley "sleepy"SEAMAN1948 – 1953A
Vietinghoff, BillETM3Jan 1948 – Sep 1948ElectronicsWas assigned responsibility for maintenance of the SX radar, the largest at the top of the island. This was a 200 mile air and surface search radar. Also maintained radar repeaters. Also served on the staff of the ship's newspaper
Surman, HerbertSNJan 1, 1948 – Dec 31, 1949V1FFlight Deck crew. Loved that F8F!
Castritsis(Cast), PaulCplApr 1948 – Jun 19488th Marines, 2nd DivisionBest duty of my career in the Marines. Was able to visit with most of my relatives in Greece and while a radioman often acted as interpreter for the flag while anchored in Athens and various Grecian Islands.
Wadsworth, CliffordBT2Sep 10, 1948 – Jan 15, 1953engineeringCliff passed away Jan. 13, 2017. His son Andy is writing a novel about Cliff and would love to hear from any of his shipmates to corroborate and further detail his stories. Please contact
Ciaburri, RichardAIRMANOct 8, 1948 – Jan 5, 1950V3F
Reynolds, James C.SEAMANNov 15, 1948 – May 20, 19523rd
Dyer, Joe (JJ)RD2Nov 20, 1948 – Dec 29, 1951OIMade Med Cruise in '49; around to Pacific and off to 1st Korean Cruise. Transferred to Bon Homme Richard just before ship went on 2nd Korean Cruise. Serving as Pres of Phil Sea Assn for past 12 years.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1948 | 1949 – 1952 | 1953 – 1956 | 1957 – now

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