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The Navy

AV-8B Harrier
C-2A Greyhound
E-2C Hawkeye
EA-6B Prowler
ES-3 Shadow
F-14 Tomcat
F/A-18 Hornet
S-3B Viking
T-45A Goshawk
V-22A Osprey

Service Craft

CH-46 Sea Knight
H-3H Sea King
MH-53E Sea Dragon
SH-2 Seasprite
SH-60 Sea Hawk
TH-57 Sea Ranger

US Navy Cruisebooks

US Navy - People

Photo Specials
US Navy Fleets
Fleet Photo Gallery
Orders of Battle
US Navy Curiosities
Facts and Figures
Ranks and Rates

Military Terms

What is...?

Aircraft Carriers - CV/CVN
Ammunition Ships - AE
Amphibious Assault Ships - LHA/LHD
Amphibious Assault Ships - LPH
Amphibious Command Ships - LCC
Amphibious Transport Docks - LPD
Attack / Amphibious Cargo Ships - AKA / LKA
Attack Submarines - SSN
Aviation Maintenance Logistics Ships - AVB
Ballistic Submarines - SSBN
Battleships - BB
Cable Repair Ships - ARC
Cargo Ships - AK
Combat Stores Ships - AFS
Command Ships - AGF
Crane Ships - ACS
Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicles - DSRV
Destroyers - DD
Destroyer Escorts - DE
Destroyer Tenders - AD
Dock Landing Ships - LSD
Dry Cargo / Ammunition Ships - AKE
Escort Carriers - CVE
Expeditionary Sea Base Ships - ESB
Expeditionary Transfer Docks - ESD
Fast Combat Support Ships - AOE
Fleet Ocean Tugs - ATF
Fleet Oilers - AO
Frigates - FF
Gasoline Tankers - AOG
Guided Missile Cruisers - CAG/CG/CGN
Guided Missile Destroyers - DDG
Guided Missile Frigates - FFG
Heavy Cruisers - CA
High Speed Vessels - HSV
Hospital Ships - AH
Landing Craft, Air Cushioned - LCAC
Landing Craft, Mechanized and Utility - LCM, LCU
Light Cruisers - CL
Littoral Combat Ships - LCS
Minehunter, Coastal - MHC
Mine Countermeasures Ships - MCM
Mine Countermeasures Support Ships - MCS
Ocean Minesweepers - MSO
Ocean Surveillance Ships - AGOS
Patrol Coastal - PC
Patrol Combatant Missile (Hydrofoil) - PHM
Repair Ships - AR
Replenishment Oilers - AOR
Rescue and Salvage Ships - ARS
Rescue and Salvage Ships - ATS
Seaplane Tenders - AV
Small Seaplane Tenders - AVP
Store Ships - AF
Submarines - SS
Submarines Rescue Ships - ASR
Submarine Tender - AS
Survey Ships - AGS
Tank Landing Ships - LST
Vehicle Cargo Ships - AKR
Weapons Systems

AEGIS Combat System
Mark 38 ~ 25 mm machine gun
Mark 45 ~ 5", 54-caliber gun
Mark 75 ~ 76mm, 62 cal. 3" gun
20mm Phalanx CIWS


Mark 56
Mark 57
Mark 60 CAPTOR
Mark 65 Quickstrike
Mark 67 SLMM


Mark 46 Torpedo
Mark 48 Torpedo
Mark 50 Torpedo


MK 26 Tartar


-> Missiles

Crew List

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