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USS Pictor (AF 54) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Pictor (AF 54). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 43 crew members registered for the USS Pictor (AF 54).

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Hadley, EdQMQ 21952 – 1954signal / navigationLike to hear from anyone that is know n that I served with.Was just a teenager while aboard
Gallegos, Rudyseaman 2nd class1952 – 1954supplyI was the ( jack of the dust ) aboard the U.S.S Pictor and became very good friends with several crew members aboard, I was known as the ( phantom ) over the P.A. system. visited many ports while aboard.
Divine, PhilE 31956 – May 27, 19602 deckI spent my 4 years on the pictor
Schulman, HowardSeamanJan 1, 1956 – Nov 1, 1957Deckhand
Kline, JimSN1958 –deckhand
Chapman, Al1959 – 1961
Eaton, GordonAF54Feb 20, 1959 – Mar 2, 1961sk 3good service
Eichmann, RogerBM3Aug 3, 1960 – Nov 11, 1963SecondI was a Deckhand.
West, BarryE3Aug 15, 1960 – Oct 15, 1962CommunicationsJust a great ship and lots of ports.Excellent food.
Doyle, LesSNMar 23, 1961 – Jul 22, 1962secondsailed with roger eichman and bobby mccain (great shipmates) good duty, good chow
Bowling, Jamesfireman apprenticeNov 5, 1961 – May 5, 1962Mdiv I made 1 Westpac cruise.Looking for Spider BT3
Harston, AlbertMM2/MM1Apr 1962 – Mar 1964Engineering MGreat Ship, Great Crew. Three WesPacs in two years. Lots of good times. Best to all.
Connally, BoBM3Jun 1962 – Oct 1964FirstLeroy Weber was my division PO. I made three WESTPAC cruises on the Pictor. It was good duty and great crew members. I recall Kearney Mendenhall, Roger Eichman, Glen Keeling, J.D. Smith, Charles Davis and Kenneth Monier
Barret, MikeMM-21963 – 1964M divisionWhile on the USS Pictor, I made 2 west pack cruises. I was just a kid and had a blast. Worked in the engine/boiler room with a bunch of great men.
Christian, Percy L. "Chris"IC-3Mar 1963 – Jun 1964EI transferred to the Pictor from being on the AE-18 for one week. They already had a 3rd class. He and I made 3rd class on the Graffias AF-29, homeported at Sasabo, Japan. The Pictor was good duty.
Crowe-fjelstad, RichardSNJul 1963 – Jul 1965Second DivisionMy duty station on board was The Paint locker, but during breakout and unwrap I was a winchman on hatch 4. worked for BM2 Abraham (Abe) Nabors.
Harbeck, John R.ETR2Dec 1963 – Nov 9, 1966OIAboard as Sn, left as leading ET. Spent more time working and operating in Comm Center than on the radar.
Winschuh, KenIC3Mar 1964 – Aug 1968EAfter all these years, I still have some great memories of my time aboard the "Pic".
Sultzer, TerryAE31965 – 1965TransitCame on board the PIC" in Subic Bay in Transit for about 3 weeks before being Hi-Lined to the Big "O" USS Oriskany CVA-34 off Yankee Station. Had my first hint of action taking on supplies from barges off Danang-
Jensen, PeterHM31965 – 1966H
Scott, BobSNOct 16, 1965 – Feb 10, 1966SupplyI worked in the ships laundry with Rafferty for awhile. I also was incharge of hole #4. My best comment about life aboard the Pictor would be: "We worked our asses off"
Geesa, LavernBoilerman 3rd classNov 5, 1965 – Dec 10, 1967B
Lawing, Robert (Bob)DC3Apr 1966 – Apr 1967R DIVPic was my first ship of seven, the hardest worker and the best and hardest playing crew. I would love to hear from anyone from that crew.
Egrin, EvanSNApr 1966 – 19672ndJim Cinningham, Frank Ring, and Alphabet, Archie Evans, Chief Ingram, Lt. J. Jacobs, Ens. Klin ...greetings and I hope life has treated you all well. You all helped make great memories
Champagne, CharlesBM3Aug 3, 1966 – Dec 10, 19692nd Looking for Bruce Newell and others
Carpenter, Doug [carp]DC31967 – 1968R
Thomas, WillieMM2Apr 20, 1967 – 1969A
Bonner, CharlesmmfnJul 4, 1967 – Dec 18, 1967engine roomhot
Rookard, JohnnieSM3Aug 19, 1967 – Dec 21, 1969Deck Division/SignalGreetings to BM3 Champagne. Burce Newell lives in Nep- tune, NJ. Former SM3 Johnnie Rookard will look him up, I live 40 miles from Bruce in Plainfield, NJ.
Rivera, FrankSASep 8, 1967 – Jun 8, 1969DeckHey Coop! I was one of the guys that went to your house in Leggett. Also, Lived in Ukiah & Ft Bragg. Remember Fortenberry and Calderon and the BBQ's on deck? What a blast we had eh? I was always in trouble!
Skaley, MerlynSK 31968 –SupplyJust want all past ship mates to know that we have a ship's reunion every year and this year we meet in San Francisco in September 14th - 16th. Looking for a Bob Friend that also served on the Pictor.
Hogan, DanE-3Mar 22, 1968 – Dec 10, 1969DECK
Hogan, DanielE-3Mar 22, 1968 – Dec 10, 19692nd Division
Mills, EverettBM3Jul 12, 1968 – Dec 31, 19692ndremembering the times on the Pictor. the friends, the crew, the work, & the honor of serving on her. Cooper, Rivera, Emerson, Hogan, Jobe, Skaley,Chief Haney, Miller(BM3), Champagne(BM3), Jim Clark, and others.
Gonzales, Jimmy (Speedy)RADIOMANSep 1968 –OCTrying to locate my old shipmate, Seaman, David Soria
Simon, DannyFnSep 7, 1968 – Dec 4, 1969RHey Frank Do you remember the weekend we went to your house, and didnt make it back in time before the Pic took off. We got educated in Taiwan. We had some good times back then
Raffelson, JamesSFM31969 – Dec 1969RMade the last cruise, was on the decommissioning crew. We used to laugh about the USS Niagara Falls home ported in Sasebo, Japan, I ended up the only one to go there from the Pictor.
Dunphy, DennisseamanFeb 10, 1969 – Feb 10, 1970cant rememberHard Times
Lewis, CharlesYN3Mar 1969 – Dec 1969XI worked in the Ship's Office and was aboard through decomissioning
Whiteaker, Ronald ( Whit )SK3Apr 1969 – Dec 1969Supply Dept.Was pretty much a loner, don't know if anybody remembers me or not.
Cooper, JesseSMApr 13, 1969 – Oct 13, 19691stI had great time on board. incharge of number 1 hole,looking forwarded to seeing some of the boys that went home with me to leggett ca.

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