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The BB 67 Montana - class

Artist's Impression of a Montana - class Battleship

Development and History:

The five battleships of the MONTANA - class, authorized under the 1940 "Two Ocean Navy" building program and funded in Fiscal Year 1941, were the last of their kind ordered by the U.S. Navy. With an intended standard displacement of 60,500 tons, they were nearly a third larger than the preceding IOWA - class, four of which were the final battleships actually completed by the United States. The MONTANAs were intended to carry twelve 16"/50 guns, three more than the earlier class. Protection against underwater weapons and shellfire was also greatly enhanced. They would have been the only new World War II era U.S. battleships to be adequately armored against guns of the same power as their own. To achieve these advances, the MONTANA - class was designed for a slower maximum speed than the very fast IOWAs and had a beam too wide to pass through the existing Panama Canal locks.

Completion of the MONTANA - class would have given the late 1940s U.S. Navy a total of seventeen new battleships, a considerable advantage over any other nation, or probable combination of nations. The MONTANAs also would have been the only American ships to come close to equalling the massive Japanese YAMATO. However, World War II's urgent requirements for more aircraft carriers, amphibious and anti-submarine vessels resulted in suspension of the MONTANAs in May 1942, before any of their keels had been laid. In July 1943, when it was clear that the battleship was no longer the dominant element of sea power, their construction was cancelled.

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Ship's NameHull NumberFate
MONTANABB 67cancelled on July 21, 1943
OHIOBB 68cancelled on July 21, 1943
MAINEBB 69cancelled on July 21, 1943
NEW HAMPSHIREBB 70cancelled on July 21, 1943
LOUISIANABB 71cancelled on July 21, 1943

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General Characteristics - Montana class
Builders:Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, Philadelphia, Penn. (BB 67 and 68)
New York Naval Shipyard, Brooklyn, New York (BB 69 - 70)
Norfolk Naval Shipyard, Norfolk, Va. (BB 71)
Power Plant:8 B&W Boilers (615 PSI), 172,000 horsepower
Length:920.6 feet (280.6 meters)
Beam:121 feet (36.9 meters)
Draft:36.1 feet (11 meters)
Displacement:approx. 70,500 tons full load
Speed:28 knots
Crew:115 Officers, 2240 enlisted
Weapons Systems:12 - 16-inch guns (Main Battery)
20 - 5-inch guns (Secondary Battery)
56 - 20mm guns (Secondary Battery)
10 Quad - 40mm machine guns (Secondary Battery)
12 - .50-cal machine guns (Secondary Battery)
2 - 21 in torpedo tubes (above water)
Aircraft:four planes
Armor:horizontal: 154mm
vertical: 457mm
gun turrets: 197 - 534mm
conning tower: 197 - 457mm

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