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USS Guardfish (SSN 612) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Guardfish (SSN 612). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 78 crew members registered for the USS Guardfish (SSN 612).

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Kruchkow, GeorgeEM(SS)Oct 1964 – 1970E Div
Morgan, Glen "Ray"QM3 (SU)Mar 29, 1965 – Jun 30, 1966NAV/OPSLooking up old shipmates, and BOATS
Culleney, Stu profile iconMM2 (SS/DV)May 15, 1965 – Feb 1, 1968"A" GangHelped build it in Camden NJ. I was on commissioning crew. sailed her thru the Panama Canal and onto Hawaii. 1 patrol to Petro and a side trip to Viet nam.
Jensen, LouieIC3/SS/DVJan 8, 1966 – Sep 28, 1969IC
Armstrong, Richard "Twiggy"ET2(SS)1967 – 1971Please contact ME for ALL crew and REUNION information. Go to:
Nichols, Mike / NickTM2(SS)Feb 12, 1967 – May 28, 1970weponsI just wanted to say hi to some of the old guys on the boat. We had a pretty good (4) years.
Cailor, Robert Michael (Clutz)EM1(SS)Mar 10, 1967 – Jun 28, 1971E nucI was the SPCP operator when we ran aground in 1967. I made a copy of the bell sheet by order of Leo Wright who was EOOW. We were backing down at 100%+ RX power before the back emergency was rung up from the bridge. LCDR Wright knew.
Armstrong, Richard "Twiggy"ETN2(SS)Sep 1967 – Apr 1971OperationsWe ran it aground.
Villafranca, RaymundoET1SS1968 – 1970Reactor Control5 patrols
Smith, George HM1(SS)1969 – 1973MedicalMade HMC(SS). Retired 1981. The 72 westpac was a hell of a run. Capt. Minton is writing a book due2015/6 Call me @ 410-778-1096 or POB162 Chestertown MD 21620. Lking 4 Yngve Johnson STS1. I am on the R in pict. above
Duckworth, Robert (Duck)YN2(SS)Jul 20, 1969 – Jul 30, 1971AdminPascagula will never be the same
Barfuss, MichaelETR2/SSAug 1969 – May 1973OPSIt's good to remember the guys on the 72 patrol. Cos, Wierd Dave, Red Barron, etc. Who was weapons officer? John "Johnson" kept it light with tap dancing and plotting team kept IVAN on a tight rope.
Finley, LarryETR2 (SS)Aug 1969 – Jun 1972RC
Berg, NeilMM2/E-51970 – 1975machinist mate class AI was on the adak trip. hit ice, parascope bent.
Campbell Cdr Usn (Ret), DavidWO1Mar 10, 1970 – Aug 20, 1972MLeading 1st Class. Promoted to Warrant Officer June 1972. Qualified EWS and Diving Officer.
Sandberg, RandyYN2(SS)Oct 30, 1970 – Jun 9, 1973AdminYes Lindy, I do remember the Adak trip. And the "Head Quarters" that we shared. That's for sure!
Sandberg, RandyYN2 (SS)Oct 30, 1970 – Jun 8, 1973Deck/AdminPart of the crew that won a Naval Unit Commendation for a patrol in mid-1972 that including the trailing of a Soviet Echo II submarine.
Lindberg, TomMM2/SS1971 – 1973AAnyone remember the Adak trip?
Musser, ThomasMMCM (SS) retired1971 – 1976M DivisionSpec Op April-June 1972: froze garbage for 35 days, washing poopie suits in a bucket, dryed them tied around vent ducts, shooting many slot buoys, showers in the ASW bay, burned many O2 candles, and lots of rack time.
Alfred, Thomas S. "ts"ETR2(SS)May 1971 – Jan 1974Reactor Control
Gonzales, Gilbert ( Doc Speedy )HM1 (RET: CWO4)Jun 7, 1971 – Jul 10, 1973MEDICALGreat site: Brings back good mems. If we served together send email. Doc
Whaley, GlennLTAug 1971 – Aug 1973
Burnham, Roger (Squid)CS (ss)Aug 1971 – Jun 1972cook
Burnham, RogerCS3Aug 1, 1971 – Jun 10, 1972Cook
Barnes, SteveQM2/SSSep 14, 1971 – Apr 7, 1975QMremembering the great crew i served with during my time on Guardfish. 2 westpacs,adak,the trip in 72.
Fish, Patrick(the Rat)CS2/SSSep 17, 1971 – Mar 18, 1975Cook GangDoes anyone remember the SUMMER of 1972?? How about the 612th dive? And last but not least>>Can anyone tell Arnie Sisk who blew the AUX tanks thru the Officers Head on N,Y,EVE He would really like to know seeing as how HE wore most of IT.
Cooper, MikeRM2(SS)Dec 1971 – Jun 1975CommAh yes! The westpac of 72. It was an adventure and it is nice to know we of that crew are a part of Submarine history. I can't remember who owned the pet duck, but do remember it getting drunk along with it's master.
Ilmonen, Mike " Little Red"Apr 1972 – May 1974Guam, Yokosuka, Hong Kong, Subic Bay
Beach, RexLTJGApr 10, 1972 – Dec 1974Officer
Gonzales, Doc SpeedyHM1Sep 9, 1972 – Aug 10, 1975MEDICAL
Gieser, George Wild Bill Clip****MM1(ss)Nov 1972 – Oct 1977A GangMy first of 5 boats. My favorite.many geat times and many great shipmates
Sorensen, LarryMM1 (SS) ELTDec 31, 1972 – Jan 1976MDid they ever find the anchor? What a way to miss swim call.
Ruebeck, WalterMM1/SS1973 – 1977MHope to see all of you next year at the reunion in Groton
Lee, Gerald (Gary)SK3Jan 1973 – Jun 1975Supply
Parker, DonaldE-2Feb 1973 – May 1973
Holcomb, KeithFTG3 (SS)Aug 1974 – Mar 1975Fire ControlMy first submarine. The boat taught us to take quals seriously!
Chagnon, MikeET1/E6Nov 1974 – Dec 1978ET
Nowell, RodneyMM1/SS1975 – Oct 1978M
Williamson, Ron "Willy"ET1Feb 1975 – Apr 1979RCPearl to MINSY to San Diego to WestPac
Kingery, BillSTS2 (Ret: STSCS)Jun 1975 – Jun 1977SonarWas on the boat in Pearl & Mare Island
Wicker, NickMM1SSAug 15, 1975 – May 23, 1979Machinery DivisionMost exciting job I ever had. But God, Family,Navy told the story
Salveson, CurtSTS3Sep 1975 – Jul 1977Sonar
Delisle, Joe/mad DoctorETR3Nov 21, 1975 –

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