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USS Flasher (SSN 613) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Flasher (SSN 613). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 178 crew members registered for the USS Flasher (SSN 613).

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Arquette, DanFGT1 (SS)Sep 1, 1964 – Apr 1, 1968WeaponsRetired as CWO (W-4) in Aug of 1981. Married lady from Thailand. Worked as Field Engineer and QA Manager on several overseas projects for Voice of America. Now happily retired and living in Thailand near Bangkok.
Duarte, VicQM2(SS)Nov 1, 1964 – Jan 31, 1969NavigationMy first Nuke, Precomm crew, DBF. I have since retired from USN and retired from US Airways. Iam now doing contract airline maintenance for all airlines at Norfolk Intl airport.
Mallisk, Dave profile iconSTS1(SS)Jan 15, 1965 – Dec 20, 1967OperationsHey shipmates! Long time no sea! I'll stop short. So, who wants to risking having anything cut off? (The instructions clearly state, "The rest will be cut off.")
Snow, ClifIC1(SS) PlankownerFeb 1965 – Oct 1968E Div
Gregory, GaryET1(SS) PLANKOWNERFeb 1965 – Sep 1967ET REACTOR
Hedman, RicSTEWARDSMATEFeb 25, 1965 – Jun 5, 1968SupplyPlankowner, 1st non-rated man to report aboard. First boat. Did one tour 4 years, 5day active. Active reserves until June 1970. Rode USS Cusk SS348 as a TAD rider. last dives and surfaces were aboard Cusk. http://PigBoats.COM/
Wyllie,jr, WalterSTCS(SS)May 1965 – Aug 15, 1967COBFlasher was my last boat....I then retired. I'd like to hear from CSC(SS) Baker.
West, ByronMM2 SSOct 1965 – Oct 1968Nuke/MechanicalEnginroom Supervisor, Plank Owner
McMinn, MikeMM1(SS)Nov 17, 1965 – Feb 1, 1970MachineryPlank-Owner
Williamson, Richard, Ryc, WillyMM2(SS)1966 – 1969MFirst or second non plank owner.
Lamb, John M.CS1SS1966 – 1966Galley
Gleave, Dale (Gleep Gleep)plYN2SSMay 1, 1966 – Oct 1, 1968Plank-Owner - Lots of scars left from days on Flasher.Lotgs
Brunson, JackEN11967 – Oct 1969
Sass, StephenMM2(SS)1967 – 1970M DivMy first submarine and the best one I served on in my 23 year career. What a great crew we had and some real good memories. Flasher reunions are the best.
Verheul, Richard/chief DickETC(SS)1967 – Aug 1970Electronics
Millard, DougETR2-SSMar 16, 1967 – Sep 19, 1970RC
Brandjes, PatET1 SS DVApr 15, 1967 – Sep 11, 1972Reactor Operator --Engineering Watch SupervisorRetiring Sept.07 from the Palo Verde Nuc plant. Still married --kids in Portland OR and Seattle WA
Mattran, Edmund (Matt) profile iconSTS1(SS)Jun 1, 1967 – Jan 1, 1970Sonar
Seigworth, RobertMM2 (SS)Jul 16, 1967 – May 1970MachineryMy first sub and the best ship of many I served on during my 23 1/2 yrs of service. I still can't imagine how so many, so young accomplished so much during the Cold War. What memories we made!
Keywatz, BertETR3Nov 9, 1967 – Oct 17, 1969FWR ETGreat times with a great crew . First qual on Ben Franklin SSBN 640 4-1966-11-1967. Work as C&ET at a power plant in wyo (retired) Love hunting and fishing.
Horine, Bill (Horny)TM2Dec 1967 –WeaponsRemember vividly Gleep and Mule falling down the main hatch after an evening on Hotel St. Most heart racing event was the collision with iceberg, damaging periscope and giving us a big up-angle. Dishes flying!
Richie Jr., JohnET1SSDec 15, 1967 – Apr 24, 1969RCBest SUB ever. Had some good times aboard this great ship and had some scarry times too. Miss all my shipmates. I am still in the Nuclear business working as a contractor at refueling outages. Sorry to miss the last reunion.
Hansen, Darrell (Ding)EN 2 SS1968 – 1972AuxGood times and great crew/Friends
Pico, "rotten" RayRM3(SS)Mar 15, 1968 – Sep 30, 1971RadioDodging icebergs while driving the FLASHER thru the Sea of Japan under the command of "Artie" Johnson was one of the biggest thrills of my life. btw Ric Hedman has a great FLASHER website check it out:
Drake, John Bulkhead profile iconMM2SSJul 1968 – Jul 1972EngineeringQuite an education
Godsil, TimQM3Jul 1, 1968 – Oct 1, 1970Quartermaster
Godsil, Tim profile iconQM2Aug 1968 – Sep 1970Navigation
Munsell, Graham (Muns)ET-1 (SS)Nov 28, 1968 – Jun 12, 1972Forward ElectronicsFond memories many events, endless tracking parties, great football seasons upset repair base team championship, stand down camping crew & families Beer can beach. Kevin Townsend, Cheif Dick, lost u 2. Peg & I Salem OR
Hays, Johnny (Purple Hays)mm1 ss1969 – Sep 19, 1972comsubflot seven
Brooks, JimIC2Jan 1969 – Oct 1971engineering
Day, James/docHMCS(SS)Jan 1969 – Mar 1970Medical
Weers, SteveEM1Jan 1969 – Feb 5, 1973EngineeringGilbert, AZ PLC programmer.
Kushins, EdLt.Apr 1969 – Jul 1971SupplyClassifed Top Secret - SI
Tupman, Ken/ Soul PigEM1 SSMay 1969 – Oct 1973
West, Ed " Fast Eddie"TM2May 1969 – Jan 1971WeaponsHad a great crew and Div. with Big Sid, Turkey Neck! Highlites: Busting Russian war games and winning the Sub Flt. Flag football Championship!Good to see "Hogsworth Blackburn" and Rotten Ray on the list. Lookingf for Dinger &Forgey.
Tupman, Kenneth Soul PigEM1 (SS)May 1969 – Oct 1973E-DivI am the reunion coordinator for Flasher. Contact me for info. Our next reunion is in San Diego CA June 8-12 2016.
Sarver, DonTM3SSJun 1969 – Dec 1970WEPSGreatest bunch of guys I ever served with. Retired now and living in Newport Oregon
Horn, JimYN3(SS)Jul 1969 – Feb 1971AdministrationI still remember winning the Flag Football Championship game on November 19, 1970. We went to Chief Brown's home after the game and had a great celebration.
Blackburn, James/hogTM2SSOct 1969 – 1972weapons/leading seamonSevered with the best crew the 613 every had.. Very proud to call the crew friends...
Reese, JoeFTG 3 SSMay 1970 – Dec 1972Retired, Living in Maine. Married with two children and two grand children.
Gronewold, Russ (Grapes)MM2SSDec 1970 – Dec 1973AGreat memories of crew and places visited! How many remember hitting the ocean bottom, or ASW OPS when a torpedo bounced off the sail? Would like to visit with shipmates any time. 541-379-9529.
Burnett, MelEM2 (SS)Dec 29, 1970 – Dec 11, 1974ElectricalAlthough I didn't enjoy the experience much at the time, I look back at it with fond memories and sometimes tell people that I "grew up on a nuclear submarine". I think we all matured a bit during that time.

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