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USS Haddock (SSN 621) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Haddock (SSN 621). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 176 crew members registered for the USS Haddock (SSN 621).

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Baltzgar, MichaelMS2 (SS)0000 – Jun 21, 1992Supply
Strohman, Dave profile iconCivilian - Ingalls Test and Trials 77 Dept yardbirdFeb 1962 – Dec 1967N/A - Shipyard CivilianI, too was on board when the pictures with the dolphins was taken. The HP air was among the systems I was responsible for. Haddock was the 1st with the 4500lb EM blow. I really liked that boat and that crew. The best.
Tarvin, Thayer (Schnook)RM2Apr 1964 – Aug 1966CR (Commo)Don't remember much about my short tour there but do remember my day after drinking my dolphins. Discharged honorably shortly after leaving.
Hornby, GeorgeMM1 (SS) ELTMay 1965 – Sep 1969M DivisionPlank Owner and first West-Pac Nixon early out This was a great crew!
Maixner, Michael (Max)MM1 (SS/DV)Aug 1965 – Feb 1969Aux
Van Iwaarden, GeraldMM1(SS)Dec 27, 1965 – Jun 30, 1969M Division/ ELTFrom launch to first Westpac, a great crew to serve with.
Silver, Long JohnTM1(SS)1966 – 1969Plank Owner Would love to hear from John Savail
Simpson, RichardMM1(SS)1966 – 1969MWish I could go back. She was a great boat. Plank owner.
Smjth, W.o.STS11966 – 1967SONARPLANK OWNER
Olson, JohnMM2 (SS/DV)Jan 12, 1966 – May 30, 1971M and AReported aboard as a MM2 (SU) Nuke and left as a MM2 (SS/DV) A Ganger. Went to the boat in new construction. Was sent to the USS Barracuda SST3 in Key West to qualify. Qualified in May of 66. Rode the boat for 5 years.
Weed, HankMM2 SSJan 15, 1966 – Jun 16, 1969M (Main Propulsion)Plank Owner
Camerrer, Terry profile iconFTG2 (SS)Mar 1966 – Aug 1969Weapons - FT DivisionMember of the commissioning crew. Plankowner. Temp assignment to the USS CHOPPER SS342 to get qualified in submarines. Me and Butch Brown qualified in 60 days on the Chopper. DBF. First WestPac on the Haddock.
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Hawkins, Steve / HawkeyeRM2(SS)May 1966 – Nov 1968Operationslooking for Marcus R. Johnson aka M.R. aka Pussgut and ANY other plankowners. See:
Morrow, Michael (Spanky)mmfn(ss)May 1966 – May 1969seaman/agangFond memories....submarine navy saved my bacon at a very critical time in life....deeply honored to have earned an honorable discharge.....plankowner
Meehan, Mike profile iconET2(SS)Oct 8, 1966 – Dec 9, 1968RCRetired ETCM(SS) living in Florida.
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Baran, RonMM2Apr 1967 – Jul 1970MDuties were MM and ELT. Also a Plank Owner
Halpin, MikeMM2(SS)1968 – 1970M
Stange, ChuckCSCS SS1968 – 1970SupplyI was the COB for a year and that was a great job for a ships cook
Rape, Mark(Doc)ST1(SS)1968 –Sonar
Dorando, DaleET1(SS)Mar 1968 – Jun 1970ElectronicsThe Pigley Wiggley got me -allergic to amine. After 2 years was tranferred to the Gudgeon SS567 (diesel boat). Haven't heard from any of the other ET's. Where are you guys? We all had great nicknames. Who was AJ Maggot? ;)
Dorando, DaleETMar 1968 – Jun 1970Forward ElectronicsMet up with plank owners after boat arrived in San Diego. Later we switched home port to Pearl. I was allergic to amine,'Piggly Wiggly' disease. Transfered to Gudgeon SS567 then back to San Diego for final 2 years.
Dorando, DaleET1(SS)May 1, 1968 –ElectronicsReported onboard the Haddock as the Plank owners just entered San Diego. Made the first Westpac and Pearl to Pearl runs. Became allergic to long exposure to amine, so transferred to the USS Gudgeon SS567 (diesel boat)
Long, JohnSTS2(SS)Jul 1968 – Feb 1971SONARVisit some of the crew of Haddock on the USS Haddock page on Facebook. Karen and I are still together after 45 years and living North of Seattle.
Frankland, BobSTS3Sep 1968 – Apr 1970sonar
McKusker, JohnSTS1 (SS)1969 – 1975SonarWith Bill McDonald,Mark Rape,Leif Larsen,John Noble, John Long,Bill Collins,Bill Barron,Richard Maddy,Ernest LaBelle,Pete Demerick,Loren Nelson,Bob Frankland, Bob Stewart, Rocky Melziva,Jim Riel -- Great Times.
Barron, BillSTS2(SS)1969 – 1973SonarWhat a great crew, I have many fond memories ---and maybe a few I did not need, but was a learning experience.
Burleigh, Dick (Whip)ET-2(SS)1969 – 1969RCShort tour, just a few months then transferred to Pintado. Good crew.
Buckingham, FrankMM2(SS)Aug 1969 – 1971M
Maddy, RichardSTS3-STS1Sep 1969 – Sep 1975SONARSpent 6 years on this boat, meet a lot of great guys and made a bunch of friends. The 73 West PAC will always be remembered. Great SONAR Div.
Noble, JohnSTS1(SS)Dec 1969 – Aug 1974SonarWith Aaron Graff, Bill Collins, Bill McDonald, Mark Rape, Leif Larsen, John McKusker, John Long, Bill Barron, Richard Maddy, Ernest LaBelle, Bob Marcus, Pete Demerick, Loren Nelson, Bob Frankland, Bob Stewart, Rocky Melziva. Damn good gang.
Mehrer, VernIC1(SS)1970 – 1973EEnjoyed my tour on this boat. Got in a lot of scuba diving with the rest of Engineering Dept personnel.
Burris, Richard profile iconIC2/SSJan 2, 1970 – Mar 1972E DivHaddock was my first (of 4) boats. Remember a great time and great crew. LCPO was John B (Crazy Horse) Landis and LPO was Shirlee Lee Warren and Div Officer was LT Love. Remember standing throttle man on crutches for
Kilkenny, KevinSNMar 1970 – Dec 1971DeckLoved Hawai'i and the great crewmates
Arner, SteveMM2/SSDec 22, 1970 – Oct 6, 1972
Kruger, Charles (Charlie)IC1(SS)1971 – 1972IC LPOCame aboard IC1(ss) left IC2(SS) couldn't adjust to "Nuke Navy" I guess!
Nelson, Loren? NorbySTS ! (SS)1971 – 1976Sonar
Schiller, ScottEm1(SS)Jan 1971 – 1975E-DivWonderful experience. Good friends; Dave Reed, Larry Klein, Ron Jones, Desoto, Steve Doerr....needing help to remember. I remember the little leak we had during ORSE exam practice. My kids still don't believe me.
McCoy, SteveSK3Jan 14, 1971 – Mar 8, 1973Supply
Desoto, Robert (Bob)ETR2(SS)Apr 1971 – Aug 6, 1975Reactor OperatorGood Times. I remember Jimmy Criddle, Sam Hughes,Dave Reed, Scotty, Terry, Tom, Brian, Russ, Vern and a few others. Good people and good times the sports the parties and the companionship
Cheek, StevenSNMay 9, 1971 – Feb 12, 1973Seaman GangServed during Major Overhaul in Pearl Harbor Shipyard and SeaTrials. Met fantastic people. Worked for Chief Collins.
Roberts Jr., John R. Nickname Jr Or Oral(roberts)E-2 TO E-4Sep 24, 1971 – Dec 17, 1974SupplyShortly after arrival, assigned to SOAP team. Lot of help from Demerick, McCoy & Hyman. Then was given a TAD assignment to Swordfish for emergency deployment. Another deployment w/ 621.Great times. Great crew. Great boat. Great football team.
Stewart, Bob/stewSTS 3rd and 2nd classNov 1971 – Oct 1975SonarFirst PUFFS Tech.

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