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Small Seaplane Tenders - AVP

Small Seaplane Tenders were ships specially equipped for seaplane operations. They were designed during World War II to support seaplane operations in remote areas. Unlike their larger sisters - the seaplane tenders (AV) - the Small Seaplane Tenders only supported one seaplane squadron instead of two.

Barnegat AVP 10 - class

Ship's NameHull NumberHomeport / Status
BARNEGATAVP 10decommissioned
BISCAYNEAVP 11later AGC 8, decommissioned
CASCOAVP 12decommissioned
MACKINACAVP 13decommissioned
HUMBOLDTAVP 21decommissioned
MATAGORDAAVP 22decommissioned
ABSECONAVP 23decommissioned
CHINCOTEAGUEAVP 24decommissioned
COOS BAYAVP 25decommissioned
HALF MOONAVP 26decommissioned
MOBJACKAVP 27completed as AGP 7, decommissioned
OYSTER BAYAVP 28completed as AGP 6, decommissioned
ROCKAWAYAVP 29decommissioned
SAN PABLOAVP 30later AGS 30, decommissioned
UNIMAKAVP 31decommissioned
YAKUTATAVP 32decommissioned
BARATARIAAVP 33decommissioned
BERING STRAITAVP 34decommissioned
CASTLE ROCKAVP 35decommissioned
COOK INLETAVP 36decommissioned
CORSONAVP 37decommissioned
DUXBURY BAYAVP 38decommissioned
GARDINERS BAYAVP 39decommissioned
FLOYDS BAYAVP 40decommissioned
GREENWICH BAYAVP 41decommissioned
HATTERASAVP 42cancelled on April 22, 1943
HEMPSTEADAVP 43cancelled on April 22, 1943
KAMISHAKAVP 44cancelled on April 22, 1943
MAGOTHYAVP 45cancelled on April 22, 1943
MATANZASAVP 46cancelled on April 22, 1943
METOMKINAVP 47cancelled on April 22, 1943
ONSLOWAVP 48decommissioned
ORCAAVP 49decommissioned
REHOBOTHAVP 50later AGS 50, decommissioned
SAN CARLOSAVP 51decommissioned
SHELIKOFAVP 52decommissioned
SUISUNAVP 53decommissioned
TIMBALIERAVP 54decommissioned
VALCOURAVP 55later AGF 1, decommissioned
WACHAPREAGUEAVP 56completed as AGP 8, decommissioned
WILLOUGHBYAVP 57completed as AGP 9, decommissioned

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