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Barracks Ships - APL

Barracks Ships are non self-propelled vessels used as temporary barracks for sailors.

VesselHull NumberHomeport / Status
APL 2APL 2Pacific
APL 3APL 3stricken
APL 4APL 4Pacific
APL 5APL 5Pacific
APL 6APL 6stricken
APL 7APL 7stricken
APL 8APL 8stricken
APL 9APL 9stricken
APL 10APL 10stricken
APL 11APL 11stricken
APL 12APL 12stricken
APL 13APL 13stricken
APL 14APL 14stricken
APL 15APL 15Pacific
APL 16APL 16stricken
APL 17APL 17stricken
APL 18APL 18Pacific
APL 19APL 19stricken
APL 20APL 20stricken
APL 21APL 21stricken
APL 22APL 22stricken
APL 23APL 23stricken
APL 24APL 24stricken
APL 25APL 25stricken
APL 26APL 26stricken
APL 27APL 27stricken
APL 28APL 28stricken
APL 29APL 29Atlantic
APL 30APL 30stricken
APL 31APL 31stricken
APL 32APL 32Atlantic
APL 33APL 33stricken
APL 34APL 34stricken
MERCERAPL 39Sasebo, Japan
NUECESAPL 40Yokosuka, Japan
APL 41APL 41stricken
APL 42APL 42Atlantic
APL 43APL 43stricken
APL 44APL 44stricken
APL 45APL 45Atlantic
APL 46APL 46stricken
APL 47APL 47stricken
APL 48APL 48stricken
APL 49APL 49stricken
APL 50APL 50Atlantic
APL 51APL 51stricken
APL 52APL 52stricken
APL 53APL 53stricken
APL 54APL 54stricken
APL 55APL 55later YRBM 18, stricken
APL 56APL 56stricken
APL 57APL 57stricken
APL 58APL 58Atlantic
APL 60APL 60stricken
APL 61APL 61Atlantic
APL 62APL 62Pacific
APL 63APL 63cancelled
APL 64APL 64cancelled
APL 65APL 65Pacific
APL 66APL 66Atlantic
APL 67APL 67 
APL 68APL 68Atlantic
APL 69APL 69Pacific
APL 70APL 70Atlantic
APL 71APL 71 

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